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  1. It looks like the A5 part (bumper mount) has had a few repairs. This is a weak spot on these. It would be worth getting an aluminium A5 part from RCmart.
  2. Did you disassemble the wheel when you put the tyre on? The beads of the tyre should be sandwiched between inner and outer rims. If so, are the screws tight enough?
  3. They are the same chassis but the terra has some hop ups - full ball bearings, universal drive shafts, rear anti roll bar and adjustable camber links.
  4. Yes until very recently the terra scorcher was £189. It seems to have jumped up to £209 in the last couple of weeks.
  5. Modelsport have it listed for £175. I'm glad I bought a terra scorcher when they were £189. I'm happy to see them rereleasing more models on this chassis but wish they'd do the thunderdragon so I can get a new body for my original one.
  6. Have a look at the monster beetle/frog gear box fix thread on general discussions forum (currently on page 5). I've bought one of these ready for my original monster beetle restoration. It's a lot cheaper than a MIP diff so worth a try if you only plan to run a sport tuned.
  7. I've got an MST CFX. It's a nice build and excellent quality, the plastics feel much better than a standard tamiya. It crawls very well and looks really scale as it drives but it isn't fast at all. In fact I think its slower than my CR01.
  8. After months of waiting the parts finally arrived to finish this project. I just need to adjust the steering arm lengths and then it's ready to go. The offset wheels have worked really well making the overall width 290mm which I think is the same as a standard mud blaster. The wheelbase is still longer but I can live with that.
  9. I have a hilux high lift (there's a thread about it it a few pages down in this forum). Out of the box I found it a bit disappointing in appearance and performance, the ground clearance is too low and wheels too small. It's taken a lot of work and money to get to the point where I'm happy with it. I've really enjoyed doing all the work but I'd probably have bought the bruiser if they were available at the time.
  10. A tamiya JIS screwdriver. I used a pozidrive or Philips for years. The right screwdriver makes so much difference.
  11. Dont use a normal tap, use a fluteless thread forming tap for plastic.
  12. Nice, I have an XV01 Lancia Delta waiting to be built. I bought it 3 years ago but I think the thought of detailing the body keeps putting me off starting it. I bought aluminium suspension mounts and slipper clutch a few weeks ago so I'm getting closer to starting.
  13. I managed to get the body finished tonight. The shell is the lexan one that came with my brat with decals from MCI. I got one side finished then realised I'd put the main side sticker on the wrong way round . I'm happy with the results but those backwards stickers will annoy me forever more.
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