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  1. That's just what the DB01 needs, considering how many times I have stripped those pulleys out, and from what I gather when those pulleys go, they knock out the belts with them. I think I may have to dust off my RCs again. I haven't run an RC since last winter.I haven't browsed this board in a long time either, and then I find this nice thread. Thanks, Mike.
  2. Dirt Hawg tires balloon a lot and at full speed will pizza-cutter out. Then again, maybe that was just me. They are not cheap. I must say, I like 3racing tires/wheels. They made my Db01 handle wonderful, just the way I like it. The real problem with these bashing tires are: they will last a maximum of 10 minutes before they bald out or shred. Truly **** quality but I did like them. I had 3 pairs. I remember buying htem purely because 3racing was offering tires with chrome spoked wheels, which for a non-racer/ricer like me totally had me googoo-gaga for. One thing I don't like about the DB01 is its lack of droop. There's not enough down travel for the rear wheels because the shocks are not long enough or if the shocks are long enough the dogbones or CVAs are not long enough, one or the other. If I ever dust off my RCs and get back into running them, I'll consider replacing trying to max out the droop on the Db01. The lack of droop seems to be reason my DB01 would nosedive when going over a few bumps (the bumps would hit the ***-end of the chassis too easy and catapult the rear up...)
  3. Looks maaarvelous. So clean, so smooth! The shell doesn't look like a Baldre. Something about the way the rear rounds out. In anycase, that is a terrific body shell. Love it.
  4. Hey, Paul! Thanks for posting here. I suppose that where one always needs some sort of outlet, or a diversion, or a hobby to take up a portion of the mind's wanderings and obsessions, it's ideal when family and job fill that role completely. RC is supposed to be a guilty pleasure. So do not miss it when you're gone. It'll always be around -- the roostertails of dust, the mechanical motions of coilovers over rough terrain, the faint buzzing of electronics, the smell of paint and solder fading away in the corners of homes. It'll exist and be around when you absolutely need it. See you later, my friend!
  5. I've used some Parma paints on my Baldre shell prepped with light sanding and the paint is seperating/cracking, and the paint there was backed properly. I personally don't care to use hobby-specific or pc-specific paint, especially considering the price. Seems like ANY vinyl & fabric paint would be EXCELLENT for RCs. The brand I used was Duplicolor - I've used their gloss black and their red. They are perfect for RC lexan, but there's not much of a selection of colors. I don't even like Duplicolor paint in general so I can only imagine how much better other brands of vinyl paint would be. Rustoleum make a line of v&f paint too. Speaking of Rustoleum, I've noticed every color of their auto paint - gold and white - that I've used on Lexan have resulted in 0 cracking/seperation. Rustoleum make good spray paint and their paints tend to be very tacky - oily and thick. I'd venture to say any Rustoleum spray would probably work very well on lexan. I've used the Armor-All version of plastidip for rocker panels it's held up well, all things considered. On the wheels, I've used the name brand Plastidip black paint, and after a while the paint looks like **** - like dirty, dingy garbage bags. I don't recommend it.
  6. It's not like you sent them cash in an envelope, right? Jeez.
  7. Yes. I agree with JeepnMike. This thread won't be complete till we get a video and then a review of your custom 811XT, how it handles and what not. Anyway, great job! Wish I had a truggy.
  8. Tremendous work there. Very impressive and absolutely one of a kind. Looks great too. From a purely aesthetic, non-functional point of view... looks beautiful.
  9. The typical cost for a truggy kit with no electronics is over 550 dollars, and that's sometimes without tires. So at 99 bucks, the 801xt is still a definite steal, and even more so if speedy's DIY conversion works out.
  10. The TamiyaUSA store is back online... 99 plus free shipping... Must...Resist...
  11. Ahh... The modern RC aesthetic! I love it. Women can have their flowers and jewels. Give me my RCs! Ahahaha.
  12. That is certainly awesome, although some people say it's not the best way to fly. Maybe it's too disorienting? Not sure. But I've had recurring dreams involving me flying. So I kind of need to go FPV. I might start with my RC buggies first. And come to thnk of it, a high powered land RC- say, a 9lb 1/8 buggy- can be deadly too. - Or if anything quite deadly to my ankles if I ever get hit by one going full speed.
  13. IMO, one of the sexiest 1/8 buggies, the Serpent 811: And here it is again with a cabforward shell next to it: Now how about that?
  14. For 2014, I have plans to scratch-build my own quadcopter, learn how to fly it properly, and then go FPV. Like this dude: But don't be like this dude (RIP), who was killed with one of his RC helicopters:
  15. Here's the Basher's POV, namely, mine: I have the RC8.2e RTR 1/8 buggy and it has relatively short shock towers and comes stock with cab-rearward (?) shell. The difference I notice between that and a cab-forward shell is that the cab-forward shell wil be destroyed in no time with all the off-jumps and upside-down landings that I often do, and that is because the cab/shell ends up being above the impact line set by the shock towers. With the stock shell on the RTR version of the RC8.2, I don't have to worry about the shell being destroyed. Granted in a crash or flipover, the shock towers take the scrape instead, but I often shoogoo those things anyway, so I don't really have to worry about scratches either. They are protected. I like the looks of cabforward shells, though. But it depends on the particular shell. All modern RC is beautiful to me.
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