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  1. Just to give you a heads up , slipper shafts up for sale again, to take the modern RB6 slipper parts https://www.facebook.com/groups/IconicRCSales/permalink/2781685002072800/
  2. The guy is making a few more of the Mid layshafts, to take the RB6 slipper https://www.facebook.com/groups/IconicRCSales/permalink/2781685002072800/
  3. Not sure if it was you that wanted one? But There's a guy making another batch of slipper shafts, to accept the more modern RB6 slipper parts. https://www.facebook.com/groups/IconicRCSales/permalink/2781685002072800/
  4. A 2s ,has 2 Lipo cells wired in Serise. A 3s has 3 Lipo cells wired in Serise, so usually a bit bigger. You'll maybe need to go for a 'softcase' Lipo, they've not got a protective case, but it does mean they're not as bulky (But more prone to damage). I've a couple of turnigy ones out of hobbyking that work well, also a couple of Flourean ones. I've an Orion hardcase, but hard to get those now. Hobbyking also do a 2s 'super shorty ' ,which are about the size of a 1s saddle. It's possible to fit 2 in a boomerang, for 4s...😉😁
  5. Just recently found this out, when I sold the vintage RC's on eBay, with the funds of the sales going to my club!! We (me and the Mrs) dont feel happy at eBay having our main account details, so I'm setting up another account. Anyone any idea what happens if theres a dispute? Normally PayPal take the money back off the account, and hold it in limbo, until the matter is resolved, do they only release funds once it's been delivered /feedback left etc? But doesn't PayPal give a 30 (or is it 90?) Day guarantee? The account won't have an overdraft, so taking money back won't be an option.
  6. Ran a bullhead on 3s with silver cans for a few years. No issues, but, you can't leave then flat out for long in those things, and they're geared low . A silver can lasted quite a while in a boomerang on 3s, only giving up the ghost when doing, have a go, exhibitions with the club, so it had done a good few packs back to back. Silver cans are only £4 , so ain't going to cry too much..
  7. I went for slightly wider hexes (need, serrated low profile wheel nuts though), FTX Mauler wheels ,and Schumacher Venoms tyres. Not got a pic of them on the DT03, but this is them on the WT01 (well, WT-3800 Hertz renta racer....)
  8. With the "Bat safe" which removes alot of smoke ,if the unthinkable happens, charging inside doesn't even seem daunting!
  9. Urm, what? I love diesels , buckets of torque (360nm) at an RPM you can use (1600-2200rpm), fuel up and drive, no spark plugs, ignition to worry about, and 40mpg at 'motorway speeds 🙄' Lipos come into their own under high current demand, so if you're running a silver can /torque tuned etc, you might not notice a big difference (except maybe the extra speed from the extra volt), it's when you start getting into the lower turn motors, the difference is staggering.
  10. Hoonicorn dips into the 9's - (9.9 still quick!), but the big boys are dipping into the 5's in the States (keep an eye on the speedo....😳) I think the Uk's Andy Frost, still holds the speed record @260.4 mph though......
  11. This is the original thread, the links for the current threads are at the end.
  12. A drag car is on my project wish list, but personally don't think a tamiya is ideal for the job. My interpretation, it would need to be RWD, fairly long wheel base, Mid motor layout, plenty of gear ration and diff options plus a multi plate slipper. I considered using my old Schumacher KF2se, bit my daughter has bagsied that for her first race car, so more likely my current Schumacher Laydown, once a new car comes out. After you've bought the Tamiya E Gen2 ,messed about trying to fit bodies/motors/ elecs etc etc, you could have bought an Accociated RTR Drag car, (which looks like my mid motor theory is wrong....🙄) with change, and been out racing 🤷‍♂️ https://www.modelsport.co.uk/associated-dr10-drag-race-car-rtr/rc-car-products/447266
  13. There are a good few ,driver aids, available on decent Radios there's days, expo rate/curve , Adjustable ABS and I've found I've a setting on mine, that alters the braking strength based on steering angle! Give you an idea of the things they can do, this is the manual, and yes, it's all in English.....😳 If you're using a gyro, it's like using , toys, in the bedroom ,and claiming you're the best lover.....
  14. Love the car! I think the part #W5005 is the gen parts? But I'd bet that most through eyelets would fit? I went with CNC eBay ones on my Ultima. I think cars like the, Scorpion and beetle, still use bearing fronts? which would mean not having to go for fugly 12mm hex 2.2" wheels.
  15. Mind 7.2v is 'nominal voltage' (think average). Fully charged they are similar to 2s, at 8.4v , still well under the 10v 👍
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