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  1. Apologies for the late reply. These are Gmade wheels and tires. 12mm hex so direct bolt on. Last I checked, available at www.junfac.com in Korea.
  2. I think that is what the original poster is looking for. I have built all 3 of my DB01s so no more requirement for me.
  3. I spoke too soon : http://www.muchhobbyonline.com/product_p/54039.htm This place also has stock. No idea if the merchant is reliable though.
  4. Seems to b running low. Usual places like rcmart and rcjaz are all out
  5. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Tamiya-OP-parts-OP-1039-DB01-Aluminum-suspension-block-2-pieces-54039-Japan/293493739149?epid=1044658026&hash=item4455970e8d:g:YpkAAOSw1jJeV4Yq There is a pair on ebay
  6. The Honda S800 body fits as well.
  7. Apologies for hijacking the thread. How critical is the slipper clutch ?
  8. I would rather run the re re in the background first. This was taken more than 10 years ago
  9. Wow, did not realise that the original it had copper wires to tie the wire mesh together. I never did install the mesh back in the day as it was my first kit and I was just not skillful enough to manage. I remembered painting my body on the exterior in a horrible metallic green color that flaked off after a while. Probably not even a PS paint. Fond memories...
  10. Done. Radio range is pathetic. control pots in the transmitter probably all worn out also. One for the shelf.
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