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  1. Phil_H

    My GF-01TR

    Monster Beetle Trail is not out until next month. I made my own..Land Cruiser Trail
  2. Phil_H


  3. So with Tamiya bringing out the Monster Beetle Trail, I thought it would be rude to not make my own, but with a more suited body! Here's my GF-01 Trail
  4. Awesome build! I used a 1/16 Ural Cab for mine, with some 103mm wheels so i could still have 4WS
  5. ** Not a Speed entry... Yet! Well, it's been a long time since I've been back here and I can see some really nice runs! And some new 'competitors' I've been pretty busy with my Youtube Channel, but I think I'm in a position now to get a few runs in! I also moved house and had nowhere really to do the fast runs, but I recently found a large car park to use that's locked up every night at 5:30....but has a public footpath going through it! Winner! 3 that I'm interested in challenging the top spot are.. RWD, 6WD & Non Tamiya.....and maybe Silver Can! I'd also like my 'Fastest SRB' claim back at some point haha Anyway, once the weather gets a bit better I'll try and get some runs in!
  6. Phil_H


    Mud Bogging the Brushless Dynahead
  7. Thanks everyone for the comments, it was really good fun to build, and even more so to drive! I film all my videos myself, using a GoPro Hero 7 in this one. The stabilisation is the best you can get, without the need for a gimbal. Thanks again.
  8. Thank you. I actually reduced the track as well, so not only do they fit...they are able to go over the Portals (although not all the ones I tried would fit)
  9. Phil_H


    How Tamiya should have made the Dynahead!
  10. Yes, I put a link to them in my Video description
  11. I've not been here for a while, but you'll be pleased to know I have finally got my hands on another New (Tamiya) Build! I really liked the idea of Portals on the G6-01, but I think Tamiya didn't do it justice! So here's my take on it! (Not 100% Finished yet) Spec: G6-01TR New Build 3900Kv Brushless/60a ESC (stock pinion, 17t??) 6 x AUSTAR Wheels/tyres (-2mm over stock hex adaptors to reduce track) 1/16 (ish) Ural Hardbody (This is off a budget Chinese truck I reviewed a while back) Dual Waterproof Servos (Rear link adjusted for more steering angle) 6 Channel Tx/Rx with Crawler option for 4 modes of 4WS Custom rear frame work using some multilink suspension parts. A few 1/10 Accessories Here's some pictures, and a Youtube Video to follow. dyna 11 by Phil Harrison dyna 33 by Phil Harrison
  12. Phil_H

    Mk1 TG-10 Mini! Got one finally!

    Thanks I'll give it the once over today and get some pics up
  13. So I managed to get a TG-10 Mk1 Mini today! I'll get some pics up tomorrow, it runs, but the front hub has sheared, so need a new one. Are they the same as any other Tamiya chassis? Just so I now what to search on eBay. Excited to get it back up and running!