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  1. So, I have publicly apologised for disagreeing with you, publicly acknowledged your superior status in the hobby, and still I receive abusive email purporting to be from your "fans"? And from fake email addresses too? How much more massaging does your ego need? Well, I can't say I am sufficiently bothered to try to find out. You win. Have Tamiyaclub as your own. I can enjoy the hobby just fine without it. And you'd might as well call off your dogs too. After last night's abuse, all email that I even vaguely suspect of being anything to do with you or Tamiyaclub is being deleted without opening.
  2. I apologise for my outburst earlier in this thread. Having reread your original post, I realise that you wrote about how things feel to you, rather than claiming that they should feel the same way to everyone else too. And you are of course entirely entitled to feel however you wish. It has been pointed out to me that while you are a respected authority in the hobby, I am just a bloke with a few toy cars. I bow you your superiority and shall refrain from further comment in your thread. I am sorry for any offence I caused.
  3. All of my shelfers have bearings too. But since I refuse to acknowledge that I have too many cars to run them all regularly, none of them are shelfers in my head - all are runners.
  4. I totally get where Backlash is coming from. I became aware of Tamiya models in the '80s, as the unobtainable playthings of the rich kids, but as there were no local hobby shops or anything of that sort, I remained unaware of blister packs, compartmentalised boxes, etc. When I finally reached the point of being able to afford my own Tamiya, it was 1996, and the so-called "Golden Age" was over without me even knowing it had begun. But I cherished my FF-01 all the same, loving every moment of the build despite the lack of blister packs, and enjoying every moment of the drive despite the lack of MSC. I finally had a hobby-grade RC car, and while vintage fanatics might well turn up their noses at it because of its lack of car pictures on the screw bags, and sprues shared with other chassis, it was special to me, and the car that marked my entry into the world of Tamiya. If you are a vintage fan, good for you. But just because none of my cars are of interest to you, doesn't mean they are worthless or of no interest to me. There is more to Tamiya than "Vintage" alone, and I am glad that some people are able and willing to acknowledge that. Well said Backlash!
  5. Such a configuration is very flexible, and lots of fun. That is how I have my 4x4x4 Twin Detonator set up.
  6. Looking forward to seeing how it turns out!
  7. I guess a head that can be fitted to multiple body types would be most flexible. Maybe a head and a set of arms with paws in place of hands?
  8. I am intrigued. Pray do tell - what are you planning? Or will we have to wait and see? Either way, hope you do a build thread!
  9. Rcbearings.co.uk is worth a look. Quite affordable, and decent quality, sold as sets or individually. I dont buy bearings anywhere else these days.
  10. The issue of wear to the metal parts will likely be lessened by running the bushings dry, as there will be no grease or oil to attract dirt and be turned into grinding paste. The effect of the bushings' extra friction on performance will be more noticeable with higher-revving motors, as a lower-revving, torquier motor will overcome the extra friction more easily, and will be slower overall anyway. Plastic bushings certainly do have a maintenance advantage over metal shielded bearings, but to me the best solution is to get a good set of rubber-sealed bearings and fit those to the wheels, diffs, outer propshaft drive cup locations - basically anywhere that is exposed on one or both sides. The rubber seals do a good job of keeping muck at bay and the bearings thus require minimal maintenance. I wouldn't really consider bushings as a means of purposefully limiting the car's performance. It might slow it a little with the stock motor, but at the price of increased wear to the shafts and stress on the motor. As already mentioned, there are better ways, such as fitting a slower motor or adjusting your throttle endpoints.
  11. But in answer to your question, yes it is easier to change out the wheel bearings compared to the gearbox bearings, as depending on the car in question you ought to only need to undo one screw per hub, possibly none, as opposed to however many hold the gearbox together.
  12. How about a head based on one of the Tamiya cartoon characters from the manuals? It would be something different, yet still fitting the WW vibe. Or if the animal theme is preferred, how about a Rabbi-kun driver figure?
  13. Where are you based? If it is the UK, a well-known local manufacturer of banger racing shells has something you might be interested in. (Don't want to be any more specific in case I get in trouble for promoting repro parts.) And I have a set of part-worn Tamiya Manta Ray wheels and tyres in my trade thread if you fancy them.
  14. +2 this Plus, most Tamiya plastics don't appreciate repeated disassembly and reassembly as it wears the screw holes, so the fewer times you need to take it apart, the better.
  15. The caravan has its own build thread, but since the Jimny is its dedicated tow vehicle, I thought a pic or two of the combo wouldn't be amiss in this thread.
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