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  1. Hello! My name is Rainer and I`m from Autria. Normaly I´m a Tamiya guy but theres is one Kyosho model I couldn resist: I`m restoring a Kyosho Terrano / Pathfinder and I`m desperately searching for a decal sheet. It is nearly impossible to get one. Even a simply scan of the decals is not to find. Do you have an idea where I could find this? Thanks a lot for your help! Regards from Austria, Rainer
  2. wow! Thanks beefmuffin!! You are a great guy!! I didn`t know that the tires of the madcap and saint dragon are the same as for the bear hawk?! cool! Thank you so much!! regards, Rainer
  3. Hi guys! Ahhhh, ****!! Hm, your right. It will be better if I buy the whole car. Unfortunately it seems like those front tires are not in a good condition too. There is probaply no other source than ebay for thos frontires, right?? Regards, Rainer
  4. Hi! Thanks for the info. Hm, I can`t find any decals on ebay?? Yes, I know. The front tires of the bear hawk are in no other models used, right? Regards, Rainer
  5. Hi! Thank you very much for your answer! Sorry, I forgot about the rule with the repro parts, its very pitty because there would maybe be a big offer, which I'll never ever get know.... Thanks, the rear wheels and tires are already bought. I need the FRONT tires and maybe wheels..... Thanks for your nice help!!:-) Regards, Rainer
  6. Hi everybody! I'm desperatly searching for front tires and decals for a tamiya bear hawk. If anybody hs a tipp, please let me know!! Thanks a lot!! Regards, Rainer
  7. Hi guys! I`m selling my Prafa (Aristocraft Hitec) Dolphin. It is a chain driven 4WD Buggy with oil filled shocks. It is the 4wd - Version oft the Kangaroo. Includes Motor, ESC receiver and Transmitter. I also have a kit for the wildebeest.
  8. Hi guys! I´m selling my a very rare Prafa Dolphin a 4WD chain driven. Withe ESC, Servo and Transmitter. I wonder how much it is worth. Please make an offer and we will see. Thanks! Regards, Rainer
  9. rainer31

    For sale

    Hi! I`m selling my Tamiya Dyna Storm. It is totally NIB. Including the pinkt Acto Power motor with 14x2 turns. If you want I can send some more pictures.
  10. rainer31

    For sale

    Hi guys! I`m selling my NIB Tamiya Dyna Blaster. Totally new in box. Only the cap has been opened. If you want, I can send some more pictures.
  11. Hi guys! I`m selling my NIB Tamiya Dyna Blaster. Totally new in box. Only the cap has been opened. I bought it some years ago for around 350$. Make me an offer and we will see. Regards, Rainer
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    Hi guy, can nobody help me??? Regards, Rainer
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    Hi guys, got a second new and clear bodyset for a Tamiya Top Force or Top Force Evolution. I bought it for 65$ + shipping. Pleas make an offer. And than let`s see.... Rainer
  14. Hi guys, do you think that Tamiya will ever release the Super Champ? The Super Champ is indeed a special version of the Buggy Champ and Sand Scorcher... Regards, Rainer
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    Hello Guys, my name is Rainer and I`m from Austria. I`m searching desperately for Decals of a Tamiya Top Force Evolution. I`ve tried nearly everything to get some... Could anybody of you help me? Please contact me! Thanks a lot! Regards, Rainer
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