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  1. The present is a good time to make up for lost time of our youths. However, vintage electronics is still hard to find (at least based on my brief research)
  2. I wanted a Novak or Tekin but my parents gave me enough money for a Tamiya only. Still much better then a mechanical speed controller though. But, somehow, I could afford a Trinity Monster Horsepower This kit never say dirt in its entire life. I was 14 & locked on academics (not by choice). Only managed to run it occasionally on the concrete area in my housing estate. I remembered I even had foam tires on them at one time. Anyway, fond memories of my second hobby grade kit.
  3. Decided to do a shell of my original '87 Turbo mid
  4. Try as I might, I can only do 45/55 F/R & 49/51 L/R even withe hteh new chassis that shifts the battery position to as far in the front as I can.
  5. Try as I might, I am unable to locate the correct shade of yellow. People on FB mentioned that Traxxas yellow comes close. No way am I able to find any. Good luck !
  6. Translucent red Backed with PS48 Aluminium then PS12 Silver
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