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  1. I'm with you on that combo set even in its box you just know its going to be a gorgeous piece of kit! Can I ask did you get it in the UK as I've only seen them advertised from Japan? And you know the rules! We have to see the finished buggy!
  2. I have always had this problem with the Toyota hilux/ bruiser etc chassis vehicle's they all look amazing from stock build and in the old tamiya videos when they are bouncing down the sand dunes in slow motion and they go to another level when the scale guys get there hands on them...........until you see them move!, my first bruiser I was bursting with excitement on its arrival and building the beast! I took ages to complete it so it would look as amazing as i could get it then the big day arrived its first fully built run and that's when it all kinda unfolded as it bounced around the garden like something off the magic roundabout (for those who remember that?) So it was a case of absolutely stunning looking truck but let's just put it on the shelf and look at it from now on and when people ask to look at it just show them on the display stand how it can change gear and go from 2wd-4wd!
  3. Postie dropped these two off yesterday! The GT tuned motor is a used but in really good condition and my idea was to put it in my egress after I put bearings in it! I watched someone test one with and without and you can really see the difference so I thought "I'm going to give that a go!" The MCI decals I'm not so sure don't really know if the colour combo is to my liking the jury's out on them?
  4. You have some good valid points! Society in the UK over the last few years is definitely getting more aggressive/angry! maybe it's a nation of down trodden fed up low paid workers? Or more people are just morally bankrupt? I'm lucky enough to have had the same job for the past 30+ years which takes me driving all over the country and occasionally abroad the one thing I have definitely noticed (on a driving perspective) is when an altercation occurs some one get cut up or pull out on someone else etc etc when I'm abroad Europe/USA newyork it's just a quick hoot of the horn end of but you come to the UK is a complete different ball game I've seen stupid chases and unbelievable completely out of proportion road rage people just want to make more of the situation! Two days ago I was behind a driver who was weaving across the white lines all over the road when we stopped at the traffic lights I looked at him thinking he's probably on his phone but know he wasn't........he was on his laptop with the screen up against the steering wheel on seeing me look at him ( just looking) he jumped out of his car at the traffic lights and started having a complete fit because I dared look at him this is British society unfortunately and sadly I'm seeing more and more often!
  5. All my life as a child of about 10 to this present day I've always had rc in my life 95% tamiya even when I had to join the human race (real job, mortgage, family life) rc has always been their in the background, at times its my escapism like the guys above the hobby has been my saviour on some incredibly bad times but now my life is as stable as it's ever been children not children anymore and have flown the nest I'm in the twilight of my working years thinking of my pensionable years ahead with my wife, my rc will be in that mix somewhere somehow but at the moment I don't tend to do much building but the hobby still brings a smile to my face when I'm at work thinking about what rc can I tinker with at the weekend!
  6. Yeah I only use royal mail I use my local post office in my local shop (use them or lose them) the guy who runs it is the most friendly guy you could ever meet!
  7. I'm exactly the same I've seen some good stuff on Ebay but I'm turned straight off when it has delivered by Hermes tracked as though its something to be proud of I've had people (thank God for honesty) from different streets knock on the door with packets delivered by Hermes chucked over their gate right number wrong street and not forgetting my destroyed rough rider which I was the most angry I've ever been in my life (and I'm being very civilised with my language) the thing is I just like my local postie he knows his area the mother-in-law live not to near buy if I'm not in he'll deliver my packages to her to save me going down the depo to pick it up also wrongly addressed items he just knows his stuff and he's just a young lad aswell👍always gets a good tip off me at xmas!
  8. Just read a very interesting article in the herald Scotland about Hermes parcel delivery depo which explains why my very rare original boxed unbuilt rough rider arrived delivered by Hermes with what looked like a spear or javelin had went right through it this is a photo which says it all really!
  9. Well I've got a slightly different view! I love a good magazine to read I've had a subscription to radio control car racer for years and it's a lot cheaper to subscribe I think I pay about £25 (ish) a year delivered through the door! But then I do love to read actual books yes I have a tablet and yes it's more up to date but in my opinion for what it's worth there's nothing better getting that magazine through the post box generally it's on a Saturday morning (don't know wether it's posted to arrive on that day but it generally does!) So I have a few hours or so reading it with my lunch cup of tea etc in the summer in my back garden in winter in my sitting room smell of the print opening the envelope seeing the cover for the first time yes like you I'm not to interested in race reports but I do lightly go over them the kit reviews are good I'm not that bothered about being instantly up to date with the latest kits and stuff because I don't race it's just a spare time light hearted hobby so it's good to read different kit reviews on models which generally I wouldn't set eyes on! I bought my turbo optima because of the review in the magazine my favourite column in rccr magazine is the vintage column!, I honestly believe it will be a sad day if we see the demise of print and have to rely on the internet alone because the likes of hobby magazines are not there to manipulate just to make the hobby (whatever that hobby maybe) more enjoyable but we all know how manipulative the internet can be!
  10. These alloy parts that normally come from Hong Kong/ Japan when you look at them in pictures you can't get a good idea how well they are made until you see them in the flesh I bought gold alloy wheels for my avante and I thought probably just look like gold sprayed plastic ones but when I got them they just feel like you say small pieces of art or engineering the photos just don't do them justice
  11. Trust me I'd love to be called "newbie" I'm classed as old now because I've moved to the bracket next to retired when I fill out forms that ask me my average age!
  12. The cr-01 I kept on building wrong and having to take it apart time and time again it's one of those kits you have to read then read again the build manual!
  13. May look simple but the forum is right the xls is an absolute pain to build and personally a big pain for me as I ended up in A&E after my build (well ended with the shocks) putting a screwdriver through my hand trying to put the retaining clip on the bottom of the first shock I was build.......tetanus jab aswell!
  14. I had exactly the same on my avante I have now I think you may have cut the tiny (and I mean tiny) little bump on the back of the cam lock which makes it fit tight but if I remember I gently pinched the gap that the cam loc fits into together just enough to make it feel tight when you press it down after locking it!
  15. All day long the Tamiya sport tuned is the ideal motor for a scorcher
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