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  1. I've been on a bit of a motor hunt of late and thought I'd give this a punt on Ebay and I got it very cheap🤷‍♂️ never heard of these don't even know what turn it is but what I did notice is when I've got other manufacturers motors they often are made buy other companies like reedy is yokomo tamiya mabushi/Johnson etc this actually just has MRI stamped all over it and it looks very well made?
  2. Oh yeah sorry if I've already told you! (I've got a brain like a sieve can't even remember what I did yesterday) did tamiya re-release the xr311?
  3. The blue parts are super clod buster f parts about £8 I'm not sure In $11? (ish) that give it a true box art look and original 1989 look👍
  4. Postie dropped this off yesterday I didn't realise they worked on a Sunday? I paid a little more than I would have wanted but I remember having one in my thunder shot many many years ago it's a 12t and I remember running the standard pinion from the kit it lasted about one nights racing!
  5. Yeah I'm the same as you! I have an original wild willy with the original msc and I use it in my back garden (I think you guys call it the back yard?) And it has all the period radio gear but OMG the glitches I get as soon as I put a 7.2v nimh hump pack in it makes it uncontrollable but if I put a shorty lipo in its completely fine? Likewise with my blitzer beetle metallic edition it to is original MSC and radio gear but it's fine with a 7.2v Nimh's in? I think it's just deterioration of radio gear!
  6. I Still think this driver figure looks like Michael Myers from Halloween even more so he's white!
  7. Postie dropped this off for me today! I didn't think postman/women worked on a Sunday? Good for me because I got this it was one of those Ebay wins that you just put down one bid and hope for the best! 99% of the time your outbid but this time I wasn't obviously paid a little more than I wanted to but in fairness it's in a lot better condition than it looked in the photos and has never had anything soldered on it so overall I'm very happy with the condition
  8. Is this the xr311 or Lamborghini cheetah? I always get these mixed up? Many many years ago I had a work colleague was building the Lamborghini cheetah and had made a mess of the painting (he wanted the livery on the side of the box that had the cheetah face on the bonnet) so I said I have some "stuff" that can remove the mess long story short I put "stuff" on it melted the whole front part he moved house and job and I never seen him again!.........in fairness I don't think he completely changed his life because I destroyed his rc car I think it was on the cards way before that? Luckily for me
  9. Looking at the tamiya parts I've ordered that keep on getting the stock dates moved back I would (for you own sanity) be thinking they will turn up with the better weather?
  10. Apparently April so my LHS is saying but he has only been allocated 12 kits and he has 40 people on his order book!
  11. The egress is an absolute dream to build!
  12. After completely rebuilding my cat sx I took to a good friend who is an absolute wizard with a spray gun and give him complete freedom to spray the body so all the body parts got took off again! Its going to take a few weeks because he is in so much demand!
  13. Obviously full ball bearing! Then a faster motor can happen the gearbox in the lunchbox is pretty bullet proof it can handle brushless! But the lunchbox is pretty much a little brick the weak point is the chrome body mounts!
  14. Yeah like the "don't touch wet paint"and what do you do.......!
  15. Cheers mate that's appreciated! I was a bit yes/no with the look of it probably like a lot of people but not because of the colour scheme but it was always those star dish wheels they normally look ok in white and even the orange on the top force evo look really good but this yellow just makes the wheels look toy(ish) I'm thinking the 2022 range is going to include a egress 2022 or super egress or whatever they will call and its going to have a battery compartment across the rear of the chassis?...........and a diff nut that actually works! Just my predictions!
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