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  1. Hello, Here is a rare 1/10 Ishimasa Bronco Ranger-11 GP (1981) landed here some days ago.
  2. here is my original Egress and Avante. The street price in Japan (big shops) for the Egress re-rel is 31.000YEN. Just ordered a pair of kits today. ah yesterday i received the last issue of japanease magazine of "RC Magazine" and there is an article about "yokomo dog fighter". When i have time i will post some pics about those pages. I hope in a dogfighter re-rel.
  3. Jap champ or other hk shops usually make best prices.
  4. I dont think it is a Fake. I buy lots of train toys for my children in this shop. The rc item i buy them from Champ due better price but that shop is realible. Here the link and begin save money :-) Http://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10239080 Carlo
  5. Just received from my jap seller :-) As the evolution of the great car Avante, and dominated the topic of high-end off-road scene at the time! Racing buggy user long-awaited [egress 4WD] reproduces it finally! ! - Motor shaft vertically crossed the flow of the finest cars Avante appeared in 1989 [egress 4WD] I adopt a drive 4WD. Carbon double deck chassis that has been long wheelbase and suspension of which became the resin, Large-capacity high-cap aluminum damper, equipped with over cent torque splitter def a drive system, It was formed as Avante development team at the time in JMRCA Japan Championship, which was held the same year For example, to win by 4 in (Tamiya Racing Factory) TRF just to show off the high ability Directly below. - It can be said to have been the pinnacle of racing 4WD Buggy Tamiya starting from Avante [Egress 4WD] will finally resurrection. Long wheelbase carbon chassis to lower deck based on the Avante as well as at the time Low center of gravity by mounting the servo. Upper adopting the carbon plate trying to cut out all, Roadekki, the center Hybrid studded tires, high-capacity torque splitter def, in light weight wheel Was also equipped with high cap damper, it is the model that Avante has evolved ultimate exactly. The hit to the re-appearance of the time, I was equipped with the new ball differential, a universal joint. Full price 54.800 yen
  6. Hello, Still available the works '91 and the optima mid custom? pls send pics to johnny_0@libero.it thks
  7. Here are my 1/10 Invader SR and 1/12 Ashura. The invader has really a particulat body and it seems a space ship. I think it has been the first car (from box) with underside lexan part for protect the chassis. I painted the ashura body exactly like the box color scheme. The car has never run. The Ashura has been the first 1/12 4wd with belts.
  8. Thank you for your the replies. I love collect rare buggy from kyosho, nikko, Tomy and other brands (also Tamiya of course). BUT with this kind of buggy i have no risk about rerelease .
  9. only one car has the original "Tomy volcano tyres". See the picture with volcano mark on tyre. Yes me too, i did not know. Really a great nice surprise when one car has arrived with ZENERGY motor fitted . Now i know what means "ZENERGY" on the stickers.
  10. Here is my two new Intruder EX. Other pics on my blog: http://japan-hobby.blogspot.it/
  11. Thks Yes 06 SPEC C Type RA with about 410ps and an R34 GTR UK VSPEC with 800ps By Endless-R jap Tuner.
  12. thks. It should be a year 2000; last car of ZX series old school. Only 200 kit has been produced by kyosho and available on via mial.
  13. Here is my rare Kyosho Lazer ZX-S evolution with azure rims and tyres. It's a fresh built and new. Here some picas (others in my blog)
  14. Thks. Just found a Intruder EX version (very rare) only built with original box and manual; Car's body have to be still paint. Now it's on the way.
  15. At the end these two kis has landed in my home: more pics on my blog : http://japan-hobby.blogspot.com/2012/02/ni...ts-nib-110.html http://japan-hobby.blogspot.com/2012/02/ni...rks-part-2.html
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