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  1. Apparently according to the Kyosho website it’s due in Europe around the 14th of December! According to Kyosho Europe they are moving heaven and earth to get it into the shops by Christmas which personally I hope so and if they do it’ll sell more units!
  2. Join my absolute terrible at soldering club!, I’m the founder member guaranteed to melt your fingers on the first meeting!
  3. Probably mentioned many times above No1 is turnbuckles without any doubt my heart sinks when I see those horrid little creatures on that tiny little sprue! I’ve even delayed building a buggy because of how many turnbuckles it had Also servo savers that require industrial scale equipment to bend them into shape for them to work properly (I’m talking to you Schumacher what were you thinking about Cecil when you thought that was a good idea after I’ve just spent an eternity putting the other annoying thing together………Schumacher telescopic drive shafts) fantastic brilliant buggies though!
  4. I just love the optima mid I bought the yeah racing carbon fibre kit and alloy rear wing mount although I haven’t changed the actual chassis for the carbon fibre one because I like the stock alloy chassis better it has shape to it
  5. The sand scorcher is one of those models you can spend hours/days/weeks on tinkering with to your own satisfaction! Excellent thread mate looking forward to seeing the final results!
  6. Very nice bordering on pointless though if it’s correct that no spare parts are being produced? And by the time it’s available in Europe and the rest of the world the hype will be gone (when will these companies learn strike while the iron hot especially with a fragile world economy)
  7. As nice as snow looks sometimes (out of a window with a cup of tea or coffee in hand) when snow appears all I want to do is hibernate! bears have the right idea! My rc cars never see snow and I wish I could do the same! Basically I don’t get on with snow in fact it should be banned!
  8. I was hopeful for one of the special editions (Kyosho 60th Anniversary optima, associated RC10, Yokomo dog fighter) to build over the Christmas season but that’s gone by the wayside and the thing about that is I’ve put the order in for them so the money has to stay for them which means no build over Christmas which is annoying so I’m probably going to have to cancel one or more in order to have a build over the holiday season and the build I keep leaning towards is the tamiya bbx I haven’t bought one yet because I’m still in that decision making thought process area? And on the thought about the trio of special edition releases Im know business brain but I think the new release dates of those rc’s are going to have a negative impact on sales which is a missed golden opportunity for those companies
  9. 100% agree with you on eBay! Although im not a full on eBay seller I just put items on there that are surplus to requirement 99% rc related to make way for more rc related items which I then eventually put on eBay to make way for more rc related items……..there a pattern here! I think
  10. When the 60th anniversary optima, Yokomo dog fighter and RC10 were announced for their release dates to be before Xmas I thought back then I’ve got more chance of walking to the moon and back before Xmas than this lot been available before the festive season!!, Of the many decades of having rc cars in my life the one thing I’m 100% sure of is how a complete and utter waste of time the release dates that these companies give out are!! And I’m that confident of that I haven’t started walking yet!
  11. I’ve just been to my local hobby store and I was talking to the owner about why are they so close together with the release dates? and he was talking to the reps from all the manufacturers (importers) and from what they are telling him none of them will appear this year (I’m talking about the uk) CML who are team associated are saying the RC10 could come in during the Christmas break so if you’re having it delivered not until January but the Kyosho definitely not this year the Yokomo might be available this year in the far east!
  12. I must admit the more I look at it I’m thinking what’s in that for £500 it might be the first time I actually cancel an order which is a shame because it does look really good but is it actually worth the price? And when I put my order in the Kyosho optima mid 60th anniversary had a release date of 27th November (which as normal with Kyosho hasn’t come to fruition) and the associated RC10 hadn’t been announced and as it stands now (I can only speak for the uk) the trio have all got roughly the same release dates give or take a week or so so something has to give unfortunately if they appear as they are predicted to?
  13. I’m that disinterested in face book I wouldn’t know what to do to get on it or create an account (if that’s what you do?) I’ve witnessed friends and family have stupid arguments over content on FB and work colleagues almost get sacked because of FB there is probably interesting content on there as well but I have a lot more better things to do than trawl through my phone and read/listen to a large percentage of drivel and opinionated people’s views!…….nah I’ll continue to give it a very wide berth so in my opinion @svenb your probably ain’t missing out on anything!
  14. @Rb4276 be careful with the cutting out of the body! Use the templates for the front and rear shock gaps and the side templates to basically make it bigger lots of people are cutting it to short down the sides
  15. good topic! Obviously ignoring the vast majority of tamiya rc cars having a few gremlins in their designs which we all love! I think for me it has to be the top force (both versions) I liked how easy and simple it was to build and box art on both is easy to replicate and the box art is the best livery IMO on both including a metal motor mount and steel pinion gear it’s a real good performer even today with the modern rc buggies it can hold its own and I think it down to it’s brilliant centre of gravity! I almost give the top spot to the tamiya Durga but I found it’s build not the easiest compared to the top force!
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