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  1. Tamiya E-Clip tool is your friend here. Literally takes seconds but eases the frustrations you experienced. A worthwhile investment if you enjoy building lots of cars.
  2. "Middle East Truck" It literally looks like something straight out of ISIS.
  3. Aw c'mon, that's not what a Grasshopper is all about. It should mindlessly bounce everywhere but be seemingly indestructible Must let my kids have a go with mine, need to keep reminding myself that it only cost me £49...
  4. I have two orders showing as 'shipped' One from the 17th The other from the 31st I probably won't see them until June I'm guessing...
  5. It's been ages since I built a DF03. Loving the hop-ups - I wish I still had mine instead of my 2nd-hand DF02 which spends its' days in bits with the occasional run! Looks like you used quite a lot of grease on the gears, sometimes this can be more of a hindrance than an advantage. Gears only need a really light coating of grease, everything else will act like a sludge, some of it will end up splattered inside the gearbox whilst the rest will add friction to the gears wanting to turn...
  6. Some new tyres for my Jimny. Lord I hate mounting 1.55 tires on beadlock rims. Still one of them isn't correct, but I'm not sure I can be asked to take it apart again to see if it will seat better. Now the spare wheel doesn't match, looks like I'm going to have to buy more!
  7. Strictly, this was last night. I finally added the tyre decals to my 306 Maxi FF02: I also had some custom stickers made up for the rear as I never liked the ones which came in the kit, they looked too 'cartoon' like compared to the real car. Looks much better I think
  8. Rage-induced after last nights' escapades with those pesky 2x8mm soft-head screws
  9. If you're really worried it could happen again then the DT02 motor heatsink (53831) will fit (DT02 & 03 share the same gearbox). Note that this part comes with an aluminium disc plate for mounting against the gearbox plastic, it also provides the longer screws required. And, it looks pretty **** cool!
  10. I thought all the short belts were this kind? I didn't think they did a regular one for the shortened chassis, could be wrong? Check the part # in your manual...
  11. More than ever Since I've been furloughed from work I've completed a couple of projects and probably done about 5 charges of my LiPo's using my array of 'runners'. Also brought some out of hibernation and made them runners. As you're on your own I think it's responsible enough - you're not interacting with anyone, touching any surfaces and you're hardly putting yourself or others at risk either. But I did see this article and it made me chuckle: https://metro.co.uk/2020/03/30/man-sent-home-police-driving-remote-controlled-car-outside-12478931/
  12. Never used the upload feature on here but Flickr won't support animated Gifs, so hopefully this here forum will work. This is what you get when you build a GF01 with no wheelie bar and add great big crawler beadlock wheels and a Tamiya TZ motor Backflips without touching the ground!
  13. I found mine too heavy for drift spec and used my off road spec one much more. For fast trails through the woods, usually on a walk with my kids. The biggest danger is dog poo I fitted the drift spec one with a load of M05 parts and hop-ups, front one-way etc but ultimately it just wasn't a great drifter, couldn't get enough steering lock out of it.
  14. The joys of MF01X suspension geometry It really is a poor standard design. Are you in the UK? I'm converting an MF01X I built for drifting back to off road spec, so I will have some surplus parts soon.
  15. There's different ways of mounting polycarbonate bodies to a CC01. The early one, as seen on the VW Toaureg Dakar, was straight bodyposts fitted to the wide positions via a screw fixed through the wheel arch. The later body post set up involves the use of the M parts which bridge the chassis left and right sides, placing the vertical bodyposts closer together in a more traditional sense. I believe this is how it is on the Bronco, which also makes use of the front bumper that comes with the M-parts sprue (it will look odd without it, the Pajero Sport body doesn't need it) I'll get some pictures tomorrow to explain what I mean a bit better.
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