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  1. Well I checked today and the word is July or maybe even August before the Egress kits the shop.
  2. I just placed a pre-order an Egress from my LHS - Aud $679.00. This pre-order was just listed on their site today, so hopefully means the stock will hit soon. Maybe more parts will be available as well.
  3. I'm a bit wary of trimming and painting lexan as it's not a practiced thing yet for me, so the pre-done body in this kit is a bonus. I just picked it up today , along with the Futaba and some other bits.
  4. Where are you located FWLBP? I have unbuilt RE-RE I'd part with .. but I'm in Australia.
  5. So ... any more news on a release on the 2020 re-re Nova Fox? I've seen a video on the current re-re of the re-re'd re-re but nothing available in shops here yet . Not even a pre-order option.
  6. I think there was more than 1 up - this is the car I was watching.
  7. I was watching an auction for a built-up Ligier last night. Only 5 years ago I paid less for mine in the box that that built-up last night went for, so getting mine out of the box and building it doesn't seem a bad thing to do now.
  8. Has that "style" to it. It doesnt quite look like a Toyota - Is it based on a Isuzu vehicle maybe ?
  9. Sorry to read about the injury - the things we do for our hobbies.
  10. I liked the look of the Cat XLS Masami as well , but after watching some YT vids on the builds I backed away from that one for now. I have more experience in building vintage 1:24th slot slots than Tamiya RCs. The slot cars always require fettling to run correctly, so you never know that experience may help some with this build.
  11. Went through some old storage boxes to find this Porsche and a Renault R5 I've had stashed for a while. Found the Renault was knocked about a bit, and now needs some more parts .. see my trade thread.
  12. The BigWig arrived - so colourfull in the box.
  13. I'm looking for the steering part circled in orange - for my Renault 58026.
  14. For trade - Hirobo Zerda ZR-11 - Pair wheels stil in packet. I'm looking for
  15. Bump - I've changed this For Sale thread .... into a TRADE thread. That may make it easier for members outside of Australia.
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