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  1. Will the electronics be low enough on the chassis that you'll be able to add an interior over it? With that many clear windows, it'd be a great thing to have..
  2. I think it's worth noting that in addition to the changed driving style due to power delivery, a brushless motor is also much more efficient, so this also affects your runtime positively.
  3. Nice start, that should make for a fun little cruiser
  4. I really like that Tamiya puts out everything as a kit.. RTRs are fine for people who want that, but when there's no option to choose a kit at all, that's no good.
  5. Nice collection you've got there, and pretty impressive to have them all in a state of good repair at the same time!
  6. This is really cool, nice custom!
  7. the mAh rating has no effect on which ESCs the battery will work with - it's simply the capacity (amount) of electricity that pack can store. Voltage is the issue. Your XL-5 could handle an 8000mAh 2s (7.4V) LiPo, but would likely overheat with an 1800mAh 3 or 4S pack.
  8. Today, I've read and looked at loads of interesting things on various forums, but not touched an RC at all since I'm away from home.
  9. neat project, nice work on that custom front suspension
  10. Very nice restoration on that Beetle, the paint looks fantastic.
  11. Great thread! Enjoyed the 'back in the day' pics, the childhood ingenuity and the restoration process!
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