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  1. Hi guys, going back to 1/10 scale from 1/8th so I want another tt01 to play with... And hopefully take to America with me... Also i want it to go as complete my hyper 7e, not been used that much and wanting to go a different route i think and need funds for America in the summer and down grade to 1/10 shell could do with replacing at some point (i have used the pics from my build thread) other than that its in pretty good condition comes with: hobbyking 120a ESC with program card GT3C controller turnigy 4s 5000 mah lipo (used once) 3 sets of wheels (2 off road and 1 on road) spares that i have collected lipo charger, the plug is an in car charger,but you can buy the mains plug adapter if needed Will need a new motor as i managed to kill the annsman motor that was in it, teaches me for buying off ebay :-/ i would like £250+10 postage or offers i think thats a fair price? if not then tell me
  3. after some TL01 standard shocks (the short ones, not the Baja ones) i'm pretty sure TT01's are the same... its for a bit of an experiment on my TA03 cheap as poss, budget is really really low now
  4. does anyone have a spec/fitting/picture of the MSC fitted to the TA-03 model??
  5. im currently doing a project for uni, and basically i bought an RC car chassis which was originally going to be for the project, however after a night of procrastinating, i decided to make a drift car... but with my own little twist!! this is the post from an RC forum i'm (now) on... Hi guys, im new to the drifting lark, but i thought i should do something out of the ordinary. This project actually started as a byproduct of another project i am currently doing at the min. anyway, I am using a Tamiya TA03 chassis and slowly converting it into a drift project (any advice you can give, please do) what makes this project different is that unlike your usual set up that use an analog signal, mine is completely digital, and with that its been a bit of a ballache as i have to program everything... the angle of the steering servo, all the way to the speed of the motor. i've been trialling this system on my other project and i know it works, its just putting the code through a fine tooth comb to make sure everything reacts as it should. am i limited by the board??... not a chance, the possibilities are liturally endless with this board, after completing this, i am going to play around with an onboard video feed/recording. though this will most likely require a second board unless i can increase the inputs and outputs on the current board. I am also using a playstation controller which means i can program any button to do anything... enjoy guys...
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