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  1. I am happy about this. I am fortunate to have a Wild One re-re already and don't plan on getting another with a different livery unless my LHS remain stocked with them for a bit. I enjoy the one I have and hope many others can score one and enjoy for themselves as well.
  2. I have the GB-01 Fox with a 2430 5800kv brushless motor and a Buggy Champ with a neat little 4000kv brushless outrunner and haven't had issues with the differential in either. I had all of the Tam Tech models at one point and used the Hyperion Y-22 5000kv motors which were a bit more powerful and ended up with melted plastic differential outdrives. I can't recall if Tamiya ever sold metal diff outdrives but I think another manufacturer makes a ball differential with alloy outdrives for a 1/18 sized vehicle that might just fit. I'll pick one up and give it a try if I am able to purchase this latest re-re Grasshopper. I'll post my findings here as well as a review of how it performs. link to brushless combo used: https://www.ebay.com/itm/384280860183_trkparms=aid%3D1110006%26algo%3DHOMESPLICE.SIM%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D233120%26meid%3D8e2733f351ef4ff4be562c72ce87ad31%26pid%3D101195%26rk%3D5%26rkt%3D12%26sd%3D174341054764%26itm%3D384280860183%26pmt%3D1%26noa%3D0%26pg%3D2047675%26algv%3DSimplAMLv9PairwiseWithPLXWeb%26brand%3DUnbranded&_trksid=p2047675.c101195.m1851&amdata=cksum%3A3842808601838e2733f351ef4ff4be562c72ce87ad31|enc%3AAQAGAAACEKBxHW4feEMuDOzUSfo9lfIcPZW%2F%2BE0aPbLuCTtc56m%2FG4GjxQdlCr%2BOEOV3VCR%2B%2BNuM61e97ENVNL4828D5kT6JQ09lJ6jugkn366VaJn4r7PBh9WsQCKxfBREi0HGzCdrPAN3wBmNC1Rqca4boN5MPgZHuzaYvWXU%2FEVuwL7bgatf%2FmPQTybsfPBQU7ubOv1rkTykDLewesmu9CA%2BukHv%2BWtXGUd265wjlUTU61PfXoQtOwkf%2F3LItQKd%2BtGf2ErOtMeEzJTk6etKHJ8AcDlOZgEyzX593FYZCohBvBO%2BOEdPtFbTJieDN3U1UpRJznbs8axx4HEOlgGDqIM2qJyMmL4NUrQHGpWXpRJhM4cLz0KR8Op2%2BLGWQ2fnftBvQ1p76R5EUfsLrLJw1E5VP2MkaW3wEf9FfNCEigapXERdu6P%2BM8YwyoRDriJZ4yTID8kNrcXm%2B9iD6KNxA8TipOLUzZeJ9dYuh4UOl2acJSypKpfqy2vWcb%2B1Zdl8357oBMTJ5hREhRqmz3%2BXToaqLe5x8RsrJZ8utlOlPLwzBY8Q71HipCqzhX9YToV4ye7R6CkgFirchxw5woFwE8uyIFsTI6FE0lea%2FSbqpZTfNhlX%2BXqcyem%2BDzHttfQFkj8AY171%2BD5vs6Dkjl%2FA7XViIA%2BygY7l5A8b1qJGtNxKYbpvbrsZvNNBgtxUkIux2UBpitw%3D%3D|ampid%3APL_CLK|clp%3A2047675
  3. @Raman36 I had the Porsche and also moved it along. I upgraded to 3Racing oil dampers and the little black can 280 motor with the red end plate but ended up with a car that slid all over the place on any surface that wasn't as smooth and grippy as a new tennis court. However, the GB-01 performed a lot better with suspension upgrades and a cheap brushless combo. I kept that one and enjoy it to this day. The GB-02 is (for me) the sweet spot of Tam Tech Gear. Again, upgraded shocks and powerplant and it's a lovely thing to drive. I think the design was actually quite decent for the buggy versions.
  4. I am certainly looking forward to welcoming another Tamtech into the fold. Still wish they would have used the GB-02 Chassis, or at least a trailing arm front suspension conversion kit Tamiya used to sell as it makes the chassis handle much better. Either way, these two need a third partner in crime:
  5. The more I look at this kit, the more it grows on me. Glad the body comes clear, I've got a paint scheme in mind as well as changing the wheels. To be honest, if the battery removal (as shown in the video) is the final product, then I'll dedicate a battery to this kit and leave it in there. As well, I'll see if a shorty LiPo battery can fit going across the front and have a go at the handling to see which I like better. Overall, for a kit priced similar to the recently released TA-08Pro I'm in.
  6. Spot on apparently! After some investigation, this manga includes Taki San back in the day. I'm sure the art-imitates-life is now full circle with life imitating art.
  7. I like it. It's quirky, yet capable. I'm thinking a Super Avante mini 4wd livery with pink Avante Black special wheels would look ace.. Hope I can score one!
  8. Looks low-slung, wheel fenders and possibly using inboard shocks? Liking where this is going so far..
  9. Adjustable motor mounts are available which allow you to use different pinion sizes. An alternative to that (assuming you are using a stock silver can motor) would be to use a motor with higher turns and more torque such as a crawler motor. In either case, it would help to insure your gears are up to the task with either a brace or using a stronger ball differential. Motor mount:
  10. We must be running on the same frequency Terry, I just purchased some switches at an electronics store to replace all of the HobbyWing esc switches that won't fit the standard spot. I'll use shrink wrap to cover the base and rubber switch cover on the top to keep dirt out of them. They were about $.25 each. I think you can find similar ones online.
  11. Fumito Taki is a treasure. Ironically, he's also the gentleman I had a sit-down discussion about re-releasing the Falcon with.
  12. Tamiya is not as connected with the customer base here in Japan as some might imagine. Tamiya seems to be a typical Japanese company where final decisions are made by the "old guard". I'm not sure how much influence the Tamiya employees (who are also enthusiasts) have in making suggestions. I've met many Tamiya personalities who are featured on https://tamiyablog.com/ at hobby shows here. I've inquired about new model releases and even shared some suggestions such as a Falcon re-re.. and was only met with a "yeah.. if only..." kind of reply. The sympathetic nature of this kind of reply leads me to believe that such decisions are beyond the reach of even those who are within Tamiya's own corporation.
  13. Ah yes, the shelf queen vs RUNNER debate is another interesting part of the personalities that follow RC. I'll throw in the "multiple copies collector" as well to that discussion, those who collect numbers of the same model kit for their own purposes. As with the brushed vs brushless or NiMH vs LiPo debates, to each their own. I am not nearly as skilled as many of the other members here (I'm talk about folks like you @Mechanic AH ) but when I make something that I'm proud of, sometimes I don't want to ruin it. I run a few models regularly, but others are kept pristine and admired on the shelf for the engineering thought that went into the design and the effort I put into the assembly and finish. I've sought after certain models as a child and could finally purchase pretty much most of what I ever wanted. That said, I respect those who have collections with multiple models and stacks of NIB kits to decorate their hobby rooms. I truly get it.. and think each person in this hobby should feel free to enjoy it however they like so long as they don't harm others in doing so.
  14. I must be hanging around the wrong people.. most of them aren't interested in electric motors or batteries at all (or RC for that matter!) But I come here and read about varied opinions in wonder. It baffles me as to why people form strong opinions either way.
  15. @isomer1 A weak point on the chassis is where the front clip mates to the main chassis. Excessive stress from jumps or an impact from the front causes the chassis to crack at the mounting points. Ampro Engineering @Pintopower makes a 3D printed set of braces to better distribute load during stress. I wanted to have a go at it myself, so I used metal angle bracket and cut to fit, then covered with carbon-look stickers to finish it off. (you can see similar un covered metal bracket in the photo above I used as extra support for the front shock tower brace/body mount) The bracket is sandwiched between the front end and the main chassis, and longer hardware seals it off. Holes were drilled in the main chassis tub and standard Tamiya hardware used to fasten the rear part of the bracket.
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