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  1. I have 13.5T system in both kits. Unfortunately, did not have a chance to run them yet.
  2. Hi Greanie, The body was painted with PS54 Cobalt green. I converted the G wagon kit to for the Unimog. Had to rim new body post holes for the rear as this CC01/CR01 Unimog body has different mounting holes for the rear. I had a spare set of black wheels lying around so I painted them TS86. Could not find the red wheels anywhere. Regards, Joe Ling
  3. Managed to mount the body after some adjustment. Wheelbase had to be shortened for the Unimog as well.
  4. I came into the hobby circa 1986. So for me : 1) Hotshot 2) Clodbuster 3) 959
  5. Some progress on the 6 x 6 4 link clod / bullhead Unfortunately, custom CF parts struck at Asutralia Post. Some issue with postage to Malayisa.
  6. Thanks ! Looks like the Unimog body supplied with the CC02 has different rear mounting holes. :-(
  7. Can anyone share the relevant pages of the CC02 Unimog manual? Trying to figure out how to fit the Unimog body onto the CC02. Thanks.
  8. My first Tamiya was purchased at the end of 1985. The one and only HotShot ! Totally smitten by it. No racing where I was at the time. Just some bashing downstairs in the public area of the condominium. Did a restoration last year or was it this year ? Getting old. Old girl from 1985 Restored
  9. The Mercedes GS500 kit languished in my to do list. Nearly done but not there yet. No feel for the GS500 body. Decided to convert to a Unimog. These are lying around White primer coat TS86 Pure Red Aftermarket tires Red wheels done. Need body posts and shock / body mount parts. Misplaced. Painted this a while back. Plastic bits misplaced. New body coming so that I can cannibalize the relevant bits
  10. I have 3 bodies painted in different types of Tamiya black Matt Black with matt clear coat Metallic Black with TS13 normal clear coat Not sure which black this is. Could be semi gloss black
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