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  1. I'm always surprised how quiet and smooth my Brat is. It's almost silent at lower speeds. I've just had the gearbox apart to swap to the lowest ratio so hoping it's still quiet next time I use it.
  2. I put Schumacher cut staggers on mine and they seem ok. I think I went for the yellow compound.
  3. Good topic, I have no interest in motorsport or modern performance cars but I do like classic cars and own a citroen 2cv and previously had a couple of old land Rovers. I choose my every day cars based on economy, reliability and practicality. My interest in classic cars and rc cars are for the same reasons I think, nostalgia and mechanical tinkering.
  4. Yes I've just checked my manual and I see them. Weird that they label it as a hop up part.
  5. I was browsing RC Mart and saw that they had a tamiya hop up for the terra scorcher chassis which is a pair of 12.5mm x brass pipes. Does anyone know what they are for? I was thinking maybe to sleeve the motor mount screws but cant find a description anywhere. I think I have some 4mm brass tubing so I'll cut my own if it's a modification worth doing.
  6. I'm happy with my collection of 15 cars. I've sold a few lately but dont think I've ever had more than 20 at any one time. I think having too much stuff adds stress. It's more sets of tyres degrading to worry about, more plastic parts getting brittle and breaking, more decals peeling. Also, I wouldn't have the time to maintain more cars or keep them clean. I've been enjoying revisiting some of my old models lately modifying and restoring them. I've found that I'm no longer as fussy about originality so cars that were once shelf queens are being turned into runners. I would like to build a kyosho at some point but the high cost is putting me off for now.
  7. MST CFX, it's a nice build and very good quality.
  8. Width about 177mm across rear arches.
  9. I used them for a lunchbox and hornet axle brace. With the postage it worked out really expensive but had no problems with the service. I haven't fitted them yet so can't comment on how good they are.
  10. It looks like the A5 part (bumper mount) has had a few repairs. This is a weak spot on these. It would be worth getting an aluminium A5 part from RCmart.
  11. Did you disassemble the wheel when you put the tyre on? The beads of the tyre should be sandwiched between inner and outer rims. If so, are the screws tight enough?
  12. They are the same chassis but the terra has some hop ups - full ball bearings, universal drive shafts, rear anti roll bar and adjustable camber links.
  13. Yes until very recently the terra scorcher was £189. It seems to have jumped up to £209 in the last couple of weeks.
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