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    Anything that is going to make me think, wow.. I love this world !!!
  1. Cool, cheers !!! got plenty tyres then but would need to pinch from a NIB kit..... oh oh !!! Thanks for the replies mate !!! P.
  2. Yup, saw that already, but is that compatible with the hop up light weight wheel ?????possibly the 50303 pin spike is for the stock disc wheel ???
  3. Hi, Require some help identifying / finding the correct tyres for the OP 46 (53046) light weight wheel set.....at the tail end of sourcing all hop up options for the Madcap and soon to build once I have these tyres Any help would be very much appreciated. Cheers !!! Paul.
  4. Hi all, does anyone have or know anyone who has a NIB Madcap? willing to pay top cash for a good example Cheers Paul.
  5. Nice 1 B great ideas there what kinda speed we talking about here with ezrun 13t set up?
  6. Nice 1 Bromvw, got me a NIB Blitzer in the loft anyway so may just do that...lol Cheers dj, yip I'm sure your mates top force evo was the envy of a lot of Guys, do have a Top force in the loft too but keeping that Bad Boy for a rainy day check my NIB kits in my photo album So to round it up, either I build my Blitzer and hop it up to the max or I go for the Durga and hop it up????? hmmmmm
  7. Appreciate that Guys, nice mix of buggies / choice? really just looking for a good all round bashing buggy that can take some good punishment and fun to drive so many to pick from but all good fum in the process of picking one All the best for Xmas Guys Paul.
  8. This story has cheered me up most greatly..hahaha, ain't it amazing how something so small and of low value can mean so much in the long run, just shows how much Tamiya has filled our lives with happy memories over the years I live close by to Banchory mate (Montrose) so if I ever catch and eye of your Firedragon at any car booty or on the street ripping up the tarmac will be sure to let ya know I have a NIB Firedragon that I may consider selling? check out my NIB pics All the best for Xmas and the New year ahead Paul.
  9. So what is your favorite all round bash or race Tamiya kit build buggy, 4 x 4 or 2 wheel drive? old or new let me hear your thoughts? Going on the results from this may just buy one and put it to the test All the best my fellow Tamiya followers Paul.
  10. Cheers MR C was just a thought with the spot lights shining on the shells every day..... yip looks like I will have to end up paying top dollar for a display case but may just get lucky with e-bay and a local seller here in Scotland Cheers again Guys for all the comments and suggestions All the best Paul.
  11. Cheers Guys, IKEA will be getting a viewing for sure, had a quick butchers earlier on some other sites but they were very expensive will be going for the glass shelved case with internal lighting but my only concern would be, will the lights fade the paint work on the shell / wing over time????? Cheers again Guys (BIG thanks) All the best for Crimbo Paul.
  12. Hi to all and thanks in advance for commenting on this one… So does anyone have any good links or suggestions for good quality floor standing display cases, thinking of going down this road and thought this would be the best place to seek a little advice Will just be displaying my vintage buggies and possibly a truck or two….. Wishing you all the best for Xmas and a great year ahead Paul.
  13. lol No easy decision that, would take me day's to decide but short list would be, Egress, The Fox, Supershot and the Boomerang as this was my first ever Tamiya buggy.......awwwhhh !!!.....lol
  14. Cheers Zac, will do just that regarding the lexan cutters Merry crimbo mate and all the best for 2013
  15. True True mate, practice practice practice..... Hmmm I see you are in Oman? I start a new job in Oman next month, small world
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