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  1. j0pp3

    Optima Differences

    Yes! And the following models have around 273mm wheelbase. - Turbo Optima Mid Special - Optima Mid Custom - Optima Mid Custom Special
  2. j0pp3

    Optima Differences

    Not true. The Optima Mid Custom did not have Platinum or Gold shocks. It had something else, I think they were called "black gold" or something (check the picture above). The word "Turbo" does not give you balls The Turbo Optima Mid had gear diffs while the Turbo Optima Mid SE had ball diffs.
  3. j0pp3

    Optima Differences

    Most parts are the same in front and rear but some cars have gear differentials and some have ball differentials. No, not just the chassis. You also have to swap at least the top deck and the belt as these parts are longer on the LWB models (last three Mid models above).
  4. j0pp3

    Optima Differences

    Here you have them all in chronological order as they were released Rear motor - Optima - Javelin - Gold Optima - Turbo optima - Salute (red) - Salute (blue) - Optima Pro Mid motor, short wheel base (SWB) - Optima Mid - Turbo Optima Mid - Turbo Optima Mid SE Mid motor, long wheel base (LWB) - Turbo Optima Mid Special - Optima Mid Custom - Optima Mid Custom Special An image sometime says more...
  5. Oh my... that's some sweeeeeeet Lazer you got there
  6. Haha, that's funny Okey, I have just found out that these tires were standard tires on the Sankyo Sigma G-II. (Here is an example from TC Showroom).
  7. I know you meant "right". Not "left" The left ones are for the Raider/Rally car and the right is for the Mint.
  8. First picture: Looks like a Kyosho Mint Las Vegas which is a model from Kyosho´s Circuit 2000 series. Second picture: Looks like a Kyosho Big Brute and could explain why you also have those big wheels. Third picture: Raider chassis from one of Kyosho´s Rally Series. Perhaps a Citroën ZX Rallye Raid. Those Big Brute-wheels are so misplaced and the gear ratio will not be ideal. Fourth picture: Maybe a Kyosho Circiut 20 Rowdy Baja but I am not familiar with those tires.
  9. Yeah!! That's what I was looking for. Thank you
  10. Hi guys! First post I have a Kyosho Triumph incoming from US (I live in Sweden) and according to the description it should be a NIB. Very exciting... While waiting I'm trying to find information about this car. I have found out that the Triumph was a development from from scratch after the Ultima lost it's competitive performance around 1989. Kyosho worked in the Triumph for about two years. Correct? My goal is to make a really detailed build log with attached history information (and share it of course). It would be awesome to find scanned pages of this car from the Kyosho catalog (1991 I think). Does anyone know where to get a digital copy of those pages? Cheers
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