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  1. 30YrsL8r

    threaded bar 3mm?

    I got "5 x 1M M3 A2 STAINLESS STEEL THREADED BAR ROD WITH 10 NUTS AND 10 WASHERS" for £9.99, delivered, off ebay and used it to make up steering rods with standard rod ends: http://www.tamiyaclub.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=71175#entry509849
  2. 30YrsL8r

    Re-releases are KILLING the hobby

    Collector vs. speculator.
  3. M38 and Sand Scorcher have different size wheels.
  4. Buy a WW2 shell for £16 off ebay, cut off the corner/wheel guard and bond them onto your M38 shell then resell the WW2 for a few quid or keep it in your spares box.
  5. 30YrsL8r

    UK - Aerosols by carrier only

    Apparently Royal Mail x-rays stuff; my post office keeps asking me if my parcel contains batteries and I asked them how they would know if someone fibbed....
  6. Argos' web site can't cope with demand - what a fail.
  7. 30YrsL8r

    Happy Halloween

    With all the talk of Willy today, and it being the 31st of October, I thought I'd share my Zombie Willy (destined to drive my Frankenscorcher) with you. It's a work in progress, but that's true of most of my RC! Happy Halloween!
  8. 30YrsL8r

    I'd like to compare Willies

    ...and she has shown us more Willy than anyone else here.
  9. 30YrsL8r

    Playstation 4 Countdown.

    Well, that didn't take long to turn up some Sony-bashing.
  10. What could trigger this: Exclusions. You alone are responsible for any customs duties, taxes, surcharges, fines, penalties, or other charges which may be imposed on you by customs or tax officials after a GSP Item has successfully cleared customs and been delivered to (or made available for pickup at) the delivery address specified by you.
  11. 30YrsL8r

    What Are You Watching?

    Just started series 2 of The Walking Dead. Enjoyed series one. This is an improvement.
  12. 30YrsL8r

    Vintage Tonka Winnibago

    ....standing up.
  13. 30YrsL8r

    Vintage Tonka Winnibago

    Check out episode 5 of series 1 of The Walking Dead for a Winnibago reference...
  14. 30YrsL8r

    Meet, the STUMPkin!

    Another work of art. Congratulations.