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  1. I thought "going postal" was American slang for losing your temper which ends in violence it was called "going postal because 30 (ish) years ago a number of us postal service workers lost the plot and shot other employees?
  2. Postie dropped this off today just need the s type now to complete the range! This one is going in the topforce!
  3. Took my avante black out in the back garden for a light blast around and for some unknown reason the rear gearbox kept on locking up then I spent 3hrs taking it apart and rebuilding the ball differential and still don't know why it kept on locking it all looked perfect? but it all went back together and is smooth! No idea what I did to fix it?
  4. The fighting buggy (super champ) is a really fantastic buggy.....to look at! but like you've just said is now quite expensive to buy and although it was raced back in it's original days our local club back in the early 80's had a fair few of them I raced against them with my Ford ranger (oh when those plastic bodies clashed it was carnage) the body on the fighting buggy is very brittle (I have tissue paper in my toilet stronger than a fighting buggy body) and its ridiculously rear heavy! But just beautiful to look at, the wild one does tend to suffer from gearbox problems just like the frog, monster beetle etc🙂
  5. No its never been re-released just changed to the super clodbuster! And its unlikely to be released because of the licencing of the Chevrolet branding we could get a clodbuster re-release like they did with the blackfoot without the car manufacturer brand but IMO why bother it was the genuine Chevrolet body that made the clod so appealing on its original debut! (And its size) but lots of manufacturers have big impressive models today so that's not such a big deal now?
  6. You just can't beat a monster beetle I'm hopeful we see a blue edition and a white edition etc etc
  7. Lovely job looks good!! since you done the bearings the sport tuned motor goes really well with the stock gearbox any quicker or punchier (is that even a word if it isn't I do apologise) motor tends to prematurely end its life!
  8. Rc cars never really went away I just had to grow up and a job opportunity that would and has changed my life came my way back in the early 80's (very early) but It meant I had to move away from my home so I left the rc behind and life, family, mortgages took over but I always had subscriptions to the rc car magazines so I always kept in tune (incidentally what's happened to rc racer magazine its just vanished together with a fresh amount of money I'd just Subscribed with??) although I never owned a rc car all the way through the 90's up until the early millennium because families are expensive things! Now I have spare time and a bit spare cash (and i mean just a bit) kids have flown the nest i had every intention of returning to the hobby and I bought a hpi savage and used it to death then re-releases turned up and the savage got sold to buy the hot shot and so the hobby for me re-started!
  9. Yeah but those original tamiya rc videos are brilliant and the really bad voice over guy makes them so iconic! You could tell when he had to turn the page on his script he was reading from and the suspect music just brilliant!!
  10. The body is the part I love doing the most sometimes I get it wrong sometimes I get it right but I have that many colour variations bouncing around my head the kit building as much as I enjoy it is a bit of a means to an end! Could be because I've built that many of them over the years?
  11. Human ear! I could do with a new one or two of these I've suddenly realised how deaf I've actually become, the other day in my local supermarket I bumped into an old work colleague obviously with the face mask on and he was talking to me and together with "social distancing" I didn't have a clue what he was talking about it was just a few minutes of mumbling.........role on when we can get rid of this antisocial rulings?
  12. I agree kyosho legends series are top quality and if funds permit they are a must! I'm just praying to the gods of RC that we see a optima mid (any mid not fussy) in the very near future being released?
  13. Just looks so beautiful (previous photos aswell) considering technically its your winter! Over in the UK its summer time so we have driving cold rain and more driving cold rain and I had to wait outside a chemist today and if I didn't know any different you would think snow was on the way.........oh did I mention it was poring with rain so just another typical British summer!
  14. Bit over priced me thinks?🤔 and I'm not a fan of a pre-painted body With a kit because I like to do a different colour or just a slight twist on the original box art! I'm gona pass on this one and fingers crossed on a Optima mid re-release!!!
  15. Yeah me too! Didn't know the guy personally.......but my condolences eather way!
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