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  1. I'm really not sure about the vajra its probably the most parts bin rc tamiya do (bit lazy in its design) sorry to the guys that are a fan of it! But if I ever see one at the right price I'd go for it!
  2. They are from Hong kong a few years ago off Ebay I don't know if they are still available but I took a gamble on them because you really don't know if they are going to be as good as the pictures but I can tell you they really are better and they considering the distance travelled arrived pretty quick I also bought a set of chrome sand scorcher alloys equally as good then I got MCI racing avante decals in gold (the boxes had rc channel wrote on them)
  3. Mmmm yeah I never thought about that........ah but these are re-releases so if or until the vanquish make a return my collection is complete! I very nearly bought a vanquish the other week but I'd just got the avante black so I couldn't justify it (unfortunately)
  4. Finished off the avante black special today very pleased with it now I have the black I'm going to convert the 2011 avante back to the standard diff gears just to compare the performance side by side!
  5. I bought a wild willy 2 as a XB because it was on special offer at the time and it was very cheap I then began (over a period of time) changing it and OMG the build quality was amazing or ridiculous because I was fighting with every screw or glued part to get it off even the wheels had their own fight with me It was obvious the way tamiya intend things to be built
  6. Almost finished just the decals and driver figure! What I'm a tiny tiny bit miffed about is the first avante BS came with bonus parts and esc this one came with nothing and it cost more! Still an absolute stunning car though!
  7. Yeah your bang on right! When they went shiny side down it was total carnage because they were actually built from real pick up trucks! You look at the modern day monster truck it's just a space frame with a stupidly fast engine and a plastic body and all the bodies that are based on dogs with floppy ears and one that looks like superman.......what's that all about? Bazaar!!!
  8. Every body is entitled to an opinion! And I must admit I'm not a total fan of the clod even back in it's original days! Don't get me wrong it's a stunning looking truck true to the 80s monster trucks but it kinda let's it self down a bit when it bounces around but looks the part In slow motion it's a bit like the bruiser chassis of trucks they look amazing but performance is a bit dodgy when its rattling around the garden! But I could sit and look at them all day long because they just look amazing
  9. I think that's an option part from a different manufacturer! When tamiya produce a after market (hop-up) its generally complete and ready to install sometimes you have to remove a standard part for the hop-up to replace and it would definitely be in the back of the then tamiya rc guide option parts section!
  10. I used etronix 8.2kg/0.11s low profile metal gears, I'm very pleased with it super fast and only £18!
  11. Retro! I love those old magazines because it's a snapshot of that month of that year "brilliant".......right I'm off now to order from modelsport! According to that advert they have a Porsche 959 for £137 absolute bargain!
  12. Ordered on Wednesday and at my door from Germany on Friday morning! And built by Sunday night👍 this has to be the fastest bought and build I've ever done and I didn't even intend to build it I just opened the box and thought I'll put the tyres on the rims it's just such a nice kit I just got carried away!
  13. I just love the different willys and long may tamiya diversify him!
  14. Me too! My first ever order from tamico! they seem to have items which I thought had long been discontinued?? Been working 6 days a week 14hrs for the last 3 months and I was supposed to be on holiday in Spain next week (but obviously that ain't happening) so to compensate and treat myself I bought this and yes it will be built! Might even start it tomorrow!
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