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  1. Hope work was ok, and people at work are starting to get there's an actual risk. My work have announced they're stopping production, more the warehouses are full, than anything else I'm guessing. In the UK there's not really an, anti mask , more, can't get hold of them! I toyed with flinging a box in my locker at work, but people they where going to ,needed them more than me. I don't know why there's a shortage, maybe as we've been late to this party, everyone else has bought , all the toilet roll, so to speak? Apart from reducing the chance of passing on a virus, a mask also stops you from touching your mouth, so reduces the chance of you passing from your hands to your mouth. Me, I should have still been in bed until Wednesday, as that would have been 7 days since my symptoms , but the wife couldn't go far from the toilet first thing this morning, and had/has a temp of almost 39°c, so with me now symptom less, it was a bed striped & hot washed, disinfectant wipe everything, ready for the next patient, and I'm on child care duties. I've still done a bit of cleaning tonight, with the citrus wipes, I was thinking the citrus smell wears off near the end of the pack, and then just had a pack of salt & vinegar crisps, which tasted of ready salted , just. After a Google, loss of taste and smell have been reported in a large number of cases - so tried a teaspoon of vinegar, lips tingle, bit of a sting on the throat, but thats it. 😟
  2. We where trying to get our house on the market just before the virus landed (waited on the better weather to get window frames etc painted.... πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ) , now have zero chance of getting anyone out, we've tried, all the lawyers are shut too, so even a sale wouldn't happen. I think the government has pretty much said that it ain't happening, so probably the best reply πŸ‘ I've gave my tenants first refusal and they bought it. Superb πŸ‘
  3. Before leaping into the world of lipos, have a read through :- https://rogershobbycenter.com/lipoguide/ Also, if it's a 540 size motor, a 7800kv will need closer to a 120A esc.
  4. If it's new, I'll guess the brushes are fine, but I'd still be tempted to slide the brushes out, and check they're free sliding, as if they stick, it'll give the symptoms of a worn brush. Unclip the red arrow first and then the whole spring should pivot, and allow to come out of the groove, blue arrow. (Take photos if you're not sure, as you'll need to put it back together!) The brush should slide out nicely, check the running face, for burns or arcing. If it needs dressed, a bit of fine sandpaper (2400 grit, and even then, rub it over some scrap metal first, to take the harshness out of it) down the side so it slides smooth, and for the running face, I've wrapped the sandpaper around a pencil before now, to get a ,close enough, profile (there's motor dressers out there, but im guessing you're not overly concerned about a couple of wasted rpm?) There's 2 jumpers on the 1060, the ,'Mode' has 3 positions , where no jumper is F/R , the battery only has 2 positions, so needs a jumper, left 2 is for Lipo, right 2 is nimh. Its probably not the TX ,as it's running for a bit, but I'd still check that first, before faffing with motors etc, just to cross it off the list, and give you an excuse to run something else! 😁
  5. What are the brushes like in the motor, they tend not to work too well if they've worn down. I'm guessing you've tried the tx on another car to rule that out?
  6. (Forgotten I had this pic, and too late to edit the post (pardon the pun...) ,anyway , DT03 with Schumacher posts )
  7. Our club are using the, Discord app, on the mobiles. Not using it for video ,but for group chat whilst playing the VRC ,it's been great.
  8. DT03, and if you want a different ,full size body, you can get body kits - I used Schumacher U786 kit, and perspex screwed onto the shock tower.
  9. Thanks mate, and thanks for your offer , we're good atm though. I was hoping to build a track in the back garden this weekend, downloaded the "laptrax" for the mobile (uses the camera and, motion detection, to count laps and times) and had the daughters out using the bullhead the other day, to try and gauge how tight the track needed to be.....I'm just going to mow a track for me, and they can go where they want πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ If I get it built, you can always go on a 2 mile walk along the luggie....πŸ€”
  10. Mines the same name on eBay as on here, and offer free UK postage to members (well, people on here, you know what I meanπŸ™„)
  11. Thanks guys, it is rife where I am (near Glasgow). Got me thinking as to how, or where? In work - but we wear better protection than the hospitals have. At the supermarket - but only maybe 15 of us the full store, and didn't go in an isle if someone was there. The only other, which I didn't think anything of too much at the time , was we ordered a takeaway last Saturday night, as per every Sat nightshift, but our usual place had shut, ran out of food, so must have been somewhere not that popular (found one on, just eat, that would deliver, and phoned them...😬)
  12. Well, that's me off work. I started with a banging head in the evening, just put it down to dehydration and 4 bottles of bud (lightweight!?! 😳) , but once in bed, my throat was killing me, I could feel my whole body move with my heart beat, and started sweating, but a temp of 37°c. Spoke to one of my mates, who's Mrs tested positive, and that's how he started. Oh goodie.... I've been to work (88hrs last week) and the supermarket once in just over 2 weeks ,and that was after a nightshift so only a handful of people in the store, I'm hoping I'm just a bit run down...🀞
  13. Like some of you guys, the company I work for is still running, so I'm still working, we've to sit one per table in the canteen, and if we need to work closer than 2mtr, full hazardous chemical PPE and RPE to be worn. Dust masks have been sent back to the supplier, for redistribution. They have said if we present symptoms, or high risk, we've to stay at home, as per government guidelines, but , I'm not the type of person just to lie to get to isolate, but do have asthma and high blood pressure (But not considered high risk, or ?πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ) Tbh, I feel more vulnerable at the supermarket, but sounds like I'm the only person to have no real issues getting what I need, although, tins of spaghetti hoops and macaroni cheese (daughters favourites) have eluded me so far.
  14. If you want a, money no object esc, how about an 800amp, 15s one? πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’° http://www.mgm-controllers.com/cars/speed-controllers-escs/tmm-80063-3-for-cars-x2-series-pro.html
  15. You could have a look at the 2nd hand racer market, you can get esc's like the , LRP Flow or the Muchmore Fleta Pro for around Β£50- Β£60. I picked up a Castle Mamba max pro esc and motor for Β£60, and that's got a, no turn limit, and will also run upto 6s....
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