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  1. The Hot Shot is my first hobby grade rc. It will always have a special place in my heart. In fact, I still have my original bought circa 1985. I have bought a few reres since. Non of them will ever see action.
  2. Does the motor shaft adapter sleeve come standard with the kit or is it an aftermarket part ? If aftermarket, where to buy ? My kits are coming in a couple of days bought from Stella Models of Hong Kong. Regards. Joe Ling
  3. Managed to install the light buckets and LEDs Do u think these MST crawler tires with original 1.9" wheels look better or the buggy wheel / tire combo ?
  4. Still working on the light bucket / mirror etc. Hopefully, painting can be completed tomorrow. Then I can get started on fixing up the LED lightings.
  5. Just spent the weekend building this kit acquired a while ago. Stickers took a lot of time. Wheels / tires are Tamiya 2.2" and Pro-Line Dirt Hawgs. Front end rear end completed kit Getting for painting Body in progress Stickers in progress Nearly done.
  6. Anything better than unsprung spring. Thanks !
  7. Sorry to hijack this thread. I am looking for oil filled shocks for this mini hotshot. Any leads ?
  8. Rally bug Honda S800 body but requires the short prop shaft
  9. While waiting for the quotation, made a temporary adapter to mount the Toyota body
  10. Will get my trusty custom CF guy Paul Sims from Australia to cut me some CF shock towers I do not want to make new holes in the Toyota body so decided to make this to get the holes right
  11. Finally decided a to make a runner. 1) 10.5T BL motor + 100A esc 2) Diffs filled with Tamiya AW grease 3) Yeah racing long span arms 4) Gmade 62mm shocks front & Back. Yeah racing 60mm shocks for the middle (Gmade won't fit) 5) FRP battery plate 6) WR02 CVDs all round Conclusion so far after 1 bash session mostly on outdoor tiles with some light jumping off stair 1) Servo saver is weak. Broke after I had a small accident. Replaced wiith Tamiya high torque unit. Hopefully will hold up 2) 4WS is not really needed. In fact, in stock 4WS configuration, the rear tires will catch the middle ones causing them to be stuck together & exerting extra pressure on the rear servo. Also renders the vehicle to chase its tail 3) If implementing 4WS, rear servo needs to be metal gear. Plastic will strip because of (2). Retard the rear movement to less than 50% travel 4) 10.5T rips and Gmade shocks with higher weight oil (80/60 F/R) jumps like a boss off 3 step of stairs
  12. This is my favourite at the moment. Brought me back to the hobby after a 5 year layoff.
  13. Take note ~ the mini shell will not fit due to the motor at the rear. The Honda S800 fits though.
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