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  1. SOLD Im selling a NIB Axial NVS - Night Visions System which i won in a raffle at a comp last weekend. £55 Posted Price is including Paypal fees and shipping to the UK and EU its a good light system , but I'm sorted on my trucks already. here is the description from Axial: The ultimate level in detail you can now add the NVS light system which features controls for headlights, tail lights, brake lights, and right/left turn signals, as well as some extra auxiliary lighting. • When going forward the headlights brighten, when the brakes are applied the brake lights will brighten • Turn left or right and the blinkers will signal your turn • The main control box is a nice compact size measuring 47x32x23mm ~ 1.8x 1.25x0.9” (Width x Depth x Height) • External on/off switch so you can mount it remotely to make it easier to reach • Separate on/off switch for auxiliary lighting mounted on main control box • Separate light connectors for up to 10 LED light strings • Additional/replacement LED light strings are available • Use Simple LED controller - AX24257 as an alternative Includes the following LED light strings: (1) Double LED light string for headlights (White LED) (1) Double LED light string for brake lights (Red LED) (2) Double LED light strings for turn signals (Orange LED) (1) 5 LED light string for auxiliary lights (White LED)
  2. i went with the Diy version of the CMS , its real easy to make with the included parts , but for this cheap i ordered one today.
  3. im selling the body set out of my sawback kit , everything is included (uncut lexan body , decals, masking, plastic parts minus the body mounts), i am not going to use it, so it is no use to me . looking for 30gbp posted picture coming, as soon as i get home. Specs: Length: 419mm (16.50 inch) Width: 214mm (8.42 inch) Height: 164mm (6.45 inch) 92mm (3.62 inch) (Windshield folded) Wheelbase: 287mm (11.30 inch) SOLD, please close
  4. started building the Gmade Sawback , i haven't built a kit in a year
  5. i have the 3244-00 on order so will report back when it arrives
  6. there is a proline f100 pickup and a one more i think which is the same wheelbase
  7. Anyone got any examples of metallic red wine?
  8. Hey guys, I'm looking for a specific shade of red for my next lexan body It's a dark shade of red, like the one on this pic. The closest I got is the limited evo red one 89919 What do you think?
  9. Im looking for a set of Porsche GT2 decals, either the Taisan or the PIAA. if you could help it would be most appreciated .
  10. i like them in real life , i wonder if its a hard body or lexan. if its ABS lots of rccrawler guys will be on it just for the body
  11. thats a shame , they had good stock and fair shipping prices into europe
  12. well ,i've acquired an Ammo box , removed the rubber sealing so its safer under pressure , tomorrow i'll figure out how to do the cable management and cut the cable holes.
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