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  1. Dear friend, one Bigwig in nib condition is now being sold on ebay.co.uk Have a look
  2. Thanks Maverick. Actually I am lookng for a nib (pristine) kit but thanks anyway.
  3. Thanks a lot all of you. I think you helped me significantly
  4. Dear friends. I have found a nib original 1986 kit of BIGWIG for 500 euros. Do you believe this is a good price?Thanks
  5. Dear friends I am interested in buying a nib (original not re-re) Egress. I would not mind acquiring Avante, Porsche 959, Astute-Super Astute, Hotshot or Top Force, too. If there is someone who wants to sell one please let me know. Thanks
  6. Dear friends, I am looking for the 53446 Multi Function Set for the Tamiya Tiger 1/16.If anyone can help, let me know.Thanks,Amyntas
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