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  1. Hey guys hope someone can help here. I have begun the process of restoring a vintage Fox and am having an issue with the drivetrain. Two things actually. First the drive shafts. When they arrived they were stiff and not flexible. I have since corrected this but cannot get the boot down to be able to get grease in there. Secondly after final assembly the entire system seems tight if the suspension is fully extended. Mostly on one side. If I raise the wheel everything seems to loosen up a little but not entirely. This weekend I'll be taking the drivetrain apart to get a better look. Does anybody suggestions. Thanks again
  2. Zak that is there gear I am talking about. The plastic one not the 3 metal ones. Hopefully somebody can confirm this without me having to take apart two gear boxes.
  3. Just a quick question here that I think I know the answer to. While the differential might look the same there is a thickness difference between the diff on the FAV versus the Frog Diff. Am I correct that there is a difference?
  4. Sorry Hunter haven't had time to take it apart again. Right now the gearbox is very smooth with no binding. Again this is only with the main diff gear mounted backwards. If you use the link Greg posted and look at the manual it's Page 6 Step 8 that i'm speaking of. In the manual it shows the main diff with the smaller bevel gears facing up if I build mine this way there is no way I can complete building the gear box as the black center no longer fits flush against the side plate.
  5. Hunter, I've double checked all of those things the only thing that is off is which way the diff itself is facing. This is the 6th Frog I've built and this the only one I've had any problems with. I've even taken apart my vintage runner to double check and it is just like the instructions. It's just weird.
  6. Ok guys turns out I had an extra o-ring in the output shaft. On a side note in the process of taking apart the gearbox trying to fix this I noticed that I had placed my large bevel gears on the incorrect side of the diff according to the manual step 8. Bevel gear that goes into diff goes on the flat side as apposed to the side you place the small bevel gears in. However if I build it in this manner it sits too high on the side plate causing the diff to rub the black center piece and therefor I cannot assemble the rest of the gearbox.
  7. Yeah the bag I purchased included the outdrives, axles and dog bones. Everything seems smooth at first however once the rear arm is pushed upward or lowered till the dog bone is level that is where the problem is and hence why I believe they might be to long. End to end mine are 41 mm. I'm using the o-rings that came with them. Side note though this problem happens with or without the o-rings.
  8. While building Frog based Scorcher I opted to upgrade the drive shafts to the dog bones from the rede. I ordered them on ebay and they arrived in a sealed bag but not a Tamiya bad. After I installed them my rear suspension binds. I but the originals back in and everything works fine just as it does with no dog bones in but once I put them in it binds. It is so bad that without the shock to push it back it the rear arm will stay up. It appears as these might be too long. Can somebody measure them for me. Thanks for your help.
  9. Thank you thats just what I was looking.
  10. Hope somebody can help me out with this. I remember reading an article on the main site about the Frog. It was black and white, 2 pages I think and I believe it was called something like " Update your Frog" it talked about steering and suspension. Does anybody know where to find the article. Thanks for the help.
  11. Anyone?????? Outside measurements are more important.
  12. Hope somebody can help with this. Having trouble finding this part at a price I'm willing to part with. So I'm going to try to make one with styrene. Going good so far but I need the measurements to the area the switch goes into. Length, width and height please. Thanks for the help guys.
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