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  1. I've been able to locate most of the commonly broken parts, but I'm pretty sure I need trans parts. Possibly just a failed bearing but feels a bit worse. Haven't had it apart yet and those parts seem to be hard to come by. I've heard some people use the associated trans as a replacement. Bit of mod work to do that so hopefully I can repair the original kyosho trans. I have an old nitro rustler I could run but it's in great shape so I don't bring it out to the track as much. Looking forward to an electric buggy type car for track use.
  2. Kyosho is an electric ultima st. Roller with a motor. Don't really know much about Kyosho never had any. I've always heard they make a good rc car though. I need a "normal" buggy because my son and I turned my old rc10gt Blue chassis into a speed car last year so I've been running my 3 terra crushers (all brushless converted) 1stock tnx, 1 stock tnx 5.2r and 1 brushless nitrage at the track. These are loads of fun but nothing handles like a buggy on these little short dirt tracks around here. The little slash's and the like just flat out handle me every time. The nitrage on 4s is a blast and basically keeps up but it's 1/8 scale so the turning radius is the downfall on tight tracks. Hopefully the kyosho fills the void left behind from my beloved rc10gt. On a side note the gt project is moving along nicely, goal is 100mph on 2s (probably not going to happen) but nonetheless we've managed to get it up to 78mph on 2s with some room for improvement still to go. We here in Indiana are dealing with winter now so that projects shelved until spring.
  3. Great score! You ever think about buying a lottery ticket? Haha. Mrc is an abbreviation for model rectifier corporation. My rough but still living original boxes both have Mrc stickers on them. I think, they bought these as "suitable for radio control" kits and installed their radio gear and electronics before selling them to the public or just sold you electronics when you bought your unassembled kit if you wanted to diy. No doubt someone on here has more details on this, tons of knowledge here. Definitely keep us posted on the restoration progress.
  4. Thanks. Absolutely a wealth of knowledge and experience on here. Should I leave the original decal sheets intact as they are or clean the cars and apply they decals as they appear on their respective boxes? Original builder only used a few on the cars, but they are placed correctly. Also should I leave they wizard unpainted? I believe I have all the original radio gear and servos, etc to put both cars back as they were originally built, is that what I should focus on? These 2 were part of a package deal with an old kyosho, a testors powered model plane from 1970, a dealership promo wired "remote" car from 1954 and a few new giant plane motors from way back. Also a brand new rustler body and Stampede body. Scored it all for $40. So I'm knee deep in projects right now. Lol. I'll wrap the tamiyas up and dive into the rest.
  5. Lambo rear wheel measures 33.6mm tall in the center, 39.8 wide. Lambo rear tire is 52mm tall and 38 wide. Stands to reason it would be a shame to use the new motor and speed control also? Is it better to just get over it and assemble the old girl and shelve it? No doubt a great conversation peice when friends are over. If it's just too rare or valuable (headache) to run at least it pretty to look at! What would be a guesstimate on value for this old stuff? I've seen prices all over the board online for these parts and cars. I never sell, but good to know what you have.
  6. I'll keep an eye out for replacement tires. Thanks. All these tires were off the wheels and in labeled zip loc bags when I bought this stuff. Except the new in box lambo fronts. I couldn't believe how flexible and supple they were when I mounted them. I can flatten them and they spring right back up like rubber. No cracking when I smash any of them flat while unmounted. Should I skip even trying to run these tires, just wait until I can find replacement foams? Thanks. My only experience with foams are my teenage years with slot cars.
  7. Thankfully the lambo has new fronts and came with 4 rears that are all soft and completely usable, 2 of the rears look nearly new. And the wizard tires are the same, great shape and very soft no cracks or hard spots. These cars must have been stored well all these years. If I only run a few times a year these tires should last a long time. I've noticed hub difference between the 2 cars so not sure about using wizard era parts to rebuild the lambo. Looks like I could cut a wizard axle down a bit, use stock wizard diff and hubs if I use wizard wheels in the rear. Or modify the worse of my lambo rear sets to fit the wizard hubs. Definitely some research to do.
  8. Forgot to attach these. The aforementioned road wizard. Stickered but unpainted. Not sure I like that, but I can live with it. Came with lrp f1 esc and the original receiver with metal antenna mast, I swapped in an old traxxas just to test with.
  9. Just picked up a lamborghini countach 58008 and a road wizard cheap on a local site. Both came with original boxes and a box of extras and nib parts and original sticker sheets even the original kraft radio gear from back in the day. The road wizard just needed cleaned up and it's ready to go, turns out to be near mint and works flawlessly. My question is more towards the lambo, it's a basket case with a few important parts M.I.A. (axle, diff, hubs) but to the positive it did come with a nib rx540sd, nib mechanical speed control and nib wheels/tires and a martini porsche 936 body. If I build the car using the new extremely hard to find parts, it'll turn into a shelf queen when I'd actually like to run it at the carpet track a few times a year just for fun, no competition stuff. Or should I use more modern parts with zero modifications to the original car? I was thinking my old Novak esc and a fresh but tame brushed 19t? mabey even 27t? Or should I dare to run the vintage nib rx540sd? Since I don't forsee selling it and would never consider cutting it up or modification beyond bolt on, plug and play type changes. This would keep the value because I could always return it to stock and would allow me to enjoy this old beauty on occasion. Basically should I restore and just deal with having a couple cars I never run or risk it and run it like it was ment to be run? What should I do with them? Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  10. Looks like a great score. Body looks like new. Perfect candidate! Goodbye F.R.A.T.! Keep us posted and if you need anything let me know.
  11. Any other pics or info on how this worked out? I have an old KC and would love to be able to adapt some leftovers from my rc10gt brushless converted speed run car if possible.
  12. Thanks. Enjoy them and give us updates periodically whenever you get time to work on them. I'm excited to see how someone else's interpretation works out. I've wanted a Wild Commando to work this Magic on for a long time, 350z Crusher would be fun too. You gotta collect the whole set.......right? Lol.
  13. Careful, that's how it's started for me. Somehow it led to me "needing" lots of them! Last I checked ebay had a red Terra Crusher for $100 usd plus shipping. Decent shape, original body and the normal transmission issues if I remember correctly. I've seen them sell cheaper recently and parts lots go real cheap usually.
  14. Thanks. They are great bashers and when you get bored on land, bolt on jumbo kongs and float/drive across creeks and ponds. Also a blast at the local track when everyone is trying to guess what it is. Loads of fun all the way around.
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