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  1. It's normal. Center shaft rotation moment nothing to counter
  2. Gmade with Yeah racing alloy works well. Go for thicker shock oil. Middle shocks won't fit without some sort of adapter to allow the shocks enough clearance. Just a C shaped thingy with holes for the shocks and mounting holes to where the original shocks should be.
  3. Built another chassis after the original was used for the 6 x 6 prototype.Gold aluminum color looks nice. Wheels only half done
  4. I will chop 2 Unimogs to make into 1. Will use UV light cured glue to make the joint and perhaps further reinforcement. Also ordered an unpainted TRX-6 Mercedes body but this requires wheel base extension by 35mm. Guess that will be for the next build with full carbon side plates instead of the rails.
  5. My incomplete fleet of CR01s. Acquired the first in a Landcruiser body when it was first released. Fast forward to end of last year, for some unknown reason, started to acquire a fleet of these. Alloy chassis side plates are impossible to find. Had CF bits made. A bit narcissistic sorry. Found some 6x6 CR-01s on Youtube and decided to try. This is a prototype. FRP circuit board extensions will be replaced.
  6. One of them had a Landcruiser body in its previous life when the CR01 was a new release years ago. The one with silver shocks & alloy chassis side plates. That one saw action. For some reason, this particular not so popular body iteration caught my eye. Must be the addiction at work here.
  7. I am building a fleet of them as trail trucks or more likely shelf queens. Gun metal, Camel yellow, Champagne Gold, Chrome aluminium. More to come...
  8. RCmart is my go to hobby store as choices for Tamiya related items in Malaysia are pretty limited.
  9. The Hot Shot is my first hobby grade rc. It will always have a special place in my heart. In fact, I still have my original bought circa 1985. I have bought a few reres since. Non of them will ever see action.
  10. Does the motor shaft adapter sleeve come standard with the kit or is it an aftermarket part ? If aftermarket, where to buy ? My kits are coming in a couple of days bought from Stella Models of Hong Kong. Regards. Joe Ling
  11. Managed to install the light buckets and LEDs Do u think these MST crawler tires with original 1.9" wheels look better or the buggy wheel / tire combo ?
  12. Still working on the light bucket / mirror etc. Hopefully, painting can be completed tomorrow. Then I can get started on fixing up the LED lightings.
  13. Just spent the weekend building this kit acquired a while ago. Stickers took a lot of time. Wheels / tires are Tamiya 2.2" and Pro-Line Dirt Hawgs. Front end rear end completed kit Getting for painting Body in progress Stickers in progress Nearly done.
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