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  1. Yeah bit odd! But I'm kinda getting a bit bored with all the videos and clips of the td4 in its different paint schemes and showing how the chassis works and battery compartment works etc etc etc etc.............TAMIYA just realise the **** thing!!!!
  2. Unfortunately your right! Can't speak for the rest of the world but here in the UK we've just had the prime example of supply and demand! Our lovely media (I'm being ironic by the way) make a none story about shortage of fuel tankers drivers knowing farewell the moronic people amongst us will flee to the nearest fuel station to fill up when 75% of people will just return to the driveway and the car will sit there......it was madness! Thus petrol stations (not so much supermarket stations) hiked up the price! My local station overnight went from £1.31 per litre to £1.49 when I asked the guy who was Marshalling the queues that's now stupid it got he said with the biggest grin on his face "supply and demand"!! I'm definitely not being political but welcome to the nasty side of capitalism!
  3. Its actually copper backed with black
  4. Translucent red PS37 backed with bright metallic gun metal PS63 then white PS1 obviously just make sure each colour is evenly covering the body you don't want any of the individual colours showing through!
  5. TBH the SRB dampers don't really do much apart from give it a bit of authenticity I don't bother putting any oil in them the weight of the sand scorcher is what gives it its damping effect after all it is a 40 year old design! Which is why we all love Its quirky driving style if it didn't bounce all around and constantly have the desire to flip over it wouldn't be any fun!
  6. These are two different Optimas the first one I built (the one sitting on the box) way back when it was originally re released but stupidly I sold it and instantly regretted it although I did buy a second hand avante with the money I got for it! but I then I got a fantastic deal on the second one and decided to do a homage to my first one because I just loved the colour combination!
  7. I must admit I've noticed what these people are putting up on Ebay for sale at ridiculous prices but are they actually selling for those prices? You see them up for sale for weeks/months even some kits for sale in the UK are rather optimistic (at best)
  8. Like all the above have said the gearbox is the orv chassis Achilles heel but the chassis itself is practically bullet proof the monster beetle in the photo has the mip diff and because of that it certainly doesn't look like it does in the photo anymore! But it's quite expensive but I've ran 3s brushless in it and it took all the power that was available to it ( but the body was a different story it was practically destroyed) the mud blaster I got from a car boot sale years ago for £20 and re-built it!
  9. They look like the universal joints from the hg-p407 (bruiser clone) and as we know tamiya outsource a lot of the metal parts? Maybe these parts are made by the same manufacturer but different specifications and could be a mix up (stranger things have happened)
  10. In my opinion which ever you get your not going to be disappointed (super avante hopefully all of us won't be disappointed) what you have to remember is the sand scorcher is a design from the 1970's and tamiya designed in for driving pleasure and to look good! racing didn't really come into it! Just look at the original promotional videos but you can make it handle better than it does from stock by using the ball diff and coil over shocks and different chassis etc etc? personally I just love it completely stock warts and all not good at the handling department but thats what makes it fun in my eyes👍 With the avante who knows what tamiya were thinking? Beautiful looking piece of engineering even by today's standards but the Achilles heel for the avante back in the day was the design was brilliant but the materials it was made out of wasn't as advanced as the actual buggy so it was brittle and heavy but again if you are not going to race it within an inch of its life the re-release avante should be totally fine (if you can get a hold of one) super avante we will all have to see how that turns out?
  11. Ooh you got some patience! But definitely worth it when its built👍
  12. Yeah good idea it just looks so right in the blue although I did one in gun metal and it looked as good as the blue with the gold shocks etc but whatever colour you go for it's an avante so it will look cool eather way!
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