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  1. Today’s delivery.. either making a black special or just a fully hopped long wheelbase Avante
  2. Hi mate . I had to buy a set from a guy in Denmark inhavd found another guy with another set but I’m having to pay £35 a set mint easy to find noq im annoyed as I bought a set from rc mart when they were 8 bucks I was too tight to buy more buy kicking myself now , same with egress wheels.
  3. I’m pretty sure I saw these in stock at tamico mate
  4. Sorted now. Still can’t figure out how to delete defunct sales posts
  5. Ps.. the last set sold for £160 on eBay so maybe you should do some research before calling someone out.
  6. That’s what I paid for them. you show me where you can get them cheaper in stock and without import fees £30 for wheels. £30 for tyres and £20 for cam locks . £9 to cover recorded post and fees. They sold anyway so can’t be that unreasonable . If you don’t like the price of an item it’s easier to just ignore it than cause trouble.
  7. Thought I’d drop by and post my progress this is a mix of 3 kits to make a fully hopped up vqs vajra base. egress carbon vqs/ vanquish 2 gear diff and centre ball diff set up trying to decide what colour wheels to go with . Pink Ot white or black , but pink think. I have a modern cpr unit and choice of Avante bs motor or bz or gt tuned motor . I think I will mount the wing in front of the tower as it’s very far back . Shell sits high too. Will need to cut a black undertray with high sides . I can also used this chassis for 2001 set up so I’m very happy with it .
  8. Avante Wheels tyres cam locks no screws £89
  9. New untouched vajra kit ( long wheelbase Avante with monster tyres) On eBay for 2 days or here £349
  10. It’s on eBay mate . £349 gonna list on here tonight. That’s how I found your message. They are great kits. Best I’ve built . I’m making a fully hopped up vanquish/ 2001 with mine using egress fibrelyte chassis plates
  11. But surely if I leave the sides of the undertray long they will tuck up inside the vqs shell? Or am I missing something ? I was hoping to use both vqs and 2001 shells but yo be fair it’s mostly good display so undertray Is not crucial
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