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  1. Yup .. I'll be getting one a well.
  2. Hi all, Metro Hobbies is a bricks & mortar shop in Boxhill, and been my local hobby shop for some 30 years, so I thought I'd give a little run down on them for those who think they may be a hoax or recent pop-up shop.These guys have always sold Tamiya product, and at one stage were apparently the biggest seller ofTamiya in Australia.. The old owner was proud of that. From all I know about them the notification of the Big Wig re-release will be legit. They obviously scewed up though and gave the info to the dude who maintains the site (a fairly new set up for them) who then just put the information into release for the puplic .. OOPS!! The price will be what they will need to charge off the shelf in their store. So I would'nt pay too much mind to it unless you intend to pop into the shop and by one over the counter. Not affiliated with them, just havebeen buying from them for a while now. Cheers, Michael
  3. Is the BRAT chrome edition still available ? That kit has a chrome chassis in it, so that may be a way to get one. Then use a red or blue chassis with the chrome BRAT body .. that's what I planned on doing.
  4. Anyone still looking for a Porsche 911GT2 Club Sport TA02SW .. Dinball has them for US $ 99.00 on Ebay at the moment.
  5. Aristocraft Draggin Wagon Trailer Attachment for Tamiya/Traxxas/Kyosho : Looks interesting, maybe something like a tractor pull sled .. anyone know anymore about this item ? http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Vintage-Aristo-Craft-Draggin-Wagon-R-C-Pulling-sled-Tamiya-Traxxas-Kyosho-NEW-/351397490994?&_trksid=p2056016.l4276 Not mine BTW
  6. Yup, little Punky turned into a hottie. Found that out myself sometime ago when I was doing some research for a TV & Movie based forum I used to moderate on. Never knew about the Tamiya race in PB though ..thanks for posting it.
  7. Thanks Taffer and waterbok. It didn't seem correct, but being new to Tamiya RC I was confused on this. (My background is with Tamiya slot cars) From what I've read around the forum oil shocks can help improve the manners of some cars, like those based on a WR-02 chassis .. correct ? Are the shocks supplied in the kit that bad ? What is the correct length for the dampers to be used on this chassis? I've seen some really nice looking pre-assembled metal dampers from china that state the length (hole - hole) but I'm not sure which is the correct size.
  8. A black FIAT 500c .. going in for it's 2000km service tomorrow. These have been O'seas for many years, but only just now starting to getting some sales traction here in Australia. Still don't see that many of the newer Fiat 500's on the roads here, but the numbers are increasing .. having the Chrysler dealer network backing, as well as a big price drop has certainly helped sales.
  9. Sorry if this has been aswered before, but I'm still very fresh to RC cars. I just ordered a set of CVA short dampers to fit the WR-02 chassis. The thing is the seller says in the description that these are also compatible with CW-01 chassis .. is this true? If so, why do the CW01 dampers have a different part no. Heres' a copy of the description form the seller : - Brand : Tamiya - Item Type : WR-02 CVA Short Shock Unit - White - Item No: 84351 - Compatible with CW-01 chassis.
  10. Watching with interest as to the process to sort this. I just ordered a second one from Banzai last night .. so now two Willys are winging there way to me as I post this.
  11. Yes, if only the power that were had left it to run it's own course we would have had some more iconic rally cars to lust after. Love that red based Martini marking on the Lancia too. I've seen a LeMans car done in black based Martini as well.
  12. You're right .. I'd say Subaru would be making a beast very much along those lines. A bit modern, but I do like it btw.
  13. Such a rare beast like that 037 shouldn't be entered in a race with common things like Skylines. I mean , it may get tapped in the *** .. or bent in someway running around in that field. If they want to still run it at least the owner should put it into a hillclimb .. if they can't find an historic rally to enter
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