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  1. I've made a bit more progress. The wheels didn't fit as there wasn't enough thread for the wheel nuts. I had to get some TG10 long wheel axles. Next job is cut the body posts down and paint the shell. Not sure whether to go standard box art blackfoot or metallic blue.
  2. I finally started work on this project today. Servos fitted front and rear with kimbrough servo savers and home made thicker steering rods. Old radio gear removed Body posts removed Diffs unlocked I'm waiting for the new motor to arrive then I will fit that (torque tuned with 25t pinion) I might swap battery holder and radio tray round so weight is at the back. Once that is all done I will try to figure out a way to fit the blackfoot body I have for it. Does anyone know if I can just use a Y lead on the servos so they will both work off one channel?
  3. The most I've spent in one purchase was when I bought my highlift. Including the radio gear and battery etc it came to about £450. I don't think I would spend more than £500 on anything RC. In terms of parts, I've bought a couple of wheel and tyre sets for around £100. Of all my hobbies this is the cheapest, I probably average £200-300 per year on RC.
  4. I've spent a lot of time looking for suitable tires and I'm not convinced the mud thrashers will fit nicely on the Midwest wheels so I've splashed out and ordered some renegade jrs. Also ordered a blackfoot body kit and a pair of servos. Some of the items are on back order so I may not make much progress for a while.
  5. I'm still using nimh batteries at the moment. I use cheap 3300kv brushless systems in my quicker cars so I might try one of these in it if I find myself wanting more speed. I will eventually go over to lipo but for now nimhs are fine for driving round the back garden.
  6. It's been over a year since I started this thread and I've finally ordered the first parts. I have a set of JC Concepts Midwest wheels on order from dms. (thanks for the link Mad Ax) The plan is to use these with HPI mud thrashers tyres and a blackfoot body. I had concerns that the body might be a bit small but I found some photos online of a blackfoot extreme with mud thrashers and it looks good. I'll also convert to 4 wheel steering and possibly get rid of the cantilever suspension. I'm not sure about the motor yet, but won't want it to go any faster than a standard blackfoot as this build will be more for show.
  7. No need to apologise, the more ideas we get on here the better. I still haven't done much to mine yet as I've been occupied with other hobbies. I don't want mine to be super fast, I'm thinking standard blackfoot speed, or slightly quicker. I've been impressed with the cheap 3300kv brushless systems from bangood in some if my other cars. I was wondering about fitting one of these along with the largest pinion that will fit. The larger tyres will also help gear it up a bit.
  8. Thanks, I might try them. I definitely agree about white wheels. I've sprayed my cr01 wheels white, they look so much better. I put classic King wheels on my wild dagger/mudblaster 2. They are nice wheels but I also had to change to hpi hexes and longer axle shafts. Also, as you said, there is no white option.
  9. Does anyone have any experience of the HPI Mud Thrasher tyre? It seems to be the easiest chevron lug pattern tyre to source in the UK. I'd be putting them on either the standard CR01 rims or JC concepts Midwest.
  10. I'm looking forward to seeing how it all goes together, it sounds like you're doing similar to what I'd like to do to mine. I'll wait until after Christmas then look at ordering some MST wheels. I'm also in the UK, it's a shame MST aren't common over here. I have an mst cfx crawler and it's really impressive and very scale, hence why I don't really use the CR01 much for crawling now.
  11. Have you got any mods to the chassis planned? I've not actually done anything more to mine since I started this topic. I looked into wheels and tyres but never bought them. I'll be interested to see how the MST wheels and tyres look. From the photos it looks like they have a lot more offset than the original cro1 wheels. Seeing all of this activity is making me want to revisit mine.
  12. I have about 15 and want to keep it around that number. I've had more in the past but now I think having too much stuff just creates unnecessary stress. If I had 100 cars I'd be worrying about having to replace 100 sets of tyres when they start to crack! For me 15 is the right balance of having a good selection and being able to maintain them all.
  13. I bought a few sets of decals from tamiyaclub in about 2003/4. There was a tab at the top of the homepage. Were these replicas? I always assumed they were genuine old stock, the quality was excellent. I still have them on my monster beetle and lunchbox.
  14. Those gmade shocks do look nicer than the traxxas shocks. Worth a try I think. I'd definitely fit ballraced bearings as you said. I also fitted a hi torque servo and tamiya high torque servo saver. This made the steering a lot less floppy.
  15. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/114589695895?hash=item1aae13ff97:g:4gUAAOSwB6pf4lxv These are what I used but I didn't pay anywhere near that. I got 8 shocks second hand but barely used for about £15 -20. There were loads on ebay at the time (5-10years ago) I'm guessing they aren't a common part now which is a shame. Mine are 100mm eye to eye , I've just measured them but the springs are soft so it sits with a bit of sag. You need to use the extended shock towers for them to fit.
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