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  1. How do the Schumacher Big Bore shocks compare, they're similar in price to the DF03 dampers, and you can get an array of spares/springs etc. (Although I've picked 2nd hand sets up for less than £40)
  2. I find swapping from 2wd to 4wd, at a track really hard work, as they're different animals. Braking points, turn in, power etc are all different. 4wd, as above, are generally easier. The brakes are so much better ,you can get on the power much earlier out of corners, and you can not only control the nose in the air, but also steer it. The downside being, they're more expensive, more things to set up, and more to go wrong. 2wd are a better car to have fun imo. You need to brake earlier (plus ,you're essentially handbrake turning into each corner), you can't get on the power as hard or early, but with less moving parts to worry about ,easier to look after.
  3. Just got all the parts, to do a YouTube vid on the diff upgrade, its on the project list...🙄
  4. Depending on budget, something like the Turbo Optima? I'm running a Castle 3800kv / 3s in my DT03 with paddles ,for beach running. Took a bit of time to set the punch on the way, and throttle curve on the radio, but it's awesome!
  5. The DF03 will need diff parts and a slipper to run brushless, which (if you can get parts, bit if a back log atm, with the world situation, I was 4 months from Rcmart recently....) pushes the price up around £50. Then the chassis isn't the biggest, not a show stopper, but makes fitting some esc's, interesting. Has to be tamiya?
  6. Tbh, with that kind of grunt, you'd probably be able to do away with the stock pinion and plastic spacer and fit an 08mod (32dp) 18t steel pinion (if I remember right?) Taping the inside of the tyres maybe a shout, to help stop them ballooning, make it a bit more controllable, as you head towards motorway speeds.....😏
  7. Not the only ,I went with the Sanwa Exzes ZZ, but there's defo not a massive choice!!
  8. I know some who do, and some that don't (me). Personally I dont think it'll make much of a difference, once they're stuffed in...🙄 No, once they're in the tyre, and the tyre glued to the rim, they ain't going anywhere. I don't know if anyone else does it, but ,once the insert is inside the tyre, and it's on the wheel, I put the tyre onto the next lip all the way round, then carefully bring just the tyre back over to where it'll sit, then do the same the other side. I've found it makes sure the insert isn't caught anywhere, and to help stop having a wobbly wheel. (Could do nothing what so ever, just something I do...🙄🤷‍♂️)
  9. I think you're around £25 for a Sport tuned motor? For £28, you can get a Core RC 15t and a 1060 esc to power it!
  10. I'm not sure how durable the gearboxes are on the re release, but if you're wanting to run a 10.5t (and why wouldn't you!😁) ,I'm thinking an 'MIP diff' needs to be a consideration, to help hold things together. Personally, I think the ,Super Astute, would be a much better car to try and hunt down, but there lies the issue with that chassis, finding one (a quick Google, shows they have them for sale in America...🤔)
  11. I did, and it was 17 (thought similar myself). Can only presume its been run and run (the thing was covered in a red grit, so maybe an ,all weather playing field, type area?) even after they got pointy, until the points sheared off, then run again, even after it stated making a grinding/jumping teeth noise.
  12. As a few have said above, they wear quickly, and once they start to wear, wear the spur too, and leave a lovely aluminum grinding paste all over the gearbox and bearings, which requires a full strip down and good cleaning to get rid of. The wear rate depends on motor and use I guess, but I always get a steel. I got this holiday buggy (DT02) a few months back, this used to be the pinion and spur....(I think most of us would have had an inspection before this happened, but if it was running ,then 🤷‍♂️) Replaced with a full new set of gears (about 2 hrs ago!), but all the casings and bearings needed cleaned too (Just blasted the bearings with GT68 over some kitchen roll though). The cost of a steel pinion is around the same cost as the gears, so steel are cost effective imo.
  13. This is the one I have, it'll give you an idea what it looks like, and a part number- https://www.modelsport.co.uk/fastrax-aluminium-pit-stand-with-magnetic-strip-black/rc-car-products/405580
  14. Bearings and steel pinions are always my first upgrade (generally i order with a kit), for reliability. The 1060's you've already got. Tyres will probably be the next big improvement around a track. After that, (For the DT02 anyway) you're looking at adjustable turnbuckles , adjustable dampers ,ball diff and maybe UJ driveshafts. I think then ,you're looking at a radio (depending what you have already?), so you can dial in steering rates etc, and get the car to react as you'd like it to. But above all, HAVE FUN!! 😁
  15. Probably the , Fastrax Pit Stand , for just over a tenner. It's got foam pads on the top, that stop the car slipping about when you're working on it, a magnetic strip to stick the tools you're using too, and also holes for putting the shocks into ,when filling with oil.
  16. Midnight pumpkin chrome edition...
  17. Blue - hard compound , less grip but last ages. Green - medium compound. Yellow - Soft compound, good grip , not bad wear, use for racing Silver - Super soft , work well in the wet, but high wear.
  18. Not got a Blitzer Beetle, so , are Schumacher truck tyres too big? https://www.modelsport.co.uk/index.php?CategoryID=9960&SubCategoryID=996010&ManufacturerID=51&CategoryID=9960&MSAttributeID[58]=1305
  19. Yep, and founder of the "Ultimo" lingerie brand. (Might not be that famous outside Scotland right enough...😬)
  20. Her name is - Michelle Mone , and she's not the model, if that makes it easier 😀
  21. No, She's famous for lingerie, but thought best not to post those pics....🙈 I should probably use @Ferruz first 2 pics above,before her though.😏
  22. An easy one ,compared to some of them, even had to Google the answers ,to see what cars they where! 🙄😂😂
  23. There's alot to be said about modern reliability. There's not much between running perfect, and not running at all. In the, olden days, more often than not, you used to maybe get a random misfire ,or getting harder to start, but something that gives you a heads up the you should start replacing the serviceable parts. (Not worked on a fox body, but) I'd probably get 2 full aftermarket dizzys, and have one in the car, with the tools required, so you'll have a chance of getting home. Sods law being sods law, if you carry a spare, you don't need it, but that one time you take the spare out.....🙄😂
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