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  1. Hudson

    HotShot 2

    I might have what you’re looking for. I’ll message you.......
  2. Why do I buy NIB's? Well that's a mighty good question. There's just something magical about those old Tamiya kits - the design of the box, the proportions, the colours, the smell, the artwork, the technical drawings on the box sides, the blister packaging, the advertising for other kits of that era on the box dividers. Honestly, I just don't think it's humanly possible to package a toy in a more appealing way. I got in to Tamiya RC as a 37 ish year old after finding my old Falcon in my parents attic (classic I know), I then spent a few years buying built kits with original box and radio gear and I'd strip and clean them and replace parts etc, and then that just kind of evolved into buying NIB's. And, dare I say it, it seems to be an ok investment - for now at least. For the record, I have no aspirations of collecting the first 100 kits which others have done and others are aiming for, I couldn't afford it anyway. I just buy the kits that I really like, and I think the driving force is an artistic one, I choose the kits that I feel look the best (in NIB form - not necessarily in built form)
  3. As time marches on the number of NIB kits dwindles therefore value goes up. Is it that simple though?? I don't reckon that many vintage kits get built these days - though I guess some do - but surely not the very nice condition very collectable ones?? I mean what happens in another 20/30 years time when us 70's 80's kids are getting old or worse? Will the demand continue once we're gone or will it drop off a cliff? I don't mind admitting that the financial side of things plays a part for me. It's pretty cool knowing that something I love and have a passion for is also a decent investment. Continuing that theme, any predictions on which kits will see the biggest price increases over the next 20 years?? There's already been chat on this thread about how SRB's have dropped away after re-re's. What about the very early kits before Tamiya RC really hit the big time (the first twenty for example). I don't buy these ones but generally I'm surprised at how inexpensive they are, I mean relatively speaking. I could be wrong here but I think a Porsche Rothmans or Avante or Top Force Evo would eclipse most of the first 10 kits in terms of price. For me personally, I feel that the very early kits, once built, look very dated, although I still absolutely love the boxes and presentation of the kits and I really appreciate them as collectable vintage items. Personally I love the golden era stuff, which partly reflects my age, I feel that a lot of the designs from this period still hold up amazingly well today and still look really fresh. Does this increase their value in todays market? but then is this offset by the fact that there's many more NIB kits circulating from this era as the hobby became more mainstream.
  4. It does occur to me that these crazy 'buy it now' prices are a form of price fixing! What I mean is - if you're looking to buy a particular kit then the first point of reference is eBay (for most people at least), and even though you may be appalled with the prices you're seeing, because the item is scarce, and because you have no other point of reference eventually you just have to accept it. Unless of course that same item appears on an auction listing which will give an opportunity and a truer value. On a separate note, from reading all the posts here - there seem to be conflicting views on what's happening to NIB prices. I firmly believe that NIB prices have increased a lot recently, there are others who say the opposite. Can we agree that the earlier Tamiya kits pre 1984 ish have come down from a previous peak whereas 85 - 90 ish (golden era) kits are on the rise???
  5. Ok so I've picked up on your 'previous peaks' comment WillChang, are you saying that there's been a previous peak on vintage NIB's?? I understand from Shodogs post that pre re releases SRB's and Bruisers were worth more than they are now. But taking a broader sample - the first 100 kits for example - have prices ever been higher than they are now?
  6. Ok so you guys are all basically disagreeing with me?! I'm genuinely very happy to be wrong. Perhaps I'm looking at the wrong kits. I believe that all the responses so far are from US based members? which may be a factor. I often see what I consider to be well priced kits in the US but then of course I have to consider delivery and import duty. SuperChamp82 comment also interesting about exact vintage - for example I don't look at anything pre 1984. I'm 43 and my first buggy was the falcon and it's this era that interests me - so perhaps this 85 - 90 era is where prices are rising? As for re-re's killing the price of originals - I'm not sure I agree with this (again I'm not looking at the older stuff), in my experience the originals take a hit when the re-re's arrive but ultimately always recover.
  7. Hello all, as a modest collector of vintage Tamiya NIB's I've noticed that prices are a bit crazy at the moment. Does anyone agree with me? I mean, in the 5 years or so that I've been following NIB prices things have moved steadily up but in the last year or so they've jumped! Let's take the Hotshot for example which is surely one of Tamiyas best kits, though there's a lot of them circulating. A few years ago you could pick one of these up NIB for £350 ish, it then steadily crept up to £450 ish and then all of a sudden a couple went on eBay for £700 and in one foul swoop this has established the new price. When I scan eBay globally I'm just generally very surprised at the prices. With the exception of my earlier Hotshot observation - on the rare occasion that a nice NIB turns up on an 'auction' format I don't feel that it gets close to the 'Buy it now' prices I'm seeing. There's a discrepancy between the price sellers are asking and the price people are prepared to pay, at least that's my view, but maybe I'm wrong, I mean - are people buying these kits at these prices? I guess they must be to some extent. I'm pretty sure a Hotshot 2 NIB has recently appeared on eBay for 1300USD!!! For those of you that have been in this game longer than me are these price jumps the norm? perhaps my observations are all wrong!
  8. Hudson

    BIGWIG Question

    Yes - I have my eye on it, will be interesting to see how high the bidding goes. Thanks for the heads up.
  9. Hudson

    BIGWIG Question

    Whether one appreciates vintage NIB's or not (that's a whole different argument!), in the current market, 500€ absolutely IS a good price for a vintage Bigwig NIB, assuming of course it's in good condition - box, interior, blisters etc. Honestly prices are crazy at the moment and the Bigwig is a very sought after model as pointed out by mongoose1983. I've been looking for a Bigwig for a while and haven't found anything at any price! So amyntas if you decide not to go ahead with this purchase then please put me in touch
  10. Are the orange ones Porsche Cayenne Trans-siberian? And what do the silver BF Goodrich set belong to? I'm interested in both shipped to France if still available? Cheers Stephen
  11. Still looking for the Supershot?

  12. Sorry not the most exciting topic but I'm about to start selling off a large part of my collection and want to find a good reliable economical means of sending parcels. I'm based in France and would envisage most stuff going to UK or Europe. I imagine using a 'drop off' point would be sensible. Does anyone have any good experience here or any advice. Thanks Stephen
  13. Hi all, I have a really nice vintage Thunder Dragon that I'm looking to offload if anyone's keen. I guess I'm looking for around £130 It's very lightly used all original including original radio gear all boxed. I'm based in France - happy to discuss most sensible/economical delivery with any interested parties.
  14. Hi Graeme, I looked at this but if I remember well it had no connectors - or at least there was something not completely correct about it!
  15. Blimey I thought this thread had died an early death! I’m genuinely delighted to have some responses so thank you. Now I don’t want to sound picky but the significant thing here is getting my hands on the ‘correct’ motor in order to authentically complete the kit. I actually posted a thread in the vintage forum (with photos) just before this thread where I asked for help identifying the correct motor for this kit. The kit that I have did come with a motor which had been put in to the original blister packaging but I strongly suspect (as do others) that it’s not the original. I’ve studied all the photos I can find of the Blackfoot kit nib and there seem to be several variants that came with the kit - I guess depending on on whether it’s early or late release. I’m waffling now but my point is that the motor needs to be correct for the kit! My original post in the vintage forum is still there to see. junkmunki - do you know if the motor you’re offering is period correct? The safe/preferred option is the classic mid eighties black or white end bell mabuchi