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  1. The goto brushed esc is the hobbywing 1060, great solid esc for under £20. I run all mine with a 15t HPI Firebolt (Core RC 15t are the same), they cost around a tenner.
  2. Not keen on the box art, Not keen on the wheels, Not keen on the battery removal, But, it generates emotion, which is absolutely , brilliantly Tamiya! 😁
  3. I know where you're coming from, the re release must be getting close to the end of their ,heyday. I'm hoping the Super Avante starts a line of interesting buggies, and not just slapping a different body on the same chassis!!
  4. I'm guessing you've set the esc jumper to, nimh setting? The 1060 goes half speed close to lipo low voltage cut off, when set in lipo mode (I think its 6.4v , then cuts out completely at 6v)
  5. Yeah, I think we're all thinking the top spot is a bit out of reach, without serious commitment.....🙄😳 (And he's hit 144mph since, but no vid posted yet) I look who's got the same chassis, and aim to beat that.
  6. I'm not sure if you're aware of the ,Speed run, thread on here? Just post a list of the specs and mods (no ,homebrew mods allowed though), and an unbroken vid of the run, Inc the gps at zero at the start. 👍
  7. Had a frog bitd, and hated it due to the gearbox woes, always fancied a Brat, and put off by the aforementioned. By the cracking feedback, looking like I'll be keeping my eye out on eBay for a Brat...😳😁
  8. Probably would have done the same, or kept an eye out for a nice 2nd hand Castle (or both...🙄) I think it's all the finned ones, no matter what the colour, not too bad in a lightweight 2wd, but struggle in 4wd, still a cheap introduction to brushless!
  9. If its a Sanwa, SMD and Ruddog have compatible recievers that are a bit cheaper. I'd go for the Castle link then, it's a bit more of a faff , having to connect it to the Laptop/PC ,but you can alter Throttle curves on the esc.
  10. Plus a few other reasons imo. I'm not sure how ,accurate, manufactures need to be with their KV numbers, some may add few to make them more appealing. Also, some of the cheaper (not sure about that Goolrc, more the Finned motors you can get) motors are a 380 sized motor, in a big 540 can, so maybe decent KV on paper, but as soon as they're asked to work, the RPM drops like a stone.
  11. In the 'top' tier motors ,as Jonathon says, they are pushing the envelope with designs and innovation, but this costs cash, so need to charge a bit more. They also use things like rare earth 'permanent' magnets which are much stronger (giving more torque), than 'induction' magnets , which use powerful electronic magnets, to magnetise them (think, wiping a screw driver over a magnet, then using the screwdriver as a magnet) Better quality wire ,with finer tolerances etc, and with better quality control (how many of the cheap Goolrc motors or escs where going pop at one point). With going for sensorless, I'm guessing you're not racing, so a second quicker over a lap isn't a major factor? My experience, is that there is a fairly big difference between motors, but only as I've a few different ones. The Goolrc 4300kv motor I have is slow and underpowered compared to my Castle 3800kv motor, but if you only had the Goolrc, you'd think it was fine. The 4300kv Goolrc combo on 3s - The 3800kv Castle combo on 3s (although a different beach) - Ideally, I'd like to test the different motors using the same stretch of beach, on the same day.
  12. If you've got the , Castle link or programme card, you can turn the punch down. Also, this is where a decent radio helps, you can alter the throttle curve, and/or alter the throttle end point, so it's exactly the power you want.
  13. Done a bit more at the track, managed to get the Astro down at the other end last night. Get it all rollered early next week, but still lots to do, before the first big race on 8th August! 😳 Still need helpers ,if anyone is free?
  14. Just a little.... A Grasshopper , but with Arrma limitless wheels, axles, wishbones, gearboxes and chassis? 🙄 Even 100kph would still be the fastest of the Grasshopper chassis I know of.
  15. Don't know what you mean.....😛
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