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  1. It's normal, unfortunately. As above, it's too soft and the design doesn't lend itself to the right geometry. I have 4 CC01s here, 2 still have stock suspension and thus have 'saggy' front ends. On another one I have fitted Tamiya Barrel springs, but I had to fit the hardest one to the front to prevent the sagging! I'm not sure whether thicker oil would help, likely not, since it's not the damping which is a problem, but rather the weight vs the spring strength. The official aluminium CC01 dampers work great and are nice and smooth, but they don't come with springs and require you to use the originals. So guess what? They sag too The front springs off of a DT02 / DF02 / TT02B are around the correct length and a bit stiffer, if you have any of those going spare.
  2. Gran Turismo theme music starts...
  3. Same here, one arrived today with no charges as it happens. They have marked the customs valuation $10 though...
  4. I clicked on this thinking you had made / found some! I need a battery retainer
  5. Cut sticker, place it carefully where it needs to be (if it's a big sticker, use the soapy water method) once happy with position then give it a good 10 seconds with a hairdryer, moving back and forth. It should be hot to touch but not so much that it really hurts! The decals will form to the shape much better and the glue seems to hold better in my experience.
  6. Loving the colour scheme on that Manta Ray @Ferruz Today we have scorching hot weather so of course I set up indoors with a hairdryer and a complex set of stickers...
  7. Even better, hook up LEDs to a JST plug and use a spare channel on the receiver. 6V is more than enough for LEDs. Some aftermarket kits even work on this principle. Adding batteries adds significant weight. The biggest issue with LEDs in my experience is connecting them and disconnecting them when attaching the bodyshell.
  8. I'm going with PS59 Dark Metallic Blue, after trying and failing to do a good job at body lines using Kyosho tape on my Scirocco, I took the safe option of going with a dark colour! I thought I would be ready to hit the ground running so-to-speak, but I've just opened the box and I haven't even masked this up yet. What a pain, especially since I don't have a genuine sticker set, so therefore no window masks. Out comes the tape.
  9. Looks ace, that. Fair play. Bugs me that, no matter the chassis, the battery retainers are visible on the 934 RSR even my custom F103 has this issue.
  10. Glad you decided to keep it, and look forward to seeing what you do with it. As 3D printing evolves do you think the cost of them will come down enough for you to invest? Even the limited things I've designed and had printed at shapeways have struck me how expensive it is! I hate to imagine all the expense you've had with all the prototyping you've done!
  11. Coming along lovely. Sorry if I missed it, but did you have a colour scheme in mind? Edit- I mean, pretty sure it's going to be blue , but what about a livery?
  12. Here you are bud. I personally don't like this practice of cutting down ball connectors, because it's really not easy to do accurately, using a blade, dremel or a miniature saw blade (probably best option, not a tool many rc builders will have!) Especially so when short ball connectors are readily available- why not just use those, Mr Tamiya?!!
  13. If I remember correctly, doesn't the M06 require you to cut the front ball connectors for the camber links down in the manual? Something which is quite difficult to do accurately. This would reduce the width of the upper camber links by 2mm either side. Missing this step would be quite easy I reckon.
  14. I must stress that this is not mine, but something I found online. New TC-01 chassis with the genuine Tamiya aluminium steering bridge... Aluminum front or rear uprights I can grasp, same with steering parts (mostly) and motor / servo mounting points. Suspension TOWERS yes, although lightweight carbon makes more sense, but suspension arms which bear the load...no. That's where parts bend, sometimes very subtle over long periods of use, but can affect the tracking and driveshaft angles etc. Plus uncle Tamiya likes to design the suspension mounts in such a way that if they were to break, your whole chassis is trashed (looking at you TL01, WR01/2, WT01, GF01 and many others).
  15. So did any of you find a source for these bearings and can you confirm the size? I have 3 Super Stock motors in various runners and this sounds like a fun little project for a small outlay, plus they could do with a good clean whilst I'm at it. Here is the Tamiya Legends video for anyone else who hasn't seen it:
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