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  1. Nothing tamiya delivered today but the Postie dropped these off today for my kyosho optima build to pay homage to my original one! That's when I get around to build it🙄
  2. Yeah that is very annoying!......I'm not sure but isn't it to do with all the extra charges and vat and tax and more charges and charges for charges and tax ont top of the charges and vat on top of the tax and charges on top of vat......etc......well done boris!
  3. I must admit my free time is always just at the weekend's again I'm fortunate enough that I'm unable to work at weekends because of working time laws but like you and a few other on this thread my week day working has me working sometimes past midnight from a morning start so my rc never gets a look in during the week other than opening parcels that the postie has dropped off! but that has been my working life for the last 35+ years so I don't really no any different? Although it just so happens I managed to get home this Friday before 8pm which was very odd but good and that again like the good guy's on this thread say you just don't have the energy to do anything other than zombie in front of the TV screen and as I'm getting on in life especially the last 18 months I'm really feeling completely and properly tired!
  4. I go through peaks and troughs! sometimes I just can't wait for another tamiya kit to build and other times I've bought a kit and just can't be bothered and its sat unbuilt for months i can go for months without even thinking and looking at my rc!, I've collected hotwheels since I was a small boy up until my now very adult life but the last fair few years I've not even give them a second look and they are all in the attic I'm hopeful to move them on just trying to find a good outlet to sell them as one job lot (to many to sell on ebay) I'm in the fortunate position to have a lot more me time because of family grown up and flown the nest and what comes with that is more space in the home and financially no more dependent children and now my pension is on the horizon which to be honest is long overdue as I've been working since the age of 13 so I can hand over the reins to the next generation? I'm hopeful that tamiya or kyosho any rc manufacturers will be with me all the way through the next chapter in my life? although I don't buy as much kits as I once did simply because I've now got my dream garage!
  5. Well it's a 2013 kit so it's already 8 years unbuilt (8 years OMG! Can't believe it's been that long since its original re-release😲) as soon as the culprit acquires the kit it has to be built the evidence pictures of built egress put on this forum👍
  6. Thank you! I so regretted selling it! And I couldn't justify buying another when I had my turbo optima but it always niggled me that I shouldn't have sold it🤔 because although the turbo optima is a definite upgrade to the original I do like the flowing lines of the original body than the boxieness (is that even a word?) Of the turbo! So this one was a really good price and I've had a bit of an rc spares clear out so it made it ever cheaper!......so why not?👍
  7. Technically my postie only dropped off the replacement brushless speed controller because I toasted the one in my monster beetle so it arrived while I was out at my LHS buying some electric cleaner but low and behold he had one classic optima left and it was a good returning loyal customer price.......how could I refuse🤷‍♂️ I regretted selling my one I had a few years ago I loved the colour scheme I did so this one is going to be the same but version 2 it should compliment my turbo optima?
  8. Definitely build it! I think is going to be a criminal offence if you buy a egress and don't build it.....penalty a ban on buying any other kit for up to 18 months (mind you the price of an egress probably can't afford to buy anymore kits for a while)
  9. Oh ok! Brilliant idea👍 it is a well proportioned rc car you just can't beat the hard plastic bodies for excellent detail looks good from any angle!
  10. Just looking on various shop websites modelsport etc not looking for anything in particular and I noticed the egress is back in a few of the tamiya stockists! Don't suppose they will hang around for very long?
  11. The thing about the Honda city turbo was it wasn't that popular when it was released and it had a quite bad design error some were fine but a lot were bad! You couldn't use full steering lock until you trimmed the front wheel arches on the body but it looked really good plenty of detail and that was its other Achilles heel it had a few glue on bits and it did tend to expel those parts as it bounced around what you would think was a flat running surface! So if they sort out the errors mostly the front wheel arches I for one would have another kit👍
  12. It's the box I'm looking forward to? I'm hopeful it's a white retro one? Most likely it won't be but I can live in hope🤷‍♂️
  13. Bought a almost retro brushed motor last week for my topcat off the Ebay it said delivered by royal mail signed for I thought good local postie knows his area etc but my heart sank when i got confirmation it had been dispatched.......by Hermes😥 so far my deliveries which have not been delivered or destroyed by Hermes consists of buggy champ which went out of stock everywhere i managed to get probably the last one in the country Hermes used it as a javelin target practice!....it was destroyed🤬 set of hpi dirtbonz tyres & rims delivered to the right house number wrong street, my wifes ted Baker shoes just went missing! Set of ipod's again right number but this time wrong street and left outside a block of flats (photo they take just shows a random flat communal entrance🤷‍♂️) and the latest one is a delivery which was delivered to my chosen shop pick up which I never had or chose?........in another local town! SO with all the above in mind it DID look like a good motor!
  14. Postie dropped these off, not the spa240 had that for years and that's why I bought this new motor absima thrust 12T and I put the le mans motor decal on it!. While I was in the garden using my turbo optima which the spa240 was in the motor kinda made an almighty pop then a bit of smoke so I thought I'd better take that apart and clean it and retire it to the display cabinet? The spektrum receiver I need for a monster beetle.
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