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  1. PM sent about the drive shafts. Can I have them, please? Ta Mark
  2. Thanks for the reply, Chris. The top two don't actually have then in stock and have to order from Japan (6 week delivery). I'll try the bottom link as I hadn't found that one. Thank you for your help. Mark
  3. Good evening peeps! Not been here for ages but found an old chassis in the shed, went on ebay to buy bits to rebuild it, remembered this place as the font of all knowledge and next thing you know - there's a project on the kitchen table!!! Do any of you happen to know if any other rear spoilers fit on the Tamiya Citroën Xsara body shell? Trying to track down the 'H parts' for the kit, without paying shed loads or having to wait 6 weeks from Japan, is somewhat awkward. Thanks Mark
  4. I don't come on here that often, or post much (unless I need help... ;o)), but I just had to say that your work is awesome! I hate 2CV's, but I'd happily cruise that around till my fingers bled!
  5. Thank you very much both of you for the help. After googling and looking at Percymon's pictures, it seems you truly are Guru's!
  6. Hello Tamiya Guru's, Could any of you tell me what chassis this is, please? Apparently, it's chain driven and 4wd. Thank you Mark
  7. I'm at the end of my tether and starting to lose hair (not that I had much more to lose ) My CC01 build was flying along nicely and then came the electrickery. Currently trying to combine the following... Etronix Pulse 2.4ghz 2 channel tx Etronix pulse rx TEU-104BK 'The devil's own' ESC A very cheap, but perfectly functioning servo. TX and RX seem to bind together as per normal. When trying to setup the ESC, I can't get it to go into the 'LED double flash' mode when giving it full throttle whilst pushing in the set button. I have read loads of bits and pieces on all sorts of rc forums about removing the 'red' lead from the ESC to rx plug, as there is a battery lead, so you don't need it. And also lots of things about 'Just keep trying and it'll happen as these ESCs are a bit of a ****** sometimes. But, alas, it no worky... I'd love to take this to Wales at the weekend for a bit of crawling, so I need to get it finished tonight.. No pressure!!! Any ideas welcomed. Many thanks Mark
  8. That's a great idea. Thank you. I'll do that for the CC01 Unimog I've just ordered...
  9. Well here it is! Anybody got any tips for getting the arches more rounded? I tried with scissors, craft knife and curved nail scissors, but it just felt like I was hacking away!!! Is it something that comes with practise? And what would people recommend to use to cut the body posts?
  10. Well that was easy! Well, apart from putting the decals on. What a little ****** of a job that is!!! I managed to mess up a couple of them beyond repair, but the car doesn't look any worse for not having them on. It's not concours condition, but I'm well chuffed for my first effort. I'l post some pics up tomorrow for some constructive feedback. Now just trying to justify a CC01 Unimog purchase to myself...
  11. Whale oil beef hooked! Just the body work and a couple of guards to go and she'll be finished. I completely ignored the 'silver can will be fine for M series...' and stuck the 9 turn brushless motor in there with a 19 tooth pinion. Bejesus does it shift (well, for the 10ft in the living room it did anyway). Go big or go home! Drive it like you stole it! Etc etc... Mark
  12. You mean I've got to buy something else to put the brushless in??? Would you mind phoning my wife and letting her know...
  13. Ordered a Suzuki M05RA at a (bargain price) on Sunday evening, using the free (second class) postage option. It arrived yesterday morning! Great service and highly reccomended. Thank you TTM!
  14. Well, it's here and I've started! Why oh why, are all the bits for the same sections in different bags??? 'Take 2 8mm screws from bag A and use them to connect the small plastic bit from F14 to the large plastic bit from C12. Not forgetting to hold the slippery metal bit from bag B with your third hand.'. And there was me thinking I'd get my first Tamiya kit built in one night... ;0)
  15. Hi Percymon, I thought so! I'd seen them for as much as £140. I was just about to go to Stella Models and risk the customs charges, then remembered the 'Time Tunnel' link on the forum. This was of course after spending days looking through all the other chassis options and trying to justify to myself purchasing a CR-01 Unimog. By Sunday morning I'd convinced myself I was getting the Monte Carlo Mini....until I saw the Swift with the 'Rally' options. Game over!
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