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  1. Oh I did similar to that a few years ago I used them adhesive wall mounts which when you are finished or changing around etc you just pull the little tab and they fall off with no Mark's and damage they work very well indeed but what I found with the boxes which I was very surprised with was although they weren't near any light the boxes still got bleached so just be careful mate and do keep an eye on them!
  2. I've been redecorating the man cave over the last few weeks inbetween work and work and the odd occasional sleeping! (Not a big man cave by no means compared to some of the stunning caves I've seen on here but nevertheless it keeps my cars save and away from eyes that question things......if you know what I mean) anyway I've seen these knocking around on the social media sites for a while and thought I'd give them a go the avante original poster wasn't particularly cheap but in the cave looks a million dollars and the mid pack poster is brilliant quality and again looks really cool in the back drop of my kyosho's I used frameless frames that only cost a few £ and I think makes them look effective because of the small space they are going to be put in
  3. Later the better for me! If it's a December release I'm thinking xmas present thus saving me money
  4. If its affordable for you definitely get yourself one they are superb I don't bother with all the hop-ups and just put a brushed motor into it for what I use it for the standard kit is perfect my topcat and xls are also completely standard so it doesn't have to be ran with expensive additions and it still is a brilliant performer!
  5. Well I've mentioned what happened to me on my first schumacher classic build which was my cat xls before on the forum it ended with me going down to A&E because I put a flat head screw driver through my hand putting the e clips on bottom of the shocks (xray, 4 stitches and a tetanus jab) its definitely not a build like a tamiya you have a lot of fettling with parts that don't quite fit as they should and a instruction manual that is a bit hopeful and made to look straight forward in parts that clearly are anything but straight forward for example on the xls when you marry up the front gearbox with the chassis its probably advisable to get a few extra hands to make sure everything is lined up properly because the amount of hands the human body has is nowhere near enough Its sounds like I have a complete downer on the schumacher classic kits but I can assure you that couldn't be as far from the truth and because I have experience form the xls and topcat the cougar classic was very enjoyable build and I noted my mistakes on the other two and the not so clear instructions with the likes of the e clips on the bottom of the shocks its doesn't make it clear that you pinch the clips closed and they slide in perfectly and just build the drive shafts slowly because if you are not gentle with them they will just snap (they recommend putting the drive shaft plastic parts in hot water first to soften them up!.......don't bother it just causes other problems like lack of grip) but when they are built and running they are absolutely superb and you quickly forget about what problems you had and they are my favourite rc buggies
  6. I bought one and I've just taken it out for its maiden voyage although I did build it a few weeks ago but been so busy just got around to give it a go and it's absolutely superb I didn't do to bad eather with setting it up on the bench as I was building it all that I have is a very slight click in the gearbox if I accelerate quickly which is obviously the belt just a bit to slack and because I've built a classic schumacher before I was well equipped with its quirky build process (I'm being polite with the quirky build reference keeping it clean for the forum)
  7. They are absolutely beautiful but are very expensive! Suppose you pay for quality I'd have to put them in a rear mounted gearbox so you could see it in all its splendour I've got a le mans brushed motor in my Optima mid but you can't hardly see it
  8. Is it going to be stock or something different?
  9. Its actually still in bits! I took it apart to respray it and got side tracked with another build and for the life of me I can't remember which one? I'm guessing my stupidly expensive super hotshot which I bought second hand and it looked fantastic in the photos but not in the flesh I could have bought a unbuilt one with radio gear and battery for the price I paid for that to return to mint!
  10. You'll be fine with lipos around the younger guys just treat the batteries with respect and they can take a bit of punishment they aren't nowhere near as dangerous as you would expect and I have this lipo in my monster beetle and it fits perfectly! Although it did do this to it on its maiden voyage
  11. I think that's about as far as you can go in the faster motor department when it comes to the monster beetle without upgrading the gearbox! Maybe get away with lipo battery?
  12. I'm always aware of the unpredictability of lipo batteries but I don't necessarily worry about leaving them in my buggies I use shorties (actually only have two) and I always make sure they are connected to nothing and no leads are in them they are just a battery with nothing attached just a battery on it's own and I've done that for years but to be honest for what I actually use them for NiMH's are probably just as good for me so it wouldn't really matter if I never had any lipos! I only got the shorties because my cat xls has more space in it and the shorties fit a lot better than a 5000mah NiMh!
  13. The only overdrive I know about is the type you got in 1/1 cars? Way back in the 70's my dad had a triumph dolomite sprint which had a 4 speed gearbox and a overdrive button on the top of the gearstick (very much like James bond Aston Martin db5 with the ejector seat button) it was just so cool and in British racing green basically it was a fifth gear that you didn't have to use the clutch! Incidentally the triumph dolomite was the first car to use a 16 valve engine which decades later became the normal thing in manufacturing of engines (just a bit of useless trivia)
  14. I've done a bit of both I used my first one then sold it and the moment I handed it over to the post office to be delivered to its next custodian I regretted selling it (I did get quite a good price for it but money isn't everything sometimes) so I bought another one and that's stayed on display!, I've never had to buy any parts other than a set of cam locks and that was no problem so I can't really comment on that bit? IMO the topforce evo is much better handling and overall better bashing machine it was way ahead of it's time when it was originally released but like I say that's just my personal opinion but the avante in original and black is all over the most stunning looking rc tamiya have ever produced!
  15. I think what I love about tamiya is basically everything! From static models (which I don't know anything about but admire a lot) to my passion which is the rc part of tamiya and the vast amount of trucks, cars, buggies that tamiya has produced and sometimes the bazaar that make's you think "really tamiya"......just brilliant! And if it wasn't for tamiya the hobby most definitely wouldn't be as diverse as it is now? I started back in the late 70's early 80s drooling over the Tyrell six wheeler and then the sand rover/holiday buggy came along and I was just blown away because it just looked like a model and I remember thinking "that's actually radio controlled" so you can imagine what I thought when the SRB'S arrived which the ranger was my first real rc car and that truck was used to an inch of its life. It's the white boxes with fantastic painted vehicles and the rc guides and rc tamiya book (rc museum's) the posters with the pictures like the boxes on one side and vehicles in motion on the other side! The tamiya rc videos back in the days of Beattie's (uk) so what I'm trying to say is its everything that I've had all my life to the present day has had tamiya involved in it practically on a weekly basis and now we have the re-releases which feeds into my nostalgia which is a whole new chapter! And long may it continue
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