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  1. G'day all, My Super Hornet Project is nearing completion, in which I have repaired the three damaged bodies (Millaput is the best) and also obtained decals for the Super Hornet and also Hornet as a runner body. Super Hornet Decals are rare as hens teeth, therefore their was no way they were going to be put on a runner. Below is a photo of my runner body and car ready to run. It has been good fun bringing an old classic back to life. My showroom has the project photos. Enjoy. Iplan (Jeffro).
  2. Hello all, I am currently investigating a handful of new cars for off-road buggy racing that are TRF or could be upgraded to TRF. So far I am looking at the Sand Viper, Dark Impact or Zahhak. Now the sand viper and dark impact are not the TRF versions N.I.B, I would be purchasing the hope-ups seperately. The Zahhak appears to be still available in the N.I.B version as the TRF 201. Price varies from my Ebay research as follows. Sand Viper with seperately purchased TRF upgrades = $520.00. Dark Impact with seperately purchased TRF upgrades = $600.00 and the Zahhak bought as the TRF201 (comes with all upgrades) = $470.00. My pricing includes the radio (futaba), motor (superstock BZ) and ESC (Tamiya 104), bearings and a 15T steel pinion. Now I am still in love with my vintage cars and have upgraded them to the max (hornet and super hornet), however I am looking for a challenge that will be fun to build (moving into the next level of complexity), maintain and provide much more speed and if anything goes wrong I can still get parts. I do not want to upgrade my classic cars as they can be unforging if something breaks (parts hard to find and break easy if to much power). I have been leaning towards the Viper, however if the TRF201 is a better performer than I will head in that direction. Dark Impact was a consideration as it would be my first 4wd. Please let me know if the electrics specs are correct for interdimentional travel (greater speed). I don't really want to go brushless as the price can be let down. Let the debate begin. I love the comments and insight from members. Passion and honesty is a bonus from tamiya lovers. Regards Jeffro
  3. G'day all, Thanks for the comments/advice. After undertaking the process of elimination you are correct in that the shocks are to short. I have ordered a new set off the bay. Apologises for not inserting a photo initially. I couldn't get a photo to insert (Not sure how to make this work). I'll post photo's of the project as it progresses. Cheers Jeffro.
  4. I have been progressing through my super hornet restoration project and have posted this in my showroom, however I noticed something that does not really look right. The front wheels are angled inwards. Is this normal? or are the swing arms bend?. I checked the shocks to see if they were raising the arms but it wasn't that. The arms are new, therefore I would like to hear if members have come across this before. Ps: I am also going to sell off the remaining parts in one batch i.e 3 chassis's, two damaged bodies, 2 gear box sets and alot of spares. Anyone doing a similiar project may be interested. I originally purchased the lot off the bay and will place what is left back on their for a cheap price. Anyone interested let me know and I will send an email description of everything. It is vintage and has been well used. Cheers Jeffro.
  5. I have commenced my Super Hornet Restoration Project and it is coming along nicely. Just waiting on Novus Plastic Polish to come through from the Bay and see if I can bring back to life the old body. If it doesn't work I'll paint. Little problem with toe in though (see my showroom to view resto project). Any feedback on fixing toe in would be great. Cheers Jeffro
  6. Alternative wheels that can be used are 53086 & 53085 (star dish) or 51206 and 51205 (Astral dish). Search Ebay. These are front and back which I was going to use as a backup if I couldn't source wheels for my super hornet project. Lucky enough I only needed the front of the original super hornet style which are available from hobby stores, however the rear are rare. You can check my restoration project via my showroom. Best of luck with the project. Cheers Jeffro QLD Australia
  7. Good read and truth reporting on the demise of Tamiya in Australia. I am also horrified by what was once a well known product in hobby stores to now be relatively unknown. I have younger work colleagues who haven't even heard of Tamiya!!! However, like many of you have posted it is not just happening to Australia. When you undertake a search on the web for parts including ebay how many times do you find that it is not available / out of stock. I am not sure if this is happening to the Japanese market, however I to have been focussing overseas (Hong Kong) for cars and parts. They are filling the market void which is a shame for Australia, UK and other European countries local hobby stores. I hope that this changes as it is only a matter of time before it becomes antique curiosity that will be screened on antiques roadshow. I don't fully blame the distributors it is also the changing times where demand from kids is ready made and instance entertainment via electronic media (video games) and communication devices. Anyway, the tamiya club is alive and this is our voice to help maintain the hobby and lobby where possible the market for changes. All the best and may the RC be with you. Cheers Jeffro.
  8. Tamiya Super Hornet wheels, front and back. Same goes for Grasshopper 2. Jeffro
  9. Hello all, I am in the beginnings of my super hornet restoration project and have purchased new front (9805474) and rear tyres (53059), however the hobby shop I was suppose to be getting the new wheels from has made me aware that they no longer have them in stock (RC Hobbies Australia). I have done a search on Ebay and the web for the wheels (0445495/0445496) with no luck. Does anyone know of alternate wheels that these tyres would fit on and could fit/match the super hornet. I heard that maybe Astute Wheels or Wild One? Your help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers Jeffro
  10. Passionate Tamiya members, Thanks for your words of wisdom as I am still in training (at 40) and appreciate all your views and opinions. I decided on the vintage Super Hornet. I bought two (2) super hornets (wrecks) and a box of spares from a single collector in Windsor, Australia for $150.00AUD. He was cutting down his collection (40 cars). This guy had alot of vintage cars, some of them I had never seen before, it was impressive. Took over a double garage. What was to be just a pick-up turned into coffee and two hours of chatting. He is not a member. I intend to re-build and beautify one as a shelf queen and the other frankenstien as a runner. Lucky enough the spares collection came with another chassis and body. I will put photo's in my showroom shortly of my project and look forward to your comments as it progresses. Taking advice provided, I will endeavour to not undertake this project at full speed and will enjoy the hunting of parts I don't have and re-built with patience. I love the work you have all done with your cars and enjoy learning and reading about your collections and projects. Cheers. Jeffro / Hervey Bay Australia.
  11. Hello all, I have an RC addiction problem that I am seeking member views on. I am in a bind trying to decide whether to purchase a wrecked vintage super hornet off Ebay or purchase a NIB Frog. The super hornet will require a complete rebuild i.e electrics, motor, wheels, etc with a few hop-ups (shocks). The Frog I would hop-up over time. Rebuilds are fun but I am concerned that parts could be difficult to source i.e decals can sell for $30 AUST from a store in the UK and I noticed that tyres are hard to come by even if reverting to rising fighter parts. Also, some vintage cars people want alot of money for when they are wrecks. decisions, decisions. Either project is $400 AUST give or take. Love to here member thoughts as I no their is alot of passionate fans for the vintage. For member interest my showroom is under IPLAN. If ''the way'' reads this post, thanks for your help with my Hornet.
  12. I have been bidding on a handful of vintage super hornets lately and have not been successful. Wrecks selling for $100.00? Their is obviously fans out their wanting one for their collection, like me. Cheers Iplan
  13. Thanks for the advice, however when I search EBAY and seek confirmation from sellers i.e will tyres from a Rough Rider fit on a Hornet they are replying that I would need to by larger rims ie 1.7''. Is this correct? Little confused. Cheers Jeffro
  14. Looking at the upgraded RS540 sport tuned motor, does this upgrade greatly improve top speed and acceleration? Also, do you need to upgrade anything else on the car if you choice to go down that path or does it just bolt straight on. Also, the green cover around the motor, is that to protect it or is that for heat etc? I purchased the re-release version of the Hornet and I am under the impression that it came with the standard 540 motor, therefore I am curious if upgrading will improve performance. Your car looks excellent. Regards Jeffro. Hervey Bay Queensland Australia.
  15. I saw on the website an upgraded Hornet with steel rims and larger tyres. I was wondering how to do this i.e do you need to buy new axels etc or is it a simply task of buying the new rims and tyres and bolting on. Oh, also the product code or cars that these steel rims come from and tyres. They looked really cool. Regards Jeffro. Hervey Bay Queensland Australia
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