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  1. Here's the thread that discusses this a bit:
  2. I've run into this myself and never actually took the time to figure it out (I have a nice used ST165 shell that I'd planned on running on a TA02 chassis). The two chassis start off as the same wheelbase, but I know that the damper setup is particular to each. The ST165 only came on the very first iteration of the TA01 chassis that employed the blue dampers rather than the black ones that appeared on the TA02's. There is definitely something about the way the dampers are built that seems to have a pronounced effect on the wheelbase of these cars. If you take a look at the TA02T trucks, sometimes they are listed at a slightly much shorter 251mm rather than the 257 that is a fit for the touring/rally models. I haven't spent anytime comparing the build manuals but suspect there's something happening with the setups that give you the funky wheelbase. Oh, and another thing I've considered is maybe the possibility of different amounts of toe-in moulded into the TA02 and TA01 arms? Like I said, this has been on my list of things I wanted to investigate but never got around to it. Interested to see how your project addresses it 👍
  3. Folks in the Southern Hemisphere are probably having a bit of a chuckle about this.
  4. Yep, the M01/2 stuff has been getting increasingly rare and runners seem to be getting shelved as a result. Too bad because these chassis have character even if they're not the greatest performers. Do you think it's possible to trim the knuckle arm an drill a new mounting point further inboard? With the right size drill bit you probably could get away with not cutting new threads. M03 knuckles are common enough that you could experiment without the threat of destroying the unicorn poo
  5. I think about this a lot too. There's been a few that left for "greener pastures" on various blogs and FB pages, which seems to be in line with the ever-changing nature of social media. I'm sure there's others that rage quit too, but I tend not to think about them much after they're gone ¯\(°_o)/¯ For me personally, during my nearly (OMG) two decades posting here, I've been in and out mostly due to life events and shifting careers. My interest however has never really waned. I truly enjoy this forum and never seem to bore of it. This is the only place that hits all the buttons for me. Topics like these (thank you @Saito2 for all of your thoughtful and insightful posts BTW) add a lot to my overall feelings for the hobby. The depth of conversation here is bar none. 👍
  6. I've found that no matter how wide you adjust the spray pattern the volume of paint makes it impossible to apply even/smooth coats. Of course my experience is with Tamiya's Spray Works set, which is really designed for static models that would get buried by bigger airbrush, although YMMV. Interesting. I find using a blade to do the tight radiuses will snag inside corners and often overshoots when making two lines meet inside a v-cut. Typically I use blades for straight edges and larger radiuses, and very sharp teflon coated scissors for everything else. I've been using them for years and find they can't be beat when trimming Tamiya's rather thin decal films. Can only add that an appropriately sized embossing tool does a fantastic job of pushing air pockets out of body lines and finer details. Also a bit of insurance against making scratches or cuts in the deeper crevices. They're relatively cheap and easy to find on the internets
  7. Ha, just had a look at our join dates and it looks like I only signed up 6 months before you... 16 years ago 😲😂😭 Without a doubt we've crossed paths before lol On closer inspection I can see the two knuckle arms are quite different from one another as you've pointed out. The king pins are the same though. Hmmmm
  8. Have we traded before? My mind is a sieve now days Shipping to UK starts at $14.50USD and $24.50 for anything over 8 ounces. I know, it's ridiculous. Maybe an M-Chassis expert can chime in here, but I think you might be able to use a M03/4 knuckle with the right kingpins? They're very similar but the tie rod mount is a bit different. I think I have both but need to dig into my M parts bin.
  9. What's your location? I have everything but the front knuckles, but international shipping might be a dealbreaker for you?
  10. 90's kids were a weird bunch 😂
  11. They aren't. The wheels are closer to 2" and the tires are identical to those supplied in the 1/8 TGX kits.
  12. Not as far as I know. I bought the full set of tires and rims because apparently I'm a masochist 😂
  13. Centers are the same but the rims are different than the 49559 pieces. The originals came with Celica rims that were plated matte silver.
  14. On the other hand, those cast pieces are soft as cheese compared to machined aluminum. I think you'd probably snap those knuckles before anything else ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  15. It's different and improved in almost every way. The entire drivetrain has been gone over, suspension and axles revised, and the body received a whole host of new detail. Made me realize how archaic the originals are comparatively. I've had both and my hands and I can promise that Tamiya's fit and finish is far superior. Even the plastic molding puts RC4WD's to shame. No one makes detail as crisp as Tamiya does. No one.
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