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  1. A great day again and as usual I came away with a list of jobs to do (and money to spend) on my cars before the next meeting.
  2. No problem at all, I'm glad you liked it. I know what you mean about the body, the hard shells look so good.
  3. Thanks for posting, another great day as usual at the tamiya junkies meet. I always come back from these meets with a list of jobs I want to do on each car. On the list for this car: Reduce rear steering Try sport tuned motor (currently has torque tuned) Get lexan body for running.
  4. Thanks for all of the replies, it definitely looks like the top force is the best option. I haven't bought from Tamico for a few years, do they sort out the tax at time of purchase or will I get hit with that when it gets over to the UK?
  5. Would the upgrades on the top force make a noticeable difference? I'm no racer but it will be used at a track. I won't go for the Evo, as nice as it is, I don't want to be spending that much money.
  6. I was considering a Top Force for my next build but having seen that the Manta ray will be reissued I'm having second thoughts. I like the FRP chassis on the Top force but does it actually perform much better than the Manta ray? Also which is more durable? I'm trying to work out if it's worth the extra £100 to me. I already own a terra scorcher and don't really want another buggy that's the same to drive, is there much difference in how they perform? I'd love to hear of any thoughts or experiences of these buggies.
  7. I'll be 45 this year and currently don't really feel much different physically from when I was 25 although I have noticed close up eyesight isn't so good any more. Out of all my hobbies I consider this one the easiest to maintain into old age. I have changed how I think about this hobby though, when I got back into it in the early 2000's I mostly had shelf queens. Now I run all of my models as I thought why keep them pristine for someone else and miss out on the fun of running them. I sold anything that was rare or collectable and limit myself to owning about 15 Rc's at a time. When anything happens to me I'd like to think they'll end up with an enthusiast but I've had my fun out of them and that's the important thing. It's funny how perception of age changes, when I got into the hobby aged 10 I probably thought 30 was old and never would imagine I'd still be playing with RCs in my 40s. Now I don't see 60's as old and hope I'll still be playing with them then.
  8. Thanks for the detailed reply, that gives me plenty to look into.
  9. Thanks for the info, are there any others you could recommend? I also like the look of the HPI venture builders kit which is a bit cheaper than the element. My main requirements are that I want a kit not RTR and have good spares availability.
  10. Haha yes I can see it might get expensive, I've been looking at the Element builders kit as an option for my next build.
  11. Great write up, this was me with the mst cfx land cruiser. I'm glad you told me about this event at the Junkies meet. I'd never done a crawler/ scaler type event before but really enjoyed it and will definitely go again. I've done a bit of research and found a place in nottingham called Springwoods RC which also looks worth a visit. The CFX has been on my workbench since I got back as I'm doing a few mods which will hopefully make it even better next time.
  12. I run mine with 4WS now using 2 channel radio. It just requires an extra servo and a Y harness. It certainly reduces the turning circle. It looks OK on mine because I've converted it to a monster truck but might look a bit odd if you want a scaler.
  13. Let us know if it works OK. I use an old futaba 4 channel stick controller with a gate on the left stick to control throttle and gear change. It's the only car I still use sticks on so I'd be interested to hear how well a 3 channel pistol grip controller works.
  14. Thanks, I've done a few other modifications but it's the wheels that make the most difference to the appearance.
  15. The wheels that come with the kit are far too small for my taste. I fitted rc4wd 1.55 white 8 spokes to mine with 114mm tires. I've also got some Injora wheels of the same design which are as good quality but cheaper.
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