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  1. Wouldn't be the first, and defo won't be the last....🤣 Aye, never click a link. I don't do Internet banking, but have set it up for alerts. With Christmas, and 2 kids birthdays in Jan, I was kind of expecting it, but was hoping it was slightly closer to pay day, at the end of the month, ...😳🤦‍♂️🤣
  2. Is that still a thing over there? One of the guys tested positive not so long ago, and phoned in. They asked if he felt OK, which he did, so they said, we'll see you at work in an hour...😬 - My day off this week, and had /have a list to get through, but got a text off the bank to say I'd gone into my overdraft, so needed to shuffle some cash, and get to the bank, to avoid fees. Now it's bite for lunch, and pick the kids up from school in just over an hour...= day gone 😳 -I'm 12hr dayshift weekend, so not much else but, work ,sleep ,work ,sleep until Wednesday.
  3. I've never used thread lock on a motor grub screw, but I would invest in a decent 1.5mm driver. I've tried a few, but MIP are the best, and worth an investment imo (just the 1.5mm though, the rest of mine are, arrowmax). Bearings and a steel pinion. The tamiya pinions wear fairly quickly with brushless power (or brushed modified motors, we used bitd) ,and leave a lovely aluminium grinding paste around the gearbox as they wear. Depending on what you've got now, but a radio with epa works well if you've young ones, you can turn the speed down in seconds.
  4. The small grub screw is tight, and against the flat on the motor shaft?
  5. My long weekend this weekend! Yesterday was my youngests birthday, so set the house up with banners , balloons etc. She wanted a Hotdog stand for her party, which is alot cheaper than a McDonald's, so was happy with that 😊. Hotdogs, music with party lights and games, (plus a couple of bottles of plonk for the adults) was a good night! 😁 Plan is to get in the garage today and get a bit done on the 1:1. The temps risen to around 8°c, so warm enough to actually move my fingers, to solder wires. Really could do with the sensor pigtails I ordered from Rock Auto at the start of November, but tracking is saying ,they're still on a boat..😞 Tomorrow, is the Glasgow RC clubs AGM at the clubhouse. Probably spend hours a̶r̶g̶u̶i̶n̶g̶ discussing tyre choice (Schumacher sponsored drivers get Schumacher tyres cheaper, and the Associated/CML sponsored drivers get proline...🤷‍♂️) and then vote to keep the rule the same (Although, the Scottish Off Road Serise ,our Nationals, have gone with Schumacher Mezzo or Ballistic Minispike for the rear....). Have a good one everyone!
  6. Only battery chemistry, I've personally had go up (so far....😬). We used to fast charge those, until they where hot to touch. I've not long got the same charger, great charger, and quite like the Bluetooth function, as I can check on the charging out in the garage, from the kitchen , but that'll charge/discharge nicad / Nimh too anyway?
  7. Must be the combination of more watts and lighter. Naa, not really. This is a 2s shorty I accidently shorted out (reverse plugged in, rushing to get to the line for a final), which dropped down to one cell (safety feature?) Had to split it open, and use Croc clips on the circuit board, and a car headlight bulb, to safety drop it to zero volts for disposal. Thought the hard case would be thicker, but they're fit for purpose. Soft case lipos, are just the lipo pouches, wrapped in shrink wrap. They're okay for in enclosed chassis, but not that great for the likes of the boomerang, with the battery hanging out of the sides.
  8. Triple the energy density, which is measured in, Watt hours per kilogram. Could translate that, to mean that Nimh are just three times as heavy? Aye, But remove the lid seal. Having them sealed, kind of ,turns them into a bomb, as the smoke can't escape, and the pressure builds. I've a mixture of ammo boxes, and a batsafe, but all are stored in their own lipo bag too. The Batsafe are meant to filter the smoke, although, I'm still betting it'll still stink 🦨
  9. I'd like to bet, these are the type of people, that lipo would be absolutely fine, as they'd look after them! I was under the impression, that the different lithium chemistry, offered varied levels of discharge rates vs safety, with lipo (lithium polymer) being one of the most energy dense.
  10. I've never seen a servo, with ° in the blurb! 😳 (goes off to check servo blurb....) Looking at the sweep, mine looks to be about 200° 🤷‍♂️ Just knock it down a bit, on the end point on the transmitter, which is good practice anyway tbh.
  11. Absolutely, If you're running a silver can, you still get a noticeable punch increase (its get up and go), as a silver can still pulls a good few amps on start up, and the faster motor you're running, the bigger the noticeable difference. The 6.5t motor in my race truck, runs a 3800mah 65/130C battery down in 6 mins ,with no noticeable drop in performance at the 5 min mark (race length) ,so would be averaging 38amps (if the full mah is used?). Yep, when I dipped my toe in the lipo water, I swapped all my escs to deans/T plug, and figured I'd run Nimh for bashing (as if you crash with a lipo, they seemingly blowup ,killing you and your family...), and lipo for only racing. Swapping back to nimh, is like watching old vintage CRT telly, when you're used to HD, so needless to say, my nimh sat on the shelf, and infact gave all the decent ones away...🤷‍♂️
  12. Like the 'classic' buggy layout, Like that I'll maybe get parts for my RB5, (although, shocks look like the plastic RB6.6 rtr shocks?) Is it a race car, or a basher? A basher would put it against the likes of Arrma and Traxxas? What race class would it race in? It'll get eaten alive by modern mid motored buggies, even on dirt (one of the reasons I don't race my RB5 anymore, and went to the KF2se years ago ) and too new for the iconic/ vintage class?
  13. Good to meet you! Glad you enjoyed running on the track, hopefully the weather gods are in your favour next time...🤞🌧 Enjoy your holiday.
  14. Not really the postman, but picked this up the other day, my, I'm not getting another car I've got enough, and defo no projects..... M05!
  15. I was going to add, there's was a thread a few weeks ago, turned out, it was June! 😳
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