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  1. The Alturn race servo specs are better than the Futaba brushless servo specs, for speed anyway, so did a vid to test.
  2. What voltage does the charger say, is in each cell?
  3. Going to try and update both the, go fund me page, and the, Glasgow model car club , Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/GlasgowRC/
  4. Brilliant @Seanster43 !! I'm going to organise some Tamiya days, like @neowhizz did at the indoor track at Ayr, nothing serious, just a fun day running tamiya's (Or whatever tbh, just no IC). Some of the guys are on a podcast next week. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=732305050929509&id=322136848613000
  5. One of the most used features on my radios, dropping the throttle ,End Point, down to 30%, will mean full throttle is 30%. I use it when the kids are driving. The motor link, says the shaft is 3.2mm , standard 540 size πŸ‘
  6. Try holding one of the rears, and turn the other, if the motor turns, the diff could be ok, if it doesn't, pull the diff. Real easy to do, pop the turnbuckles and pull the driveshafts, then think it's only 6 screws, 2 for the rear bumper thing (?) ,then the 4 for the diff casing, and it falls out! (Almost like tamiya thought we'd be having to pull it alot....)
  7. (MCS-4) In the pic But listed as, OT-4 In the exploded view, and in the parts list.
  8. Sorry to hijack, but, I don't suppose you've any spare king pins (OT-4)?
  9. Been lucky enough to be involved with the Glasgow RC Club for a few years, cracking bunch of RC nuts. If anyone would like to support us, donate if you can. If not, we would like to see you at the track, and you all know, tamiya's are welcome 😁 The ambition is to have a similar facility as Robin hood Raceway, without the 500 mile round road trip! Set in, Calderglen Country Park sports complex, we have the use of the Bar, food and toilet facilities, plus the Zoo, huge adventure play area etc that are set in the Country Park, making it a great family day out. https://www.gofundme.com/f/glasgow-rc-outdoor-astroturf-track?utm_source=customer&utm_campaign=p_cp+share-sheet&utm_medium=copy_link-tip A link for Calderglen Country Park, itself (didn't realise it has an 18 hole golf course too! πŸ™„) https://www.slleisureandculture.co.uk/SLLC/info/113/calderglen_country_park @Supercoolnothing @neowhizz @Kevin_Mc @MPJG! @Gibbo78 @Sandster
  10. Best selling chassis would surely be the, OVR chassis? It's been used since 1983 and still going! Sales per kit number, I'd go with the Hornet #58045 1984-92. Although the Dark Impact #58370, was released in 2006 (according to ,tamiyabase ,) until 2014 (?), but it's still available, so 14 yrs?
  11. Thanks guys, I know that the set up I had decades ago, wasn't the best possible, but looking through pages of , Max Power in WHSmith's (?), the best sound Γ²f ICE was a trade off between practicality, looks (some of those with flashing lights ,taking up half the car, looked awful!) and of course cost. I used to run heavy duty, over spec, cables, straight off the battery, (with a fuse block close), and then through the bulk head ,running + down one side and ,- down the other (to stop alternator noise?), I then ran the power to the main 4ch amp first, and pulled the power from that, to the 2ch amp. Need to wait until I get some time on my hands, before I can get cracking with the car wiring again, still a bit to do before I start adding the ICE wiring to the loom. Going to keep an eye out for the amps that's been suggested, hopefully find one on offer, and have a think about speaker arrangements, and what I can fit where, without it being too ostentatious.
  12. Scotland's outdoor season is , pretty much, on grass! (And we've the climate for it......πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ) ,Dumfries is the closest to the border, if you want a wee road trip. On a dry, hot , summer day, it can't be beat, with the track changing ,pretty much every lap, as the racing line gets rutted/worn, nothing else compares, but then, a little bit of rain and ....... All of a sudden, you're having to strip, clean ,re oil bearings etc ,for each car after every race , so running 2 cars, thats 12 times.......😭
  13. I found a load of my old mags in my folks loft, when I was looking for other stuff @Fruitfly01 ,and the memories come flooding back reading through, they're back here now, just a shame I cut out the Optima Mid ,Ninja etc pics, to stick on my old bedroom wall!! I was thinking that looking through, but factoring in inflation, it's around £400 for a 959 and almost £90 for clodbuster bearings!! 😬
  14. I ordered some of these the other week, (not arrived yet), couldn't resist for the price (Only looking for uprated steering parts.....πŸ™„). Can't fall out of the wheel end with these in! 😁 https://www.rcmart.com/yeah-racing-g45-universal-steel-swing-shaft-for-tamiya-df03-tt02b-df03-015v2-00026617
  15. Smokers hand rolling filters? Should be cheap and readily available from a local shop that sells tobacco!
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