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  1. Yeah BRCA! I had a hpi baja 5b years ago (about 15 years ago) and i had the same dilemma it was a monster of a buggy and fast I bought a killer switch called a killer bee which if it went out of control the switch cut the engine and electrics the BRCA recommend it to me and I couldn't race it until I got it installed because the BRCA wouldn't insure it/me! Until I got one.
  2. I backed translucent red with gunmetal on my hotshot looks amazing in the sun I liked it so much I did my turbo optima the same!
  3. Yeah I'm on the same page as you I'm finding nothing that I like? With me it's off road mainly buggies and I did have a glimmer of hope with the vqs but that was dashed with the price of it and the pre painted body! an extra £100 (ish) gets you the avante but I have 3 of them so I can't justify another one my hopes are pinned on a optima mid (any mid) to make an appearance?
  4. Yeah I'm in the UK and like you I don't bother with Hermes I even don't bother bidding on stuff on Ebay if they use Hermes I've had to many items disappearing or damaged the worst one was an original rough rider honesty it looked like a javelin or spear had gone through it and it was just agro from that moment on for me and the seller! DPD I had something delivered and got a notification with attached photo of my packet but not my house and when you try and contact them the message you get first is the call is going to cost you £10 minimum!, But my order with tamico has gone missing in Germany it literally had gone nowhere just handed over to DHL
  5. I'm just assuming but would warming it up with a hair dryer work?
  6. Sent YET another email to tamico to ask where my order has vanished to after giving it to DHL😡....must admit I'm now getting bored with the being polite because I'm just getting mugged off so the latest email was straight to the point!
  7. It's a difficult thing if you have the body and paint to wait until better weather.....you just want to get it done to see what its like!
  8. Anybody remember max bashing magazine? It only ran for a few years it was brilliant they had a guy who tested all the off road monster truck ( it was a magazine for off road rc) he was called "gun hoe pro", apparently the guy who ran it was an rc nut with very big pockets but I think it didn't make money and it drained his finances (don't quote me on that it was just what I was told) brilliant mag though!
  9. Oh nasty I honestly thought that ps paint was ok to do in rubbish colder conditions? I must admit I've never sprayed in the colder days I just tend to do it in the summer so I can leave it outside in the sun to dry? It doesn't look to bad in the photos ( looks very good actually)
  10. I bought this as a total basket case don't know if it's a genuine evo it had two old hi-caps on the front and some other manufacturers shocks on the back also full set of orange wheels which had been painted silver and battered to bits schumacher tyres but it had all the carbon stuff and centre diff the old body had bits of evolution decals so over the time I've had it I've slowly brought it back to life!
  11. I've had a subscription to radio control car racer magazine for as long as I can remember but its suspended its print (the covid excuse) they say they are unable to get it printed? I contacted them because I hadn't long renewed my subscription and they ensured me that it would be going back to print with the November issue on the first of October?........but that day has come and gone!! I did read someone asked the same question and they got the reply December issue first of November so who knows? Shame because it was the last rc car magazine available in the UK (that's if its bit the dust? Hopefully not!)
  12. I would have a look at tamiya ps16 backed with white because that actual colour very much looks like tamiya x13 acrylic?
  13. Superb thundershot! I would go for it (we need to see it if you do?)
  14. Just to give you some idea what iridescent purple/green will look like on an rc I bought that colour (colours) when it first made an appearance its expensive but superb if your going to put it on just make sure every nook and cranny of the body is covered with the iridescent paint before you back it with the black because the effect is lost if the black shows through.......but it will look properly good on an avante shell!!
  15. That's another thing which is a shame! a painted body because gunmetal is the colour of choice for me for that buggy I did my very first Avante 2011 in gunmetal and I thought it look the best one I've done so far I'm waiting for the avante to make an appearance again and hopefully get a body to do it that colour aswell........I'd replace all my rc collection with avante's (Apart for my sand scorcher) that's how much I love'em!
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