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  1. Not really regretted any purchases, I don't buy many kits and often build a car from parts / hop-ups, spending more in the long run, which can be regrettable! I'm also the guy who bought a Grasshopper kit, decided the best colour for it would be a nice candy green like an actual grasshopper. 2 months later Tamiya obviously had the same thought process and the candy green edition came along so much for being unique.
  2. My £39 toy arrived!! Honestly don't know why I bought this but it's great. I hadn't put the accessories on by this point, just threw the batteries in and drove it around. Kids are particularly taken with it, loading toys into the bed then letting me deliver them between the kitchen and living room Highly recommended.
  3. No worries, I scoured the shed, the Mrs got excited and thought I was looking for Christmas decorations so I quickly stopped One of those things I know I have a few of somewhere but not sure which box they're in. Glad it's sorted.
  4. Same as an FAV isn't it? If I can find mine, you're welcome to it if you cover the postage! I'll get looking
  5. I love it but... I'm not really sure on those wheels. They look a little on the large size. The MST Jimny is more like 1/9 scale, so those wheels are a scale 18" rim. On a JB23 my work colleague reckons nothing bigger than a 16" will even fit I reckon some sweet 1.55 tyres would work better visually...
  6. So it was my birthday on Tuesday and knowing that my entire family would only buy me stuff I either- Don't want or Don't need I bought myself some stuff from various online RC retailers... When I say some stuff... Delivery #1 Tamico: TT02 chassis kit (with oil damper and bearings) - this is for a Porsche Carrera RSR build... should have just bought the whole Carrera RSR kit but hey-ho! The wheels and hubs for my RSR build TT02 Aluminium propshaft Hilux Surfboard for my Jeep Wrangler build Traxxas dummy radiator for my Kyosho Rampage Outlaw Delivery #2 Asiatees & RCMart part 1 Another surfboard for my Jeep (I figured 1 wasn't enough!) M-Chassis Kamei Golf wheels for my M06 Ferrari Dino project TT02B Turnbuckle set for my DF-02 build (they're the same lengths) Last remaining bits for my TA05 'drift spec' build, including spoiler and gold wheels 2x Rear body post supports for my 2 TA05 cars, which reposition the posts to the more traditional inboard sizing instead of the wider stance from the trf / carbon suspension towers Some front universal swing-shafts for my FF03 project WR02 Gearbox stiffener FF02 motor heat sink A mixture of steel and aluminium 4.8mm ball connectors Ball bearings to fit to my Tamiya Super Stock motors Delivery #3 RCMart Part 2 K-block tyres for my DT02 once the existing ones have worn out (running DF03 wheels) DF03 aluminium dampers for my DT02 3Racing alloy dampers for my TA05 project Quick release battery holder for my TL01 Blue turnbuckles for my XV-01 (entirely @Nicadraus's fault) WR02 driver figure for my Kyosho Outlaw White touring car springs for my TA05 TT02 oil damper set for my MF-01X Escort project Universal swing shafts for my DT02 inc. diff outdrives Alloy hex adapters for my XV-01 and Kyosho Outlaw Tamiya panel line sticker sheet (excited to try these, I never have got on with the micron line tape from Kyosho - fingers crossed, the sheets are HUGE!) I feel ashamed to say that was all placed within 1 weekend and I'm still waiting on 2x Plaza Japan orders to arrive. Oh and one of those WPL delivery truck things, which I'm going to have to try and hide somewhere... Happy Birthday to me! Oh and if the wife asks this is all I ordered: I have the 1:10 body set, stickers, wheels and cockpit to start on which will then go on my TA03F. Should look good alongside a mini-me version!
  7. I knew this reference instantly. Truck looks great! IMO a Lunchie needs some black detailing to the front grille to give it some depth. Not sure which parts you would paint black (or how you would do it) but I think it would help break up the slab of chrome a bit if you could.
  8. Great build so far, so much blue I need a blue-light filter I was trying to post the link Truck Norris posted above from my mobile yesterday, that page is bookmarked for me since I can never remember what the codes mean without referring to it. And with regards to making a RWD chassis Porsche, have you ever tried driving a RWD RC car quickly? It's really hard (in my experience) to stop them simply swapping ends under acceleration. Mind you; perhaps that is fairly accurate to an older Porsche?! I built a shortened F103GT for my 934, regrettably its currently sat un-finished.
  9. Those HPI MX60 wheels are long-discontinued by HPI and I doubt we will see them again. There's a few on eBay for £££, they're simply not worth what some sellers are trying to get - £30 a pair from one seller! You're also then limited by tyre choice which are increasingly rare too - 2 different grip compounds and a drift compound. No Rally blocks in this size.
  10. As TN says, they're all different - which seems mad, but makes sense. For a runner I would want some back-up belts (even though I've never worn-out an aramid belt on any of my cars. My TA05R has those blue belts and there are clearly cracks in them, but they're still holding up just fine!). Look forward to following this build.
  11. Nice. I have a dislike for the ORV chassis but appreciate they have a bit of a cult following. My work colleague has bought as many hop ups as he could find for his Monster Beetle ORV and has recently added those front stabilizer bars. The alloy rear arms were crazy expensive:
  12. Not knocking your designs for one moment - honestly it's great work and I appreciate all the effort it must have taken to put those together. I just wondered whether there were any possibilities to improve the rear ones with a metal thread from a screw. I wonder if an M4 set-screw could work, if the plastic part just had a 4mm (or 3.8) hole in?
  13. I know all plastics go brittle eventually; but I found that my Yeah Racing Shock Gear 'top hat' part (top ball connector attachment point) failed / split after a year of very light use. The Tamiya plastics seem a little less susceptible to this; but fortunately the widely-available TRF V-Parts sprue (be careful not to get the CVA V-parts sprue) the equivalent V8 parts fit perfectly. Just something to bear in mind!
  14. For the front axles can you not just use M-chassis freewheel axles? Or are they the wrong size for the axle bearings? It's a shame those rear ones can't accommodate a short M4 screw or set screw instead of relying on threaded plastic. I'm guessing the head of an M4 screw wouldn't pass through the smaller hex shape (on the chassis side)?
  15. To use those axles you'll also need to buy 4mm ball ends, 4mm ball connectors and some different tie rods to get them to work. The standard DT02 ones are 5mm with an m3 thread, which won't fit into the holes on 54154. I wrote a guide on how to convert a DT02 to hex-drive front wheels but youll need to buy some bits from 3Racing and 4 bearings:
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