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  1. Yeah a good used one with a good condition can and decal is anything from £30-70 mind you I paid £90 for a boxed one years ago and I thought that was a lot but it had the original price sticker on it £29.99 from Beattie's
  2. I'm definitely not an aficionado on mobile phones I just always think its something I'm doing wrong (then that way I get to keep what sanity I have left)
  3. I have the same problem with my Samsung phone and tablet? But not always sometimes it's fine?
  4. I've just got the re-release turbo optima never had the Optima mid (come on kyosho do us a massive favour 👍) but have raced plenty of mid mounted buggies from other manufacturers over the years including my very first 4wd buggy the boomerang and I'm only guessing that if everything is nearest to centre of gravity is going to be better balanced? Even on the budget side of the rc spectrum if the buggy has got lower end price parts on it if its balanced right that's probably the biggest gain you could put on it?
  5. Like T3garett I've got both and my topcat has the brushless set up and the upgrade transmission runs on 2s lipo and is just superb! My cat xls is as it would have been back in the day brushed no upgrade transmission and runs on Nimh's and is again superb!, which one is the best I'm thinking to be honest the topcat not because of the brushless system etc but simply because it performs as well as the xls but is far easier to build (still definitely not a beginner's kit) and its cheaper! But which ever one you choose once built you'll definitely not be disappointed!👍
  6. Yeah my one has very deep sentimental value for me as It was built while I had down time while looking after my mum (God rest her soul) when she had alzheimer's so it was a good distraction (including the hospital visit) I have a 10turn brushed in it and the transmission is more than capable! Buy the way that javelin is absolutely outstanding! Easily the best I've ever seen👍
  7. It drives brilliant I haven't got the upgrade transmission! I wanted it to just be true to the original! I have nothing against the upgrade it's just not for me? I did have reservations about how the front toes in badly when the shocks are depressed but it doesn't seem to affect it at all other than that it's a really capable buggy (it probably is fantastic with the upgrade transmission) just be very careful when you build the drive shafts it tells you to put them in hot water to soften them but I still managed to snap two of them and over 4hrs down A&E because I put the screwdriver through my hand (5 stitches)
  8. Just done something that has been curious to me for ages! When I built my cat xls what disappointed me was the front anti-roll bar in the fact that its soldered on? Only because my soldering skills is rubbish at best (if your good with a soldering iron then this is something you probably won't be to bother about?) Anyway I was correct in my thoughts as the few times I've taken the xls for a run around the rollbar has indeed came apart on a few occasions so I thought the hotshot ball joints from its rollbar could work perfectly on the cats? And I was right!
  9. That's ok just when ya finished it!
  10. My best looking Ford ranger Porsche 959 Turbo optima Sand scorcher But number one by a long shot so long you can't see the end of the shot has to be The avante (including the black special)
  11. Yeah I remember looking at a photo of a designer hand painting the box art for one of the tamiya rc models (I think it was the Porsche 959?) Can you imagine the time and skills that takes? I wonder what the process was to convert that into a mass production box back in the day?
  12. Any chance of a photo of it complete with body on? I want to see what the finished buggy is like with vqs shocks on because I'm thinking of putting them on my terra scorcher!
  13. I always think when I'm building my rc kits is how much design and engineering has gone into every single part including molding sprues! Like the parts in the sprues that have to snap off completely clean and the parts that you need to cut off the excess all deliberately designed to do that! Someone has sat and designed that process? That's what I find fascinating? This type of design/engineering which is normally ignored does a big job in making the models we make more enjoyable without us really giving it a second thought!
  14. Its good to read about this sort of thing👍 I have no knowledge of anything about different molds (only the annoying stuff that materialises on your bread after you've eaten half of it and not realised) but it's very interesting that they can indeed be fixed and used again! It dispels the myth that certain mold got used for different things!
  15. I hold my hand up! I have had a moan about the price of the vqs simply because I can't justify paying that much money for a predominantly plastic kit and I'm at the point with my collection that I need to justify what I buy! and I agree with the comments that tamiya need to earn a profit and I really want to see tamiya prosper and make money so it can still be able to do what they are doing bringing fantastic models to the enthusiast like all of us on this site, It is a fantastic buggy I was just disappointed it wasn't a bit cheaper or it had some good special parts in it like a special motor etc?
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