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  1. So ... any more news on a release on the 2020 re-re Nova Fox? I've seen a video on the current re-re of the re-re'd re-re but nothing available in shops here yet . Not even a pre-order option.
  2. I think there was more than 1 up - this is the car I was watching.
  3. I was watching an auction for a built-up Ligier last night. Only 5 years ago I paid less for mine in the box that that built-up last night went for, so getting mine out of the box and building it doesn't seem a bad thing to do now.
  4. Has that "style" to it. It doesnt quite look like a Toyota - Is it based on a Isuzu vehicle maybe ?
  5. Sorry to read about the injury - the things we do for our hobbies.
  6. I liked the look of the Cat XLS Masami as well , but after watching some YT vids on the builds I backed away from that one for now. I have more experience in building vintage 1:24th slot slots than Tamiya RCs. The slot cars always require fettling to run correctly, so you never know that experience may help some with this build.
  7. Went through some old storage boxes to find this Porsche and a Renault R5 I've had stashed for a while. Found the Renault was knocked about a bit, and now needs some more parts .. see my trade thread.
  8. The BigWig arrived - so colourfull in the box.
  9. I'm looking for the steering part circled in orange - for my Renault 58026.
  10. For trade - Hirobo Zerda ZR-11 - Pair wheels stil in packet. I'm looking for
  11. Bump - I've changed this For Sale thread .... into a TRADE thread. That may make it easier for members outside of Australia.
  12. The Beetle will be the first one I buy - for sure. When I spotted images the Beetle on the first release in 2014 I liked it the least out of the Scorpion and the Beetle , now the Beetle is the one I want the most.
  13. @DakratfinkThat Hornet looks like a fun project. You can try getting the old paint off with anti-septic liquid (Dettol). I've never tried on polycarbonate , but I know it works well to get old paint off styrene and diecast. You may find though that red colour has laft the shell slightly discoloured (red tends to have a strong pigment , that after many years can discolour the item it is painted onto) So I agree with Superluminal , getting a re-re body shell and starting with a fresh "canvas" may be less frustrating, and less time consuming in the long run.
  14. There are a lot of choices when it comes to 1.9 beadlocks Chris. You'll have fun spending your money . I almost bought every set I spotted - so cheap from China , and with tyres fitted already.
  15. That looks fantastic Mechanic AH. I'm getting that same set of tyres too, as well as the wheel/tyre combo I pictured in my other post.
  16. The guy from Japan (Jason?) must have broken up a ton of these kits back then - the parts for this buggy were everywhere on Ebay.
  17. I think your MB is fabulous. Great colour for the bug. Tamiya used the clear parts from the Sand Scorcher re-re , which has no rear window. The original MB did have a rear window. I think the sunroof is supposed to be an optional thing - open or closed.
  18. It has arrived and it looks fantastic - Love it. I am not much of a basher or into over high powered stuff (not knocking those who are) so I don't see a problem coming up with this anytime soon. The bearing kit for it has also arrived - plus have the rear cage, rear sway bar and rear skid plate on the way. Most YT guys have noted the tyres are "useless", with no grip. The tyres gripped very well on my carpet , so it may be that these trucks are intended for the carpet or astro-turf tracks . Just for fun. I did still order some other tyres and wheels The Chevy Silverado wheel base is 337.8 cm. The FORD F-150 wheel base is 310.9 cm to 415.8 cm (depending on cab & tray combination). The Rampage wheel base is 33 cm , so while it does look huge it is about right for 1:10th.
  19. Well priced, and from a local hobby shop, this Schumacher TOP CAT has arrived on the door step today. I do get the feeling I may have "bitten off much more than I can chew" with this one though. May just peer into the box sometimes , and leave the building for a while.
  20. Hi - all parts back up for sale again . As I mention in an earlier post with my paypal is not working selling these within Australia is the best option for me. Plus it seems Aust Post have agian put up the postage cost to Europe.
  21. You've made me want to buy one of these now Wht's the kit # please
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