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  1. Finally got some decent sand tyres for the Rover's that work well! & don't make the car look daft. (if thats possible in my case!) Better than the sand scorcher ones,(not that that would be difficult) Made by Carson & purchased from Conrad uk. Paddles are 5mm deep & tough, tyre 37mm wide & 90mm tall only a bit more than standard. You get 4 in a set 12mm hex all good. Rims are crome finish & tyres are glued these are the down sides but hey they work. Check them out, will post a picture from the beach on Ralph's show room.
  2. Ok, all done 13t & 19t pinion in Pips car & 12t & 19t pinion in Ralphs. Both going very well, ace fun. Thanks everyone for your advice. Used Etronix from modle sport.
  3. Got it sorted, called Century modles, sent it back to them & they sent out a replacement within 2 days (impressed) faulty receiver Douh!
  4. Hi everyone, thought it would be cool to light up the sand rovers. I got 2 kits of ebay (dpbmodles), they have 2 white, 2 red & 2 blue lamps a switch & a 9v battery connection. I guess i can just plug 'n play but can i power them of the receiver & switch them on/off via the hand set? I do have a spare channel on trans & rec. This would be better as i won't need the battery or chop the sw into the dash. I don't need them to work with throttle nor brakes, on all the time is fine. Hope to hear from you soon, thanks.
  5. Can anyone tell me the measurements of the Sand Paddle: Mini-T (2) LOSB1165 Need to know internal / external, width & diameter in mm for an idea i'm working on, i can't seem to find any info on them Hope someone can help
  6. Hi everyone, just a quick question. Can you lengthen the wire from the esc that goes to the motor? The esc i have has leads that are 75mm & they dont reach the motor they only need to be 30- 40mm longer is this ok? I'm only asking because someone said the length was gauged for volt drop - bla-bla & it wasn't possible. Thanks
  7. Thanks a lot for checking my page. Its good that you can see all 3 cars, odd thing is when i'm logged in i can only see Pipas sand rover & not the other 2. Seems to be a glitch on my page, thanks again.
  8. Hi hope this gets to someone who knows what to do. I had 3 cars in my showroom, now i only have 1 visible. The other 2 can only be viewed by clicking on the remaining visible car & then scrolling to the bottom of the page where is says "you may also like". I havn"t changed any settings it just happened. Any ideas how to correct this would be helpful, thanks.
  9. Hi, i have a buggy with a mind of it's own, i can drive about 30m away & then the steering & throttle will not respond. Then when i'm a bit closer it remembers some the commands i gave it during black out & goes all over the place. As you can imagine i can't trust this car as it can just shoot off on it's own. I have checked all connections, made sure all batteries are charged, binding & mid points calibrated, disconnected fan from receiver. I have put the car up on it's chassis, so the wheels turn & rotate safely & walked 100m - 200m away & it responds perfectly. I use a 36kv motor, a hobby wing ezrun 35A-sl-v1.1 ESC & a BSD racing transmitter (no.B7053 2.4GHz). This set up is only 5 months old & has been run 10 hrs max. Has anyone got any thoughts on this? Thanks' Colin.
  10. Can anyone recommend any oil shocks for my Sand Rover 2012, thanks. As some of you may have realised i've only just got into the forum due to that hacker prob, so its Qu Qu & more Qu. Thanks for looking.
  11. Thanks guys, i will play safe & go for a 12 - 13T & change the pinion to a steel one.
  12. Wow, thats a good answer, i will look into those tyres thanks mate. How do you rate the Sand Scorcher tyres, i can get the 1.5" wheels no prob & they wouldn't look out of place, maybe that would be a better idea. Thanks for your input.
  13. I'm looking to hot up the Sand Rover, i have a Johnson 4 slot silver can motor thats ok but i like the idea of a brushless. What is the most sensible choice without destroying the car. My guess is anymore than 3300 kv or 12T will blow the gears ect. I am new to all this so bear with me. Advise on an esc would help too. Many thanks hope to hear from you soon.
  14. Thanks for your input, i had a look at them but they have a 100mm plus diameter & my Sand rover would look like an extra in "Wacky Races" (nice tires though, shame) My external diameter is around 75mm anymore will load my motor & gears too much.
  15. Can anyone advise me on wheels & tires for my Sand Rover 2012. I want some decent sand tires like on the Sand Scorcher. The only direct swap over i have seen is the Carson set & they are all terrain. Hope to hear back soon, thanks.
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