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  1. Picked up a used TamTech Desert Gator (well.. it was a Desert Gator body on a GB-02 chassis) and went to town cleaning it up and adding a brushless combo. As the ball differential on the GB-02 is going to be increasingly hard-to-find, I removed and saved the ball differential and swapped in a gear differential from the newer TamTech lineup.
  2. Simple, reasonably priced and works well if you plan to use moderately.
  3. Saw this and can't stop admiring the detail! Someone went and had all the parts trees from a NIB Tamiya King Cab bit chrome plated and the results are just stunning. I ask the question to the rest of my fellow members, if you could honor one kit like this which would it be?
  4. One think I love most about Tamiya? Character Here in Japan there is a kind of saying that roughly translates into: when an item is used more than 1000 times, it develops a kind of personality or character. Tamiya just seems to have a special way of bringing that character out right away. The smell of the tires, the box art and those gorgeous hard plastic bodies.. The way each part goes together during assembly.. How those Super Gripper tires sound when kicking up dirt, or that squeak that those plastic yellow cva's make when you press down on the suspension.. The sound of those course gears combined with the whirrrrrr sound of a Mabuchi at full tilt. it all adds to the immense character they have.
  5. Awesome video Shen! I can barely manage to keep the car in focus while trying to drive in a straight line! I have a newfound appreciation for your many wonderful videos.
  6. Went for a run along the riverside with my DT-02T after blue blingy bits were installed and aligned. Here's a quick video I tried to make while also driving (not an easy task for this old geezer).
  7. Added needless blue alloy to my DF-02 "King Cab" chassis.
  8. I have a bit of mixed feelings with regards to hop-ups. I will preface this by saying that I don't knock anyone for the amount of extras they decide to put on their rides. I consider RC more like expressive art. Just like body colors, livery or themes and decal placement are all subjective to what a person finds appealing. That said, I think Tamiya has a knack for providing a basic kit which can be somewhat transformed by hop-up options into a car with a different personality. Just recently, I picked up my first DT-02 chassis. Decent entry-level 2wd fun with accommodating entry-level fit and finish. At the present time, it's more along the lines of a DT-02MS thanks to quite a few option parts. The performance is quite a bit different, more taught and solid. CVDs, aeration dampers, adjustable turnbuckles (and a more aggressive castor angle) and a ball differential had the biggest effect on this. The cost was reasonable (for my location). I have a recently released Kyosho Turbo Optima Mid. While hop-up parts such as CVDs, carbon kits, anti-sway bars (which should have been included at the kit price) just didn't appeal to me. I'm pleased with how the car performs as it is, and the kit was rather expensive for me. Once I priced the option parts, I realized that I was in similar territory to purchasing a Team Associated B74. In this case, I felt it didn't quite make sense for me. To each their own, I say. I'm just glad we have different ways to enjoy our hobby and customize when we feel the urge to do so or refrain from doing so and simply enjoy what we have.
  9. @FranksterThank you for the kind words. I really wish Tamiya would re-re the King Cab, and I also have had an urge to do something with a DT-02 chassis so this came about. It is my current favorite "daily driver". CVDs and aeration dampers really polish the handling on this chassis.
  10. As others have mentioned, take your time and try to cut as much of the clear sticker away. Be aware of alignment of the side decals as well.
  11. Love the build coverage and absolutely adore your little shop . I finished my build without any hop-up parts (just swapped to red anodized aluminum hardware in spots for effect). Getting an ESC to fit was not "fun" either. For what it's worth, I haven't had any leaky shocks yet.
  12. I'm not much of a fan of this new car. I would really like to purchase a re-released Avante or an Egress if I could score one before the LHS quickly runs out of the next batch. Quick question: How many people would purchase this Egress Black edition or just a re-re Egress (assuming the standard re-re Egress is at a lower price)?
  13. I don't know why Tamiya won't just do something like this... Bonus points for using yellow version of the grasshopper 2 wheels.
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