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  1. Monster Beetle Trail is not out until next month. I made my own..Land Cruiser Trail
  2. So with Tamiya bringing out the Monster Beetle Trail, I thought it would be rude to not make my own, but with a more suited body! Here's my GF-01 Trail
  3. Awesome build! I used a 1/16 Ural Cab for mine, with some 103mm wheels so i could still have 4WS
  4. ** Not a Speed entry... Yet! Well, it's been a long time since I've been back here and I can see some really nice runs! And some new 'competitors' I've been pretty busy with my Youtube Channel, but I think I'm in a position now to get a few runs in! I also moved house and had nowhere really to do the fast runs, but I recently found a large car park to use that's locked up every night at 5:30....but has a public footpath going through it! Winner! 3 that I'm interested in challenging the top spot are.. RWD, 6WD & Non Tamiya.....and maybe Silver Can! I'd also like my 'Fastest SRB' claim back at some point haha Anyway, once the weather gets a bit better I'll try and get some runs in!
  5. Mud Bogging the Brushless Dynahead
  6. Thanks everyone for the comments, it was really good fun to build, and even more so to drive! I film all my videos myself, using a GoPro Hero 7 in this one. The stabilisation is the best you can get, without the need for a gimbal. Thanks again.
  7. Thank you. I actually reduced the track as well, so not only do they fit...they are able to go over the Portals (although not all the ones I tried would fit)
  8. How Tamiya should have made the Dynahead!
  9. I've not been here for a while, but you'll be pleased to know I have finally got my hands on another New (Tamiya) Build! I really liked the idea of Portals on the G6-01, but I think Tamiya didn't do it justice! So here's my take on it! (Not 100% Finished yet) Spec: G6-01TR New Build 3900Kv Brushless/60a ESC (stock pinion, 17t??) 6 x AUSTAR Wheels/tyres (-2mm over stock hex adaptors to reduce track) 1/16 (ish) Ural Hardbody (This is off a budget Chinese truck I reviewed a while back) Dual Waterproof Servos (Rear link adjusted for more steering angle) 6 Channel Tx/Rx with Crawler option for 4 modes of 4WS Custom rear frame work using some multilink suspension parts. A few 1/10 Accessories Here's some pictures, and a Youtube Video to follow. dyna 11 by Phil Harrison dyna 33 by Phil Harrison
  10. Thanks I'll give it the once over today and get some pics up
  11. So I managed to get a TG-10 Mk1 Mini today! I'll get some pics up tomorrow, it runs, but the front hub has sheared, so need a new one. Are they the same as any other Tamiya chassis? Just so I now what to search on eBay. Excited to get it back up and running!
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