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  1. Might not fit the bill (?), but with the new Schumacher L1 Evo hitting the shelves, there maybe some L1's hitting the 2nd hand market around the £200 mark, a bit more if elecs are included.
  2. It's fine! It's a tamiya page after all 😁 I know, and a caught my 3yr old trying to push cars through backwards, and trapping her finger, so might need a rethink, might need a slipper too!! 🤔
  3. Never had a Madcap, but are the plates spinable? I've done that before, just turn them over to a fresh side, when they've worn a groove. There was a vid on YouTube recently, by Schumacher's Tech guy, building a Laydown diff, but some good ball diff building tips none the less.
  4. 😂😂 I've 2 girls, and she's still suggesting the next might be a boy, but I've come do the conclusion I'm firing perfume so...🤐
  5. That's some list!! This the mini? The ,normal, lunchbox fitted 3s no bother. Looking at doing the 4 bar mod for the rear and double wishbone front, but whatever I do, I need to do twice!! (Well maybe once, see if they notice 🙄😂😂) One what's paw patrol, the other wants a Super wings livery...
  6. Sweet!! They've a lunchbox each, so a mini could be an answer 👍
  7. They've already got a few (only way to get them past my homes 'customs' 🙄😂😂,) Its rained pretty much every day since September, so needed something inside, and the wife wasn't too keen in indoor RC racing...🙈
  8. I live in a bungalow! No stairs 😂 They've had it up on storage boxes, but they want to make a track, which was the idea of getting a track builder set with 2 boosters, even when I set it up as per box instructions, the cars aren't quick enough to go around the loop.
  9. My kids are 5 and 3, so needs to be kid friendly, so don't really want external wires to trip over, or in the 3yr olds case, eat....🤦‍♂️ The best plans always do!! 😂😂 I'm sure I'll get something to fit 😬
  10. They look like the standard size small motors, but a bit squished, recon maybe one of those, plasma dash motors might fit? Not the room for more D cells, but could maybe trim the inside compartment and fit 3 C cells? https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F222442644795 Also thought about fitting bearings, but can't be bothered, as I don't think I'd gain that much?
  11. I've got the kids a hotwheels set, and the boosters are rubbish, I've stripped and shimmed to stop any rubbing, and used thin oil on the shafts etc, but they're still lacking. My next thought was to use a 1 cell Lipo to add a bit more volts, but wouldn't be happy letting the kids use it while I wasn't there, so , are there any motors available or other mods I can try, still using the D cell batteries?
  12. Try and find the best silver can you can find, as above, they can range from around 16k up to 22k rpm! Couple of tips on this page, reverse break in of a new motor etc http://www.rccartips.com/540-silvercan-motor-tuning.htm
  13. The Core rc that @TurnipJF posted a link for ,would be my suggestion, it'll fit, and give you an idea how much wiggle room you've got, so you can check the sizes of others and be a bit more confident at making a choice. If you are tempted to jump to 3s in the future, the Orion rocketsport on the left hand side I found to fit quite alot of cars, with a bit of a shove, (3s are on the left (1 hardcase the other 3 are softcase) 2s sticks in the centre, 2s shortys on the right, and 2s saddles along the back).
  14. I've only ever charged mine off my house plug socket, as they've got usb ports built in, with no issues (they are the old style, and are 1.1A). I have heard of people having issues with the single cell Lipo not holding it's charge after a few years use, so using the balance lead to pull 3.7v from, eliminates the need for charging too. (Although a new 1 cell are real cheap..)
  15. They are tough ole things! Thanks for the hot glue tip 👍 Some, outtakes...
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