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  1. I do think tamiya of late don't flood the market with re-released rc's especially the high end price models avante, egress etc just a hunch because they often disappear the avante is starting to get thin on the ground again (unless you want the black special it's re-advertised for sept/Nov release) buggy champ was the same as was the top force!
  2. They are really good value for money I think I paid about the same for my own and the paint works on it is really good
  3. Good as new technology! But I still like good old brushed and easy use of HiMH batteries (and receiving my rc magazine through the post) that's what the hobby is to me brushless and (if it does trickle down) this technology as brilliant as it looks kinda limits wrenching time which is a good 70% of what I do! I'm afraid it would make everything a bit boring (as a hobby)
  4. For me it has to be the Ford ranger👍 for two reasons firstly it just looks so good imo! and 70s style at its best and secondly it was my first tamiya and my mum (God rest her soul🙏) saved every penny of spare money to get me that truck for Christmas!
  5. Probably going to be an option house extra! Cool I always like the look of the ultima 👍
  6. Probably the best overall vintage rc I found was believe it in a big antique fair full of crusty old furniture on a really cold day I was literally just passing and the wife needed mirror for the hall way and had the idea she might find one so reluctantly of we went 40 minute later I found this decaless but in fantastic condition £100 body was perfect!, I painted it decals applied then "stupidly" I sold it........why to this day I did that I will never know!.........and no she never found a mirror
  7. Just Installed the original kyosho option house spa 240 motor I've just restored in my turbo optima! New bearings and machine polished the can it runs super smooth very pleased with it😊
  8. Brushed motors that need maintenance for best performance batteries that you had to look after not because of safety but because there was a very good chance it wouldn't last the 5 minute race! and rc cars and trucks that looked like cars and trucks! magazines that were full of adverts and shop adverts with actual prices (before the internet) you could look through a magazine for hours! And almost every town had it's own local hobby shop in one form or another, I don't care what anyone says those were the best times👍
  9. Normally I do but on this I never no reason but I have sprayed over MCI decals before and they are fine!
  10. The decals I put on my HG ( clone bruiser ) are from MCI racing and they are superb👍 any other unless they are the original are generally a disappointment and as you can see they do almost any customisation and considering they are from Canada the delivery is pretty quick!
  11. Good old Hermes☹ they did the same to me with a buggy champ😡 I searched for ages because at the time they were getting thin on the ground I got one but when it arrived it looked like a spear had gone through it completely destroyed the body and box! And try and phone them🤯!!!
  12. Strange that because like you say they are both 25t so you should have no problem? Me thinks it could be marked up wrong! I've just bought "another" pair of reading glasses and each arm on said glasses has a different strength marking on them! So it does happen.
  13. Welcome! And a very good choice and I like your wisdom in wanting to slow it down until such time you have confidence👍 so many people instantly want a fast motor and especially with the scorcher it can end in crunch time!. Good upgrades are things like bearings (basically anything which makes it lighter and run smoothly). Like everyone above has said NiMH's are the way to go for batteries because they are a lot more user friendly just remember the bigger mah the longer run time, the scorcher doesn't have a diff so it tends to want to flip over when cornering you can get one as a hop-up but they are a bit expensive now because they don't make them anymore (but it's fun without one), the other thing is the rear suspension when the battery is in tends to be a bit on the soft side IMO! If you think the same just flatten the brass link it just makes it a bit stiffer although be careful because go to far and it tends to be a bit bouncy!😊
  14. Oh that's a difficult question🤔 I think in the TV motoring world when you watch these programmes and they rebuild an old car and don't respray it they call it "keeping its patina" because it tells a story and I think you can say that about your boxes? It's your story no matter how battered and bruised they are and with that in mind I would probably keep them😉
  15. I Never give silicone glue a thought🙄! And the amount of rims I've ruined (and fingers) when my tyre have had their day, the years I've been in this hobby and I'm still learning👍
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