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  1. Hello guys, I was able to pick up 2 new Pink Acto Power motors. One will be for the Dyna Storm build. The question is sticker or no sticker ( MCI reproduction). Dave
  2. Oliverperr tried to scam me a few weeks ago. Tried to sell me a Dyna Storm. All sorts of red flags, and stolen pics. Dave Cordova
  3. Hello, Im looking for a DB01R box and manual. Thanks, David
  4. Hello, Im looking for the carbon damper stay set for the DB01. 54385 is the front, and 54386 is the rear. Thanks, David
  5. Hello, this is a long shot. I'm looking for a good condition TRF211x. David
  6. I have what your looking for, its a titanium step screw. Pm sent. Dave
  7. I have what you are looking for. I pm'd you. Dave
  8. Hello all, Newbie here. Been on here for quite some time but decided its time for my first post. Besides a spare Bf8 and Bf9, this is the rarest item I have. Here is a 1988 Avante Generation 1 C parts.
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