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  1. Hi everyone has anyone have a problem with the upper arms braking. I want to change to eclip straight pins but cant find where to get them Can anyone help.
  2. I guys do you know if theres a fix. For arms braking where screw goes into. I have replaced two set of arms already. Its my shelf queen and arms break where screw goes into.
  3. your work looks awesome.
  4. Hi guys I have a question. Does anyone have a prolbem with the rear gear case. I spin the rear diff and it somrtimes binds and turns rough. Then it goes smooth again. Any suggestions. I have the old original release. And Im rebuilding it completely.
  5. You guys should see my showroom. I have installed a kit on my rough rider and it looks awesome.
  6. nice red color cant wait to see the finished product.
  7. Does anyone know where to get cam locks for my rebuild sand scorcher. Im located in the United States and dont want to order from flea bay of Japan takes to long to order. Its so weird there no local hobby shops that carries any parts and even Tamiya site doesnt have them.
  8. Hi Anyone I have a request can anyone put stickers on my F1 helmet for me. Everyone I have tried has came out really bad. Ill ship the helmet and stickers to you. With return postage. Thanks. or does have any suggestions for apply helmet stickers.
  9. Has anyone has any prolbem with this servo. And Futaba reciever r-603ff. The servo moves right and left then right. If you turn quickly from right to left.
  10. thank you so much, what about those plastic ball ends. Im having prolbems with my savox, it travels back and forth opposite directions. When moving from left to right.
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