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  1. Got a new vintage set of Hotshot rear axle shafts. They are only marginally better than the front set of axles... So, for those who care both the front and rear hotshot axles will work on a Fox when converting to dog bones. Far easier and cheaper to find than the Thorp Axles and both work just as well. The Hotshot rears are preferable to the fronts.
  2. I own another website (for the Ford Capri in case anyone is curious) and really like the style and layout of tamiyaclub. Is there an easy way to get in touch with the sight designer and maintainer to ask some questions? I have tried to contact them via e-mail, but my emails must have gotten dumped in a SPAM folder or lost in the fray. Thanks....
  3. Did some runs today. very disappointed. With the 19 tooth gear the car didn't go any faster! Managed a best of 46.2MPH. I think the tires are the culprit. They are most definitely ballooning so much that I think they are slowing the car down. New tires are definitely in order. I do know I'm pushing the motor past it's efficiency point. It gets very warm during the runs I make.
  4. Yes, that is pretty nice. I have a long dead end street in walking distance as well as some VERY large fairly new parking lots 2-3 min drive from the house...but that doesn't beat an air strip. I'm guessing it gets exponentially more difficult to go faster? If it cost me $175 to go 50MPH does it really cost $925 ($1100 for the Traxxas XO-1) to go another 50MPH faster?
  5. I guess I could modify the car itself to handle better, but that misses the point of my little exercise. The car is, except for electronics, stock. Well, then there's the non stock rims....Before I end my little experiment I'll put a set of stock rims back on the car. That should slow it down the tiniest bit due to wheel circumference... I'll revive this idea once I get a larger motor. I'm planning on building a TA06 and will probably install a higher KV motor than the 9T in it. Now that 50MPH is possible I wonder if 60 is Amazing thing is how fast I'm going with so little invested. I have more money in Plastex repair resin than I do in the whole car. LOL. It's all just bits that anyone would have tossed in the bin.....When I sold other parts off the car was free. $18 in rims and tires and $175 in electronics...
  6. It's definately Mad. It's an exercise in futility. The car is way too fast to really be much fun. I just want to see how fast it will go. I need at least 600-700 feet to speed up and slow down. The autobrake needs to be turned off on the ESC. Even at it's lowest the car wants to flip when the autobrake engages. The car doesn't exactly stop anyway. The car needs a wide open space to be safe. I managed to explode a lower front suspension arm after hitting a fence post. I don't think there is enough Plastex to put it back together. Luckily it was the side that I have 5 or 6 spares instead of the other side where I only have 2.
  7. Frankly, I need the ballast. Without some weight on the front the car lifts at anything over 30MPH. I was running the car yesterday to see how long I could run the car with the new battery. I strapped a lead fishing weight to the bumper to keep the nose down! The new 18 tooth gear is in. I'm not sure when I'll get the chance to run it again, but from how much the tires balloon I expect I'll break 50MPH easily.
  8. Well I wanted to run my car junkyard fox a bit so I reduced the pinion to a 14 tooth. The car is still fairly uncontrollable and literally smokes the new 2.2" tires.... The 11.1V battery cam in yesterday. it fits inside the tub as it is very small.... With the 14tooth gear I managed a best of 46.5MPH using the Garmin GPS as ballast to hold down the front of the car! In goes the 19 tooth gear for one final series of runs....Should hit 50MPH easily. Well, probably not easily. The car is not even close to controllable. Once I'm done I'll install a 13 tooth gear and go back to the 7.4 Lipos.....
  9. Just won a 1000mah 11.1 battery on ebay. It's a mini 20c-50c that should fit the Fox tub nicely or maybe even in the battery tray. Hopefully that will get me to 50.....
  10. I've progressed to a 19tooth pinion and a 2s 20C Lipo battery..... She now lifts the wheels even at a roll once I stab the throttle..... I managed 41.5MPH. The car is basically uncontrollable. A car that basically goes in a straight line. I'll make a few more runs once I finish mounting the new rims and tires. I don't expect to squeak more than 42MPH....I'll then install a 14tooth pinion to return it to being a drivable car. I am considering getting a 3S battery and modding the tub to squeeze it in there...just to see how fast a Fox can go. I think with 3S she should break 50MPH....
  11. Yeah. I'm figuring a 13MM spacer should give good clearance without looking goofy. The tires are a bit big but it doesn't look too bad. I tossed the original rear tires on the car today and took it for a run. HOLY COW is it fast. Too fast. Silly, uncontrollably fast. The only way to reach top speed is to go slowly from 1/2 to 3/4 to full throttle. Otherwise the front lifts and flips over. A few times I managed to drive on one wheel! Once I track the speed I'll install a 14 tooth gear and be done with it. I managed to smoke the rear tires.... literally! They ballooned to 1/2" wide and burned a 1/2"-3/4" line in the tires. So much for my 20+ year old Pro-Lines!
  12. The rear wheels dont fit btw I'll need a set of these: I'll take pictures once I buy them..
  13. After The car is also sporting a Duratrax 2500 7.4 pack, Tires from 3racing and a 19 tooth pinion. The car SCREAMS! It lifts the front wheels at full throttle and that's from a roll.
  14. Some of you may have been following my other thread http://www.tamiyaclub.com/forum/index.php?...c=65045&hl= I've run about 25 batteries through my Junkyard Fox project so far. I took her apart for a cleaning, repair of some crack pieces and some upgrades. I did the brake fluid treatment to a blue original Tamiya shell, and used a heat gun to remove the decals from the damaged body to the new not so damaged one. Before
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