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  1. Yeah your probably right I will see one in the flesh and I'll go for it! It was exactly what happened with the terra scorcher I wasn't interested in it good model but not my thing then I went to my local hobby shop and actually seen it sitting on the shelf and?......yes I walked out with the kit! And the thing is it's one of my favourite rc cars now🤔
  2. £450 ouch! Obviously its going to have all the top gear on it but I got my re-release topforce for £174 is it really worth 3 times that?....but I bet it still very popular? Mind you I've probably spent that and more rebuilding my evo but its worth every penny👍and I've never regretted it!
  3. I'm looking at the hi-caps in the picture and they have different springs and don't seem to have the adjustable collars on them? Unless this is just the mock up (mule) version?
  4. If I remember I paid £24 for the modified (I'm talking back in very early 2000 ) in fact probably 2001 (ish) because shortly after that I bought the new hpi savage 25 and that came out in 2002! the stock would have been the price for a BRCA stock motor really can't remember £15 at a guesstimate?
  5. Yeah I think your right there! Don't get me wrong it's a very good line up (well done tamiya👍) especially with the TP evo because people who a desperate for that stunner will now get the chance and to be honest if funds permit and it not going to come in over priced (vqs) I could be tempted but as it stands at the moment it's a one which I would love but I've just been ripped off a bit with my super hotshot so I'm feeling a big money sensitive?
  6. I think the team orion orbital was a range of motors I had two (many years ago) one was 12t modified and I think the other was some type of stock if I remember? But like I say they had a few different versions of the orbital range including the mach and mach 2 version with slightly different can decals they used to have a small decal with the turn printed on it? Very good motor though I have a team orion orbital in my cat xls (14turn I think)
  7. I like the comical hotshot (won't get one but it looks pretty cool) the topforce evo looks really good aswell but I have one so I can't justify buying probably what's going to be quite an expensive buggy and no sign of the re-re-re egress (yet) and I need a new undertray! So in all very good line up but nothing that takes my fancy........let's see what kyosho are going to give us this year??
  8. I personally think that their is nothing at all wrong with the supplied esc from tamiya especially in your grasshopper you can still put a hotter motor in it like the sport tuned the tble-02s is a very capable esc yes you can buy better but why would you in your grasshopper put ball races in it would be the very first thing I'd do! I don't have knowledge of the futaba radio your talking about but the display is to show you the different servo rates etc etc just basically more tunable and you can run more than one car with a single radio just need to buy the extra receivers which then you choose with the display screen you mention! Bottom line is just have fun with messing about with what you have straight from the box and if you feel the need to upgrade then that's fine but what you have at hand straight out of the box is perfectly fine! Just enjoy it?
  9. I used to be in an rc club ( 1/8th nitro) but I was just in for fun and i found that the rules a regulation just swallowed all the fun for me and it got far to serious? I know we need a certain amount of regulation to make it safe for everyone but some of the rules went to far and my passion for nitro diminished! The final nail in the coffin so to speak was the rule that you can't use the rc track for up to 2 weeks before a race event?? "Why" I asked after travelling to the track just to have a casual blast around "because it will give you a unfair advantage" but I'm not in the racing event? Well that's the rules i was sternly informed!! And at a weekend 90% of the time the track was closed due to maintenance so because I could only use it at the weekend's and I couldn't attend every single race day I give it up!
  10. Yuck! As I'm looking at this photo (lovely garden snow spoils it) I'm looking at the snow falling in my part of the world and thinking role on summertime........I hate snow! And hate is a word i never use unless it's snowing!
  11. Cheers thanks a lot👍 it was one of those times when you should go and buy a lottery ticket aswell, If you can (because it's a expensive kit) get the chance to buy on I would highly recommend it because it's a stunning buggy its definitely up there for quality with the avante/egress probably (sorry tamiya) a little better?
  12. I think the numb heads in these councils need to realise we vote them in NOT to rule us and they forget😤 I got into the same heated debate a fair few years ago with a few little Hitler's from my local council at the time! they wanted to put restrictions on "surface rc vehicles" basically wanting to ban them but crazily not a mention about rc aircraft? I sat and listened to them talk absolute s#@$ for what seemed like an eternity then they patted themselves on the back job well done and tucked into the buffet which was expensively supplied for them at our expense🤔 this came about apparently some one person complained to the dictatorship at the council because someone startled his dog when he was walking in the park adjacent to the carpark......in the UK we just love to ban anything which involves fun!
  13. I was hoping for a special edition like they did with the avante! I know some people are not that keen on a special edition but I love a special edition and the avante black for me is the ultimate special!
  14. Well done👍obviously we need to see the finished buggy they are a very good build I'm glad to be of service and enjoy them!
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