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  1. Yeah.. unfortunately it isn't exactly "the land of plenty" over here in Tokyo. Re-Re's such as the VQS were snatched up in about a week. The hobby is still big here, however scalpers (as we call them in America) purchase kits quickly and then place them on Yahoo Japan, Ebay, etc. for inflated prices. For example: Kyosho Turbo Optima's are all sold out from the LHS. Can't order one either. However on Yahoo Japan auctions, there are a couple of auctions listed starting at a healthy $100 mark-up over the in-store price. Even though I am fortunate enough to work about a 15-minutes walk from the best hobby shops in Tokyo, I've resorted to joining the preferred-member mailing list to get notified when a desired item comes in stock so I can then plop money down and reserve it. Even then (as was the case with the Turbo Optima), sometimes supply just runs out and all I'm left with is a apologetic email. For parts, driver figures and other small odds and ends however, it's heaven! I honestly pick up a driver figure almost every time I visit the hobby shops because they cost about as much as a large soda would here. So there's that..
  2. I'm holding steady at 20, and if I could find a couple of much-desired kits I'd be tempted to let my overly-hopped-up Rising Storm go to make space. I'm with you @Saito2 .. the prices of these new releases has put me off altogether. Wasn't thinking of a Top Force Evo, but sure I'd love to have one. I was hoping for an Egress but still haven't heard any official announcement date for that. Would I fork over the asking price for a Top Force Evo instead? Nope. I'm sure they will be snapped up quickly enough anyway so cheers to everyone else. I'll go Losi, Associated, Schumacher or Yokomo hunting instead now.
  3. I feel your pain.. I currently am willing to spend the money for a high end Tamiya kit such as an Avante or and Egress but there are none available. Yes, rumor has it that both will be re-released.. and even at that, I have put myself on my LHS's reservation schedule to try and click and reserve one prior to release with any hopes of actually getting one. To reiterate: I have money and a strong want to purchase these items. Yet- even if they are re-released, I must be fortunate and timely enough to try and reserve one before they are gone again. And I live in Tokyo.. At this point, if I am not lucky I may very well just move on and look for a modern 4wd buggy such as a RC10 whatever.whatever version is the lastest now, or a Losi 22.something or Yokomo's latest model name which has a bunch of letters after it. My thing is.. rather than have a bazillion cars in my collection this time around.. my 20 car-stash has all been sorted to the finest detail. Each hop-up that I've wanted has been purchased, power system meticulously chosen for that purpose.. even swapped out for color-matching aluminum or titanium hardware as is absolutely unnecessary. So.. in doing all that, I want to purchase a kit that is TRF level, or the likes.. something that I won't have to add a whole raft of upgrades to and enjoy at a high level. I'm more than willing to pay for it.. but Tamiya (and Kyosho for the time being) are making my options very scarce as far as what they offer. I must add that I am not however desperate enough to pay absurd prices desired on ebay for such items. Again, I would seek alternatives elsewhere for the same value.
  4. Never had any luck to score the original TamTech series.. but will be on the search for some.. I hope I can have as fruitful a collection as I did with the latter series.
  5. Fairlady Z : Started with Tamiya Iridescent Pink/Gold.. then Tamiya Bright Red and finally backed in Bright Silver
  6. I can assure you all that Tamiya is low on stock here in Japan as well.
  7. My first re-re was the Monster Beetle. Kinda late to the game I'll admit (as far as re-re's go). But I'm still as happy today about it as I was back in 2017. I waited until my MIP ball diff arrived before opening the box and then went and did a meticulous build complete down to lubricating the front and rear plastic-on-plastic pivot points with anti-wear grease. Then I screwed up the body during prep by accidentally using super glue REMOVER instead of super glue on the nose. I'm in Japan and sometimes I miss a few very important details when trying to read labels and translate on my own.. EGADS!! Took a day away from the project and turned a curse into a blessing. I ordered a new Sand Scorcher body kit and properly prepped and painted that, then finished off the Monster Beetle livery with stickers. I repaired (with actual super glue time time.. doh!) the original body and painted in primer, then asked my wife to decorate with paint pens as she liked. I use it as my runner body now. Wifey loves to drive it because she has a hand in the design, and actually prefers the MB over the lunchbox that I bought her..
  8. Would love and Egress if I get the chance to snag one. I've been saving my pennies for a high-end kit since the last Turbo Optima in stock at my LHS got away. An Avante re-re was next on my list of must-have's.. but I'll gladly spring for an Egress over that as it is a more capable runner. Even though I don't plan on running any of my RC's in anger much, I still would prefer one with more actual chops.
  9. The Tamiya hop-up shocks (while expensive) work well. My stock Bullhead used to rattle and bounce around while I drove it and annoyed the crap out of me. It was like trying to hold a chubby toddler on a leash. I installed these dampers and a servo-on-axle steering kit and now it seems like a proper model. It jumps and lands with as much grace as one would expect from such a chunky behemoth. I have the spring retainers backed out all the way and Tamiya #450 damper oil, lands with nary a bounce and continues on to plunder the next obstacle in it's path.
  10. Wow, thanks a lot for posting this! I watched a JConcepts video of this kit being assembled and contemplated purchasing this but opted for the servo-on-axle kit from the Clod Shop instead as it was less expensive. As well, I didn't mind deleting the plastic front roll cage bumper so.. there ya go. But- I did end up having to carve a notch out of the underside of the chassis to allow for proper suspension travel. I didn't expect to have this issue (perhaps I did something wrong?), alas what's done is done. Still, very nice to see someone who chose the alternative and included such a comprehensive write-up about it. Again, thanks.
  11. Continued to show love to my Bullhead, installed a carbon axle mount servo kit from the Clod Shop, swapped the TEU 106BK for a Hobbywing 880 esc, and finally (because I'm a bit OCD) swapped black Sport Tuned motors for silver Sport Tuned motors. Why? Well.. since I can run 3s with the 880 esc, I probably will give it a go. I put a heatsink and cooling fan on each motor as well. The thought being, I can easily replace silver Sport Tuned motors and will keep the black Sport Tuned motors in boxes since they are no longer produced. A side note.. has anyone experienced interference with the servo and chassis when doing a servo on axle modification for their Clod or Bullhead? I had to cut a notch out of the chassis to allow for more suspension travel. (see pics)
  12. Wishing safe and happy holidays to everyone. Thank you for being part of my extended family online. I wish you all a happy and prosperous new year filled with many many more kits, parts, advice and humor.
  13. I can see both sides of this argument. I love the nostalgia from archaic designs such as my Blackfoot, Monster Beetle. Yes, plastic bushings aren't my thing, and I've upgraded to a MIP diff on one and used gearbox braces on the other.. but the price point for me was still reasonable enough to justify the fun. Ditto with my Wild One. The kit was low cost and a set of bearings and a Sport Tuned motor were just icing on the cake for me. On the other hand, my issues arise when speaking of kits like the VQS. I certainly respect those who have purchased and enjoy them, but for me.. the price doesn't justify a mere silver can motor and lingering durability issues. Tamiya is discontinuing many of the cars I thought were great, fun-to-drive bargains that would capture both the nostalgic fanbase as well as those new to the hobby. There are far too many polarizing models offered these days and I see my local hobby shops here in Tokyo stocked to the roof with XB models that won't sell while Kyosho can't seem to make models fast enough.
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