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  1. I have about 15 and want to keep it around that number. I've had more in the past but now I think having too much stuff just creates unnecessary stress. If I had 100 cars I'd be worrying about having to replace 100 sets of tyres when they start to crack! For me 15 is the right balance of having a good selection and being able to maintain them all.
  2. I bought a few sets of decals from tamiyaclub in about 2003/4. There was a tab at the top of the homepage. Were these replicas? I always assumed they were genuine old stock, the quality was excellent. I still have them on my monster beetle and lunchbox.
  3. Those gmade shocks do look nicer than the traxxas shocks. Worth a try I think. I'd definitely fit ballraced bearings as you said. I also fitted a hi torque servo and tamiya high torque servo saver. This made the steering a lot less floppy.
  4. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/114589695895?hash=item1aae13ff97:g:4gUAAOSwB6pf4lxv These are what I used but I didn't pay anywhere near that. I got 8 shocks second hand but barely used for about £15 -20. There were loads on ebay at the time (5-10years ago) I'm guessing they aren't a common part now which is a shame. Mine are 100mm eye to eye , I've just measured them but the springs are soft so it sits with a bit of sag. You need to use the extended shock towers for them to fit.
  5. I used Traxxas T Maxx shocks on mine. I'm not sure how common they are now but a few years ago there were loads on ebay and really cheap. I can't fault them at all. They haven't leaked and are very smooth. Far better than the stock WT01 set up.
  6. I agree, I'd love to see something new from tamiya that has the same proportions as a blackfoot but without all of the weak points and using better materials. Most trucks from other companies look a bit toyish, they are too wide or have horrible wheels and unrealistic bodies. That Traxxas bigfoot looks good though. Other than the XV01 and a couple of re releases I've not been interested in any tamiyas for a few years now, I'd probably get a kyosho next time.
  7. Thanks for the replies. I had a look at JConcepts wheels and tyres on modelsport.co.uk. they are really nice and they do some in 2.2 size which might be more suitable. The wheels and tyres will come to about £100 so I'd be removed to change those last when I'm sure the concept will work. I'm thinking about increasing the power first then I can mess around with the shocks to get the handling right. Good point about the battery position, I hadn't thought of that.
  8. The CR01 used to be my favourite slow speed runner but now I prefer my mst cfx or hi lift as they both do scale crawling/trail driving more realistically. I've not used the CR01 for a while and thought it could be my next project. I've been wondering if it's possible to turn the CR01 into an 80s style monster truck. Maybe faster motor, bigger wheels (clod sized?) And possibly removing cantilever shocks and replacing with a more conventional set up. The axles and gearbox seem quite robust but I'm guessing the plastic prop shafts would fail. I'd love to hear if anyone has done anything like this with this model and see some pics.
  9. I've seen a blackfoot body on a CR01 that looked really good but the wheelbase is still too short. How about the hilux body?
  10. I used an old servo horn screwed into an existing hole. Screw it tight enough to stay in position but so it can still be moved to allow tho cover to open.
  11. I still have my original 1990 monster beetle in good condition. It only survived so well because the gearbox never lasted long enough for me to wreck the body.
  12. I've just built one for my daughters to use. They weren't all that interested in the build but wanted to put the stickers on. We used the soapy water method to apply them which gives a bit more time to position them.
  13. I've just built a rising fighter and used an old basic acoms servo that I had in my spare parts, it works fine. From your list I'd go with the futaba. It's a basic buggy that doesn't need a fast or high torque servo.
  14. Very 90's! I had clothes in the same colours as that buggy back in 1990/91. I love the day glow wheels, I remember seeing wheels like that back in the day and wanting some for my hornet.
  15. I've been wanting to do something similar. I've never been into racing but got into rc in the early 90s and the magazines were full of luminous buggies. I was thinking of a manta ray but have decided to wait to see if Schumacher or kyosho re release any more old buggies.
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