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  1. The the guy at the hobby shop was very helpfull when I spoke to him on the phone. He also di mention an approx 5 week delay before they would have new stock, so end of October sounds about right. He did also mention something about a general delay in distribution because of different Covid-19 restrictions. So it look like Kyosho are doing another run of the Scorpion , and I hope the Beetle too. I'll just save my dough and maybe get BOTH !!
  2. They seem to be based in New Zealand , so I'm not sure that many outside this region will know them https://www.mightyape.com.au/hobbies/rc-radio-controlled/all They seem a legit place to buy from .. maybe I'm just paranoid.
  3. I've been using https://www.flickr.com/ since that rubbish photobucket pulled a while ago.
  4. Has anyone here ever ordered an RC kit , or anything, from Mighty Ape? I've placed an order for a Tamiya XR311 from them the other day , and all look good to go . Today I had a message from Mighty Ape asking for some address confirmation by sending a photo of a current phone or gas bill , showing my address. I'm a bit of a cautious ****** , but I do want the kit. Any thoughts?
  5. Whoo Hoo - Thought that I'd bagged myself a a Kyosho Scorpion kit last night on the net. From a Sydney dealer who had one IN STOCK. Placed my order , payed with CC and all looked good. Just had a call from them this morning ... back order only .. They will send a full refund, and the follow up service was good so I'll keep an eye on the site for stock to arrive and order from them again - but I am as disappointed a kid at Christmas hoping for a special gift, only to find "santa" has given me socks and underwear.
  6. I believe the threshold where duty is incurred changed in Australia from Aud $1,000 down to Aud $500, which is still a substancial amount. So purchasing a kit from an Asian seller can still be a good option here. I do still shop around though, as local sellers can be competative on many items.
  7. Hi, I wonder if someone can help with the dumb question I have. I thought that all the parts on this car were plastic ?? I purchased a Super Shot from Ebay a while ago. Now that I have more time to check it out some parts look different from other Hot Shots I've seen on the net. I have never owned a Super Shot before, so this is all new to me.
  8. I just last week ordered a BigWig from rcMart, so that statement only took 4 years to come to fruition.
  9. Sorry to say my built RC have been neglected for some time while I was occupied elsewehere. Time to start to a clean up, and see what's required.
  10. Just look at that beautifull inner package .. so nice.
  11. My travel in Tamiya RC was pure accident, and quite recent. I had no experience with anything RC before about 8 years ago. I was searching for vintage Tamiya slot car parts, when by pure chance I discovered a stash of vintage Tamiya RC parts instead. I didn't recognize anything , but what was there looked fantastic, and intriguing enough for me to buy the lot. I had to do an internet search and learn more about these vintage RC parts .. especially (see the image). What the heck was this for?? Well I soon discovered (thanks to this forum) that the part was for an SRB chassis. Now RC collecting is well under my skin. Three Sand Scorchers, plus are troop of other Tamiya RC kits and cars can attest to that.
  12. Not sure if these are rare - but maybe more difficult to find now.
  13. Hi, during a recent sorting and reaquaintance with my RC stuff I found these motors again. I Don't know much about these except for the brand names, and was wondering if the vintage RC experts may be able to help with information. Has anyone here used any of these motors before? Anyone know the specs for these motors? I can't find NO information about OCT racing at all. Thanks for any help , cheers, Michael
  14. Order a re-re BigWig from them. Like my kiwi brother said , even with the fedex shipping the kit was still cheaper than anywhere else I could find one. Not sure how long it will take to OZ.
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