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  1. I want a few of those walking swimming ducks
  2. I do this but also use an additional set of magnets on the outside of the body to help "pull" the magnet stuck on with double sided tape underneath the body. I leave body in place for a day or so while studying the fitment from all angles while the outside magnets continue to apply force and squish the double sided tape ensuring a stronger seal. If I need to re-adjust I can remove it. But if it's a good position, after being squished constantly the magnets have never come off on their own while removing the body.
  3. I have a Novafox with a 14T brushless Tamiya sensorless motor and haven't had any gearbox issues. Way too much power for this thing and on asphalt it can lift the front wheels off the ground accelerating. I did use anti-wear grease when assembling the gearbox. Granted, I do not run it much and certainly do not abuse it. I think having the receiver and steering servo enclosed within the chassis is a bit of a "thing" to deal with, so it's best to dedicate a receiver to this car and get your servo set up properly because you won't want to dive back in there.
  4. https://tamiyashop.jp/shop/g/g22017/ Tamiya OP.2017 Tamtech Gear GB-01S 2.6x29mm aluminum turnbuckle shaft (blue, 6 pieces). They are fairly common here, but may be a bit more difficult to get there. Let me know if you have any issues getting any.
  5. @glancyguy I completely agree with you about the Tamtech Gear being underrated. Tamiya tried to revive the product line with the Mini Grasshopper GB-01S and address the odd-sized servo issue for the original series. However, they also went with an anemic 4 AA battery set-up and placed the cost way too high (in my opinion). Brushless combos are very cheap these days and I think Tamiya should have included them. The plastic gear differential (which the Hotshot has already) can handle the power with ease. The plastic prop shaft however may be a weak point. The alloy prop shaft for the GB-03 is a rare find, but worth it if you can source one. The plastic suspension links on the Hotshot will wear and develop slop with time. Upgrading to adjustable turnbuckles requires ball ends(which come along with the suspension you ordered) but also requires an additional longer ball stud found here: https://www.3racing-parts.com/tamiya-gb01-gb01t-ball-stud-set-heavy-duty-3racing-gb02hd-p-10001284.html Finally, a big upgrade in steering would be to swap out the stock and somewhat anemic steering servo for this one:https://www.amazon.co.jp/-/en/Corona-DS-–-319mg-Metal-Digital-0-06-Sec/dp/B073JCP9WX. Super cheap and it is the exact same size and the stock servo horn fits, but has a 0.06S reaction time vs the original Tamtech Gear TSU-02's 0.14s.
  6. @glancyguy The Hotshot front damper uses long shock rod and a short shock body I believe. You'll have to reuse the stock front shock end (as opposed to a ball cup on the end like the rear shocks) because it is integrated into the front suspension pivot. Let me know if you have any issues getting it to work. I still have the stock friction dampers that came with my Hotshot and a spare set of the yellow cva's. I can try to mock it up along with you to see what makes sense.
  7. I learned that you can soak nicely glued tires on wheels in paint thinner for over a day to erode the tire and re-use the wheel with a bit of tidying up.
  8. @glancyguy I hear ya on the scarcity of these things. I have two Tamtech models with them and to be quite honest.. they're just "ok". I got a set new and also bought a set used. In both cases, I cleaned and assembled them with damper lubricant on the o-rings and took proper care to make sure the shocks were aerated to the same level. Still, for the price and effort you would go through to get 'em.. I felt a bit disappointed. Tamiya makes plastic oil dampers, https://tamiyashop.jp/shop/g/g22011/ and they work just as well as these. 3-Racing used to make dampers for these and if you can find a set, they are probably the best overall. I recently picked up a Losi Mini-B Pro roller, and the dampers on that are very nice as well. I sized them up and I think they would also work nicely and should be more available.
  9. @glancyguy The part number is Tamiya 40513. There's a thread on them from awhile ago:
  10. Thank you! I just picked up a roll of "carbon look" vinyl sticker from Amazon Japan, (¥1000 for a 40 x 100cm roll). To apply, I cut a rectangle of material that was slightly larger than the chassis, rolled it across and trimmed with a hobby knife.
  11. Made a chassis protector for Carten M210 R and "magically" fixed the one tire I mounted in the wrong direction. Onward and upward!
  12. Try the TBLM 10.5 motor if your HobbyWing motor doesn't fit. I'm using it in my Super Avante and had no problems with fitment or performance at all.
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