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  1. To be honest it's a million miles better than the PS59 it just looks absolutely stunning especially in the sunlight👍 I got the body from a friend who new a guy who new another guy who lived in Japan etc etc I handed the money over via PayPal and took it with a pinch of salt I would receive it then about 2 month later a knock at the door and postie handed me a very light box with said body perfectly wrapped up with decals aswel
  2. When it comes to tamiya I always live in hope! A few years ago a small tshirt company was using the blackfoot in their livery to sell their tshirts etc and the rumours around that was tamiya were going to produce a limited number of said trucks? But that never materialised
  3. Well that was a bit of a damp squib🙄 but we may get another run of wild ones for those who missed out the first time? Never had one myself but they do look good!
  4. Yeah I can live without turnbuckle colour differences but for the price of it should come with the better diffs! I've still got my order simply because I want it next to my stupidly expensive probably could have bought the first 100 tamiya rc for the cost of my rebuilt original topforce evolution!.......I think it will look quite cool🙄
  5. Like I say I don't like to continue a rumour until I actually see it for myself but I've heard it from a few people! but I suppose its wait and see?
  6. I've heard some quite reliable rumours about an all new rc buggy? Something to do with the wild one or it has wild one in its title! Normally I take release rumours with a pinch of salt🙄 until I actually see the item but I'm going against my instinct here🤔 apparently its going to be announced tomorrow?. Could be a up to date wild one or some sort of monster truck or nothing and a wast of your time reading this thread.....if it's the latter please accept my apologies😕
  7. I've used MCI for a while now and have had absolutely no problem with them at all! although I only use them for decal changes (colours etc) not the standard reprints the one small problem I did have once was I did an order with a few decal sheets including a "technigold" motor decal but it wasn't in my order when it arrived but to be honest the genuine one I had on the motor cleaned up really well anyway so I probably wouldn't have used it!
  8. Yeah I must admit I was hoping for a avante/egress style packing and a clear body I would probably still paint it box art but I just wanted to paint it!, mind you the box art itself looks brilliant! Looking forward to it hitting the UK shops👍
  9. This radio really looks the part I almost bought one last summer but I had not long got my spektrum but had I seen this first this would have been my first choice!......enjoy!
  10. Finished my hybrid avante some original parts some re-release parts got the cam-locks of Ebay they are made with 30 years of being nuts! Very well made👍
  11. Highly unlikely at the moment that any stocks are getting replenished! All these hobby/model shops are probably suffering because if they aren't getting stock they ain't selling? Apparently my local shop is having difficulty and I've heard from more than one trader that of different companies that it's the lack of empty containers which is the big problem at the moment!
  12. I had that with a sand scorcher I was building and it took me an age to mask the body for spraying and did it the red and yellow livery and I was so proud of it!..........As I was looking proudly at my creation the wife walked passed (normally doesn't say a word about my builds) just casually said "that's looks like noddy's car" and that stuck in my mind every day I looked at it😕
  13. That is very unusual for tamiya! If I was you I'd go and get a lottery ticket I would say they are unusable really?
  14. Excellent patience pays off👍
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