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  1. Session 4 Try on the wheels Electronics. Added weight 50g to the front Tamiya 10.5T motor Installed battery brace Battery guard Weight system Weight bias to the rear
  2. A tip - for relatively pain free way to do up a turmbuckle, insert ball end and secure it with the chuck of an electric drill. Holding the turnbuckle with professional hex wrench, power up the drill for satisfaction.
  3. Session 3 night build Front end assembly - same thing, additional 0.9mm shims added Steering assembly Bits & pieces Front end done. Installed Yeag Racing big bore shocks (70mm). Use A31 ball end for the shock end. #800 oil with medium springs 4 wheel drive drive train complete
  4. Session 2 cont'd Shim here Backend assembly done. Yeah Racing big bore 90mm shocks #550 oil & soft spring Steering servo - 18mm standoff needed. Modified for a direct link to the steering yoke
  5. Session 2 con'd Rear lower hatch closed Installed rear arms - 0.1mm shims on the main chassis and 0.3mm shim on the rear hub
  6. Session 1 cont'd Installed gears for the rear - essential upgrade alert - metal bevel gears to transfer power from spur to drive shaft to the front gear box Closed rear upper hatch Session 2 Rear Ball Diff Essential upgrade for the ball diff - the 3mm alloy diff screw retainer Thrust bearing of the ball diff Installed Tamiya 10.5T BL motor & shimmed the rear diff - 0.9mm additional on top of kit supplied shims
  7. Time to build kit #4 Session 1 First order of business. Trim the side pods to accommodate a shorty pack Next, trial fit the battery and hack appriopriate opening for the battery terminals. Custom upper brace Added cooling fan
  8. 2 sets & on the way through the Nullarbor to me
  9. L/R surprisingly balanced but F/R is another matter altogether.
  10. Out in the Sun in the shade I do like the pink wheels
  11. Not sure if the LWB can qualify as vintage so making a less modified SWB kit Pink wheels looks red
  12. Getting old. Spending too much time hunting for tools right in front of me. Maybe a stand will help ? What do you think ?
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