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  1. The MLST dampers arrived and it looks promising. Larger diameter makes for better dampening effect, and the springs are soft enough to be just right when the collars are backed off all the way. The blue anodizing is a slightly lighter color but when looking at the car in person you really don't notice it. I'm happy this worked! And now I have two extra dampers for the rear as spares.
  2. Count me in as part of the "build it" group as well. I suppose it depends on the model (rarity, vintage or no) and considering that the chassis is quite common, I think the most rare bit would be the chrome body. Building as a display model would in no way devalue that. Build, enjoy the process and admire the diplay.
  3. About ready to paint my Blitzer Beetle and admittedly I'm not very good at the task. The prep work of removing flashing, getting the tail light buckets in (and cutting off the ends to glue on clear lenses later), sunroof is already a tall order. Then there's the paint itself.. so many curves to navigate without creating runs. If that goes well, then there's the "pleasure" of masking and painting the window trim and side molding. By this time, adding decals would be a blessing. I kidd.. slightly. I did a Monster Beetle body and after all of the aforementioned steps things turned out okay. This time, I'm using what I've learned from the previous efforts and so far things are going well. I used a soft wire brush on my mini-rotary tool to clear most of the flashing, then #1500 paper to smooth things to a shine. Tail light buckets were screwed on, then sealed from underneath with CA glue. Afterwards, I used a cutoff wheel to remove the "tail lights" from the light buckets and cleaned all lines up to mate with the clear lenses. Went over everything with a green scrubbing pad and washing detergent to remove all mold release and let it air dry. I plan on doing a two-color paint job, (grey primer.. then complete body in pearl white with lime green added on the top of the shell and faded in to mid-window line) and then will apply the Blitzer Beetle decals after that. Hopefully all goes well.
  4. Like the updates and progress you are making. I am almost finished with my Blitzed Beetle as well. I've added some bracing for the shock towers and upgraded the shocks to Eagle Racing's set intended for the DT-03 (very impressed with them). I have a 20t black can and 2s lipo. A quick test run is all I've done so far but plenty fast although I noticed some slight understeer. I'm curious to know what changing the battery position will do and awaiting your next update!
  5. Second-hand Tamiya Falcon. Loved it.
  6. You and I are very much alike Mad Ax. My painting skills leave a lot to be desired. I admire the works of art some members display in their showrooms here. I used to have less patience, and couldn't wait to switch on a new build and take it for a test spin.. to badword with the paint job. But, I slowly started to make an effort to read up on techniques and practice them on my own. Like you.. I have many failures. My beloved Monster Beetle mentioned above has two shells. One that I screwed up on... tried to "blend" the nose piece with adhesive, but being that I'm in Japan I thought I purchased CA glue and it was actually more like rubber cement. In the process of trying to sand all that mess off, I ended up using some CA remover and actually cracked the plastic. Womp womp.. So.. I purchased another shell and started over. I didn't discard the damaged one. Actually repaired it, painted it primer grey and let my wife decorate it with paint pens. But yeah, I make goofs sometimes. I've just learned to be patient, even when there's little time available. When I'm not feeling "on" and start making silly mistakes, I just put everything down and come back another time. <<That has probably helped the most actually. Gives me time to think things through and give my best effort on the re-try. I'm happy with all of my work now, little blemishes and all. I see progress with each build and get encouraged to do eve better the next time. As I write this, my Blitzed Beetle is completely built. Did the bump steer mod and shaved down the hinge pins so smoothly you can't tell anything was done to it. I'll start prepping the body when the mood strikes and time allows. My planned paint scheme will be lime green faded into pearl white with the stock decals applied after that. Should be nice, but if not I'll keep at it until I'm happy with what I've got.
  7. Here in Japan, sales tax was increased from 8% to 10% and officially went into effect October 1.
  8. Thank you for the suggestion Aerobert. I've owned the entire Mini Inferno lineup (Mini Inferno, Inferno ST and that LARV based on the Mini Inferno) at one point, and indeed the shocks were always very nice. I'm looking to have my GB-02 Buggy champ race-ready, but as dapper as a shelf-queen.. which means I'd like to have matching dampers front and rear. I'm patient, willing to wait until the right bundle or combination of options comes along to achieve this. For example.. the Mini LST dampers may be a tad bit short (and larger in diameter) as opposed to the original 3Racing dampers used on the GB-02, but for the rears the dampers don't have to thread between the trailing arm suspension links and the chassis like the front dampers do. While the Tamiya Aeration damper rears (what a name for shocks.. eh?) aren't available the damper shafts are. I may be able to just use the longer shafts to extend the length of the Mini LST dampers if they are of the same diameter. Worth the price of an experiment I guess..
  9. Going to give these a try... https://www.3racing-parts.com/team-losi-mini-lst-aluminium-front-and-rear-damper-set-66mm-3racing-mst03lb-p-10002988.html The length is listed at 66mm, and they may be a bit larger in diameter than the front shocks, but at least they are the same make and color. 148703_the_secret_life_of_walter_mitty_2013.hd.mkv
  10. The rear dampers are 68 mm measuring (center-to-center of ball cup). Fronts are 57 mm.
  11. The photo is quite interesting.. no steering rods were installed. Look closely and you'll see blue oil dampers on the rear. Hmm..
  12. Really enjoy reading this thread and the mindset we all have with our beloved hobby. Is it indeed possible to have multiple "sweet spots" then? I think so. I too have a Monster Beetle. I love it and all the effort I put into the box art shell, money spent on a MIP differential and a 21t sensored brushless power plant. All the same, I love my Fox as well, which I spent just as much time and care to dial in just the way I wanted. And my Wild One.. Grasshopper.. Bullhead.. you get where I'm going. I've mentioned as much in another thread somewhere but my focus has been more on quality over quantity. Rather than impulse buy as I did many years ago, I spend weeks, months even planning a project. I set my sights on one specific kit with an idea of what I wish to get out of it. I then search the web for additions/modifications and color schemes to see what I want to try to accomplish. Once I'm convinced that I have a solid idea in mind, I set out to purchase the kit and parts for the best possible price. If my desired kit isn't available at the time, I'll hold off on purchasing anything else on impulse and try to wait it out. Timing is everything I guess.. The bottom line is that I have a small, yet complete collection with zero (0) buyers remorse. When I look at each model it makes me smile when thinking of the time, attention and detailI put into them.
  13. Thank you kindly for your reply Scouser. I do believe that those are the front shocks, and no rears are available.
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