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  1. That sounds logical. Tried to buy something from them last couple of weeks but shipping to Malaysia is no longer an option. That was not the case prior to this as I have bought quite a few times from Brett over the years.
  2. Alternative mounting position for the antenna. Drill 3mm hole, Drill another 2mm hole on one side. Inert antenna. Mount antenna tube. A small dab of UV cure glue. Done.
  3. Working on a 'blackened' version of the Black edition. Used up some of the bits that were dyed black earlier. 8.5T + CC Mamba 10th scale that I bought quite many years ago. Surprised that they still work. Updated firmware etc.
  4. Well, this is done. Really need to do something about the residue from the mold release agent
  5. Also been busy on other related things : No love for the blue 1/2 a sachet of this in a small pot. Left to boil or near boiling. After 8 minutes... Another potential project : Bought some non Tamiya plastic primer. After 1 thick coat a couple of days ago, applied some non Tamiya yellow today. Again, no patience. Oversrpay everywhere. More mistakes to correct. Do you think this will suit the red box art body or the green one ?
  6. Started painting Sunday. Primer on then left it for a day. Monday top coat but impatient me managed to overspray a couple of places resulting in some sagging. Left it overnight sanded down the oversprayed bits. Final coat this morning to cover up the mistakes. Left it in the sun after touch dry for the whole afternoon. Near midnight and stickers have been applied. Next step will be final clear coat then the chrome bits can be installed.
  7. Work in progress from last night. The last box art I did was more than 30 years ago with original stickers.
  8. Restricted movement is in effect for another week+. Time to get cracking...
  9. Matt black body done but I am not quite happy. Matt finish really highlights any slight blemish / imperfections / screwups with glaring clarity. Note to self - in future avoid matt clear finish.
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