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  1. So, who do you decide who to vote for, seeing as there's a US election coming up...🤷‍♂️ (I'm in the UK, so just watching on)
  2. Don't leave unattended, always keep an eye on them, when charging anyway.
  3. Yep, that's 1C, (balance charge though)
  4. Intersting thread!! Reaches far more than political views, but spending habits and life choices! Market forces have always played with our heads, most of us wouldn't be on this page, if it wasn't for endless loops of toy cars running on a beach, in our local hobby shops. Our data ,our footprint, is being harvested like no other time in history though, and with relative ease. There was a case for lowering a speed limit ,on a duel carriageway near me, and the fitting of average speed cameras. The objections where heard in a local town hall meeting. In the case for, mobile phone data was used to prove that, at certain times of the day, the average speed was almost 90mph, with one exceeding 140mph. The upshot was that average speed cameras where fitted, and that our mobile phones are grassing us up, location switch on or not (phone mast triangulation works out approx position anyway) So, where do we get ,unbiased "facts" in a modern world? Newspapers? News TV stations? Social media? 🤔🤷‍♂️
  5. The only cells I've had go bang, so far, is a Nicad and a Nimh. I think the fear surrounding Lipos, makes you more , involved (?) when using them. You study individual cell performance, because it's easy to do so. I recently had a 2s lipo battery cut out on low volt cut off (6.4v) , one cell was at 3.6v , and the other 2.8v when I put it on to charge . I balanced charged (as always) the lipo, and it took almost 2hrs to balance as the cell was duff. It's since been discharged using a car headlight bulb, and waiting recycling. I'm thinking the Nimh battery @BertGhad was faulty/unbalanced from new. Would charging at a lower C rating have helped? Maybe, for that charge cycle the charger might have been quicker reacting, and the single good cell might have degraded to match the other 5 over time?
  6. It's a serious contender!! When it first appeared ,it's was, I think, the first cab forward design, with an awesome rear wing, and the black / red combo really works. I have a few mags where the Ninja featured, and they've all got holes where the pictures used to be, as they'd been cut out, and stuck on my bedroom wall.....😁 I've owned 2 now, plus a Coors Thunderbird (first touring car, on road/ off road thing?), and they're not brilliant tbh, and with 22 bearings, and intersting rebuild (and needing to make pullers!).
  7. This sometimes means the shock spring catches, if you fit larger bore shocks on the front. The turnbuckle set (54572) helps, but the rears need to run at a diagonal, fitting to the rear of the hub, instead of the front , as they caught to otherwise.
  8. I'm running a, fairly cheap, Core RC 9016MG. I've got them in a few, including a Bullhead, and although slower than the Savox 1258TG servos I run in race cars, they're not bad!! https://www.modelsport.co.uk/core-rc-9016mg-servo-9kg-16-sec/rc-car-products/388927 I've one of the, Alturn High Speed Race Servos in a Novafox, but it's not as quick as the specs suggest, defo a little quicker than the 9016MG, but at £18, it's only a couple of quid short of a 2nd hand Savox 1258TG, so.....🤷‍♂️ https://www.modelsport.co.uk/alturn-usa-high-performance-race-servo-high-torque-/rc-car-products/359784 Whichever you go for, an upgraded servo horn is a must, not sure if you can get a ,solid servo horn though?
  9. I'd still go with a DT03, mainly as they're cheap as chips!!
  10. I hope the rear diff mods, and slipper ,where on the list?
  11. Can't say I've had bother getting wheels to fit the df03 tbh. For on road, I ran the Fastrax Arrow - https://www.modelsport.co.uk/fastrax-arrow-1-10th-buggy-tyres-pre-mounted-on-spoked-wheels-2-rear/rc-car-products/33227 And running these atm, 1/8 - 17mm hex spigot adapters and running DBoots For off road, the stock df03 wheels, but Schumacher Cat wheels do fit...just (could run slightly wider 12mm hexes if need be, cheap enough on ebay)
  12. Wow! Either very unlucky, doing something wrong or you've a lot more people racing? In a car, so guessing it was a hard crash? Some of the new lipos state they can be charged upto 5C, but I'd still be dubious, and defo wouldn't be pulling it warm out of the car, and charging at 5C! In the UK, it's mandatory to charge in a charge bag. If you're caught not doing, the 1st time is a gentle reminder, 2nd time a, not so gentle, 3rd time, get your stuff and get out of the club.
  13. I've never heard of a Lipo just bursting into flames, they've always been when they're being charged or punctured during use ,which is why charging in a charge bag, not charging unattended, and hardcase ,is advised for off road. Race meetings, we have upto 120 people, charging 3 - 4 lipos many times a meeting, and in the 5 years I've been back racing, I've still not seen one go up, it's like plane crashes, when it does happen, it's big news, and gets spread on social media etc.
  14. Buy new , branded products ,from a reputable outlet. Not eBay or Amazon etc. Once you have a feel for , what's normal, stay away from 2nd hand or cheap stuff. By all means, once you've got a grips with things buy wherever you want. I'm sure you've done a bit of homework, but - https://rogershobbycenter.com/lipoguide/
  15. I'm running a Ruddog in my race truck, with no issues. Also running a couple of SMD ones too. https://www.modelsport.co.uk/index.php?CategoryID=9910&SubCategoryID=991015&ManufacturerID=1203&CategoryID=9910
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