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  1. Period servos for my period build (well almost vintage) postie delivered today and what makes it more of a result is they actually got delivered after a succession of Hermes deliveries that have either just not turned up or have been left outside on the doorstep in the pouring rain!
  2. 25! I'd have paid that just for the wheels/tyres well done you!
  3. The boomerang has made more returns than any tamiya rc.......it is literally the boomerang of tamiya rc cars! It's still a good one though!
  4. They are obviously the same shocks as on the Optima and strangely my shocks on my Optima always leak and I've taken them apart on more than one occasion thinking it was the way i built them but my turbo optima not a drip or smear of oil anywhere!
  5. That did cross my mind with full tinted glass including the rear which makes a change and then again the decals don't exactly dominate the body and they have a very good sparkle to them!
  6. Well almost done just got to wait for the servos to arrive I've gone for period (well roughly) servos and I've ran out of time for this weekend at least what's struck me is I've been building re-releases for the last 10 years or so which includes the normal blitzer beetle re-re but this one has just different plastic I'm sure? And the way the instructions are laid out jumping from one bag to another you just forget that's what you did before the re-release generation (so to speak) also I had trouble with the e-clips every single one snapped when I was trying to clip them on the shock shafts put new ones on they clipped on straight away!
  7. I though when I did it the blue & yellow would clash with the black & silver but it never it turned out really good
  8. I've just tried to look for it I did see it for £75 (if that's the one) I think it probably was a blitzer beetle body the only difference with the mb and blitzer is the nose cone and the front mounting hole and unless it was chromed as an aftermarket the mb never had a chrome version! My blitzer chrome is 95% complete and you can really notice the difference between the old pre re-re beetle the plastics are so much less forgiving and the body is a lot heavier (noticeably) could be down to it is heavily chromed and how nice is it to install a manual speed controller!.......a real proper old school build loving it
  9. Yeah I think it's one of those tamiya rc's that just looks good box art I've seen some good colour combos but as of yet box art always wins I did black/silver which looked pretty good!
  10. If that's what rc car your conscience always goes back to then that's the one to get! Yes the top force and the likes are better all rounders but like you say if you don't race it and just a fun runner then even better the steering was a very novel idea back in the day but probably didn't stand up to racing (I maybe wrong because I never raced it I had a boomerang) but the bottom line is all the re-releases are of a older design so are not perfect as you probably already know but you won't be disappointed with bigwig
  11. Something simple but Important for my topforce evo to finish it off (a shiny new bumper) the old one that's on it at the moment looks like whoever used to race it back in the day used the bumper as a brake it's all very soft and out of shape
  12. I feel your pain mate I've (just last Sunday) did the same with my topforce evo mug! But on the bright side I ordered a new one (mind you its Thursday and he still hasn't dispatch it!
  13. Yeah your right and I don't need to put any effort into getting the right paint job on the body!
  14. Thanks guys for the positive feedback/comments I think that's a overwhelming build and display which I probably will do and I suppose when you think about it and a few of you guys have said why leave it in the box in bits just build it and show it and I can't remember the last time I built a rc buggy with a manual speed controller and resistor and two servos
  15. I think you kinda hit the nail on the head with my dilemma (obviously light hearted dilemma more important things going on in the world) I've kept it because I bought it from a local hobby shop that's long gone years ago and I wanted the blitzer beetle but the shop owner ( so I heard now sadly no longer with us) pulled this one out and said how about this one at no extra cost! I had a old lunchbox it was going to replace but instead I give the lunchbox a overhaul with the radio gear for the blitzer and a new body etc!
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