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  1. After looking at your post Shodog, I got curious. I checked the wheel base on the lunchbox and the grasshopper, which I assumed were about the same since they are based on the same suspension/drivetrain. https://tamiyabase.com/chassis/24-grasshopper Turns out the grasshopper is almost 50mm longer than the Lunchbox. I guess I will have to look at other options.
  2. I am just wondering if anyone has tried this? I have a Lunchbox, and I was looking at the Traxxas Bigfoot body, which looks like about the same size as the Blackfoot body. I have seen the Blackfoot body on a modified Hornet, and it doesn`t look terribly out out of scale. Has anyone tried this? I would really like to do a USA-1 body for it as well, if anyone has a suggestion for that. The Kyosho body looks like it might be big, and $$ seems high. Thanks.
  3. Thanks! For those who care, it is model master hemi orange, tamiya gold, and duplicolor silver and t-90 universal black topped in duplicolor clear.
  4. This is my Grasshopper with Super Hornet body and rear wheels. It just has the 380 motor, an XL1 speed control, and a 7 cell. It will probably be a gift to a relative who is still a little young for something with a 540.
  5. Just thought I would share. I think one is a Grasshopper II, the other a Super Hornet. Both with the Parma Lexan body. The peach and white one has a Reedy Radon 30,000rpm, Super Rooster ESC, and 7 cell. The white, green, and blue one has a Team Orion 15T double, xl-5 ESC, and a 7 cell. Both perform similarly (very quick). And here is a third one that is still in progress. I have to decide as far as what I am going to do as far as the body on this one. It has a Duratrax Photon2, old Futaba ESC, and a 7 cell. It is fun, but not nearly as fast as the two above as far as top speed.
  6. I have about 8-10 of them, about 5 running. Also have had two midnight pumpkins/lunchboxes. All of them have been lots of fun. The only reason they aren`t all running is because I am running low on batteries, bodies, and speed controllers for what I want to do. And one of the midnight pumpkins i lost to a lipo fire. I think only 1 or 2 of mine are rere`s (I bought almost all of them from someone getting out of the hobby). Something I didn`t see mentioned is that you can thrown anything at the gearbox that you want too. I had an original Grasshopper II, which is the same chassis as the hornet, running a 4350KV 60amp brushless system with a 3S lipo. The chassis had no problems handling it, though it was like driving on ice. I was just running two of my original issue hornets today, both with 8.4 nimh packs, one with an orion 15turn double and xl-5, and the other with a reedy radon 30,000rpm and super rooster. Both were alot of fun, but both are very dependable. As far as I can tell, all of them still have the original gears.
  7. I guess I`ll throw my $.02 in here since I have a couple brushless setups in original vintage (not re-release) cars. My Grasshopper II has a 4300KV with 60A ezrun system, and a 3s LiPo. I paid about $100 for the motor/esc, and about 20 for the 3s 40C battery. I am pretty sure it is 2500mah. Plenty of run time...like way more than I ever use in one outing. Atleast a half hour of buzzing up and down our road if I can keep from crashing. Great for bashing. Way to fast though. No problems at all with the gearbox or drivetrain. Im always breaking shock mounts, servo savers, bodies..... This combo was in an original release Hornet for a while, and the back tires were actually torn apart from the centrifugal force after a few runs. My Midnight Pumpkin has a reedy 3300KV system, not sure of the speed controller, but it works well. Paid $60 for the combo used, and has been dependable. Ran it with both a 2s and 3s LiPo. Again, plenty of run time just like the grasshopper. Again, a little too fast, I can get it up to about 30mph, hit the throttle, and it will wheelie. No gearbox or drive train problems. I`ve given up on body mounts though....broke at least 8 of them, so I resorted to to velcro. Also broke alot of shock mounts. I have youtube videos if you guys would like to see them, but they are not the best quality.
  8. I have to relist this one. Here it is: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=130835331568
  9. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-Marui-Toyota-Land-Cruiser-Super-Wheelie-rare-and-unique-/130829774093?pt=US_Character_Radio_Control_Toys&hash=item1e760fed0d
  10. For as much as these things flip over and get thrown around, you would have thought they would`ve used steel reinforced body mounts for these things. I am going through the mounts quite quickly. What are you guys doing to replace these? Thanks
  11. Hello, I am hoping someone just happens to have some obscure midnight pumpkin and lunchbox parts lying around in their parts bins. I am need of the following: * Differential gear - the big one, I don`t need the three little ones in the center * Front shock mounts that connect to the lower A-Arm - part D-12 I believe? * Rear wheel hub and pin - not the tire rim, but the hub that has the pin through it in the back * Body mount tabs * Body/bodies * Rear wheel * Stock speed control (if cheap $$) Thanks all! Hopefully I can get this thing running soon and post a video!
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