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  1. If it's just for fun then its has to be one of the monsters! Obviously the cheapest is the lunchbox but if your budget can go to the monster beetle/blackfoot even better then you have the clod buster but in my opinion the monster beetle is best one purely because it looks the coolest!
  2. I've noticed most online retailers at the moment are getting expensive with the rc kits! I bought the super astute early lat week for £219 (not particularly cheap IMO) that was the cheapest but same retailer I got it off is now £249 I was also looking at the blackfoot aswell until that went up in price! So that's me done with the kit builds for now!
  3. Must admit tamiya did do a lot of different colour variations on promotional adverts I'm remembering the dark green sand scorcher and I remember a dark brown SRB Ford ranger on an advertisement so it wouldn't surprise me if you seen different colours! back when the original monster beetle was released the now long gone Beattie's model shop did a special edition yellow monster beetle (probably just a load of the original white bodies sprayed in house by Beattie's)
  4. I'm going with my own! not to different but definitely not box art I have a colour in my box of many colours but I need to darken it a bit! The last time I tried to darken a colour it was a brilliant success the problem was it was no were near the colour I had in my head! So I kept what was left off the hotshot and put it on the optima
  5. Now ready for the paint tomorrow! Started this on Sunday night quite an easy build! nothing that needed a second look other than I went for a different spring rate and one hole piston in the shocks (tamiya recommend two hole piston) problem was it is way to soft on the front IMO? these springs I've put on plus one hole give an even spread! I'm not going to go box art white but I will use the decals!
  6. If it was a rough rider it would have come with grey wheels with what looks like on road tyres the sand scorcher had white wheels and paddle tyres on the back and slick type tyres on the front! Although many people opted to put spiked tyres from the super champ/hornet/frog on the rear of all the SRB'S including the ranger! Also the rough rider didn't have any body post extension at the front!. If I was you I would just rebuild to what you personally like!
  7. The top force is the best handling tamiya rc buggy that I have personally used! It can handle all amount of different motors and batteries (even better handling with the hi-cap dampers) in saying that it is 4wd and at times on certain surfaces can suffer from oversteer! The super astute however is 2wd and still corners like its 4wd but without the oversteer but has a limit on the motor + batteries especially brushless when it comes to its handling!
  8. The choice of colours you've used are superb I'm loving the rock-Rey colour (you know the unwritten rule?.....we need to see the finished buggy/truck) the rock rey is an absolute beast and on 3s its insane!
  9. The SRB chassis is what made tamiya the company it is now! back in the late 70's every motorsport company wanted to be associated with tamiya because of its reputation with miniature engineering and design! and adrian newey one of the best respected motorsport engineering legends started his early days at school building the tamiya kits (SRB'S) and modifying the gearboxes etc, that's how iconic this range is!
  10. It's still looks like a brilliant restored car worthy of any display shelf!, I can imagine the pain when your heart sank I had that a fair few years ago with a Ford ranger body I thought (stupidly) to wipe the remaining small bit of paint left on the bonnet after hours of painstakingly taking it off by elbow grease with a bit of turpentine..........it melted 80% of the bonnet............and probably the same as you with "have you ever seen a grown man cry"
  11. Thanks for the very kind offer I also have a set which I bought a while ago actually for a top force I was going to do but I changed my mind about the colour! I did have plans to put them on this but I'm just not to sure? Have you used the clear colour ones before? If so do they look good? The problem I have in my head with them is do they make the buggies look to tyco (ish) toy like ???? but again thanks very much for the offer mate it's very well appreciated indeed
  12. My next build eventually arrived after its journey around with the courier for a few days (he could have just rang the bell on the first day saved him coming back!)
  13. Finished my dark impact couldn't get the brushless system to fit in it without butchering the body and I'm not prepared to go down that road so it's got the TBLE-02s brushed/brushless and GT tuned motor in it! I'll save the brushless system for the super astute build! I put the limited edition blue gear cover and blue wheel nuts on just to add a bit of bling its looking pretty cool the picture don't really do it justice!
  14. Nah.......agree to disagree! any form of exploitation on any worker doesn't sit well with me Amazon can dress it up with fancy adverts (in the uk) as much as they like and I don't care if Donna bakes cake on a Wednesday and you can go on any amount of warehouse tours they will only show and tell you what they want you to hear! this is a light hearted hobby forum so don't get me started with the tax avoidance!
  15. I'll remember that point when I get to it! Sorry can't be any help I haven't started my one yet!
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