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  1. Ahhhhhh! That makes sense. I thought it was something along those lines but I couldn't find it documented anywhere. Thanks for clarifying!!
  2. This is one of the ones that I came across - AWESOME!! Definitely and inspiration for one of my Boomerang projects. Thanks!
  3. Thanks all for the quick responses. Very helpful!! I will post some pics of my collection in the coming weeks. Cheers
  4. Hey all - The blackfoot was my very first rc so excited to see it get re-released! I finished the assembly, but have a ton of extra parts. In the manual (specifically page 25) the parts are highlighted in a darker color than the parts I used during assembly. I didn't miss any of the steps either. Anyone know what the deal is with that? Many thanks!
  5. Hey all - I am in the process of restoring a few vintage tamiyas. I am active on my boomerang. I noticed a few of you have installed adjustable upper arms and i think it looks really cool. I think one or two were parma ones, but I can't find them on ebay or anywhere else online. Does anybody know if some of the later model tamiya adjustable upper arms will fit on a boomerang? (or with a little tinkering?) Many thanks!
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