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  1. hi all..... i am back, as tammygirl (the slayer) has anyone else had problems with this forum software - for some reason i can only sign in as the slayer? i have a dual personality now - not schizo honest!!!! http://www.tamiyaclub.com/member.asp?id=14289 Tammygirl[:S]
  2. Hi -for some reason i cannot sign in as tammygirl?????? must be this new software [:'(] anyway.... i cant get to kiddy in april.... but is there another meet later in the year like snett or kiddy.... if not i will have to wait till next year [] http://www.tamiyaclub.com/member.asp?id=14289 Tammygirl
  3. Dont even hove one of those either [][] quote:Originally posted by jozza quote:Originally posted by The Slayerpersonally i cant see the point of the whole PSP thing!! whats wrong with PS2 and a dvd player [] id="quote">id="quote">Careful - you'll be asking what the point of having more than 1 car is next [] id="quote">id="quote">
  4. Hi Muddy [] i tend to agree with you!! but my nephew (who is 9) has a Mini Cooper (my old one!!) and he only plays with it about 3 times a year - cant get him off the PC most days, still at least he has one!! [][] no cars at the mo.. no place to run.. no where to build and no MONEY to buy... i will return sometime this century [8)]
  5. Hi Biggus.. i am still around - just no money and nowhere to build kits at present, plus there is no RC scene in the Isle of Man [][]
  6. the 959 would be top of my list (it has to be affordable though) or the Wild One - deffo!! 3 speed - nah too slow and expensive.. (light the fire) []
  7. Catweasel... that was a classic, and what was the name of that programme where the kids ran through a fence to move thru time??? i remember the 60's [8)]
  8. personally i cant see the point of the whole PSP thing!! whats wrong with PS2 and a dvd player [] i cant afford one anyway []
  9. Wish i could do that - very nice [] quote: Originally posted by Shodog I did what Pushrod has done just to see what it would look like. What I think would look even hotter is a chassis based on a pan car. the huge rear wheels would give it the tubbed look id="quote">id="quote">
  10. Me too.... but i am out of the loop at present - due too no internet access []and no money [][] any idea when the Brick is gonne re-release and will there be enough too go round [] Still cant afford anything - working at Tesco ans still not set up in IOM [8)] Hi Guys!! Carolyn quote:Originally posted by Big AlI personally love the Thundershot! I am huge fan of that chassis and it's a fun kit to build! id="quote">id="quote">
  11. I would love to be able to afford one of anything at the moment!!! having been out of work for 7 months!!! oh why did i leave London!! ordered a hornet coz i THOUGHT a job was OK but got sack!! had to cancel (cheers James) have a job a Tesco - just started, have to put the RC on back burner for now!! (want a Dyna, Toureg and a LB)[] have to wai till have spare money [][]
  12. Finally got a car [] The Hornet - from James @ fusion.... oh goody loooks like i am back[] Cant add to showroom - no money left to renew now.. Will do soon Chris... dont kill me off yet [xx(]
  13. Is there likely to be a drive later in the year??? i would love to come over and blast around with all you reprobates again (dosh permitting) [] cant make spring []
  14. Hi Ian - its Carolyn actually (but i forgive you) the IOM has 2 shops, not that i have bought anything (no dosh) and as far as i know they DONT stock Tammy, its all 1/12 stuff and planes.. oh and Nitro RTR rubbish.. (overpriced of course) apart from that.... i have a job started this week, still living in a room!! NO RC [] well apart from the Focus in bits in my friends garage [:I] I need a shell and Servo for that beastie.. oh and an ESC.. I am thinking about getting something like a Hornet or a Toureg to blast around the beach - i want another Thunderbrick at some stage (ideally NIB) or a good 2nd hand one that i can redo the shell/rebuild or whatever... Yes the **** sea here gets ROUGH!! me being a townie - its a bit scary [xx(] i live 20 yards from the coast - now you know why i want a Buggy or crawler [][] All ok with you [?]
  15. Agree with M4F - Thunderbrick... fast durable (never broke mine when i had it) great fun!! dont have anything now - watch this space []
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