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  1. @Busdriver Very cool looking definitely a nod to the super champ/fighting buggy well done tamiya!
  2. If you think 30+ bags with a bruiser is bad look at what your left with in a schumacher classic kit
  3. Its the simple touches that kinda do it for me having its own branded motor and branded inspection hatch very simple but that's what makes it go from "mah" to I'll have one of them!!
  4. The original avante/avante 2011 has a planetary gear system one gear in the centre with four gears around it (the astute has the same) the planetary system is supposed to reduce power but keep torque constant they are mainly used in helicopters and I think wind turbines because I suppose you need constant torque and not generally speed? The avante/egress black versions have like is said ball diffs and torque splitter but in my experience putting them side by side the original avante is a bit more stable with the planetary gears than the ball diff avante black it has the tendency to loose traction when entering a corner I always thought it was because it frees the front wheels in effect making it 2wd for entering the corners??
  5. I've always been a off road buggy guy weather its 2wd, 4wd classic or modern ever since the down of the buggies back in the late 70s early 80s but I do take an interest in all other categories before the buggy arrived when pan cars ruled right up now I've built a fair few pan/on road cars and looking at @Willy iine building the kyosho fantom has given me the itch to scratch to build another pan car I've also built scale trucks and crawlers nitro monster trucks and nitro buggies so for me it's more the different building experiences rather than an actual category! I just love'm all really
  6. Plucked up to willpower to do the front gearbox on my pro-cat and it didn't disappoint! we had a little battle with attaching the diff to the gearbox housings to the chassis and top plate and the belt cover and the front bumper then build the front drive shafts with those nasty little Uj's all with one pair of hands and it all came together first time.........well almost!
  7. I personally like the cr-01 I had a couple a fair few years ago which probably is the point it's a very old chassis and probably not a patch on the modern day crawlers? As I'm not familiar with the crawling community i can't really comment on a modern day crawler but there is probably no doubt that things have come on leaps and bounds from when tamiya originally released the cr-01 chassis but when I look at the cr-01 now I still think its probably a capable chassis for the guy/girl who just wants to have a bit fun in the back garden or in a bit of wooded area local to them and if your a die hard tamiya fan then why not even if it is getting on a bit and on the pricey side after all tamiya's never get old they just become classics
  8. Yeah it has the ball diff torque splitter set as standard and upgrade steering (which is a must on the avante)
  9. Is that a full on mini servo or just a slimline servo like what you would put in the astute and super avante?
  10. I'm completely biased for the avante it's in the top 3 of my all time favourite rc buggies and the other 2 are the avante 2011 re-release and the black special although performance wise they are bit suspect! But then again for what I actually use it for its again perfect! Anyway back to @gkatz and your conundrum I personally would try and hang out for a used avante (weather that be an original or 2011 although I have both and my original has been in a state of disrepair for a few years because original parts are expensive and unicorn like to find?) and bring it back to life because like you say a mint in box is going for big money at the moment and to buy a black special then turn it into an original can still be quite expensive although you can sell the black parts and make that money back but it will always be a black converted to original? More so knowing what tamiya do they will more than likely re-re-release the 2011 avante because they are a bit lazy and living of their back catalogue at the moment!
  11. My LHS is about 4 minutes from my house or 15 minute if I walk and I'm not just saying it because it my local but its brilliantly stocked, he opened it literally a month before we had the first lockdown in 2020 and he's just gone from strength to strength simply because he knows his stuff and looks after his local customers, before this LHS I used to mail order and constantly look for the cheapest deals but I'm now in a position where I'm going to support local businesses not just my LHS but the cafes the hardware shops local supermarket etc etc I've had over the last year the biggest kick in the teeth (Metiforicly speaking) from my place of work which I've been employed for the last 35 years which has made me rethink the way I approach these big multinational companies and I've been looking into the actual behaviour of them (mentioning no names) and it's just disgusting the way they operate and how local businesses and people for that matter actually mean nothing to them so if I can do my little insignificant bit to combat again these companies for my local community I'm definitely going to do it
  12. Yeah schumacher kits always fight with you! But the finished buggy is always superb they just require a degree of fettling and a bit of "why don't it say that in the instructions?"
  13. I wasn't going to start this until I'd finished all my other half built and unfinished buggies but I thought I'd get it started because with schumacher kits I'm always putting them off in my head especially the 4wd ones because they do at times try my patience and this was going fine until I did the steering and a small part from the steering pinged off.......two hours later I found it nowhere near where I thought it was! So that bit went on and I stopped building!
  14. Oh that does suprise me because it's not exactly cheap and kyosho is always known for quality?
  15. Mate this is looking fantastic and its really pushing my buy buttons! I'm like you I don't know anything about these little gems other than they are incredibly fast! But I do know that the difference primarily between the two is the EXT has suspension amongst a few other little tweaks! (Probably someone has already explained that to you?)
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