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  1. It looks pretty good to me bit of a shame about the crack on the body but still looks superb👍 I bought a really bad condition one for way more than it was worth so don't beat yourself up about over paying because its worth whatever the enjoyment you get out of using it then rebuilding it IMO? My one had the original hi-caps on the back and other manufacturers on the front then I had a bit of an idea to sell the original rear shocks and they paid for the re-release hi-caps and front bumper and new under tray and then over the years I've slowly replaced all the very used parts but I've probably spent far more than it will ever be worth and that doesn't concern me one bit because of the enjoyment I've had from it!
  2. I knew people on here would have good valid points👍 You would think they would release clear bodies at the same time as the kit release or just have a clear body like they have done since polycarbonate bodies started in kits! I wonder if the under tray will be painted aswell on the topforce evo?
  3. I don't know if this is in the right place in the form? But I've just noticed that the fire dragon has made an appearance and it also has a pre-painted body together with the vqs vanquish re-release and the up and coming topforce evo I'm wondering if this is the way tamiya are going and why they have decided to start pre-painting the bodies? Isn't this going to hurt the sales of the paint range they have because you no longer need to buy paint and it leaves the likes of me with no alternative but to have box art and I quite often to eather do a slight twist on the box art or completely do something different! Don't get me wrong its a result for people who don't like painting (like I'm not a fan of doing turn buckles or shocks I just find them tedious) just wondering what other guys on the forum think?
  4. Yeah if your going to buy a kit or two I can understand people who like to keep them unbuilt and I can understand the people (who I'm one) who build but not necessarily use I do use a few but the likes of my avante black special it's a shelf queen because its just a stunning looking piece of miniature engineering as is the standard avante IMO? but to buy to make a profit on something which primarily is a hobby/pastime I just don't understand because the return is not that brilliant
  5. If it's any comfort I ordered a set of hi-caps last year from tamico in the last week of August I got conformation a the very next day to say they had been shipped by DHL then they just vanished? Long story short I got a refund then roll on first week of December I got a text from DHL to say my package was going to be delivered the next day......it was my hi-caps!! I did contact tamico and paid for them again because they had give me a refund so never loose faith!
  6. I've only seen reviews of it and it does look a simple but very good truck/van but one review did mention that if it was a choice between any of them go for the new mk2 mad van because pound for pound its much better (brushless better gearboxes, wheelie bar and much better looking body etc)
  7. Oops don't know what happened there? posted that twice probably my fantastic computing skills?
  8. I did the VW camper wheelie a few years ago and to date it was the most time consuming body I have ever done!
  9. I did the VW camper wheelie a few years ago and to date it was the most time consuming body I have ever done!
  10. Got a bit of a suprise/result I started to take apart my used and a bit abused avante that I bought 2nd hand a fair few years ago (2016 ish) I got no box but a servo box full of random spare parts unknown to me inside that box was various pinions and different gearing etc but also a full set of yeah racing front/rear uprights 👍so I put them on my black special
  11. For me it depends on which models! Some the only colour to do is box art like the egress (IMO) I've not seen an egress that looks better than the silver? Don't get me wrong Ive seen some really cool looking egress but the silver with the original decals you just can't beat but I'm open for my mind to be changed like I used to think the only colour for the avante had to be blue until the black special arrived and I painted one of mine gun metal and it just looks superb with the gold shocks and yellow decals, the wild one is another one that just looks good in box art? The likes of the boomerang looks really cool in the various colours I've seen
  12. The super astute box art is really good but then I like all the white box arts the buggy itself is not one of my favourites because of the decals so I'm waiting for some MCI decals to turn up for my super astute! The hotshot 2 was a strange one in silver! Does anyone know why tamiya decided to do that in silver? It's a bit random!
  13. Did that not pull the rear wheels arches forward? I just trimmed the front with a dremel before I painted it literally 2mm on the same curve as the original! Mind you wouldn't you think tamiya would have realised it before it hit the shops?
  14. I had the re-release when it first appeared but I sold it! And i always regretted selling it it really was a cool looking car I bought a chrome chassis and limited edition white shocks for it! If I remember it had a bit of a Achilles heel you had to cut a bit off the front wheels arches because the wheels would rub when you turned them?
  15. Good for those who need the parts for a rebuild and those wanting to go down memory lane👍 I don't know much about it because it just never did anything for me when it was originally released I thought it just looked to fragile🤷‍♂️
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