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  1. For my next immediate purchase I considered two available options: Avante (at my LHS now) or Turbo Optima (to be ordered by LHS and delivered in 3 days). I'm chasing the Turbo Optima. While the Avante is iconic, and I seriously want to build a NIB one day, I think the re-re Turbo Optima is just as much so with its quality and attention to detail. Bonus is that I already have a decent 10.5t brushless/esc and 25kg servo to drop in. I'm sure I'll get around to an Avante some day..
  2. I use the Quicrun 1080 in a TT-01 and a MF-01x used for street only. Love them. Brakes are super strong, Forward is smooth and/or punchy if you like.. can handle more "motor" than either of those chassis can bear at full send.. and many programming options.
  3. Oh good times.. I actually remember buying this magazine back in the day and dreaming about how such a race between all four would've looked like. Curiously.. any opinions as to how a modern-day re-re shootout would fair? Yokomo - N/A 2017 Schumacher Cat XLS Avante (black special or whatever version you want to include) 2019 Turbo Optima
  4. @rwordenjr : I wouldn't waste the money on this design. Here's an example from fleabay that might be better. I haven't tried them so I couldn't say for sure. But they're black, and fit the hornet front shock mount without mods. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Aluminum-Oil-shocks-Damper-For-TAMIYA-Grasshopper-II-Super-Hornet-Rising-Fight/302260326271?_trkparms=aid%3D1110006%26algo%3DHOMESPLICE.SIM%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D225085%26meid%3D41f6d0f9fd254ea687682f8fdb6cb5c5%26pid%3D100005%26rk%3D4%26rkt%3D12%26mehot%3Dco%26sd%3D302282983101%26itm%3D302260326271%26pmt%3D0%26noa%3D1%26pg%3D2047675%26algv%3DDefaultOrganic%26brand%3DTamiya&_trksid=p2047675.c100005.m1851 I've seen
  5. Those shocks? Absolute garbage.. I was lucky to pay the minimal price for them as a co-worker picked them up at a shop in China, but they are worthless.. Shafts do not slide smoothly, tiny o-ring at the top doesn't seal at all and often pops out under any sort of pressure (see photo of front left shock, o-ring is already peeking out again). Shock oil provided was useless. I tried to play around with different oil weights and got only slight improvement. The rear springs seem as though they are adequate if mounted on the extended rear bracket sold optionally with some sellers. Otherwise, a bit too stiff for a stock grasshopper with 380 motor and lipo. These are basically "bling" at very best only a slight improvement over the stock pogo sticks. Did I mention that I'm not fond of them by any chance..?
  6. There can be a lot of questioning with regards to Tamiya's business logic. I think offering accessory kits as the OP mentioned is an awesome idea and should be re-introduced. Why create atrocities such as the "MudMad" when you can utilize those employee resources to repackage NOS items which would undoubtedly sell more. I think Tamiya is having a bit of an identity crisis as well as lacking the proper business acumen to compete successfully in these modern times. Here's to hoping someone over there in charge can figure things out.
  7. Threw in a cheap brushless 45A esc and 2845 (similar to 380 size motor) in this Grasshopper and had a proper rip. Due to the non-linear nature of the esc, it's got two personalities: at 0- 25% fwd, runs like the stock Grasshopper 380 and chugs around. Anything over that and the rear tires just rip at pavement/rocks/dirt whatever for a second before it moves out in a hurry. Call me a sadist.. but I used a 3s 1500mah lipo for kicks . No crashes to speak of, and just dirty tires to clean up after. Super good fun!!!
  8. From my somewhat limited perspective.. the answers are subjective to the kind of driving intended. But assuming that each model is driven in it's intended environment: What are your top 3 based on reliability and durability? 1. Grasshopper 2.Super Blackfoot 3.DF-02 (Rising Storm) What are your top 3 based on chassis driving dynamics, performance, potential? 1.Tamtech GB-02 Buggy Champ (oil dampers, and mild brushless motor make this thing a dream to drive) 2.Wild One (bone stock on 2s is a treat to drive, add foam inserts/softer rear tires and it can jump with finesse) 3.Blitzer Beetle (when set up properly, very versatile on pavement, gravel, or taking on small-mid sized jumps at the track) What are your top 3 when it comes to value (a chassis/kit overlooked maybe because of it's low price but has good performance/potential)? 1. Zahak 2. Wild One 3. ... What are your top 3 when it comes to cheap upkeep and affordable parts? 1.Grasshopper 2.Lunchbox 3.Wild One What are your favorite top 3 kits/chassis? 1.Blackfoot/Monster Beetle 2.Wild One 3.Tamtech GB-02 What are your top 3 off-road buggy chassis to avoid? 1. DF-02 (unless you're content with RTR plastic fantastic.. slop and all) 2. Falcon (my first love.. but now should be relegated to fossil/shelf-queen status for fragility and lack of replacement parts) 3. ... What are your top 3 off-road buggy overhyped chassis/kits? 1. Don't want to offend anyone.. 2. Don't want to offend anyone.. 3. Don't want to offend anyone..
  9. Very interesting thread. As is often the case, I showed the comments to my wife as evidence as to why I should next purchase an Avante. She had quite the reply: "Don't you Avante all of your cars already?" Which couldn't be more true.. I build each kit to the highest level of detail I can achieve and then gingerly drive them on occasion.. spending more time dusting them off on their display shelves than actual road time. Ah, I digress.. (and I'm gunna get an Avante now ). At the stage of my involvement in this hobby (30+ years now) I'm lucky enough to enjoy the iconic RC's and appreciate them for what they are/were. An Avante is on the list, and so is a Bruiser of sorts.. I'm probably going to go the HG-P407 route, as it will be more of a looker than a serious driver. As for the Avante.. I'm thinking that holding off for a Black Special kit would be more worth it for me personally. But I might not be able to resist the 2011 Avante re-re that stares at me in my LHS for too much longer. Maybe one or two paydays at most
  10. Replaced 3mm offset "Watanabe" wheels with a staggered set (4mm front, 7mm rear) and tires, with tire stickers for added effect on this Fairlady..
  11. This.. please make something like this Tamiya:
  12. As with most (if not all) of the Tamiya re-released kits, I think the joy lies in the nostalgia for those who want to relive the experience of building a classic model. Unfortunately, not everyone shares in the nostalgic sentiment. I second the comment above that you did a great job with the build. I substituted some plastic mesh for a rear window and just glued the sunroof in place myself. Consider that Tamiya didn't bother to replace known issues (transmission.. bump steer, offset steering servo) with updated designs so it can be expected that they wouldn't throw in any extra cosmetic features either.
  13. Live in Japan for awhile and you'll understand exactly why Tamiya get's weird..
  14. Threw some paint at my MF-01x Rally Beetle kit. I was going for the "California Street Bug" look..
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