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  1. Installed some aluminum parts on the MB2, stoked!
  2. Ha! Yeah, I don't baby my trucks by any means. They are meant to be beat on. I am a little hesitant to get a new body dirty, but after the first run, it's all good lol
  3. Here are some new pics. I 've been working on getting my Mud Blaster up to snuff, so I havent had much time to tinker with the ol 'Box
  4. Thanks for the replies. I plan to return the TRX ESC's and get 2 of the HPI ESC. The reviews I've read seem good, and the price is right. I'd rather get something I know is going to work than burn up $50 on a chance.
  5. I have some very nooby motor / ESC questions that I am hoping to get a good answer for here, as I can't find any good answers through Google searches. And if asking questions involving non-Tamiya products are frowned upon, I apologize, but I am struggling here lol. So this is my situation - I want to get as much waterproof electronics in my trucks as possible. I have Traxxas 2075 servos on the way, as well as Traxxas XL 2.5 ESC's, which I ordered without checking first to see if I could run with Tamiya's Sport Tuned 540 motor (DOH!). From what I understand, the Traxxas WP ESC cannot be run with the 540 motor due to the 15t limit on the ESC? Here are the specs from the TRX XL 2.5 ESC : Motors: Brushed Motor Limit: 10-turn (380 size) BEC Voltage: 6.0 Volts DC Transistor Type: MOSFET On-Resistance: 0.008 ohms PWM Frequency: 2300Hz Motor/Battery Wiring: 16-Gauge Weight: 33g (1.16oz) Thermal Protection: Thermal shutdown The HPI SC-15 WP ESC looks to me like it will work with the 540 Sport Tuned motor that I have in both my Lunchbox and MudBlaster II. Here are the specs for the HPI ESC Power Source 6.0-8.4V Current Rating: Forward 200A, Reverse 100A Voltage Regulator: 5.0V (circuit board protection) Motor Compatibility: 15T and up (7.2V), 17T (8.4V) PWM Frequency: 1Khz Am I correct in my understanding of the compatibility of both these ESC's with the 540 Sport motor? Not sure why I really jumped on the Traxxas ESC without doing a little more research first. I suppose because it was suggested as being compatible with the 2075 Servo lol. I need to slow down my trigger finger when it comes to making purchases for my habit, errrrr hobby. Thanks in advance for any insight/help/facts. This forum has been a blessing in getting good information.
  6. I just hooked up some aluminum knuckles and the adjustable axle mount. The axles were a breeze to pop out of the old knuckles. Now I'm on a mission to find a pinion gear upgrade - does anyone know where I could find one?
  7. Thanks for the suggestions/comments about the knuckles. I wish they were shipping from somewhere in the states Im getting anxious to get those knuckles and the adjustable axle mount hooked up. I'm probably going to scoop up a set of the Junfac 12mm wheel wideners so I can throw some decent dirt tires on my LB too. So far I've only upgraded the bearings and installed a knitting needle chassis brace / body mount mod. I switch out my old servo for a Futaba s3305 high torque servo, what a difference! My oil shocks should be here this week, as well as a sport tuned 540 motor. I ordered a Mud Blaster II and a Mad Bull over the weekend to add to my quickly growing collection of Tamiya kits, hopefully they wont distract me too much from my LB mission. I started a new paint job, some warm colors for a base, not sure yet whats going to happen with the rest of the paint job. I'll post pics as it progresses. Anyone know a good alternative to the stock LunchBox pinion gear?
  8. If I wanted to replace the stock front knuckles with these Junfac Aluminum Knuckles, how would I go about getting the axle out of the stock knuckles? Cut them out?
  9. I used Deco Color and Evolve by 004connec paint markers. The base coat is Evolve spraypaint (made for graffiti artists), great stuff and great color range
  10. Thanks for the LED suggestion Bromvw^^ Anyone have a good alternative mod for the stock battery retainer? Mine broke today at the joint with the screw........I used electrical tape to fatten up the end of the battery to keep it from slipping out, but I'm looking for a better fix lol.
  11. Thanks Yello - that makes a lot of sense. I have a tube of shoe goo kicking around somewhere from my skateboarding career days lol. The only concern I would have is the weight it would add to the shell, but the stock body is really heavy compared to the parma body, so I guess it's all good. Thanks again
  12. Thanks for the replies and feedback guys - much appreciated! The artwork was done with spraypaint and paint markers, I plan to use the airbrush on my new paint job for a more realistic graffiti effect. I will keep stock of the parts you mentioned Paul - thanks for the input!
  13. Hello Tamiyaclubbers and fellow Lunchboxers! I just completed my 1st LB build yesterday. Nothing special added just yet, except some sealed bearings for the wheels and one for the counter gear. I have some oil dampers on the way, which should be arriving on Monday. On my list of mods are the usual chassis stabilizing bar/front body mount combo, 5th/3rd damper for the gearbox, and tweak the rear shocks outward. I did the typical "box art" paint job, and got bored of it, so I picked up a Parma Lexan body. Mostly to play around on to get comfortable with painting them so I can really rock out a sweet rolling, tumbling, crashing work of art. I expected the shell to be a bit more difficult to cut out/paint, but it was a breeze! Time to dust off my airbrush and really get busy lol! I plan to strip it and re-paint it on a monthly basis, assuming the shell doesn't get to chewed up. Here's my first attempt with a quick 1 hr job start to finish. Sorry for the low quality iPhone pics. I'll get some better ones before the shell gets trashed (hopefully). Some noob questions: 1.The red plug from the ESC that goes to the "battery" port on the receiver only has holes in the plug for two of the three prongs in the receiver port, yet it still works fine. Is that normal? 2. Any recommendations for a LED kit for the Lunchbox? 3. I have a TH TS-64 Standard High-Torque 2BB Servo U , is it worth installing, or should I hold onto it in case something happens to the servo I have installed now? 4. Which parts, aside from body mounts, break first/most? I dont want to have any down time waiting for parts to come in the mail lol
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