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  1. I have emailed my reverse sponsor RCmart so let's see what they can do about it. Meanwhile ordered a replacement from eBay, my other reverse sponsor. Kit #2 considered done. Not gonna paint the grills as I am likely to botch the job.
  2. Hmm, must have struck jackpot or something. First time ever I see this in a Tamiya kit in the last 30+ years of kit building :
  3. Wanted an alternative color scheme for the red body. This is what I got from MCI.
  4. I don't think the Sand Scorcher can do 45-50km/h. More like 1/2 that but to be verified by someone more expert than myself.
  5. Here's mine just completed save for the numbers.
  6. Installed the MCI replica stickered XLS body & wing to the kit
  7. Just about the limit of my meagre painting ability. Firefox scheme for stock. Microsoft / Escort Mk II scheme for mod :-)
  8. Here's mine. Please excuse the paint job. I am only expert of 1 color paint scheme. I call this the red back paint scheme :
  9. Start getting into the modern kits...
  10. CAT in the shade CAT in the Sun https://hosting.photobucket.com/images/aa189/joeling39/IMG-5476.jpg?width=1920&height=1080&fit=bounds
  11. Quick run in the backyard
  12. Quarantine over and I am a free man again. Went ahead with the build. Low humidity helps with the paint drying. Dyed some white wheels golden yellow
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