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  1. I have an original super champ msc, however it does not have the resistors. Are these available separately?
  2. Very kind of you, but I’m in the UK. Maybe when things settle down, and if I don’t manage to locate one I could pay you for postage.
  3. Hi everyone, I’m in the process of restoring an original Super Champ. Only part missing is the rear bumper. I’ve seen Pargu does them on eBay, but don’t want to spend £27 on postage. I don’t have a broken original to copy, but would like to try and make one. Before I try taking measurements etc, does anyone have a plan for one? Width, thickness, hole sizes and spacing etc? Thanks, Darren
  4. I’ve just started restoring a Super Champ, the previous owner had cut a section of bicycle inner tube and slid it over the arms!
  5. Hi, Anyone have, or know where I can source a set of Falcon wheels, front and back? Just brought a restore project, it comes with alloy fox type wheels, but I’d like to get the original yellow ones. thanks, Darren
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