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  1. I had a near complete rolling chassis for a blazing blazer a long time ago,similar to the mountaineer ,i realy loved the fact it was metal and all very scale looking...and 3 speed. Worst thing i ever did was sell it as it could have been something realy great. Not very helpfull Dave,but thanks for shoulder to cry on
  2. Crikey Wolfdog youve been working hard! what a great project though
  3. I dont realy own a balaclava and boltcutters,or live near dave.
  4. I realy do see the apeal of offroad cars,you can run them around without worry,jump kerbs,run on grass, etc bit more restricted with specificly on road cars. If i can come with you Dave i can bring a balaclava and boltcutters
  5. I'm surprised you got all that stuff in that tiny cab,you did a great job and it looks fun
  6. Do you have a loft? All of my stuff is in box's,on the rare occasion there's some quiet and some space i can unpack what i need and go from there
  7. If Tamiya could pull there finger out i wouldnt mind a new RM-01 787b
  8. I find you have to lose something now and look for it in order to find something you lost ages ago,unless its socks....if you lose a sock its gone for good Oh,and never...ever put something where you can find it
  9. I think whats been throwing me is the f102 onwards axle and diff setup looks exactly like my 787b rear end,and thats a tad wider.
  10. Cheer's Dave ,I remember you saying to me a while back the f102 will fit but looks a bit wide to me,i'm affraid to take the plunge. Ive noticed some axle/diff parts from the older RM-01 are the same as the wizard so thought that would be the way forward,also the newer RM-01 seems to have a ball diff and might make a perfect upgrade and solve my missing diff issue Mr Gripper,I understand the new 787b tamiya are about to release uses the RM-01 chassis,it looks great and i'm going to try and get one
  11. If you have one of these chassis could you be a hero and let me know the measurements for outside wheel to wheel on the rear axle and the measurement between the bearings? I have a road wizard project with no diff and i'm wondering if the rear axle and ball diff from the RM would fit straight in. Fanks
  12. Do you think a blizzard could be easily converted into one of these Dave? http://youtu.be/hPNkV3Xqu_U
  13. No news is good news writing your details on the back of a notepad isnt exactly professional :rolleyes: Some coppers realy get my back up,not all but some. I got stopped going a bit too fast on a dual carriagway a while back,copper said if i wanted to speed go into the country side and do it...what a thing to say :blink:
  14. Haha looks like the farmer's been at the scrumpy Any ideas on the new 787b guy's?
  15. Hmmmm lets see... 1,mobile rocket launcher 2,6x6 tatra crawler 3,tatra 6x6 bassed roll on roll off skip lorry 4,Army 6x6 tatra with a massive gun on the back,any bb firing tank bit's left Dave? 5,Add another axle and make a tatra 8x8 6,Anything tatra,ther awsome go anyware trucks
  16. Another realy cool build scottoman Nice to see too as an old freind had a red one years ago,a dolly if i rember correcly,your build brought back some nice memory's
  17. Dont know,but do they look like this?
  18. I remember a lad bringing a tamiya book/mag into school before christmas one year,all those pic's raised an eyebrow and there was talk of who might get what for christmas. A bit of time went by,i dropped hints to my parents of what might be the ideal presant and at the last minute found myself in beaties with mum,i chose the lunchbox deal and had no regrets whatso ever Remember building it with dad,i think both of us was a bit keen as we plugged the battery in without the transmitter being turned on,man that thing shot across the livingroom floor and nearly climbed the far wall haha Nothing broke and after that a few other tamiya's came and went then one day they all disapear'd and i had a mrs and child...nearly 20 years later ive gone bonkers and have another 6 (cars not kids...phew!)
  19. Sure ive seen some metal suspension arms and wheel upgrades for these? maybe not though i'm sure you would have found them if so Pershing is looking way cool
  20. All seems a bit technical to me,you say the iss is going 17,000 mph,but whats the speed in relation to the speed of the earth?the iss might be traveling at 17,000 mph but it hasnt actualy gone anyware...it's still were they left it right??? If Felix bumgardner could get just outside the atmosphere i'm not so sure he would burn to a crisp on re-entry,allthough he should maybe reach a greater speed in freefall....something like a meteor or returning space capsule has a much longer distance to gain speed and get a bit toasty. Could the balloon have gone any higher or was that the limit that the atmosphere allowed? Don't realy know what i'm on about but was definatly a cool stunt and a massive acheivement for felix....i wonder how far he could travel if he had a wingsuit and jumped from the same altitude?
  21. Ok,so who drew the naughty pic in the snow? That looks like a lot of fun there Dave
  22. Thought this was realy cool http://youtu.be/WEROVWDp3n0
  23. I wonder if you try and run the cable through finger and thumb it could be "massaged" in to the shape you want? Tanks are looking great
  24. hahaThats cool wonder if a bit of that smoke can be made to come out of the gun when its fired?
  25. glad the pershing got to you safe,with some upgrades and details it's going to be sweet Still a bit gutted tank comander patrick couldnt make it
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