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  1. Did I ever say the word Junk??? NO....I did not say anything about a AX-10 either..............SCX, different machine....read and comprehend there grasshopper. Tamiya has not been tottaly successful in all thier endevors, look at the TT-01 chassis................I'll decide what's best and where to "show-up"......Bring that Venom-Cheaper on......
  2. Krylon Fusion will flake... I scuffed with a Scotch-Brite too.......It does not stick well.
  3. The point is who cares if it's a"true-legend" it's day has passed. The legend was the orginal,not some over-priced Re-Re. Staticly it is a good-looking machine but you try to follow a SCX or even a CR-01, heck even CC-01 would probably spank it's fannie. Who also cares if anyone remembers it in 25 years?? You remember what a LaTrax was?? Probably not...Doubt you're that old. Bend a Axial piece of plastic and try to break it....... Because most are shelf-queens..... I do respect the nostaliga part of collecting and generally loving Tamiya products, but to get taken to the cleaners so to speak for a copy that is not a performer in todays world is kinda silly in my eyes. They should just make a 10th scale plastic-model of it for the soon to be collectors.
  4. I too am a scaler and OCD...It is a pretty kit but that's all. Show up to a scale comp with it............You'll be laughed off the grounds....If you do enter, you'll go home wanting a real/performing scale truck. Yes, yes, I had and have right now, several Tam kits, but honestly the build-quaility just is not there. Back in the day, in my younger r/c years I too lusted after a Hilux. I was lucky enough to get ahold of a S-Scorcher once but set it on fire and watched it burn.........What an idiot I was...... A stock SCX will kill even the most modified Brusier now days.. I just don't see the value in the Re-Re. Everybody is not into competing and that sort of stuff, but I too agree with the above poster, Tamiya is too late in the scale game with outdated stuff like this.
  5. Here's one I just finished. Pre Re-Re. All stock except bearings. I did enjoy building it but built it to sell. It sold on E-Bay yesterday. It was fun to drift inside the house during set-up!! Never ran it outside.
  6. Looks like it's got a new life coming!! I had one 30 years ago, got it in a trade somehow, can't remember what for tho. I do still have the Acoms reciever, but that's all I've been searching for one myself and I'll find one sooner or later.
  7. Since this kit is not real valuable I'm gonna bash it............ One of my neighbors sons has a Trashxas, I mean Traxxas, Slash Brushless 2wd truck he thinks was sent from heaven, I've got a point to prove..... I'm gonna loose the FWD and go brushless.........
  8. Built the rear-Diff tonight..........It's LOCKED.....
  9. Well found and ordered the bearing kit. Guess I should have studied-up a little more before buying this one. At least I know it's not RE-RE due to the red-plastics. I'm gonna build it and sell it.
  10. Thanks guys. The body has 1993 molded-in so does the pan. Guess it does not mean it was produced in 93 really tho.
  11. First off let me introduce my self. My first R/C car was in 1979, a LaTrax Corvette. Have had G-Hoppers, Frogs, S-Scorcher, Fox and many other things through the years. I've just started a little collection and need help/advise with this one in perticular. It's a NIB Ford F-150 Staduim truck. 1- Where can I find some instructions?? That was all that's missing. I can probably build it without them but would rather have the book. 2- My thoughts were to build it and equip it with modern-day electronics. 2.4 radio, ESC. 3- Will I de-value it buy building it? 4- I'm guessing this is vintage 91 to 93, is that close?? Thoughts??? Thanks, Jimbo
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