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  1. It's almost as if Tamiya have some kind of legacy for making plastic models? It's no surprise whatsoever therefore that the model is made of plastic wherever possible. Excuse the sarcasm. Anyways, just pre-ordered mine and noticed the earlier-announced 'J Parts Body Mounts - 51634' are merely straightforward body posts. Wonder whether there will be an official body mount for the older hard-bodies or if a third-party manufacturer will get a product on the market before Tamiya
  2. Pre-ordered my CC02 with Time Tunnel Models. I haven't built a car in well over a year, it will be nice to return to the hobby with something fresh. Already thinking of ways I can maybe mount my Jeep YJ body on the chassis, though. Manual isn't giving any obvious clues...
  3. A project after my own heart! I've been working on my CC01 JP12 for a lifetime. Kids and work have just taken priority. I haven't gone to the same lengths as you, trying to use as many off-the-shelf parts as possible. Really look forward to seeing some more progress. I noticed some of your parts on Shapeways - are the small light housings for the rear available, and do they have lenses? I've been trying to use some items from Axial, but they don't fit great.
  4. Does anyone know if the G500 will fit on a CC01? I'm wanting a CC02 - but I want to fit my YJ Jeep body to it!!
  5. I've pre-ordered, estimated price of around the £225 mark (notwithstanding Brexit shenanigans!!) Expensive, yes, but the CC01 was never particularly 'cheap'.
  6. Looks like I'll need to get back into this hobby. I've been putting off buying an MST CMX for a long time (No doubt still more capable) because I'm a Tamiya nut at heart. I'm hoping for mounting points for older CC01-based hard bodies, particularly as I would like my Jeep to be "anatomically correct"!
  7. Sorry guys - I've received the messages but going through a difficult time just now. I'll get back to you next week and appreciate your understanding.
  8. Put some of my prized collection up for sale Please go and take a look - I'd much rather these models go to a collector before I risk the wrath of the eBay auction bidders! Some highlights :
  9. A slight deviation from my other models for sale... This one is unfinished. It comes as follows- Tamiya F103GT chassis with custom carbon fibre upper (2.5mm) and lower (3mm) chassis plates, taking wheelbase down to 230mm as-per the Tamiya 49400 30th Anniversary chassis and correct for this Porsche 934 bodyshell. When I started this project you couldn't buy a 934 but Tamiya being Tamiya subsequently released the same body on entirely the wrong wheelbase. The chassis itself is pretty special looking - Tamiya 53273 Formula Car Rear Suspension Ball Mount Set Tamiya TRF Aluminium Damper Tamiya Aluminium Heatsink (for TA05) Tamiya Carbon Propshaft Tamiya High-Torque Servo Saver Tamiya Sport Tuned Motor 3Racing Aluminium ball diff/outdrive +2 offset 3Racing low-friction damper plate TRG carbon-effect rear diffuser Blue-Bird High Speed Servo Bodyshell is painted PS2 Red with matching rear spoiler. It has been temporarily fixed with the front light buckets, the intention was to always fill the front openings with a mesh. No bodyshell mounting has been devised yet - hence this is has PROJECT status, although that's pretty much all there is left to do. I'll sell this with two sets of wheels, those shown are MST mesh BBS-style, I'll also provide Tamiya 2-piece mesh with gold centres and more importantly the WIDE rear wheels and tyres (34mm?) which make the car look nice and fat. In this as-new condition I'm putting this up for £110 or near offer, including UK Postage. Any questions please get in touch.
  10. This is killing me... If you're a Paul Walker fan this one might get your attention! It didn't have a great deal of screen time but it was nonetheless epic. Finished in Bayside Blue (Tamiya Clear Pearl backed with Brilliant Blue and Bright Silver) and with Volk RE30 wheels (movie accurate) Body features front and rear light buckets and clear windows in preparation for an interior / cockpit Reflective, movie-accurate license plate (yep!) Chassis: Tamiya TA03-F with FRP twin-plate chassis conversion, fully ball-raced Black gearboxes (grey is more common) Tamiya Front & Rear ball differentials Tamiya Aramid Fibre reinforced drive belt Blue (albeit, this has faded!?) Tamiya Universal swing shaft x4 Tamiya Torque Control Unit incl. alloy pulleys Tamiya urethane front bumper Tamiya Carbon Fibre Steering plate Tamiya Carbon Fibre Battery Plate Tamiya Carbon Fibre Stabiliser Support Tamiya Stabiliser set F & R Tamiya adjustable upper arms Tamiya Titanium suspension arm pins Tamiya Aluminium wheel hexes (clamp type) GPM Aluminium Lower Suspension Arm (Front & Rear) GPM Aluminium Rear Bulkhead GPM Aluminium Motor mount / Heatsink GPM Aluminium Suspension Supports GPM Aluminium Ball-raced Steering GPM Aluminium Steering Support Bridge GPM Aluminium Servo Posts Aluminium Oil Dampers Kawada carbon fibre upper deck Currently fitted with a Carson steering servo and Peak Racing 19x2 brushed motor. Gearing unknown. You'll also notice the front bumper cut-outs and fog-light lenses have been left clear if you wanted to add an intercooler or mesh & lights etc. Bodyshell is resting on there - there are no holes drilled to allow for a secret-fix solution. Body never run - chassis run indoors but has slight marking underneath, barely noticeable. Again, due to the rarity of parts on this one I'm putting it up for £150 or near offer, posted in the UK. If you have any questions please get in touch.
  11. Another prized possession I'm considering parting with... This one is a bit of an oddball. The bodyshell is actually from the TL01 kit "VIP Porsche 911 GT3" albeit without most of the stickers and painted in Tamiya anodized Blue Aluminium. The original wing was a flimsy lexan affair so a plastic alternative has been fitted. It looks good to my eye, anyway! Light buckets are fixed to the front from the later 911 Tamiya model. Wheels are Tamiya 2-piece mesh with the centres painted bright silver. Chassis: This is based on the TA03-R but with the FRP twin-plate chassis conversion - fully ball-raced. All-black plastics (grey plastics are more common) Tamiya Aramid reinforced drive belt Tamiya front and rear Stabiliser bars (& carbon rear stabiliser support) Tamiya torque-splitter unit incl. aluminium pulleys Tamiya front and rear ball differentials Tamiya lightweight driveshafts (blue) x4 Tamiya wide rear axle set Tamiya adjustable camber arms Yeah Racing aluminium suspension setup incl. oil-filled dampers (setting springs will be included) Yeah Racing front and rear aluminium uprights and steering knuckles Yeah Racing aluminium ball-raced steering set GPM aluminium steering support bridge GPM aluminium rear bulkhead GPM Aluminium motor mount / heatsink Electronics currently fitted: Peak Racing motor (unknown turns, believe it to be 21x2) Tamiya S3003 standard Steering Servo Body and chassis are as-new - never ran. Due to rarity of some parts and condition I'm putting this up for £150 or near offer, posted within the UK. If you have any questions please get in touch.
  12. This one really pains me to sell, but needs must. The TA05-R was a limited edition model (49418) and this was my take on turning one into a 'drift' car. The following is the standard spec from Tamiya: 51000 High Torque Servo Saver (Black) 51065 TRF415 Suspension Mount (A) 51068 TRF415 Suspension Mount (D) 53539 5.5mm Aluminum Spacer Set 53640 5mm Aluminum Bolt Nut (Blue) 53642 5mm Aluminum Ball Connector (Blue) 53644 Aluminum Stabilizer End (Blue) 53685 TRF415 Front Bridge Suspension Mount (A) 53823 Clamp Type Aluminum Wheel Hub (5mm thick) 53836 48mm Swing Shafts for Assembly Universal Shaft Set 53849 TA05 High Precision Diff Joint 53857 04 GP Spur Gear 105T (TA05) 53869 5mm Aluminum Short Ball Nut (Blue) 53871 48mm Lightweight Rear Swing Shafts (Blue) 53874 TA05 High Precision Center Pulley Bushing 53894 TA05 Carbon Reinforced A Parts 53895 TA05 Carbon Reinforced K Parts 53897 TA05 Aramid Drive Belt (Blue) 53899 Reversible Lightweight Suspension Set 53918 TRF Damper Low-Friction V Parts 53935 TA05 Wide Pitch Diff Pulley RP 53571 TRF Fluorine Coated Damper 53842 TA05 Stabilizer Set (F&R) TRF Dampers (Blue), Damper Springs (White), Front/Rear Stabilizers, and Aluminum Turnbuckle Shaft (Blue) are also included in this assembly kit. I then proceeded to add virtually the whole back-catalogue of Hop-Ups. Front One-way, aluminium motor mount, heatsink, Carbon Fibre suspension towers. The works. I haven't listed them but hopefully the pictures speak a thousand words! I even have the original box (albeit a bit battered from storage) The current electronics consist of - Yokomo D1-Spec 19T Drift Motor Novak XRS Speed Controller Tamiya Steering Servo This one has been run - but only indoors on carpet, so the underside of the carbon-reinforced tub is still in as-new condition. The bodyshell isn't great - it's complete and the stickers could be removed to reveal a standard, black Mazda RX-7 if the new owner wished. But this is very much a runner rather than shelf-queen, although it doesn't have any obvious splits or cracks. I'm putting this one up for £150 or near offer. Again, the amount of money thrown at this one far surpasses this! The price includes UK postage. The dust is free of charge! Any questions please get in touch.
  13. Another one! This time a movie-accurate replica of Dom's Mazda RX-7. Painted Tamiya PS-2 Red with a complete set of movie-accurate decals and the closest I could find to a rear spoiler from the movie car. Reflective movie-accurate rear license plate (yep!) Chassis- TT01D-spec, fully ball-raced Tamiya Carbon Fibre Upper Deck / Chassis Stiffener Tamiya Adjustable upper suspension arms (part of D-spec) Tamiya Aluminium bumper plate Tamiya Mini CVA dampers (part of D-spec) Tamiya Torque-Tuned motor Tamiya S3003 standard steering servo GPM Aluminium ball-raced Steering set & Steering bridge Wide-spec - fitted with the wider wheel hexes and longer wheel axles from the Enzo TT01 kit, as the bodyshell is 200mm wide. Stainless steel hardware I'm putting this one up for sale at £100 or near offer, posted in the UK. If you have any questions please get in touch.
  14. Another one from the collection... Standard Tamiya Nissan Skyline GT-R R32 Bodyshell with light buckets etc. painted in Tamiya PS23 Gunmetal Grey Metallic. There is a slight issue with the moulding which can be seen on the right-hand-side of the body, at the bottom / side-skirt area. Fitted with TLU-01 Light Unit, front halogen (warm white) and 2x rear Red LEDs (so 4 red-rear in total) Will supply both the BBS-style chrome wheels and the Nismo 5-spoke style as pictured. The latter have been painted the same PS23 Gunmetal and given a nice clear-coat gloss. Chassis... TL01-LA (Long-arm) spec, fully ball-raced Tamiya Lightweight Chassis (grey) Tamiya universal swing-shafts front and rear Tamiya Stainless Steel Suspension Shafts Tamiya front one-way differential Tamiya TL-01LA front and rear stabiliser set Tamiya TA04 low-friction King Pins Tamiya Quick Release battery retainer Tamiya turnbuckle steering rods Tamiya Mini-CVA dampers Tamiya TL01B front bumper (offers greater protection and still fits under bodyshell) Tamiya Aluminium servo posts 3Racing front and rear carbon-fibre suspension supports Carbon Fibre Propshaft 21T Steel Pinion High-torque Servo Saver Electronics: Currently the car is fitted with (bizarrely) a Tamiya Super Stock BZ (23T) buggy motor Yokomo ESC (not LiPo compatible) Blue-Bird High Speed Servo I appreciate there are marks to the underside of the chassis but rest assured this is from storage / packaging, it has never been run. Another one from the collection which will be sorely missed. I know it's "only" a TL01 but it has virtually all the available hop-ups (certainly the most desirable ones) Therefore I'm asking for £150 or near offer for everything pictured above, posted within the UK. Any questions please get in touch.
  15. Another part of my on-road clear out... A humble TT01 with some rather nice hop-ups fitted and a shell which has had pride of place on my shelf for the last year - I love it! So first let's get that out of the way- Tamiya Toyota Supra Body painted in PS61 Metallic Orange backed with Bright Silver. Vented bonnet is painted. Yokomo front and rear light buckets (better than the plastic Tamiya standard ones and has provisions for LEDs if you wish) Full Fast & Furious Supra Decals Movie-Accurate rear spoiler Reflective movie-accurate rear license plate (yep, I looked up the right plate #)! Kawada 5-spoke rims (closest I could get to screen-accurate) fitted with Tamiya semi-slick tyres (no inserts, not glued) Tamiya front mounted intercooler (fixed to chassis) Yokomo Exhaust tip (fixed with....Meccano!) Windows left clear (Cockpit set was supposed to be added) Chassis- TT01, fully ball-raced Tamiya Aluminium Motor Mount Tamiya Aluminium Prop-shaft Tamiya Adjustable upper suspension arms Tamiya Mini-CVA dampers with Blue (hard) springs Tamiya front stabiliser set Tamiya rear stabiliser set Tamiya Carbon Fibre Upper Deck / Chassis Stiffener Tamiya Aluminium Motor Heat Sink GPM Aluminium Front Steering Knuckles GPM Aluminium Rear Uprights GPM Aluminium Battery Retainer The car is never-run as can be seen from the images. Rear diff is locked and this is obviously a reversible modification. The bodyshell is not mounted, I never got around to fitting a secret-fix body mount system. I will provide extra posts and it is up to the buyer whether they want to drill holes in the bodyshell. Currently fitted with a Tamiya S3003 standard Steering Servo and 540 Silver-can motor. No idea what pinion or gearing is in there, could be another pleasant surprise! I'm starting this one at £125 posted within the UK - I know this is strong money for a TT01 but hopefully you can see the effort put in to making an accurate replica of the famous movie car. Any questions please get in touch.
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