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  1. I opted for a to keep stock motors but ordered a 3S capable Hobbywing esc to run on 3S. Still not fast though
  2. Saw a gold rough rider for sale the other day. Decided to make one myself :
  3. Now that u mentioned it, it does bear some resemblance due to the color scheme. Been a while since I've watched Noddy. Eldest in Uni. On anothe note, RCmart denied my claim that the stickers are defective as they cannot get a replacment. Face palm This side ok Cry
  4. Hopefully this is the last kit but no promises. My friend pointed out that this color scheme reminds him of Christmas. Still sorting out with RCMart on the sticker defects.
  5. I have emailed my reverse sponsor RCmart so let's see what they can do about it. Meanwhile ordered a replacement from eBay, my other reverse sponsor. Kit #2 considered done. Not gonna paint the grills as I am likely to botch the job.
  6. Hmm, must have struck jackpot or something. First time ever I see this in a Tamiya kit in the last 30+ years of kit building :
  7. Wanted an alternative color scheme for the red body. This is what I got from MCI.
  8. I don't think the Sand Scorcher can do 45-50km/h. More like 1/2 that but to be verified by someone more expert than myself.
  9. Here's mine just completed save for the numbers.
  10. Installed the MCI replica stickered XLS body & wing to the kit
  11. Just about the limit of my meagre painting ability. Firefox scheme for stock. Microsoft / Escort Mk II scheme for mod :-)
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