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  1. I bought the Imax B6 AC just recently and I think it is very good value for money considering that it will charge all the common battery types as well as having a very good selection of charging options - charge, discharge, cycle, timers, various rates of charge etc... It's not an entirely intuitive menu system but a little practice will get you what you need no problem. Sorry, I don't know a great deal about the batteries themselves...
  2. Agreed, they are very dull, which is why I haven't plucked up the courage to put them on mine yet. I was going to try a non-box art thingy, possibly high power silver with some TRF (ebay) decals...maybe! Did you manage to get your new ones in OK, Raman?
  3. I had that very same problem, nothing seemed to be small enough! So, I tried 'Gravatar' and it worked 1st time no problem with the image that I wanted. You could always try that...
  4. Well, if you cover the postage cost you're welcome to have them. I'd much rather see them go on a proper build than my warped and broken shell! I wouldn't be confident that the scanner I have is good enough anyway. Let me know and I'll get them posted to you, no problem!
  5. I've got them unused and in the packet...almost put them on mine at the weekend! Do you want to swap for a set of decals that you have lying around - something touring car-like would be good? I bought my 155 used from fleabay and to be honest the shell isn't in good enough condition to justify putting on the full decals! Let me know, if you would like them! Frank
  6. Doesn't look so much "toe-in" as opposed to negative camber, which I think is normal. The -ve camber on yours seems to be quite pronounced and from what I can see in the image (I'm a newbie, so I can only say what I see) is that the part holding the front knuckles seem to be pointing "up" and are not entirely as straight as the main part of the arm... Just a couple of lines from a 'Paint' edit shows what I mean... If these are the correct parts then I would agree with Percymon that lengthening the shocks might reduce the camber to a more suitable level.
  7. Balls, Vapextech can't help at all... Need to make an offer on the ebay one or hope that some lovely forum member reads this and takes pity on me!
  8. Good thinking, I'll do just that! I've also asked Vapextech, just on the off chance they can make one up...how hard could it be?
  9. Yup, it's definitely one of those Tampack ones (what an unfortunate name - I don't think they thought that through). Seem to be quite hard to come by...do any members have any lying around for sale??? I'll send an enquiry to Vapextech as you suggested, Percymon! Thanks!
  10. I think all 3 of those might be too big... The earlier one you posted - the vintage one - was bang on...I'm sure! I'll let you know how I get on! Thanks for your help...AGAIN!
  11. Now, that looks exactly like the right thing indeed! Added to watch list until such times as I can check the manual. Pricey for used, don't you think???
  12. Oh, yeah, I probably do need that...I've only just realised what Mini-T stands for now... that's embarrassing Yeah, I have the manual as well, I'll have a look at that tonight and see what spec it says the battery pack should be. I should really have thought about that first...I'm a beginner, forgive me! I've just ordered a Tamiya to Mini T adapter in order to charge it, when I find it that is. If I found the right pack size and shape but it had the wrong connector, I'd just snip the one off the original battery holder and solder it on. That should be OK shouldn't it?!
  13. Percymon, I had a look at the Vapextech stuff and did see something that looked vaguely similar in shape - I should really get my finger out and just measure the size of battery case... I'm almost positive it's not the sub c type (they would be too thick - I wanted to say girthy, but that wouldn't sound right. However, I did come across something called Mini-T which looks like it could fit...The the only way I can describe it is that it should be the size of 4 AA batteries lined up side by side. I'll have a good look through the Vapextech website as I had only previously seen their bits n pieces on ebay.
  14. Can anyone help me on which type of battery to go for and possibly where to get it for my 1/12 Tam Tech Ferrari 643? I've either been duped on evil bay or it doesn't work with 4 x 1.5v AAs. It's apparently rated at 7.2V for a battery pack but comes with a plastic insert that fits 4 AAs. Am I doing something wrong? I thought I got a really good deal with it since it was boxed with the chassis only part complete and the body parts still in their packets but if it doesn't work then it isn't quite as good as I thought... Also noticed that I can't find many of these around, are they quite rare? p.s. is £165 too much for an original, new in box Midnight Pumpkin? Thanks in advance chaps!
  15. Thanks again for all the info again guys. It never ceases to amaze me just how much tech info there is about even the smallest of parts especially hidden ones. I've gone for the ABEC9 rated ones to try them first, not even for any particular reason... If they're not very good, I'll try the Jazrider ones. The main goal is to get a really quick car based on a TL01 chassis - maybe this isn't the best one for speed but it's all I have...so far. I have had a look on rcbearings, Percymon, however, I couldn't find any doing a couple of searches for the TL01 chassis and also the kit number of my Alfa...strange I thought since I was led to believe this was quite a popular chassis type. Oh, and sorry, I don't think I've started this thread in the correct place. Admins, please feel free to move it and accept my apologies!
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