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  1. XV-01. It´s the best option. It´s a car designed for rally, and can stand any abuse. You can modifiy a TT01/TT02, but they will never be the same level.
  2. I would recomend or TT02 (or TT01) or M 05. Any of them have plenty of spares available, and are really tough. If you are planning to drive them in a parking, you´ll need a good ground clearance. F104 or any formula is nice in a track, but for a parking lot (bashing) they are not a good option. TT02 is 4WD and M05 is FWD (in M chasis 03,05 and 07 are FWD and 06 and 08 are RWD). If it is only for bashing a good option could be also MF01X "M size", but 4WD TT02 and M05RA have the possibility of two ride heights without buying additional parts. For bashing the only upgrades that I suggest are ball bearings. You can find TT02 and M05 from 120 euros
  3. In that case some recomendations: The Rally Championship that @Kalamity mentioned Rally Rc España 2021 - Rally RC Madrid Two circuits in the south: Club Automodelismo de Parla - Noticias (clubcapa.org) ASOGER – Asociación de Getafe de Radio control And another one in the north: Club Automodelismo Radio-Control Alcobendas (clubarca.es) There are some bashing places were some Tamiya/Vintage fans meet regularly. Free circuit in the parking lot , anda small TT circuit free. No webpage, but here is the Google Maps link: https://goo.gl/maps/2VKWWGeDacfkZm1A7 Probably there will be more places that other TC spanish members could add. Regards.
  4. While it´s true that there are quite a few tracks around Madrid, it depends what are your interests to decide where to go. If you explain what are you looking for I could give some advice (TT, on road, rallies, crawler...)
  5. Good evening. Here another Spaniard. I usually buy from Tienda RC Tamiya - Tienda RC. But in case that I can not find there what I need I go for Tamico.
  6. Thank you very much for your answers. The rims are not a problem because, I can reuse the actual ones removing the foam. And I bought from Tamico, some years ago spare rims from and Honda NSX (probably les than 10 €). I was looking only for the "tyre". I´ll test the F1 wheels. I could then use rubber tires. I´ll try to find some supplier of "foam donuts" in any case Thanks again.
  7. Hello, Does anybody know where to find modern wheels for a Group C chassis? I suppose that it won’t be easy to find rubber tires or rims, but It will be good, at least, find foams and reuse the actual rims. if there is any mod to use F1 wheels, for instance, it will be also appreciated. thank you very much
  8. New in Bag. Asking for 60 € or 46 British Pounds + Postage from Spain. Send more photos on request.
  9. Hello, I have recently purchased a Manta Ray with the body in a quite bad condition. I am looking for a replacement bodyshell, but as the complete Manta Ray is difficult to find or very expensive I would consider any alternative from Tamiya. Has anybody any suggestion? Thank you
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