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  1. Excellent News...Shall I bring the Nissan Titan out of retirement and modify it for Brushless for the Mod class?
  2. I'm booked in. Only doing stock this year so my Nissan Titan won't be making an appearance. The last couple of years you could see the drivers list and see if your entry has been approved. I can't find that on the clubs webpage this year.
  3. Without going back through pages and pages on this Thread, Are we having a wheely race during the Lunchbreak this year? I just need to know so I can find the Pumpkin.
  4. I've just booked in for both classes. Be using the same cars as last year, The Sand Rover in the Standard, and the Nissan Titan in the Modified. Need to do some improvements to the Titan as I think this class is going to be competitive.
  5. I be up for it too. As well as the Standard Silver can / Sport Tuned motors, can the new Torque Tuned motor that seems to be supplied with some modern kits be accepted?
  6. For further Information please click on the following link http://www.tamiyaclub.com/trades_model.asp?cid=113974&id=107
  7. All items are complete although some items may have come detached from the spruce. Postage and packing (P&P) for the UK is free if paid by PayPal (gift). Overseas buyers please email me for total price including P&P. I accept PayPal / Cheques / Postal orders from UK buyers but only PayPal from International buyers. 335122 Fighter Buggy/Madbull Chassis - Black £8.50 335122 Fighter Buggy/Madbull Chassis - Grey £8.50 9005510 Fighter Buggy/Madbull 'E' Parts - Black £6.50 9335230 Fighter Buggy/Madbull 'C' Parts - Black £4.50 9335235 Fighter Buggy/Madbull L & R Gear Case - Black £7.50 9335236 Fighter Buggy/Madbull 'A' Parts - Black £8.50 9335236 Fighter Buggy/Madbull 'A' Parts - Grey £8.50 9335237 Fighter Buggy/Madbull 'D' Parts - Black £7.50 9335238 Fighter Buggy/Madbull 'F' Parts - Blue £4.00 9335259 Madbull 'D' Parts - Grey £4.50 9415296 Fighter Buggy Metal Parts Bag 'B' £10.00
  8. When I raced 1/12 Circuit cars and Mardave Mini-stox back in the late 80's - early 90's I used to coat the tyres in 'Tractite' . It was dreadful stuff that used to make your lips burn with the fumes!!! I think it got outlawed by the BRCA later with the 'Wintergreen' additives mentioned in the previous post.
  9. Oct 2009 - Buggy Champ (in Radio Control Car Racer) Nov 2009 - Buggy Champ (in Radio Race Car)
  10. I thought I give my M05 a rest this week and try the FF01 in the touring car class at the Chippenham Club meet. I was surprised how well it handled and the speed comparison compared to modern touring cars, just losing speed coming out of tight corners. If I can get this car running again and with a bit of tweaking, I reckon I could make the top 25% of the FTD (fastest time of the day) list.
  11. For further information please see my wanted ad in my showroom. http://www.tamiyaclub.com/trades_model.asp?cid=113812 Thanks
  12. Hi, I be more than happy going to an all SRB Event. What about a grass setup for a track? I guess that be easier to source than an area than a beach. Some established off-road tracks ie Kidderminster are alright for the SRB's as they are not too rough.
  13. Finally managed to get back to my 'Man Cave' where I got PC internet. Yesterday was just an excellent day, in the racing and the company of people. Nice to meet some old faces and also put usernames to new faces. We was lucky to have a nice sunny day although in the morning it was a bit chilly and tried to rain. Both my Sand Rover and Titan went well throughout the day but in the end I had 2 bad finals (My Driving) where I was trying to play 'catch-up' throughout both races. Sand Rover - During round 2 the 'Sport Tuned' motor was dying on me... I guess a '380' powered Holiday buggy would have passed it on the straight . Put a 'Torque Tuned' in and it felt like a different beast, with good speed out of corners! I was surprised that the main body came away with no breakages, just tire scuffs and in the Final completely bent the rear roll bar after the 2 supports broke. Driver and Windscreen was untouched!!! No damage to the Chassis Titan - I was really surprised how well the car handled out of the box, just ball-raced and a 23T Tamiya Rz Motor, The tyres supplied was just great after a bit of tweaking with the left / right rate of the Servo. Absolutely no damage to the chassis or shell after this meeting. John W - you got my 2 cars labeled right in the group shot. I forgot to add my Pumpkin to it...Doh!! Excellent pictures you have taken. Thanks to Lee (Super Gripper), Surrey & Hants club and all the other guys who helped organized it. It was well worth the journey. Congratulations to all the prize winners too. Here's to a Second meeting next year..... bigger and better and include CW-01's and WR-02's in their own timed races
  14. Will anyone attending the meeting be selling a new set of 'DT02 Violet Racer' Decals? I'm after some to replace the badly applied decals that was on my ex-modelzone display car.
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