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  1. The fact that no one on this forum has offered any verification for this supposed re-release makes me think that it just ain't happening?? Having said that, back to the 'if you throw enough............something will eventually stick' comment made earlier, this is true right?? I mean, so far it seems like a fairly glaring omission from the re release catalogue, and surely sooner or later it has to happen?? Unless of course there's a viable reason for why it hasn't happened?? Maybe this takes us back to the issue of trying to find a rhyme or reason behind Tamiyas re release planning.............
  2. If true, it’ll be interesting to see if they’ve come up with a fix for the glaring weak spot front bulkhead........
  3. Hey, I’m pretty sure I have these, I’ll check tomorrow and come back to you. Are you in UK? If I do have them I’m happy to send to you at cost (from France).
  4. If anyone has one of these they might want to let go - I'm very interested.
  5. The argument being that you could buy a used kit that you don’t really want just to get your hands on the included motor. I had a similar thought re radio gear - I’m sure there are some fairly uninteresting used kits going cheap that have very nice original full vintage radio gear........
  6. I've had a new built TRF201 sitting on the shelf for about ten years and I've decided the time has come to start using it. Both my boys have stock Sand Vipers that they love and I want to join the fun. So, I need to sort electrics/transmitter etc. My real joy in this hobby is tinkering with vintage stuff so I'm a little out of my comfort zone here. I already have a Superstock RZ motor which I plan to use, and I plan to add the following: Futaba S3003 Servo, Futaba T2HR Transmitter and Hobbywing Quickrun WP 1060 ESC. Can anyone tell me if I'm getting something wrong here, I mean is this a sensible/viable set up for the buggy? I don't actually particularly like the look of the aforementioned transmitter but I definitely want a stick shift and Futaba is a reputable brand..... Any help appreciated.......;
  7. The Monster Beetle is in a dip at the moment, but I'm quite sure it will come back strong. Ten years ago, which is roughly when I got back into Tamiya RC, well before the re release, Monster Beetles were seriously hot, any half decent used example was fetching very good money. The re releases seem to affect different models in different ways. I was lucky enough to own (for a while) a beautifully built original Monster Beetle with superb body and decals and quite honestly it was the most striking Tamiya kit I've ever owned. It's iconic, unique, and very cool looking, but, right now, for whatever reason, they're just not fetching good money. I think the MB is punching well below its weight at the moment, as was the Hotshot for a while, also the Boomerang, but these things can turn around fast..........
  8. Ok got it, thanks for the advice, so if I'm running silver can or possibly sport tuned, forgetting about period correct, what's good and affordable and easily available??
  9. Do you know if the TEU101BK is considered to be a good ESC?? Or is an ESC just an ESC!! Clearly Tamiya update their 'stock' ESC fairly often, is this just a question of aesthetics and keeping things fresh, as opposed to any actual technological advances??
  10. Hi all, just wondering if there are any older electronic speed controllers that are beginning to have moderately enhanced value based on their age and also on their performance reputation?? I have a Falcon and a Fox that I'm planning to run with sport tuned motors and I'd like to use an ESC that has a bit of a vintage feel to it, and also performs well. My 'go to' ESC has always been the TEU101BK, this was the standard Tamiya ESC that was included in most kits when I got back into the hobby 10 plus years ago, and when the TEU104BK came out I didn't like it as much. Can anyone point me to another option, or tell me if I'm missing anything by choosing the TEU101BK over a recent model?? Many thanks Stephen
  11. Hard to say without photos but based on description £180 sounds a bit low, that said, I don't reckon Monster Beetles are having the best time of it at the moment price wise - no idea why seeing as they're one of Tamiyas best and most iconic kits ever......
  12. I'm pretty sure it'll stay in its box, though you never know - especially if another Novafox run materialises (incidentally - I still haven't worked out if this will happen, there's another recent thread on this forum that discusses this and concludes (I think) that another run is imminent??). These days I'm more of a collector than anything else, I also have several original Foxes in various states. I'm really a vintage guy through and through but seeing as the Fox is the most beautiful Tamiya buggy ever, I thought I'd make an exception and get the re release
  13. Thank you Super ally, I just bought the last one from Modeltune...
  14. Thanks for the heads up - though I'm unable to find the one you mention. To be perfectly honest, I'm not desperate to buy one right now. It's more that I'd like to know whether there has already been a second run on the Novafox and I missed the boat, or whether it's imminent, or whether it never happened, or whether it did happen and was cut short by corona virus and new stock will be hitting shops soon. Does anyone know??
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