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  1. That’s exactly what I did I bought the yeah racing carbon fibre set but left the aluminium chassis on because it looked better together with the carbon fibre because it has the silver weave in the CF
  2. I put the original hotshot cadge on my BH hotshot all I had to do was cut the lugs off at the front that locates the front part of the cadge next to the screws then reem two more hole for the screws it was very easy!
  3. My dilemma pails onto insignificance after reading @GeeWings wife’s battles! give the lovely lady my best wishes and a very quick return to normality! I painfully put my egress on eBay to sell and quickly got a lot of watchers but then I looked at the listing I decided I just couldn’t sell it because it just looked so good so I took it off eBay and then got inundated with emails asking why I took it off! so I sold one of the kids instead (just joking I never)………..did think about it though!
  4. From what limited knowledge I have and my own personal experiences nylon in plastic makes it more malleable thus it can take more of a knocking because it’s a lot more flexible that was the hotshot family of buggies Achilles heel was the suspension arms are to ridged and would crack especially at the joints! Would it be that much of a difference in weight between the two different types of suspension arms? Again my own personal opinion is probably not i think it was more to do with durability? the problem I experienced with metal parts especially after market metal parts was if you upgraded the plastic to metal for durability all it did was broke the next part down the line! For example I used to run a hpi savage and I was at one stage going through spur gears more frequently than I wanted to! so I thought I’d invest in a steel spur gear but i quickly realised why that wasn’t a good move because all it did was went to the next weak point in the savages case was the clutch on the 3 speed gearbox which in tern knocked teeth off the gears and it was a total strip down of the centre gearbox so a plastic spur gear was the best option because it was cheaper and far easier to replace
  5. Excellent topic I think it’s good to hear other perspectives and personal opinions that’s a good point that @Saito2 mentioned about the suspension arms made out of nylon something back in the day I didn’t even give a second thought to I couldn’t tell you how many suspension arms I snapped at the screw point when racing when the terra scorcher made its appearance with all the adjustable parts I was racing a RC10 so my tamiya racing time had gone! im definitely with you on that @MadInventor I think it’s got a lot to do with the goofy roof line and those very odd boarding on daft number plates the boomerang is definitely a handsome looking buggy as is the thunder shot although it does look a lot better on the box art because it’s wheels look in proportion! The super shot is the king of looks though! Like I say just my personal opinion
  6. Oh you’re right! Im definitely not going to argue with you on that I’m only going on when it was originally released from my personal account after having the original hotshot even back then thinking it was a pain in the butt with the chassis and stripped threads from constantly opening the chassis then moving onto the boomerang which i had good success with racing that to death (literally the only buggy to date I retired because it was worn out) and never looked at other manufacturers and just went straight into the newly released thunder shot and this is were I say cosmetically modernised because it just built like all the others especially the boomerang while everyone else had belt drives, chain drives, ball diffs, centre diffs FRP chassis (carbon fibre hadn’t been invented)etc etc now I’m not saying any of the above was any better but I remember building it and thinking this is just like building the boomerang but not thinking anything bad about that because i had great times with the boomerang but putting it on the track it just didn’t compete (unfortunately) and remembering some of those other buggies were 2wd back then we didn’t have different classes for 2wd/4wd I still maintain though the gearboxes on both are noisy!
  7. The hotshots were basically the first competition 4wd buggy that tamiya designed and it was quickly apparent that the chassis was an absolute failure if something needed changing or fixing in it so they did a inspection hatch on the hotshot 2 and super shot which was better but not by much! but it was a very popular buggy so they redesigned the chassis giving it a new name the boomerang because the hotshots were still selling and the boomerang’s selling point was it’s open chassis and their ever popular yellow cva shocks which you could buy for the hotshot in a kit (hotshot HP suspension set) which basically consisted of the suspension setup from the super shot! I can’t remember if the super shot came out before the suspension set or after? The hotshot 2 was a bit of a mixture of all the points they had changed over the range! boomerang suspension set but in red inspection hatch etc all having the same gearboxes which proved back in the day very reliable but I personally thought were very noisy the thunder shot range was a evolution from the hotshot family I wouldn’t say it was revolutionary because it was all the same format gearbox chassis and suspension wise but just cosmetically modernised and by the time they appeared all the other manufacturers were well into their racing buggies Schumacher, Kyosho, team associated, and quite a few other manufacturers so on the competitive tracks it was a bit of old hat but because we all love tamiya they still sold loads of them! the blockhead hotshot is by all accounts what jun watanabe wanted or did changed on his hotshot 2 higher roof line so you could see the driver figure cosmetic metal parts to protect the cadge (tamiya recreated in silver plastic and obviously his paint designs!
  8. I’m completely stoked and overwhelmed that little old me can inspire someone to enjoy their hobby thank you it the lift I definitely need at the moment and it’s very much appreciated!
  9. I’m definitely an advocate for having a hobby for your sanity which intern is always good for your health I think on the same level as having a dog lowers your stress and it genuinely does not including it makes you get out and exercise My rc hobby has seen me through some pretty sticky times over the years and even more so at the present with my work which at the moment is sending my stress levels and anxiety through the roof which isn’t good at my time of life and it’s totally beyond my control (Jesus role on retirement) we all need that time in our lives that we can just shut out the negativity of the society we live in at the moment and my rc hobby certainly does that!
  10. Sorry mate i changed the cadge for an original hotshot cadge (A&B parts) I just couldn’t get on with the high roof line apparently he designed it so you could see the driver figure! I say keep your driver figure I’ll have the sleeker looks but that’s just my personal opinion?
  11. Back in 2002 my wife bought a new BMW Mini Cooper when it was first released and on the occasion I would take it because it was in front of the garage etc and as I was driving and passing other minis the drivers of said other minis would wave and I would obviously look a bit surprised and half heartedly wave back originally thinking they must know the wife and mistakenly think it’s her I kid you not this went on for about a year until I asked her “have all your friends got minis?” No it’s what you do when you pass another mini but owners of original minis don’t………strange but each to own
  12. Enjoy the build although it’s technically a new buggy it’s still an old school kit with the hard unforgiving plastic so don’t tighten the screws up to tight because you’ll strip the plastic and although it says one of the upgrades is ball bearing you do get the gearbox bearings in the kit!
  13. ……………..nothing is that important if you race, bash, build, whatever your thing is in this hobby it’s a pastime!
  14. From what I can see @Twinfan is spot on PS-3 wild one and PS-30 hotshot but what I can’t understand is both aren’t backed by any colour presumably I would have thought white?
  15. Excellent cheers! That’s what I find frustrating about the paint pens is you have no real control of the flow of paint even with a very fine nib it’s still comes out a bit uncontrollable!
  16. I’ve used various paint pens with some sort of success but definitely not brilliant even micro tip paint pen’s which didn’t really give a micro amount of paint but I’ve never used a sharpie do you find them good to use?
  17. I’ve got nothing super hi-tech but over the decades I’ve just required some funky stuff for like you say my 1:1 car (not that you can do much with modern cars these days) I got a brilliant result a few years ago i bought a Schumacher cat k1 second hand off eBay and by sheer luck it was about 5 miles away so I picked it up and the guy was giving up RC racing and he said “you might as well have my tools” and give me absolutely loads of brilliant tools which I now can’t live without!
  18. Yep that’s what I’ve just invested in because of the exact same reason
  19. I could probably start a separate thread with this? Do you ever stop and think the value of all your tools you’ve required over your lifetime? All the one off precision tools and different types and sizes of screwdrivers and cutting equipment different dremmel attachments etc etc probably more valuable than the RC vehicles your using them on
  20. Nothing RC related I dropped my tablet on the tiled floor so that was the end of that it was coming to the end of its life because it wouldn’t download anymore updates so I invested in a new one after almost 10 years but getting these things up and running the way you want never is straight forward! So a lot of predictive text will be happening for the next couple of months
  21. 1000% agree with loads of BS in this modern world we live in today and keep on producing your creations and you will only get the positivity you inspire I always keep away from negativity because it just brings you down to that negative level and lifestyle to short for that rubbish!
  22. Life of brian.......brilliant film as is a lot of Monty python's but unfortunately the world we live in today PC rules and that was exactly my problem was irony! It doesn't always show through on a forum but we have to keep it fun and light hearted and that way people will look in and won't get put off joining @Willy iine masterpieces are indeed a breath of fresh air and we need to see more of all this type of model making from as many members as possible!
  23. Just a bit of useless information? And I don't know if this is correct but I was told that back in the original day the cadge on the Ford ranger was slightly smaller than the other two (rough rider, sand scorcher) because of the body going over it which I took with a pinch of salt until I rebuild a Ford ranger and used a cadge of a rough rider and the back of the ranger body wouldn't fit over the cadge??? Does anyone know any different because reading the above comments I didn't realise how many varieties tamiya had made!
  24. @simalarion @Willy iine can I just take you back to my five pennies worth (old English saying) I've been a member of this forum for many years now and I've been on loads of other hobby forums and dropped them because of people's extreme and sometimes abusive views on topics which should just be light hearted but this forum has always worked for me because of the people who use it I always find them very respectful and basically fun like you two guy's excellent input and brilliant pictures but every now and then people get mis/miss (never know which one to use) quoted probably because of different types of humour which means different things around the globe and this is a global forum which can only be a positive and rich thing? I've learned loads of interesting information from different members all over the world but also quickly found that my type of humour can unintentionally upset other members who for some reason which I can't understand take this forum far to seriously (which did include personal emails with further for want of a better word abuse) which for that moment in time very nearly made me drop this forum aswell but because of members like yourselves I've continued and enjoyed the inputs! Accidents do happen and I'm sure you guys have got crossed wires and because you're sensible guys you probably know that?
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