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  1. Awesome!!! I'm very happy for you Steve, and your reaction when opening the box brought the biggest smile to my face. If I were filthy rich, being an "RC Elf" would be a priority.
  2. Wishing you a speedy return to action buddy.. I don't have any suggestions beyond what has been proposed already but I hope you settle on something fun and enjoy conquering the garden with it.
  3. My wife's personal assistant, occasionally moonlighting as a mechanical engineer.
  4. I went with white with Tamiya blue chrome accents, however I think adding some pink accent lines (if your daughter likes the color pink) would be very nice looking.
  5. Agrios Blackfoot Blitzer Beetle Bullhead Fairlady Z (TT-01) Grasshopper (2) Lunchbox Monster Beetle NovaFox Rising Storm Tamtech Buggy Champ Tamtech Mini Fox Tamtech Mini Grasshopper Wild One VW Beetle (MF-01x)
  6. "Perfection" used to be an essential job requirement in my previous profession. That mentality spilled over to my hobbies as well, but over the years (and as I got over the hill in age) I've softened up my expectations a bit. My wife gets a good chuckle when I get miffed at a misplaced sticker, or paint leaking past masking tape because of how much emotion I put into each build. I try to do my best, but have learned to eventually accept my limitations or take time away before I try to give it another go and attempt to do better. I sympathize with those who medicate, as it took quite a while for me to find peace within myself to find my results acceptable. It's just hobby, but one that some of us put a lot of passion into and hopefully get just as much satisfaction in return.
  7. Ah, I stand corrected! I've only seen the SU-01 offered as an RTR here in Japan and assumed that was the version you were using. Agreed.. sub 6v hobby grade esc's for cars are not common.
  8. I had a peek at the SU-01 and its the same exact esc. I just wished Tamiya had lowered the RTR price so that the base kit would be reasonable for overseas markets. Tamiya even offered a brushless motor and esc for the original TamTech Gear (pricey but still..). I don't see why Tamiya couldn't re-badge other reliable brushless electronics, anodize them in Tamiya "blingy blue" and sell the RTR 4AA model for $100 and a Fully hopped-up brushless model for $200. They would profit either way because someone could opt for the budget version for starters and slowly upgrade to the faster one, or just go all-in and enjoy.
  9. Driving summary (stock): Disappointing Finally had a go outside today. Still using the stock electronics and 4 AA batteries, and this thing is abysmally slow. I thought it would be similar to a 1/10 Grasshopper with a 380 motor, but it's really about half that speed. The friction dampers with weak (rear) springs and glacial speed put this thing on par with a department store RC purchase at a fraction of the cost. Sounds harsh, but I'm trying to be as objective as possible. For the price of this RTR, admittedly one I knew I was going to modify.. I expected more from Tamiya. Lack of bearings in the wheels is a downer, as you only need 8 of them. The gearbox includes bearings, so I wonder why Tamiya skimped out on the rest? The AA battery box is a quick way to get started, but wow is it slow. Sure, maybe Tamiya's LiFe pack would wake things up a bit but that shouldn't be a necessary option at the price point. The little oil dampers are a cheap and very effective hop-up option, why not just include them (and bearings) at this price point? Puzzling.. In any case, there is light at the end of this tunnel. Removing the electronics and replacing with a brushless motor and esc is seamless. No further modifications needed, the gear differential is stout and handles wheelie take-offs without fuss. Adding SC tires gives the fronts a bit more bite and helps agility at higher speeds. I'm very pleased with the end result, just a bit bothered that the RTR product didn't offer more for the price.
  10. Price is not cheap, however here in Japan the price is lower than it would be otherwise with export fees and such. That said, yes.. when comparing this out-of-the-box to a WL Toys or the likes in RTR state, it seems to be a lot less. However, value is there. For one, discontinued TamTech Gear goes for more than double what this RTR cost. Being Tamiya, the resale value will continue with these as well. In addition, the main reason why I got this was because hop up options are very cheap and result in a car that possibly outperforms similar offerings from other brands. The Surpass Hobby Brushless motor/esc combo I'm going to use cost $30 shipped. A 2s 1000 mah Lipo was $7.50. Oil Dampers were $15. <<<<Just those items alone are all one really needs to have a very capable little 2wd car than handles well at 35mph.
  11. @Willy iine Price is similar to a Comical Hotshot kit. @No Slack I think this new chassis is on par with the old TamTech Gear. The bigger steering servo makes a difference in both turning and f/r weight balance. I think Tamiya changed materials due to cost and perhaps the new enlarged front area to encompass the steering servo.
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