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  1. Thanks for that! It seems to have worked! nice one
  2. Tamiya racing factory 501x factory Sealed £799
  3. This kit has been such a strange release. We all craved it for years and every other person who got one immediately sold it . I can’t understand it . I almost sold mine but something made me change my mind and I’m glad as I am now intending to race it on Astro at coastal rc club. I have some big bore Tamiya dampers for it . I should really buy another kit for spares . You interested in a trade for rere egress/ 2001 and super astute?
  4. Postman bought my new TRF collection I wanted to show it but all my photos are more like 7mb each instead of the maximum 1.7mb upload limit. how the heck am i supposed to upload a pic with that!?
  5. Pair of beauty’s 2001 made from egress and vqs kits . will be sent with white lightweight wheels and hybrid tyres on super astute is mint new built boxed with rear yeah racing cvds and spares 2001 is very good condition £550 the pair Buyer to take care of PayPal fees
  6. Thanks for the heads up bro i sent him a pm
  7. Hi mate. I just bought a new built one boxed with a new spare chassis and belts for £475 but I’d be interested to hear your price as I may get a second one for spares I have a couple of cars for sale myself egress 2001 conversion and new built super astute to sell or trade.
  8. Looking for a Tamiya trf 503 Good money or trades waiting for a new in box or mint roller
  9. Avante 2001 made from rerelease parts hi caps with 3mm custom tower fibrelyte carbon jc racing wheels with dual blocks lovely car in excellent condition Just been stripped clean and rebuilt £320
  10. New in box black special has white driver instead of grey. pink wheels were briefly fitted to a shelf queen but no marks on them otherwise an untouched kit £599
  11. I have done a lot of work to get a set of hi caps to actually work on the race track on an egress /2001 rere in my personal opinion the rear shock set up on the egress ( at least with hi caps) is terrible. The shocks are so far back from all The weight in the centre that there is not enough weight on them for them to work properly at all and the mounting angle is so steep that this causes the piston rod to leverage the pistons and scores a rough spot in the hi cap damper body’s so I had some custom shock towers made up. These are version 1’s.. I had the rear tower made with “ wings” so I could get a more vertical mounting like the Avante as my avante rere rear end was super plush with the same type of shocks and taller custom tower . If you make the rear tower in 3mm carbon which is almost necessary really as the 2mm will twist like crazy you need to relieve the bottom few mm to 2mm to fit the slot in the mount Unfortunately I underestimated just how Much taller the towers would need to be to account for these new positions and how wide the wings must be to recreate Avante but I will make version 2 towers with the knowledge I have gained I also fitted the fibrelyte stand offs for the front the standard kit damping “40wt is far too stiff for the egress design . I drilled out the piston holes as much as I could and I swapped the oil for 25wt. This was a big improvement but i think the single biggest improvement one could do for racing would be to put a taller Avante 2011 rear tower and mount set uP Onto an egress chassis with hindsight I would have put an egress bottom plate onto my vajra conversion and made a hybrid high performance machine but it’s now sold. Notice I have 2 ball studs each side on the front stand off instead of a nut for different options My custom front tower is 3mm thick and allows all 4 holes to be used to mount up the tower . Because I did not get the tower made tall enough I currently have it mounted in the upper holes to achieve maximum available shock travel but version 2 will mount in all 4 holes and still give max travel . I will also leave more bracing although this means cutting the shell nose narrower I actually today added longer shock eyelets during final fettling to give me maximum travel but still have wishbone droop like a real car when you jack it up Unfortunately the rear hi caps are a bit worn internally now after only a few race meets from being used in the standard positions and are now a bit squeaky so will be swapped out for aeration dampers but after hours of testing with this car I can say this set up ( at least version 2) will be the best suspension you can get out of a set of hi caps on an egress. Blue trf o rings and a bit of shock snot are also a must have upgrade if you want the best action from a set of Tamiya shocks i have videos on my YouTube channel bashing this car hard and you can see how much better the shock action is now .
  12. Looking forward to see if you pull this off. A blue chrome shell just sold for 200 Euros. That’s more reasonable but they do look stunning!
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