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  1. As Elbowloh said, the DB01 Durga still seems pretty common, especially over in Japan, hop-ups for the DB01 however are much thinner on the ground now, would love to find a DB01RRR one day (I can dream heh). With the DB02, plan to do a DB02 'RRR' esque build with basically everything and the kitchen sink thrown at it, mostly for the badword of it Parts for the DB02 seem to be much easier (and cheaper) to get than the DB01, can only think, so few bought them that there are still plenty about. Not saying all DB02 parts are easy to get but certainly seems most of them are. Still hunting for an elusive few bits.
  2. The Hilux was, couldn't resist as it was some £140 cheaper than the few on ebay.
  3. Long time lurker, just never got around to posting! After several days of arguing with FedEx on the existence of my address, one which has existed for 80+ years and they've delivered to 100's of times previously, these finally arrived. Totally lucked out as well it appears and not a single fee, can't say that happens often.
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