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  1. I think its getting nowere like this ... So there is no respect for some people 's opinion. It was not with a meaning of insulting . But i suppose thats the way how youre thinking (negative) . But i do already notice "Newbie"
  2. I believe there a few for sale on TC traderoom
  3. why are you thinking that... are you like that
  4. We all have our own motive's for this.. And i respect every one his own vision on this.. It seems there no real vintage collectors here, only drivers i think
  5. Wow this is making a lot of emotional feelings to a lot of people. I am one of the old colletors of the 80tie's not a new bie who started in last few years... The fact is that all the re releases make's the vintage RC cars not so rare and desireble any more. Nothing to do with value or money... Just you can buy NEW (vintage) RC cars in the store. Normal you did search on the internet, for that last part whats making an almost forgotten and lost rc model complete .....Building like in the eightie's .... You dont have the feeling like we had then in the early eightie's. Its just not the same... I do agree with you all about the old new models, to release them.. but make them totally different, and do make it almost equal the same ...because that sells good for mr Tamiya. For the Tamiya compagnie its for sure about the money. But for collectors its the desire to have and built/restore an rare model... this is a part of my collection , so i know what i am talking about... Sorry dont want to hurt your feelings about this.. its just my opinion.....
  6. Imo re rereleases are killing the old school and Vintage collecters hobbies. If its vintage Tamiya or old school bmx... or other hobbie's The fun collecting and saving is out of reach with this. If you can buy it optical old, new !!! Of course it is technically different with the vintage reissue. But the appearance is the same. And for the younger generation is no difference. cheers Patric
  7. Great stuff you have for sale Matt. Hope you will sell it soon.. Nice price's to
  8. I have for sale a very nice Bruiser... its in a very good condition and complete (the body also chassis) price range 450 euro.ex shipping and paypal if youre interested i can sent you picture's... please look in my traderoom for more vintage 3 speed trade's?
  9. price 65 euro Selling a verygood condition radiobox , for a hilux/blazer... its undamaged and in a real good condition only a very smallcrack near the mounting hole for the servorack. price ex. shipping and paypal accepted..
  10. i think i have them.. where are you located? patric
  11. I have some new rear rims for a Monster Beetle...(gold) i want for the 20 euro ex. shipping for a pair...(2 rims) any one intrested...?
  12. yes i have them..maybe the damper also....i can sent you an picture if you like? but i need your email adress then
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