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  1. Haven't logged in to TC for a loooong time, first thought was whether there were any old faces around. @svenb is only going and building one of my favourite models! Looking good matey. I must dig my TA03F out, bought some carbon chassis plates during lockdown then lost interest in the hobby. Inspiration to get going again!
  2. When we worked in the model shop, if you couldn't wet your finger and hold it on the motor can after running then it was getting too hot. Very scientific method You can try running a heat sink to improve things, or even one of those nifty ones with a built in cooling fan. You can get the power from the "batt" channel on your receiver.
  3. 210mm wheelbase M-06 chassis. Waiting on some 60D tyres to better fill out the wheel arches.
  4. ChrisRx718


    Hi @Nicadraus Are either you or your buddy running GF-01 dampers with TRF201 front springs? I got this setup but it feels incredibly soft. I've only run on a hard surface so far, but it leaned a lot in the corners. Looked very realistic - and I'm not a racer - but are there stiffer springs available? Or is this body roll a normal thing? There's no signs it bottomed-out at all.
  5. I regretted ever selling this: TL01. I put CVA dampers on it to sell, originally it had the Pink 53155 alloy dampers on. Well, 3 years on I've been slowly buying parts at astronomical cost to replace this build (thanks no doubt to Covid bumping up prices during lockdown, too!) An important piece of the puzzle arrived this week: There was also a bunch of parts for my TA05 and the Kawada mesh 'wide' wheels for my Porsche GT2, which I definitely didn't need but were too cheap to pass up!
  6. I recently bought this and I've been very impressed with it - especially useful for me as all my batteries and cars are already on XT60 connectors, but that's nothing an adapter can't fix. Compared to my old charger it's deadly silent, but also peak charges and detects voltages far more accurately. Highly recommend it myself
  7. Hey, hope you're well? I have a similar setup on my XV01 but have overheating issues after about 10-15 minutes. I've even fitted a fan to the left-hand side of the cover which is pre drilled to accept one. Did you have any overheating issues with this setup?
  8. Almost a year later I'm back to post some updates... Tamiya has slowly been releasing bits for the CC02 and I've not bitten; mainly because these bits are buried deep within the chassis and - in my opinion at least - aren't parts which needed upgrading in the first place. I've had no issues with the spur gear mount / motor plate etc. But the aluminium dampers were just too pretty to pass up. I ordered from Tamico and received them 3 days later - then of course I realised the springs are a separate Hop-Up Mr Tamiya sure never misses a trick! Springs 54992 arrived some time afterwards courtesy of RCMart. First thing I fitted was the upgraded steering 'panhard' bar and servo arm, both are originally plastic in kit form and there's some play on the servo arm side, whilst the panhard bar itself is a bit 'springy' which probably works better actually, by offering some protection from knocks to the steering assembly But a Hop-Up is a Hop-Up! I then built the dampers, medium oil supplied with the kit. As you'd expect, these go together incredibly well. There's an awful lot of plastic waste left over after building them however - the tree-huggers would not be happy... You can use the CC02 kit springs but I've used the Hop-Up springs, hard rear, medium front. The softs felt a little too soft... You'll also notice I've upgraded from the Hobbywing 1060 to the 1080 brushed ESC. The 1080 is so much better; I appreciate it's twice the price though. The drag brake function is much more pronounced and useful for a crawler. I then spent an evening (OK, an hour) hand-drilling 32x 1mm holes into the body to fit the diamond plate I got from China. Intended for the Traxxas TRX-4 Defender, it fits well enough to the Tamiya body: I adjusted the chassis ever so slightly so the rear wheel sat in the centre of the wheel arch. I did this by flipping the small upper link connectors to the main chassis from left-to-right. This chassis lends itself to incremental wheelbase changes quite well, which I like. Finally I fitted Warm White headlight LEDs: And some rear tail lights:
  9. Received some 'reassuringly' (?) expensive Hop-Ups for the CC02: Some old bits of carbon dating back to 1998 : And a bodyshell project I had pre-ordered back in November, now I've got around to it and realised I had no PS-1 white paint...
  10. Long time no see, hope we are all keeping well? Here's a little snapshot of everything I've been up to RC related over the last few months. I've let my TC membership expire this week too, which prompted me to come back and post, I'll get that sub paid soon. I re-organised my shelfs for Christmas, otherwise the wife was threatening to make me put everything in the loft: I plastered a load of MCI decals on my Kyosho Outlaw Pro: I got my XV01 running, then promptly broke it (electrical issue) : I dismantled my FAV Shark Mouth and evicted the spiders living within it I quickly realised it had a TEU302 ESC in it and not something with LiPo cut-off, so it's still dismantled until I decide which electrics to install... I fitted lights to my CC01 Defender 90 then took this terrible photograph: I had to buy a 1mm hand drill in order to fit some metal treadplate, intended for the Traxxas TRX-4 defender, but fits OK on the Tamiya: Most recently I painted a bodyshell for a work colleague after originally offering to do it about 6 months ago, but finally getting around to it: No window stickers / rubber surrounds. So I masked the whole lot up, which took about 3 hours Was it worth the effort?
  11. Long time no-login, hope everybody is doing well? Work is busy so RC took a back seat, now I'm back at it trying to finish my various projects! One of these projects is a TA05 built with leftover parts from fully hopping-up a TA05R IFS. I bought Tamiya 54076 TB03 Wheel Axles for use with the right 48mm swing shafts front and rear (thanks @svenb). The package header card even says "compatible with TA05IFS"... Yet once fitted, there is physical movement in the axle. It doesn't sit tight against the outside hex adapter, instead, there's about a 2.5-3mm gap behind the 12mm hex pin adapter, which allows the axle to move in/out relative to the hub, which can't be right. I looked in my TA05R manual and the recommended part is Tamiya 51094 "Wheel Axle for TB Evo IV / TRF415" The question is; will this actually fix my problem? They don't look (from the images I've found) to be that significantly different in shape! I don't want to throw another £20 at this build if I can help it! 54076: 51094:
  12. Not really regretted any purchases, I don't buy many kits and often build a car from parts / hop-ups, spending more in the long run, which can be regrettable! I'm also the guy who bought a Grasshopper kit, decided the best colour for it would be a nice candy green like an actual grasshopper. 2 months later Tamiya obviously had the same thought process and the candy green edition came along so much for being unique.
  13. My £39 toy arrived!! Honestly don't know why I bought this but it's great. I hadn't put the accessories on by this point, just threw the batteries in and drove it around. Kids are particularly taken with it, loading toys into the bed then letting me deliver them between the kitchen and living room Highly recommended.
  14. No worries, I scoured the shed, the Mrs got excited and thought I was looking for Christmas decorations so I quickly stopped One of those things I know I have a few of somewhere but not sure which box they're in. Glad it's sorted.
  15. Same as an FAV isn't it? If I can find mine, you're welcome to it if you cover the postage! I'll get looking
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