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  1. When I got back into collecting in the early 2000s any of the first 100 would have to be box art but I'm not fussed at at all now. I've never seen an alternative colour I like on the thunder dragon though.
  2. Looking good. How are the shock absorbers attached to the axle? I can see there's a blue anodised part but can't see how it fits to the axle. I want to convert my cr01 monster to a more conventional suspension set up so trying to get ideas.
  3. Thanks for the tip, I'll definitely be referring back to this thread as well as the manual when I build mine. I'm still deciding what electronics to go with. I have a 90's stock motor and speed controller in my spares box so might go with those at first.
  4. This is a really interesting read and I love all the detail and photos. I was choosing between these two cars and went for the cougar. It was delivered last week. I'll be starting the build soon.
  5. I'm looking to buy my next rc and fancy something from another manufacturer. I've been looking at the cougar and procat from schumacher and the optima and dirt master from kyosho so far but mainly attracted to the cougar due to cost and nostalgia. I already have a tamiya dt02 which is one of my favourite runners but I don't want to end up with another 2wd buggy that is too similar to drive. Will the cougar be noticeably different? I don't race, most of my driving will be in the garden or non competitively on a track. I have seen that they can be difficult to build but I'm OK with this and up for a challenge. Also, can the re re cougar still accept stick pack batteries? The spec says shorty lipos.
  6. Thanks, that's really helpful. I'm going to stick with the kit CVAs, not really sure what to do with the Hi caps now. I might just sell them on and put the money towards my next rc purchase.
  7. Thanks for the replies and th link to wtcc5's thread which was very informative. I think I might keep it simple and stick with the CVA's. Interesting about them fitting on the dt03. I have a dt02 I could use them on.
  8. I'm going to build my terra scorcher soon and have a set of vqs hi cap shock absorbers that I was planning on using on it. I've seen mixed comments on them though and wondering if I'd be better sticking to the standard CVAs. I'd be interested to hear from anyone that has done this modification and if it improved the car or made it worse.
  9. I turned my CR01 into a monster truck because I preferred using my hilift for the scale trail type driving. I converted to 4 wheel steering using a second servo on the back axle and a Y harness so both go into one channel. The steering is considerably tighter now although I also run open diffs.
  10. I'm hoping to come along to this in March, is it all day informal driving around the track? I'm planning to bring 3 or 4 cars, 3 batteries, a charger and some spares and tools does that sound about right? I still need to sort a BRCA license too.
  11. The powerstrokes look really nice but they are out of my price range. I might have to go for some fastrax or one of the other budget brands. How does yours handle with that suspension setup?
  12. I finally got round to finishing the body. I think the next thing I want to change is the suspension to a more conventional set up. If anyone has any tips or can recommend any shock absorbers please let me know.
  13. I've made a bit more progress. The wheels didn't fit as there wasn't enough thread for the wheel nuts. I had to get some TG10 long wheel axles. Next job is cut the body posts down and paint the shell. Not sure whether to go standard box art blackfoot or metallic blue.
  14. I finally started work on this project today. Servos fitted front and rear with kimbrough servo savers and home made thicker steering rods. Old radio gear removed Body posts removed Diffs unlocked I'm waiting for the new motor to arrive then I will fit that (torque tuned with 25t pinion) I might swap battery holder and radio tray round so weight is at the back. Once that is all done I will try to figure out a way to fit the blackfoot body I have for it. Does anyone know if I can just use a Y lead on the servos so they will both work off one channel?
  15. The most I've spent in one purchase was when I bought my highlift. Including the radio gear and battery etc it came to about £450. I don't think I would spend more than £500 on anything RC. In terms of parts, I've bought a couple of wheel and tyre sets for around £100. Of all my hobbies this is the cheapest, I probably average £200-300 per year on RC.
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