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  1. As has been said, very difficuly with spray bombs but can be done. You sound like you've got the right idea and just need to practice but one other tip I've used is as you feather the edge and want it lighter is to move the can further back from the surface. That and go slow. You won't get what you want in one or two coats, you'll need lots of very light coats gradually built up as you move back to where you want the colour solid.
  2. Not familiar with that chassis but some searching should turn up hinge pins the right size that use e clips. That's what I normally do and have just done with my new Super Hotshot.
  3. It's all I've ever used since my very first Tamiya and that same diff is still going without being opened since it was first built some 25 years ago.
  4. I don't think I've ever used them on any Tamiya car I've built.
  5. If you don't mind my asking, which wheels and tyres did you buy and from where? I'm just getting my Super Hornet back together and while I have the original wheels and tyres unused, I'd prefer to run a different set. It's currently wearing the wheels and tyres from my old Pajero (same style as seen on the Brat etc) but the wheels are pretty beat up and the tyres bald. I never applied the stickers or painted the body so some black wheels would be cool.
  6. The Super Hornet has no space between the gearbox and chassis when it pivots forward. In fact it touches the chassis. Anyway I've just made some new springs from piano wire so we'll see how that goes. If they don't last I'll try tempring the next lot. I used 0.8mm wire which is almost twice as thick as the stock ones that measure 0.47mm
  7. Thanks but unfortunately no. While it would stop the front of the gearbox from rising and staying there, any shock placed in that position would mean the suspension could only work acorss the axle one wheel at a time. When both wheels hit a bump simultaneously or absorb a landing the gearbox pivots forward into that space. It would effectively lock the suspension up giving it no travel a good deal if not most of the time. Can you still compress both shocks simultaneously on your Grasshopper?
  8. Hi all, Just wondering if anyone has done or seen a 3rd shock mod on a Super Hornet? Searching hasn't turned anything up. I'm currently building a CC-01 and a Super Hotshot but have enough bits laying around that I've decided to get my old Super Hornet running again. It's already fully ball raced and I'm going to use the ESC and GT Tuned motor from the Super Hotshot kit. I just noticed however that one of my axle springs is broken. Thought I may have had some spares but I don't. I do however have several shcoks so was wondering if a 3rd shock mod can be done? There's not enough room in front of the gearbox like on other models so hoping someone has had a brilliant idea in the past. Cheers.
  9. Makes sense, anything that gets inside (though I've never had anything make it in but I don't drive through water) would be thrown to the outside while the tyre is spinning. Back to the original topic, you can make inserts out of any foam of suitable size and firmness. It doesn't have to be a donut, a strip will work. You could glue the ends together if you wanted to.
  10. I know some people prefer to punch the tyre but why not the wheel? Most RC wheels have holes in them. In fact other than the old 2 piece wheels from my old Pajero I don't think I've seen wheels without breather holes. The original hotshot and the "gold" plated Super Hotshot wheels each have at least 4 holes. The pin spikes are self supporting but they sag more than I remember. Much larger contact patch but I can also see the rim bottoming out over bumps.
  11. Missed me Interesting that we're almost all aged within about a 10 year period. Tamiya was pretty much the big brand in Australia back when we were kids. Not any more though. Other than paint I rarely see Tamiya RC stuff in the hobby shops now.
  12. IMO the new tyres in the re res (at least the few I've seen) all seem to be thinner and softer than I remember the originals being. Certainly softer than the originals I still have but that could be due to age. When I mounted one of the tyres from my new Super Hotshot the other day and gave it a squeeze it didn't return to shape as the tyre is too soft, there's no insert and there's no holes in the rim so it basically created a vacuum seal when I squeezed some air out it couldn't get back in as there's not enough pressure pushing the tread back out. I could see similar happening when you land a jump unless you seal all around the tyre very well with ca and I never bothered doing that. I've been tossing up making some inserts or at least drilling a tiny hole in the rim. Has no one else come across this?
  13. Matt, 40 in July from Hills District, NSW . Returning to the hobby after a break of ~10 years. While I still have most of my old cars, the re res did it, being able to grab a model or two that I reall ywanted when I was a kid but no way I could afford it.
  14. They look great. I can see in your pics that the light weight Avante wheels (I think that's what they are) have a good vibrance and more of a gloss finish than the other wheels. I noticed the same thing when doing mine last weekend. Twosets of wheels, similar if not the same finish yet once died the Avante wheels had a higher gloss. Can you tell me if the lemon yellow is noteably lighter than the yellow Tamiya shocks? I think it is but hard to tell the true shade in pics sometimes.
  15. Thanks, I'll do some testing today as the wheels I'm going to do will be black and that's what I want for the rest of the parts. I was going to paint them so that would scratch and show anyway so not too concerned if dye does the same, I just didn't think it'd take at all. Kevin_Mc, I've never seen silver dye. Closest I think you could come would be a light grey. If you want a nice silver then paint is you're best bet. EDIT: The red parts don't work. I tested a piece of the sprue while doing the wheels and it came out slightly darker but definitely still red. Maybe 2 or 3 packs of dye in as little water as possible might get somewhere but I doubt it.
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