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  1. My first airbrushed body done a couple of months ago. Patience is my greatest enemy Plenty of mistakes. This is a body for a 1/8 electric GT. Just did another one for my Nitro GT
  2. They are already out of stock most places. If you find a source, please do share
  3. Yes it fits Some modification to this part will be needed to look more natural. With the TD2 body, there will be enough clearance to mount the pack in transverse.
  4. Did some cooking to match wheel color to the body : The RIT Lemon Yellow + 15 minutes of slow simmer seems to be a fairly close match to the PS6
  5. It's a SE variant with a factory painted body that sells for more. However, I am not so happy with the factory painter (facepalm) No backing paint Really ?
  6. Weight distribution 42/58 - is this typical for a modern 4WD buggy ?
  7. Here's my entry Mark is spot on 37/63 F/R weight distribution. Mine with full sized Lipo without body.
  8. Yeah, I also have questions on motor & gearing. I have a spare Tamiya 15.5T which is only 2300KV. Paired with the slipper, I will need a 36T pinion to do 42km/h for a gear ratio of 5.71. Logical ? or madness ? For a modern buggy, it should at least b able to do 40km/h no ?
  9. For me, it is the fun of building and ogling them on the shelves. I may do a runner but for racing or bashing, I have others non Tamiya branded kits which will unlikely see any shelf except maybe to keep 1 for historical display when I retire them. However, for Tamiya and to a certain extent re re K cars, I will make shelf spaces available and probably put it a note in my will if my kids want to see my money, they will have them on display
  10. Do u think I can get away with only installing these at the rear & leave the front stock ? 10.5T + slipper + 30T pinion.
  11. Online stores in HK have received their stock of SE and non SE kits & also the TD2s. Tamiya took my money with ****ethening ease, again.
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