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  1. BrAtKo

    2011 (1995) Ford F150 Baja

    That is, would be nice to know "how-to" prevent from this issue before I complete that dampers. First option how to modify the dampers (shocks). - I prefer this Second option how to modify the dampers (shocks). And what are the best alu hop ups dampers to replace ?
  2. BrAtKo

    2011 (1995) Ford F150 Baja

    Hello all Tamiyaers To chassis: I'd like to ask you before I will start to build up the chassis of this truck. Do you have any recommendations what to do differently from the included manual ? I've read something about front dumpers (they are too low). What modifications (preferable DIY) do you recommend to do as MUST before I start ? I've made an order of rubber sealed bearings and alu motor mount for now. To body: I have an idea to make a first layer with silver paint (just back rims and spare wheel rim), I think it is easier to mask off these rims outside than inside. Than I will continude with black... Thank you for answers.
  3. BrAtKo

    asia tees

    Please remind the chinese new year holiday could make a delay.
  4. BrAtKo

    asia tees

    Ive made an order on saturday and the package is already on the way.
  5. BrAtKo

    Tamiyaclub On ANY mobile (probably)

    Id like to give a vote for the Tapatalk support too. Is there any chance to enable it here ? Thx
  6. BrAtKo

    Liquid Mask or Tape?

    Hello all. I'm newbie and I have this F150 kit box at home and Im looking forward to build it up. I have few questions to painting. I thought the silver coat is quite dark to apply it as very first. Id like to use silver color painted by brush (spare wheel and rims). I thought it will be easy to mask around rims and wheel and paint with brush. What is your opinion please for this ? I plan to mask out the lights too (for later light cups istallation). Did you pained the front grill to black too ? Thank you for answers.
  7. BrAtKo

    2011 (1995) Ford F150 Baja

    Hello all I have this kit delivered from the shop now. I'd like to see your news and more pics specialy alternative body paintings. I have bought alu motor mount and bearing rubber sealed. Thanks.