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  1. Not sure how many parts are interchangeable? If any!
  2. Thanks mate, glad you like it!! Soooo much better than just sat on the shelf! 😎 It goes great, I've still to remind myself, it's 30+ yrs old, so the corner speeds aren't upto modern ,wider buggy , speeds when on the higher grip, but on the low grip ,it holds its own! 😁 That was the plan, but I always push it too much 🙄, tried to drift the whole section closest to me at the end, but hit the chairs....🤦‍♂️ They're actually ramps from the old venue ( a spare section of an indoor karting track, but they found they'd earn more money, off indoor 5 a side football 😢). No longer use that venue either , Covid initially, but we've now secured the outdoor venue. I loved the "jumpers for goal posts" vibe, no timing gear, just mates having a laugh with RC's. These were mk1 ones, and broke. I'm now on mk2 ones, and more flexible, much better, he was on about making a batch for eBay, so can give you a link if you want a set (3d printed, so probably just make them to order tbh) Although to race race, I need to cover the spur (marshall health and safety), with the K2 slipper just (as in JUST, had to machine a bit of the washer!) clears the shock, so no room. Might see about getting a slightly wider shock tower made, and remove some meat of the upper shock collar, to bring it away a bit, but not far enough out it looks wrong. The motor cooling fan was just a trial at that point, mate had a spare fan, and I stuck it on with servo tape, really brought the temp down, so I've made a bracket for it now. Thanks! First person to say that about any of my cars....🙄😂 Get it rebuilt! There's people out there, that'll copy towers ,chassis etc into carbon, think i was less than £20 for the shock towers (3 of) ,and rebuild time, I'll get the chassis and top plate done. Not for looks or anything, just I'd rather break something I can easily replace! I gave the RB5 slipper shaft dimensions to a guy, who's made a shaft for the mid, which takes the RB6 (same size I guess), I posted his Facebook sales link on another post, but it was 2 yrs ago, so not sure if he's any left. Muzzoom models have since made the 3D printed Lipo saddle holders to fit the existing holes on the mid, as the Schumacher ones I used where only mm's out, so they've just altered the programme slightly.
  3. No regrets, Some are more enjoyable than others, so offered more, urm, life lessons and maintenance lesson, but 🤷‍♂️
  4. The Ultima will use silicone oil in a sealed unit, whilst the Fox will be a grease? I'd go with the 15k in the Ultima, for lower grip tracks or the 7k for high grip. The fox will be more hit of miss (with trial and error with the dt03 anyway).
  5. I'm 99% off road, I've bought on road cars and a drift car, to at least try and see the attraction, but no, the closest I've got that interests me, is the Schumacher Fusion, which is a .21 nitro motor, with a 3 speed, so just sounds cool clicking up the box. Crawlers also I have no interest in, yes the ones I've actually held in my hands, are marvellous pieces of engineering, but still don't stir anything. I certainly don't get shelfers, I know a few people who kit them out in hop ups and seemingly rare period motors, then break out in a sweat ,when I suggest running them!! Collecting NIB, I don't really get either, apart from being able to say, I've got a blah blah NIB, seems to be more about waiting for the prices to rise and cashing in? Racing, I love racing, it's brilliant , you get to spend time ,with like minded RC nuts ,having a laugh, sharing tips ,lending parts etc, and obviously using /racing RC cars, and really can't understand why every single one of us, doesn't belong to a club! But, the cars have become a bit.....soulless. They are designed for a purpose, which they do very very well, they are marvels of engineering , an absolute joy and rewarding to drive, but I was quite happy to fling the old car in a box, when a new , better performing one arrived on the scene. The tamiya cars have a bit of soul, a bit of character, yes they're not going to win you a hand in ,RC car Top Trumps, but if I'm grabbing cars, for me and the kids to have a afternoon of fun with, it's the Bullhead ,Boomerang , Novafox or lunchbox's that get short listed!! (Although my eldest ,has taken a shine to the Optima mid...) I do think racing has kind of spoilt the old 540 silver can though, as after racing with a 6.5t using boost and turbo, driving a silver canned Boomerang on 2s seems rather pedestrian, so that's now brushless, but hey, if/when it breaks , I need to buy parts, which helps keep businesses in business!! The hobby (sport if your racing?) has so many different avenues, that I doubt anyone will enjoy every single aspect, but that is part of the draw, surely?
  6. Never had to rebuild a brushless tbh, as there's no parts that touch, so the only wear, if any, is the bearings and a drop of oil every so often keeps them sweet. On Sensored brushless motors, you can adjust the timing on the motor ,as per old brushed motors, but most of the timing is done via the esc, so you can add timing advance at certain rpm (but like Vtec in 1:1 cars), generally the better the esc, the more control. The 10bl120 has a basic timing option, but just does it all the way through the rev range (Just the same as moving the end bell). Esc's that'll allow timing curves ,start at around £100. If your fitting a slipper, no point going mild.....🙄😁 I went with a modern K2 slipper, and a 5.5t (10bl120 esc) in the mid. Guessing you'd maybe need rear cases and gears etc? Be interesting to see the build, be good if you could do a thread 👍
  7. Tble02s has a 25t limit 1060 has a 12t limit... A Lemans 240s is a 19t, if that makes the decision easier.....
  8. If you fancy your chances at winning an M07 , we're having a raffle to raise funds for the Astro track. Click on the link, and leave you name on the post. https://www.facebook.com/groups/GlasgowRC/permalink/1316566802040482/?sfnsn=scwspmo
  9. Without going into the realms of the cheap, might work/might not , mines ran without issue, mines smoked as soon as I plugged the battery in... Solid esc's from hobbywing Brushed- 1060 Brushless - 10bl120
  10. Edging off topic slightly.... Look who's on Lee Martin's YouTube channel, Gil Losi Jr, who'd have thought a Tamiya Avante would have played in the Losi development!
  11. Trouble is, they're as bad as Aldi, wait for you buy something, then have it on offer the week later...😳
  12. Feel guilty now, ordered a few parts not so long ago, and bought more than I originally intended, to soften the blow. Actually bought an extra DF03 alloy steering set, to sell on and recoupe a bit of money.🙄
  13. Absolutely, when i bought an LB (if I remember right, I wanted a Turbo Rocky, and went to the 'Woodvale Airshow' with a pocket full of paper round money, hoping for a bargain...) , I'd have been racing a year or so with the Ultima, so i think i was expecting it to corner/handle like a race buggy, which we all know, it never was going to be. Although, we did have a race for the new Monster RC class, so did race it against the MB ,Blackfoot and even a Clod, and won!! (Mainly as I swapped the wheels/tyres off a Rough Rider, and fitted a Hornet pinion, they changed the rules the week after....🙄) The box art , going 100mph whilst stood still, coupled with the endless video loop in the Model Shops (I've stood in the rain watching those, for what seemed like hours ) had me hooked ,hook line and sinker, and still got a hold almost 40yrs later!?! 😬😁
  14. Make one! 😁 https://www.ebay.com/itm/274379889278 And copy Danny's doors....
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