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  1. All good buddy I'm okay with the suggestion anyhow because it helps to clear any confusion as to how I arrived at the price. So no apologies needed
  2. Sorry, but I think you might confusing this with the 53346 TL01 quick-release. The one I'm selling is a much older and relatively rare hop-up from the 90s. It also will not fit the TL01 or the WT01. Thank you for trying help though!
  3. I can't tell you how glad I am to hear I'm not the only one who does this. When I was 12 it was the Monster Beetle. Now I've gradually made the lateral move to just picturing solutions to the RC projects I'm stuck on. Instantly takes me away from any stressful situation
  4. LOL I looked this up in the OED, Urban Dictionary, and then tried Google Translate. You got me stumped.
  5. Brand new in package. Fits M01, M02, and TA03 deck-style chassis. $50 plus shipping. Will ship worldwide. PayPal only, thank you!
  6. I'm not sure if you're being sarcastic or not. Do you really think that the participants (who were the only ones aware of the danger) are the only people using the *public* street at the time? I mean, who do all those parked cars belong to? Or are we to assume that @stew_mac went and notified all of the owners and had their permission to launch a 5lb plastic and metal projectile to 125mph within a few feet of their cars? Um, you did watch the videos, right? How noble. Like I said, I'm not really here to debate this. That video encourages a very dangerous scenario with little or no regard for the safety of anyone or anything. Just think of someone else beside yourselves. Kids might see this video and think, "hey cool, I might try the same thing for the views" and end up seriously hurting someone or worse. These videos aren't being posted in a vacuum, and you should always assume the lowest common denominator when it comes to the public viewership. The responsible thing to do is try your best to set a good example, and not demonstrating that people who participate in this hobby have complete disregard for anyone other than themselves. We already seem to have a reputation as being immature adults who play with toys. Defending this behavior helps nothing.
  7. That response wasn't directed at you, which why I quoted @Jason1145
  8. Then why is it that we don't see any precautions taken to prevent injury to anyone's person and property who happen to be using the street or sidewalk as it's intended? Street race courses are CLOSED COURSES for a reason. And I guarantee that the local rules-of the road would not permit *anything* to move at 100+mph without notifying the unsuspecting public first. An object that heavy moving that fast could kill someone, and no matter how fast your reaction time is, you cannot possibly move that fast. How are people that are camping and having a picnic "unsuspecting" public? Are you referring people that are there for a race on a sanctioned road course? It goes without saying that if my car were parked on that street, you'd definitely get an earful from me. Now get off my lawn.
  9. Motorsport has literally hundreds of rules and regulations that are designed to protect the audience. This is incredibly dangerous and I would call the police if I saw this happening on a public street. I'm not going to debate this with you.
  10. This is the most dangerous and irresponsible video I've ever seen on this forum. 😕
  11. No one is forcing you to use eBay, so I can't see how a bunch of mom & pop BIN sellers could be considered as folks conspiring to fix prices. There's at least a few other places one can search for vintage kits, so I find it bewildering that eBay is your only go-to. As any person who's ever been a seller can tell you, listing and PayPal fees make up about 12% of the sale price, and shipping is included in that percentage. Kits are crazy-expensive to sell on Ebay, while sites like craigslist, gumtree, and forums like this are all free, minus a possible 3% for PayPal fees. And yes, as at least a few of us have acknowledged, prices for the 85-90's era models are on the rise, but can't recall seeing those kits go anywhere near the peak a decade ago. Most of us seem to agree that re-releases was largely responsible this, which has in turn killed the market-advantage that the resellers had.
  12. LOL this post hits me right in the gut. So I guess I'm not the only one that attempted to build an original 380 Brat, only to end up 15 years later with a giant bin marked "Brat Project" that has remained *un-corrupted* by re-re parts I still have no idea what an OG 380 Brat is like to run ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ And where is Hibby!? I really miss his contributions to these kinds of discussions...
  13. Short answer is yes. Even when corrected for inflation, etc., prices have fallen across the board. I think you'll find that both vintage collectors and the long-time racer/bashers would probably echo this sentiment. We're in a weird era for hobbies like this
  14. OCD

    Bodyshell wheelbase data

    Sorry -- I meant to say that we really could use a dimensional stats thread in this forum, and also voting to have it "stickied" to the top of the category so no one has to go searching for it. I actually started a thread that was narrowly concerning the TA chassis wheelbases, but a more global approach would be super welcome here!
  15. OCD

    Bodyshell wheelbase data

    Yes. And stickied. Please