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  1. I love my falcon, I swapped out the drive shafts to thorp ones and updated cup joints and I put a duratrax photon speed motor 20 single in it, just get rid of the STD rims and put wildone wheels on it and their ace you can even put 2.2" wheels on it,the gearbox is really strong but as it's been stated the shell is not very strong and the wing does nothing but fall off when you roll it,but there the best original basic 2wd tamiya did and it would be a shame to never have owned one I've had 5 and now I'm just down to 3.
  2. [quote name='TenzoR' date='Dec 2 2011, 10:29 PM' Niether were top performers though back in the days though ... Funny Jamie booth became 4wd brca national champion with a topforce/mantaray.... And that was against yoke's and lazers and procats
  3. im a happy dinball customer too,i bought a rpm lamp bar off them and it arrived within 8 days,ive bought off stella too(tt01 drift car-durga hopups) they arrived safe and sound didnt pay any duty,and to top it off i got the durga spares before the tamiya distributers in this country got them---bargain.... so these are the only ones i trust.
  4. having a bit of a run at matlock on either 23rd or the 24th of october-which ever suits everyone,runing scale and 2.2" crawlers,nothing serious no comp's or anything daft just a scale bash. planning to get up there early 10am ish.
  5. you will probably find that running buggys and trucks indoors will be a bit tight for space,if you take a look at most clubs who run indoors they mostly run mardaves or micros-ive done this and it can get quite expensive regarding timing equipment if you want to get serious. best start off with some people who just want to run cars-drift is easy to do and find somewhere cheap-scout huts are dead cheap or even social clubs can be quite accomadating,you could gain members by running some cars at a carnival on a small course.
  6. first thing i do is get the tools ready,get some plates to put all the screws in,open the box and give the tyres a good old sniff!!!,new tamiya tyres always smell so nice-its like opening a brand new jar of coffee....hmmmmmm nice. then i get the thing built as soon as poss......never had anything for nib kits!!....
  7. where abouts are you thinking about?,im from chester and aint that far away from you. and racing what??
  8. ballistic buggy used to make them back in the early 90's, i know for a fact that bury model car club has got a box full of them,i think they just went out of fashion which is a shame because ive got a couple on my rc10's and they are indestructable..
  9. i charge mine at 5amps on the bc6,ive never had any problems with battery life,on my much more charger i charge them at 6 amps and have have no issue's.
  10. This was the 2nd snetterton meeting ive been to and yep the weather was awful again,but the fun was still there-big thanks must go to jonny retro for running the meeting even if the wind and rain was doing its very best to ruin the whole thing. i came 2nd in both events on sunday night even though my lunchbox had the duffest of the duff speedcontrols,casultys of my fleet include drowned receiver in my mo3 pug106,motor problems in my ta02 lancer and massive range problems in my ta05r and just to add to my woes my sc10 overheated the speedo and motor causing it to cut out.
  11. i think ive got the skyline speed tuned gear set in my escort due to the fact the pinion is huge, but ive got no instructions and cannot find any relating to the pinion position's on the mounting. i know the standard ones on the manta ray/escort one-21-16tooth but mine has got a 23tooth pinion and i could do with some sort of insrtuctions.
  12. when i was about 10 i had a huge street hawk poster!(anyone remember that!!) jessie mack and the bike on my bedroom wall it was ace.......
  13. what time is the shop open till?and whats the earlyist we can turn up on sunday?
  14. after purchaseing a ta05r off ebay i thought -great a modern tourer chassis-current and up to date and still being released!,then i found out it needed both diff pulleys-i thought hmmmm they shouldnt be a problem to source.... how wrong was i!!! stella aint got any rc mushroom,modelsport,etc etc all havent got any what a pain it was to find someone who had.. has anyone else had this problem??
  15. i ran 2 15 doubles on a 10 cell pack on my super rooster in a clod it flew! so you could put in 2 10 dobles and 2 10 cell packs for warp speed factor 10!!!
  16. id be up for the 19turn and mod tourer as for half a track for 19t cars id say no way,if im travelling all that way id want all of the track,plus weve got all day so there shouldnt be a problem, as long as it aint a free for all demolision derby then i will be alright. can we have a heat for mardave's as well? mine's just sitting here and needs a good trashing.
  17. mine came from when i was 8 and on the telly at the time was quincey md and with prince being my last name everyone called me princey then with quincey rhymeing with princey the nickname stuck. i still prefer being called ade though!!
  18. you can count me and the wife in too. just bought 2 on road cars for this meeting........the bug has started again.... there goes my bank balance again...
  19. then you can sell me your old shell!!!!
  20. just no nitro's or petrol cars as it patrolled by rangers and we dont want banning again!
  21. Im going to delamere forest on sunday 14th of march,will be at the station cafe from 10.30ish,then off the barnbridge gates carpark or the jump spot (if you've been with me before then you know where it is)at 11.00,trucks,buggys,and anything else electric welcome-no nitro's or petrol cars as they cause to much hassle.
  22. trust rich to organise a meeting when heavy rain is forcast!!!!....... i hate this weather!!!!!!!!!
  23. ****** blast drat darn sdr for me this weekend... will let you know how i got on,will have to meet up some other time and its e/port model boat show the sunday after(7th)
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