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  1. That Mod is getting hard to do these days!! And I did say, keep you going ....for a while 🙄😂😂
  2. Urm, your wallet might not thank me.....🙄😂 I'd swap the drive shafts too, mainly as you loose the dogbones if you pop a turnbuckle! These have served me well for years, but remove the grub screw, and loctite it, they tend to work loose, but apart from that, can't fault them. https://www.rcmart.com/yeah-racing-g45-universal-steel-swing-shaft-for-tamiya-df03-tt02b-df03-015v2-00026617 Although ,just replaced them with the hardened version, only because the dogbone part had worn - https://www.rcmart.com/yeah-racing-spring-steel-shaft-for-tamiya-df03-wild-dagger-twin-detonator-double-blaze-top-force-hotshot-df03-015sp-00085116 Also, adjustable turnbuckles, a bit more meat on them, and of course, adjustable (Although you'll need a camber gauge, but cheap enough off eBay). https://www.rcmart.com/tamiya-df03-hard-turnbuckle-shaft-set-53940-00021789 Maybe cooling bars - https://www.rcmart.com/tamiya-df-03-heat-sink-bar-set-53924-00019473 And a set of bearings for the steering bell cranks https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/264709058682 There's things like, alloy steering arms, alloy or carbon shock towers, alloy wishbones, but I'd only do them as and when you break stuff (or get them on offer...) Depending on the servo, a solid servo horn helps reduce the slack of the Tamiya servo saver, but only if you've a strong, metal geared servo. Should be enough to keep you going for a while.....🙄
  3. Is that a Lego pneumatic 8851? My first introduction into pneumatics! 😁 Before you start to upgrade to a more power motor, you need to upgrade the rear ball diff (plus add a slipper clutch, if funds permit), the 2 piece plastic rear outdrives just aren't up to it. But strangely, the fronts are, so - Looking like RCmart have a sale on (wish I hadn't seen that....😬🤦‍♂️, I didn't get hit with import duty to the UK last time) Slipper clutch - https://www.rcmart.com/tamiya-df-03-slipper-clutch-set-53925-00019794 Fit another pair of 1 piece steel, front outdrives in the rear, - (#9808059 ), direct replacement. https://www.rcmart.com/tamiya-df03-dark-impact-front-differential-joint-l-and-r-1pr-black-19808059-00073106 Tungsten carbide diff balls (I used Schumacher U7281) , I'd suggest replacing the fronts too. https://www.racing-cars.com/spares/1-10th-4wd-buggy/cat-xls-masami/tungsten-carbide-balls-3mm-pk12-u7281 Schumacher diff lube - U1301 https://www.racing-cars.com/gt12/atom-2/silicone-diff-lube-pot-u1301 If the plates have been glued, you may need diff plates too (Don't need to glue on the steel outdrives) Tamiya 50880 TA04 plates https://www.rcmart.com/tamiya-ta04-ball-differential-plate-set-50880-00014383 Looking at the price of diff springs, may aswell, while it's in bits.... https://www.rcmart.com/tamiya-diff-spring-sv-49299-00029185 The brushless, budget, Skyrc leopard V2 60A ESC fits nice, and a 9t motor works ok. But I'd be tempted to gear it down a bit (smaller pinion, 05 mod pinions on offer at rcmart too.....🙄)
  4. I've one of these (look to have gone up in price though...), keep an eye out for one on offer. Work as good as a compressor imo. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/201699577302
  5. Another for Ballistic Greens for the rear (short grass/astro). Silver Darts work ok too. Cut stagger (2wd) seem to work on anything!?! Blutack in open reciever / Esc ports GT85 helps stop mud etc sticking to things, Use a dry lubricant on externals (driveshafts etc) as it doesn't gather mud as.much a grease. If you're planning on doung it alot, you can get ,computer blower cleaners, that make a great job of blasting grass/mud off after a run.
  6. Good choice, I've a few of the 10bl120 esc's, and they've been faultless. 2s/3s , Run any motor Sensored or Sensorless, down to 3.5t (4.5t off-road), programmable and fairly cheap, apart from better boost and turbo control, I'm not sure what else you'd ever need in an esc!
  7. Pretty much my experience. I ran an Ultima in 2wd and a Mid Custom in 4wd, as did a few others. New guys where the guys that appeared with Tamiyas ,although we ran a , Fun race , where we'd run lunchbox's and MB's etc, so everyone got track time. When someone turned up with a Pro Cat, it was normally coupled with aluminum cases ,full of matched cells and modified motor selection, we all knew then, we where battling for 2nd....🙄😂
  8. A Teacake , AND decaf Tea !?! You're going to upset some Yorkshire folk....
  9. Yeah, the years not really gone as planned, but have any of us had a year that went completely to plan, RC wise ? 🤷‍♂️ So far this year- OB2 build - sent the body to Kamtec for some, re- modelling, but world events kind of slowed progress for them. Dark Impact - only had a chance to do 2 speed runs this year, bad weather issues and spares , new set up taking a bit to get a handle of (and a loose slipper causing excess heat, melting the spur, and no spares available..) Not using the willys body, going to get another impact body, remove the body posts, and use Velcro around the chassis instead. Fitted more cooling fans, now runs 3, with one above the motor. Schumacher Fusion - managed to get that fully freshened up, new diffs, belt and cleaned etc, Got the TA body painted, but can't find a new failsafe, so not run as such yet. Vac former - moved the bits into one place..... Other projects, Lunchbox, zero further forward Bullhead - it's all there, in its own box now! Boomerang 4s brushless - bought a new castle motor, could do with another 4s+ esc, but holding out for another Mamba max pro, as they're 6s, and a handy size (but can just pull one out the dark impact) SORC - Well yeah, that didn't happen this year. Bonus - With some of the Glasgow RC members having a bit more spare time, channelled it into contacting dozens and dozens of potential club venues, finding a perfect venue ,and now have somewhere to call their own!! So ,not as much running as I'd have liked, but plenty to look forward to next year.
  10. Never seen this in all my days, actually impressed!! Just the same wheel, same side?
  11. I used to run single winds in 2wd, and double and triple winds for 4wd, as I believe they had more torque, so wouldn't drop as much rpm.
  12. I've started listing everything as free postage/ shipping and add a bit to the start price, for cars ,around £15. The global shipping on eBay seems to work well, but confused me at first, as a uk seller, you get an address in Litchfield to send it to, who then redirect it, and sort out the duties etc etc. Me being me, thought it was 2 people in the same work place ,and messaged them both, saying I could combine the postage!! The guy in France, and the guy in California seemed a bit confused......🤦‍♂️ I did get messages from buyers in other countries, saying my postage costs where expensive, which seemed odd, as I considered , free , as quite cheap! But eBay add their extra postage costs, and they get displayed in the buyers country, which we obviously, have no control over. I've used a few different couriers over the years, but now only use the post office (parcels4u had an offer on), Myhermes have been actually fine for me, although one car I sold, is still in the system as, out for delivery.... Some people don't like Myhermes, guess there's peoole had bad experiences, and as above, there's zero customer services to speak to.
  13. https://www.tamiya.com/english/rc/manuals.htm
  14. Didn't take that much modding tbh,
  15. Metric - dome head, counter sunk etc, I'll get packs of 20 off eBay, usually 30mm long and cut to size. Good question about others, they just , appear at the bottom of tool boxes !?! 😂🤷‍♂️
  16. Not as bad as I'd have thought! 🤔 I had an RB5 laying about, so i nailed that gearbox to it! (And shocks/drive shafts)
  17. My mates lad is 9, he's been racing for years, beating me for 2 years (and now annoyingly ,giving me advice on lines and set up......😳). He's driving a B64 with a 6t (in 4wd) and currently one of the top drivers in Scotland. Like they say, age is just a number, it's experience more than anything. Red/blue car
  18. Sounds like just the job, for a back garden track, or even a small club setting out. A new mylaps system will only work with the new mylaps transponders too, and they're £100 a pop! Looking at the prices of the old system, that would allow the use of MRT transponders (less than half the price), they are more than the new version!! I know we've said this before, but Facebook is watching 👀 This just popped up ........ https://www.nemoracing.com/collections/lap-monitor?fbclid=IwAR2egCrTylWMk3n4VgNeEGfcrHv7pL86xfroMXWJzZUEWZOqabBq_S1WsHk
  19. Looks a neat set up @mud4fun! Thanks for the review. So, the transponders are effectively little infrared TV remotes, one trying to turn to BBC all the time, one to ITV etc, and when the detector (TV) sees the signal, it logs it?
  20. Private land obviously, not been taxed since 2007! 👀😂
  21. So I'm guessing, the parts will cross over to Maplins 'Killer' too! (Part of the now dubed, clone wars, that went on in the 80's) https://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=58781
  22. You're going to end up like me (well, most of us...🙄🤷‍♂️) , getting a body for one project, then ending up buying another chassis to fit that body as it doesn't fit, and getting 2 projects!! Don't worry, once you hit double figures in projects, something you've got, fits 😜😂
  23. I'd say '88 was the peak, and the Avante. Mainly , as Tamiya had been pretty much, hitting the nail on the head every year , with at least one car , maybe two, great ,now iconic cars. I'm not sure if they rolled the dice, and let everything ride on the success of the Avante , which at too much cost for Santa to stomach on a whim, and far superior and established race winning cars in the same price bracket, it was one of the last. (well, apart from on-road , but they're not on my radar...)
  24. Probably better not to mention , tamico do an, offer of the week, then? ......🤦‍♂️ (Updates on midnight (11pm for us) Sunday) https://tamico.de/
  25. If you're thinking of hop ups, it might be worth pricing them up the now and get it as one shipping fee, as I think postage is still £13 on single items! (Well, I priced up a steering bridge for the DF03, and that was £13 delivery.....)
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