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  1. 3 day weekend for me too!! Kids off today (friday) so we've hit the road again, and back down south, this time a bit further, down to Alton Towers! 😃
  2. We asked one of the top guys in the club, how he did his, so he did this video- He's also done others on shocks ,soldering etc too.
  3. Naa, can't imagine we'd ever do that....🙄🤣 Nope, but if you're buying a race car ,and have all the correct equipment to begin with ,then....🤷‍♂️ Although, charger wise , I still stand by buying a decent charger (not that expensive either imo), from a reputable outlet (I'd say that about a shorty too), especially if someone is uncertain about the safety of lipo tech (only reason I can think of, why you wouldn't want to go lipo)
  4. Defo not eBay , there's so much fake rubbish on that place, and I'm guessing one of the reasons for the ruling, eg, amount of fake Imax B6 chargers is unreal, and if it's a cheap lipo charge bag, that may aswell be a paper bag, the only way you'd know it was fake, would be when you saw the flames.. Not sure about Amazon, guess it depends which outlet you actually deal with?, but think Hobbyking would be classed as a 'recognised supplier' (the saddles in the K1 are from Hobbyking). Buying out of Japan, I'm guessing off a street vendor, no, proper licenced outlet, you'd maybe have a valid case to be okay to use imo (if whats bought is on the legal list, uk outlets usually only stock legal stuff) There's also the, helping support the UK RC model industry, plus if you have issues, it's easier to rectify. On the rare occasion I've had an issue with parts from Modelsport (one glitchy servo in over 30yrs) , it was sorted within the week.
  5. Yep, that's what I mean. (Can't find any pics of current race cars, but this is my old K1, running saddles, but the same 4mm plugs as lipo shorty, cut so the black won't reach the positive side) Although cheap, it's not something I'd feel confident using, even though they maybe perfectly fine. I'll only purchase, or recommend to others ,a UK recognised supplier (Grey area?) as per BRCA rule :- must be obtained from a recognised supplier to the UK RC industry , (specifically charge sacks, with the theory you're getting good quality equipment). Even if you're not racing, lipo risks are lipo risks.
  6. Skyrc and Overlander look to offer the same chargers (named the same too!?! 🤷‍♂️) but skyrc look to be slightly cheaper. I'd go for something like this, 240v (mains) supply or 12v for when out in the field, charge upto 8amp (8000mah battery) and discharge at 2amp (most are 1 amp) , with options for charge leads. https://www.modelsport.co.uk/product/skyrc-e680-ac-dc-80w-charger-440716 If you have bullet plugs running a shorty, these charge leads work well, allow you to fit the battery inside a charge bag with no problems. (Or you can use an adapter like alvin has done) https://www.modelsport.co.uk/product/monkey-king-rc-charge-lead-xh2s-balance-port-to-4mm-and-5mm-black-1--431657
  7. These are the stepped plugs I use, and I cut the esc wires, so to reduce the chance of plugging them in wrong. (Although, you'd need to solder new leads on, as too short, I'm guessing way down on your priority list....🙄😜) https://www.modelsport.co.uk/product/core-rc-4mm-5mm-stepped-plug-2-405509
  8. They've been designed around lipo, ( and modern LiHv ), shortys, so you'll struggle to find old tech batteries that'll fit. I'd get a decent LCD screened charger first, it'll still charge Nicad/Nimh aswell as cycle charge them (can breathe new life into duff nicad/nimh, having a controlled discharge and charge), so may get better performance out of the cars you have running nimh now, but will also balance / storage charge lipo and High voltage LiHv lipos too, come the time you want to take the plunge. Shorty batteries don't use deans or tamiya plugs, they use bullets, lipo are usually 4mm and liHv (high voltage lipo) are usually 5mm. I've fitted stepped plugs to mine race cars atm, so I can use either ones I have (8 lipo and 2 liHv shortys)
  9. I didn't think it mattered either, then I was bumped off 3rd place by 0.7mph in the 2wd speed run thread on here 😫
  10. More the refresh rate I'm concerned about, with the cheaper ones. Might be fine ,when sitting at a constant 69mph, but if you peak at 70 for only 5 meters, it might not register. Just had a look, and mine has a 10hz refresh rate, which seemingly means it refreshes every 0.1 seconds.
  11. Apart from spending over £100 in juice, (saw it at almost £2 a litre at the service's😱), it was absolutely brilliant!!! The weather was warm, but with a few rain showers, which kept the racing , interesting (although I felt sorry for a mate, had a few spots of rain before pretty much every heat, so he was further down the rankings than he should have been). Spent time with family and friends from both sides of the border, chatted to some famous names in RC, good food and drink, so ticked pretty much every box! They're just never long enough!
  12. At that price, it might be worth getting one, just to test against the skyrc one I've got!
  13. I'm using a skyrc GPS speed meter, I got off ebay for £25.
  14. (Been here before, but...🤞) Friday, Heading down the road once the kids finish school, to catch up with the folks. Although, this weekend has the added bonus, that the BRCA Nationals are at Southport, around a 10min walk from my mates house where we're staying , so me and a few mates, meeting a few of the Glasgow guys for a few drinks Friday night 🍻 😀 Saturday, out for breakfast with the family, then over to the track for a hour or so, my dad used to enjoy watching me race there bitd, and he's looking forward to watch some of the best in the world racing, be nice to have a clear laydown body to grab some signatures, but 🤷‍♂️ Probably swing parks , crazy golf etc, to let my folks enjoy their Grandkids, then out for an evening meal and drinks. Sunday, relaxing morning, then head back up the road, as its the in-laws wedding anniversary, so back out for another evening meal and drinks..
  15. Aye, but where they definitely DON'T belong, is on a shelf!! 😊 One of the great things about a buggy, is you can use it pretty much anywhere, on the beach, football park , grass track, astro track and when the weather says you ain't playing outside, carpet 😃
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