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  1. I think it's a non tangible spiritual thing, even if every single part has been changed, as long as the owner believes it to be the same model, then it is. I'm with Trigger on this one............
  2. I kind of figured that this was the issue, set up costs are simply too great and demand not sufficient, it's still a bit crazy though that 40 years on and with all the marvels of modern technology, even considering much smaller demand, no one can match the old school Tamiya decals. Is it fair to say that MCI decals are as good as tamiya in terms of stickiness and thickness and durability?
  3. I too would highly recommend MCI. I'm also interested to know why no one has ever been able to replicate the quality of Tamiya originals???
  4. Ok so in the end I went with the Astute shock tower option. I'm pleased with the result. Red CVA's used all round, lot's of travel on all the shocks, the only small issue I need to resolve is the front fixing for the body shell, the body now rests on the new shock tower a few millimetres higher than before so I can't get the snap pin in. I think it's an easy enough fix - I just need to find best option. Thanks to zakspeed for the tip
  5. That sounds like the perfect solution, thanks for the tip. I’ll get busy designing my perfect shock tower.......
  6. I agree, I think matching the colours would be difficult. I’m favouring the graphite tower bolt on option. Actually having inspected the Astute shock tower it’s more or less identical in height to the stock Bear Hawk one. Of course I could bolt the Astute tower on to the original in a higher position but I do also want to keep in mind the aesthetics! I’m getting fussy now I know but can anyone think of a graphite option with more height? Dayna Storm probably too big?
  7. Also thanks! another good option.......
  8. Funnily enough I'd been eyeing up the Astute tower as a possible option. Thanks for advice.
  9. This isn't gonna work for me because the plastic reservoir part is too long, if I shorten the piston (with loads of spacers) to create the right length shock, there's just no travel left at all on the shock (if that makes sense!). I basically need a more drastic solution.
  10. Hi all, I have a nice Bear Hawk that I'm restoring and I want to replace the original shocks with red tamiya cva shocks (Hot Shot 2 Supe Sabre), I just happen to have these and of course the colour is true to the original so it feels like a nice solution. The obvious problem is that the replacement shocks are a fair bit longer than the originals (fronts) so the only sensible solution is to increase the shock tower height by 15mm or so. Has anyone ever done this or have any ideas. Is there a bolt on replacement or a known modification? This is not my area of expertise but looking at it I feel that it can't be too tricky!! Cheers Stephen
  11. For me - all metal parts in an old jam jar with lid soaked in 1 inch of degreaser for 24hrs, then into another jam jar with 1 inch of wd40 for another 24hrs and hey presto, maybe for really dirty screws etc the toothbrush needs to come out. Has anyone ever worked out definitively the pro's and con's of an ultrasonic cleaner??? I have one and I've had mixed results - I'm pretty sure it strips the gold coating off vintage Tamiya screws, though amazing (from memory) on rusty damper springs.
  12. 1. Porsche 959 2. Wild Willy 3. Supershot 4. Bigwig 5. Top Force Evo (though not convinced about photo on side) Very tough though, could easily swap those out for 5 others!
  13. Ok I stand corrected, the Fox box is in fact pretty awesome, just like the buggy itself. @Hibernaculum - but what if you absolutely had to choose a favourite, or maybe a top 5??
  14. This thread seems to have (temporarily I hope) run out of steam. I'm keen to know other peoples favourite vintage Tamiya boxes..........
  15. I think I agree with you, the Porsche 959 Rothmans box is truly stunning.
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