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  1. I have a set of the 74031's and have used them on the RC decals for years with no problem. They can gum up but the Teflon coating makes them easy to clean. If you have a look at your local craft supply shop you'll find that the same Teflon/non-stick scissors that come in different sizes and price points. I use the Tamiya branded pair for fine work and a bigger pair made by EK for broader cuts. The EK's are great quality and I highly recommend them.
  2. Not sure if our messages are getting through? PM'd you a couple of weeks ago; I have a lightly used set available if interested https://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=126849&id=2400
  3. The PS-63 is pretty much standard as far as polycarb paint goes. Start with a light coat and then a couple of regular coats will give a nice result. Tamiya's PS metallics are decently opaque and shouldn't give you too much trouble. PS-48 is a bit different. The "anodized" paints are notoriously tricky to apply. It's far less opaque (very little pigment if any at all), extremely thin, and takes a fair number of very light coats to be solid enough for backing. I've tried both PS-5 black and PS-12 silver backings and found both work well. The black gives a deeper shine than the silver however. Hope this helps
  4. Thanks! I feel sorry for Chris having to juggle a real job and our trivial issues with the 'Club. I'll be patient
  5. @hedgeHas this been sorted for you? I've been asking about it for the last couple of weeks. I DM'd Netsmith and said he was on it, but I still can't get my swap to appear on the front page. ¯\(°_o)/¯
  6. Surprised no one suggested PS-48 Silver Anodized Aluminum! There's no flakes, just pure aluminum "color". I think it would look very close to the stainless finish on the Delorean
  7. As the title states, I'm looking for an EG6 body set with the factory cut post holes. Will be an even trade for body and parts tree; decals are not included. Both parties will cover their own shipping. Thanks for looking!
  8. Since I may have caused a bit of confusion, I took a screenshot just to be clear of what I'm referring to... On the "main page", paid subscription, in the members' trades area, I posted an item that I would be trading for another item. It does not show up on the front page no matter what I do. Maybe it's a feature and not a bug?
  9. Thanks for responding. Did you mean a "trade" meaning"for sale", or a "trade" like trading one item for another? It's confusing because they seem to both be referred to by the same name around these parts
  10. As the title states, I'm looking for an EG6 body set with the factory cut post holes. Will be an even trade for body and parts tree; decals are not included. Both parties will cover their own shipping.
  11. I've posted an item I wanted to offer as a trade, but it doesn't appear on the front page. Is this intentional?
  12. Couldn't upload multiple photos and found this thread. I figured out that I can upload 3 at a time but didn't go beyond that. Does anyone know what the upper limit is? Really time consuming if you're trying to add a bunch at once 😕
  13. Here's the thread that discusses this a bit:
  14. I've run into this myself and never actually took the time to figure it out (I have a nice used ST165 shell that I'd planned on running on a TA02 chassis). The two chassis start off as the same wheelbase, but I know that the damper setup is particular to each. The ST165 only came on the very first iteration of the TA01 chassis that employed the blue dampers rather than the black ones that appeared on the TA02's. There is definitely something about the way the dampers are built that seems to have a pronounced effect on the wheelbase of these cars. If you take a look at the TA02T trucks, sometimes they are listed at a slightly much shorter 251mm rather than the 257 that is a fit for the touring/rally models. I haven't spent anytime comparing the build manuals but suspect there's something happening with the setups that give you the funky wheelbase. Oh, and another thing I've considered is maybe the possibility of different amounts of toe-in moulded into the TA02 and TA01 arms? Like I said, this has been on my list of things I wanted to investigate but never got around to it. Interested to see how your project addresses it 👍
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