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  1. For 13.5T + HW 80A esc you can consider a gear ratio between 6+ to 7 (28-32T pinion) + 76T spur. The smaller 76T from Kyosho is for a better range of pinions fitment & therefore more flexible gear ratio. I run my mid in vintage class racing with 17.5T with a 28/76 pinion/spur last season. Will up the gearing this season to at least a 30T. I was wondering why everyone was passing me on the straight. Slipper need to be tighter than kit manual as the track I run on is low grip.
  2. I am lucky to get any stock from my LHS of regular colors. This is how I justify hoarding.
  3. Perfect excuse for me to repost some photos LWB chassis of my own design (but aftermarket chassis availanble also) ProCat likely a limited run but the mid should be hanging around for a while (I hope I don't jinx this).
  4. T-Studioworks, This is a good hobby & you are a good embassador to it. Been to Stargek many many times & spoken to the boss quite a few times. He used to be a traveling sales man that went from town to town seeking dealers for toys. These places included the place where I stay on the island of Borneo.
  5. Any idea if the reproduction Yokomo yz10 Yz870c 1990 Super dogfighter bodyshell Wing Undertray re production from Penguin RC will fit ? Thinking of getting some spare bodies
  6. A curious issue came up in the 2023 release build. Did not experience this from the previous non 2023 builds (or variants like Sand Scorcher or Buggy Champ). The bearing housing of the motor is too pronounced & interferes with the spur gear. I thought to myself that no issue, I would just grind away the little bit near the spur. However, turned out that the pinion cannot sit fully engaged to the spur across its teeth. In the end, decided to DIY a motor gasket using thickish cardboard I had lying around. Problem solved Nevertheless, a bit weird. First time I encountered this issue. The motor used is a sport tuned but the supplied silver can also had the same issue
  7. Like Willy iine, I do not sand my bodies. Actually, this is the first I hear of it. However, like Willy, I do rinse the body with soapy detergent to make sure no grease / grim for better adhesion. Having said that, I did notice that some of my racing bodies experienced some flake off after a few races. Maybe a little sanding to make some surface profile is good for adhesion.
  8. Been on a bit of a fixation of mine recently. This is the third body I painted in as many weeks.
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