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  1. Alright chaps, OK, I built this from new in 1992, ran it a few times (once into my leg - hence broken chrome bumper). Then I pinched the speed controller servo out of it for another project and it's been in my loft ever since (a cool, dry environment with no damp).. It's sold as seen, including Futaba receiver. The steering servo IS included. The bodyshell is intact and there are no cracks in it, though there is a split on the separate front valance piece. Roll bars and lights (cosmetic only) etc all OK. Also note I upgraded 6 of the 8 dampers to the oil-filled ones. Never got round to buying the last pair for some reason. If anyone wants me to take any other pix - just let me know. Would love to see it on here, rebuilt by someone with the time on their hands... I'm after £120+ P&P.
  2. OK matey, will do. Do you mean Acc No and sort code? I think I'm a bit out of touch...
  3. This was originally bought as a kit from Beattie's toy and model shop around 1992. I'm after about £120 + p&p. It's missing the following things: 2 x servos 1 receiver 1 x rear right spring I don't have the box or the manual any more. Body-wise it's missing the following (I know I have them somewhere but I spent two nights looking for them and now I've given up): The vac-formed cockpit moulding plus drivers' heads The headlight assembly (silver surrounds and lightbulbs) Left-hand wing mirror The broken part is the wishbone coming off the top of the suspension column, on the rear right side. I do, however, have the upright bit coming off the top of the turret (the silver rod and collar bit you see in one of the pix). As you can see it's a bit dirty, and I reckon the oil in the dampers dried up long ago. Always thought they were an odd design... It had relatively little use, despite its condition. I ran it perhaps 6 or 7 times and I pinched the servos for another kit, after which it stayed in a box. Oh yeah, and there's a small packet of suspension bits left over from when I replaced a broken wishbone. If anyone wants to see a different picture let me know what and I'll take the shot and post it here.
  4. Did you find one for sale? I have a Tamiya Porsche 959 (1/12 scale) in my loft. It's a bit of a restoration project, but it's largely complete. I'll dig it out if you're still interested. It has the original Technigold motor. I bought it in 1992 I think, from Beatties toy and model shop!
  5. Aye, there's the rub. Don't really have time to clean it up and respray the shell. And with three nippers around it would be an almost impossible task. Think I'll go advertise it as is. Is £200 unreasonable?
  6. Right - cheers for that. I do have the proper body shell (somewhere) and I suppose I could give the whole thing a wipe and a blast with the air duster. Most of that dust seems to be sawdust for some reason. I think I have the manual for it as well, though I see you can download them as PDFs now. I'll advertise it on here at some point if that's OK, in the appropriate forum, of course. I never did understand the spoiler sticker "Way out running". What the heck does that mean? RH
  7. Home at last. Here are the pix: I'll stop there, though I can take more if there's something someone wants to look at. Excuse the Vanquish body kit. I bought it at the time because I wanted one with a driver in it. The Vanquish kit had a driver's head. Ahem. Most of that muck is dust by the way. I never ran it on a loose or muddy surface. Also note that I robbed the frequency crystal thing out of the radio for another model I was making at the time. I have these Tamiya models in my loft as well: Clodbuster Porsche 959 (1/12 scale) Ford Escort Cosworth rally car Humvee
  8. When I get home tonight I'll take a load of photos and stick them up here.
  9. Hi chaps, I'm an erstwhile RC fan looking for some advice. I have an original Tamiya Egress, which I bought and built in 1991. I played with it about three times (only ever on on Tarmac) and then, for various reasons didn't get to use it ever again. Nothing is broken on it and it is complete. It has no scuffs, cracks or marks on it and every part is what came in the original kit. It has the Tamiya digital radio receiver (not the servo-actuated thingy) and a Parma motor (can't remember what sort, but it's pink). I'm looking for some advice on what it's worth. I'd really like it to go to a loving home, with someone who know what they're doing with it as it's an awesome car, and I paid the full £299.99 for it back in the day (bought it in Beatties toy shop in Holborn, London). The motor was about £40 and the radio kit was about 80 quid (but my memory is a little hazy on that item). It was all brand new anyway. Any help would be appreciated. Regards, Richard Hampson
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