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  1. I had the exact same problem my friend. I ended up going for an Avante Black Special and painting it similar to the original. I've had no regrets
  2. @graemevw Nice work! Would love to hear more details about the process and how it runs
  3. More detail work. Reduced the slop in suspension arms and upper links with shims and alloy bushings, replaced ball ends as well. Added GT Tuned motor and aftermarket shocks.
  4. Achievement: I ventured into Yahoo Japan auctions with quite favorable results. Yes, despite living here I am very late to the party. I used to live on Ebay in the early 2000's for RC cars and parts. My experience then was hit-or-miss and you really had to watch carefully or ask the seller a ton of questions when photos didn't give the entire story. As I am reaching the limit of what I would want to buy at the LHS here and the post-covid trend of waiting forever for model releases, I decided to have a peek at Yahoo Japan auctions and see what all the fuss was about. I've purchased 3 cars so far. One was pretty much as-advertised and I got it for a decent price. The other two are absolute gems. Photos didn't do them justice and when the box arrived and I nervously opened it, I was just amazed at the condition, paint, attention to detail like addition of shims and additional hop-up parts already there that weren't mentioned in the auction listing. 2023 Goals: I hope to have continued success on yahoo auctions for starters. But more importantly, I hope to improve my skills in building, painting and modifying my cars based on the wealth of knowledge and talent we have available here at TC.
  5. I love my collection of 27 cars. Some are treated like shelf queens but are also ready-to-drive if I felt the urge. The Avante Black Special is car #27. I'm taking my time to finish painting the body, and have purchased extra wheels and tires and a 2011 Avante driver and decals to paint box art blue and purchased a painted 2011 body just in case (but have since sold it on). It's a bucket list thing for me. Pricey for sure, but after some thought worth the price(to me). I don't regret having 27 cars, I enjoy it. After I pass on, I can only hope that my family can either share that enjoyment if the saw fit, or make a few coins selling them on for someone else to enjoy. The cars I drive are driven carefully but still get to stretch their legs. While I have very little precious space left to fill with new kits, I fill my sense of satisfaction each time I sit at my desk and look at all of them.
  6. Painted up a couple of drivers since cold weather prevents me from painting up a couple of bodies
  7. I am currently trying to get the right shade of "Dark Purple" for my Avante Black Special. I've tried PS45 Translucent Purple backed in PS23 Gun Metal but the cold air here didn't allow for my paint samples to cure well. I'll keep at it until I finally have my Avante Blackberry Special eventually..
  8. While trying to finish my Avante Black Special build, I decided that I would try to single-handedly jump-start the entire world's economy . First, by spending way too much for a 2011 re-re painted body and wing complete with decals applied in box art blue. Then, thanks to @Andreas W, purchased yellow Egress wheels from JC Racing and kindly took warm bath in shipping costs to Japan. As if being squeaky clean and dry wasn't good enough for me, I pranced on over to UK Monsters and grabbed a Pro Independent Front Suspension Kit for my beloved Lunchbox. Took another bath in shipping for good measure and cleanliness and all.. Hopefully that will get the ball rolling and keep us all afloat for 2023
  9. Have you ever spent time on building up an RC project, only to be completely unhappy with the results? I would imagine that quite a few of us can relate to this. @alvinlwh I hope you don't mind, but had to chuckle when I read: "I had f'ed up the build so much, got fed up, smashed a fist into it, then set it on fire." I feel your pain. I've certainly stared at a project in disgust while some long dormant primal urge inside me was tempting me to do something similar. Yeah.. advanced aging has depleted my fast-twitch reflexes and eyesight but thankfully those were replaced with patience and determination. When a project isn't to my liking, I just keep at it until I get there. I don't mind to show an example of such. The green car in this photo was quite a challenge for me. The body set was expensive and accompanying decals left a lot to be desired. To top that off, I goofed up my paint scheme and ended up with a shade of green that I wasn't planning on. Nonetheless, because I plopped down a big chunk of change on that body I wasn't about to abandon it. I used paint pen and masking tape to try and get the window trim somewhat decent and then repainted the fender flares in a contrasting color to match the bumpers. I still am not super excited about it, but it's decent enough to hold a spot in my little garage (and serves as a good reminder to plan more carefully).
  10. Well.. I just finished building my Avante Black Special and I'm thinking about painting it another color other than.. black.
  11. Let's add some more temptation to those brat desires...
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